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Christina's secret

Too many times tonight guys on separate occasions tried to pick up Christina............
Too many times tonight guys on separate occasions tried to pick up Christina. But she was not interested she just wanted to drink alone and be with her thoughts of how unhappy she had been. The past few relationships she had did not last or ended in disaster and the last thing she wanted was to be with another guy at least tonight.  On the other side of the bar this beautiful blonde who could have stepped off a sun-kissed California beach has been watching Christina and her continued rejections. She leaned over to her friend and whispered in her ear, and then they both got up and approached Christina. She slipped in the space at the bar between Christina and this burly guy who was more interested in his beer and the NFL game than them. The blonde looked at Christina and just gave her a warm smile, Christina seeing a friendly face smiled back and the blonde “Hi there, I’m Lynn I saw you having some time with those guys and you looked like you could use a friend”. Christina took a sip of her wine and replied “some guys just don’t get the message that you’re not interested”. Lynn “oh this is Kim” introducing Christina to her redhead friend.
As the night wore on the three girls got to joking and laughing and having a good time after telling them about all the problems she had with guys and relationships. She started to feel much better and felt a real connection with these two girls.  

The wine was starting to show its effects on Christina as she went to get up to use the ladies room, she stumbled and started giggling. Lynn observed “Oh it looks like someone is getting a little lit there” as Christina found her way to the ladies room. Kim piped up “She’s really nice girl Lynn and it was nice of you to help her feel better”. Lynn “yea Kimmy I’ve really taken a liking to her”. Lynn mused that there was just a great connection between the three of them and they could be friends for a long time. Christina returned and Lynn and Kim stood up after paying the bar tab and Kim took Christina by the hand and three girls walked out of the bar into the cool night air. Christina said “oo that cool air feels so refreshing it will help me clear my head on my way home”. Lynn stepped in front of Christina; Lynn replied “what’s the rush to go yet, why don’t we find a quiet place to talk”

The three of them walked down the street to the brownstone that Lynn and Kim shared, they made there way up the stairs as Kim stated “At least here we can be alone and relax and talk without anyone bothering us”. Entering a well furnished room, Christina just marveled at the view from the windows as she walked up to them to peer out. Lynn standing directly behind her as Christina turned around and was face to face with Lynn. Lynn’s hands came to rest on Christina’s shoulders and she started to slowly caress her as she wrapped her arm around Christina and pressed her body up against hers. She did not resist or pull away as Lynn kept looking at her lips and licking her own and Christina wondered why Lynn was doing this but it felt so good to have her body pressed up against hers. Lynn continuing licking her own lips as she began tease kissing Christina’s parted lips, tracing her tongue tip around Christina’s. Christina was starting to feel arousal stir within her as she locked her lips with Lynn’s, as Kimmy lowered the mood lights and lit a large single candle near them. Lynn pulled back for a second as Christina murmured “I don’t know…” and Lynn whispered to her “don’t worry” as she took Christina by the hand and led her over near the soft large soft on the padded carpet.

Lynn and Kimmy pressed their bodies up against Christina’s sandwiching her as their hands guided all over her body. This touch just thrilled Christina as her arousal was building further; Lynn slipped her hands at the bottom of Christina’s tight red sweater and pulled it up over her full bosom enclosed by her black bra. As Kimmy’s hands slid over Christina’s back, they stopped and she pulled on the velcro clasp and slid the shoulder straps past her shoulders and down her arms removing her bra exposing those full firm breasts to the cool air. The air breezed over Christina’s bare breasts and this excited her. Lynn guided her hands up Christina’s bare tummy and started massaging that full bosom as she slightly pinched each nipple as they stiffened. Leaning forward Lynn moist lips and tongue began kissing, licking and sucking each one of Christina’s firm breasts alternately. This excited Christina as she tilted back her head resting it on Kimmy’s shoulder as Kimmy’s moist lips kissed her neck, carefully slipping her wet tongue in the young woman’s ear as her hands caressed all over Christina’s body.

Christina could not believe this was happening to her but these sensations and feelings she was having were incredible. Never before has she been with a woman, let alone two of them who were so gentle and caring towards her. Kimmy’s tongue continued its probing into her ear as Lynn continued her moist licking, kissing and tonguing of each one of Christina’s breasts. Her breath was becoming heavier and shorter as moans of delight quietly escaped her parted lips “oh oh ah ah yes”. Kimmy whispered in her ear between probes of her tongue “You have a great body honey, does that feel good baby, you like that?” Christina replied “Oh yes, oo that’s wonderful”.

Lynn focused on Christina’s breasts did not see Kimmy move as Kimmy started to undress Lynn. Unbuttoning and sliding Lynn’s blouse off her shoulders exposing her bare breasts, as Kimmy guided her hands over Lynn’s bare flesh. She stopped at Lynn’s skirt, pulling on the zipper and dropping it to the floor, wrapping her arms around Lynn’s tiny body caressing and feeling her all over as she hooked on Lynn’s thong and pulled it down to her feet. Lynn resumed her focus on Christina’s full breasts as Kimmy pulled off her own clothes exposing her completely nude form.

Lynn and Kimmy on both sides of Christina, as Lynn wrapped her arms around Christina’s waist and unbuttoned her slacks, guiding the zipper down to her crotch lightly brushing the area with her hand. As Kimmy pulled on Christina’s waistband of her tight slacks and pulled them down over her hips, passed her tapered legs and helped her step out of them. She was now only in her satin panties as the two girls continued their soft caresses all over her body. Lynn behind her slipped her hand down the back of Christina’s underwear and up over her aroused swelling pussy lips, she began a light caress of the young woman’s pussy as Christina closed her eyes and a soft moan escaped her lips. Kimmy kneeling in front of Christina clasped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down and off. The three of them now completely nude, touching, feeling, licking, caressing and sucking each other’s naked bodies.

Christina’s mind was clouded by the sensations and feelings she was experiencing. Never before has anyone made her feel so wanted and sexy. As she was overcome with increasing sexual pleasure all throughout her body, never before has anyone be in tune with her desires and needs as these two girls have been. Kimmy still on her knees slid her hands between Christina’s soft thighs and up towards her swelling pussy lips. Quietly she slipped her moist tongue between those thighs guiding up to the Y and flicking teases as Kimmy clamped her hands on Christina’s tight tushy and spread her lower tushy cheeks apart to expose her swelling pussy lips. As Lynn on her knees as well slipped her tongue from behind into Christina’s lower tushy where Kimmy has her cheeks carefully spread so she could flick the young woman’s swelling pussy.  This just increased the young woman’s building arousal increasing the wetness of her pussy.  

Meanwhile Lynn slid back around to the front of Christina and slipped her hands over the young woman’s full firm breasts as her soft lips closed around each nipple alternately. As Kimmy continued her wet tongue flicking her Y and she reached over and slipped her hand between Lynn’s thighs caressing and feeling the wetness there, an aroused Lynn pushed herself into Kimmy’s hand as Kimmy’s wandering fingers gently slipped between the swelling folds of Lynn’s wet pussy. Lynn let out an unexpected moan as Kimmy’s two fingers guided deeper into her wet pussy. Lynn completely consumed by the excitement increased her suction on Christina’s already stiff nipples as Christina’s low moans increased with her heavier breaths “oh oo oh oh”.

Lynn with a loving smile took Christina and Kimmy by the hands and guided them into the bedroom where there was an overly-large soft bed with more lit candles and a sweet effeminate scent filling the room. She guided Christina and Kimmy to join her on the bed, as she put her arms around Christina and pressed her nude body against Christina’s as she locked lips with her. In this passionate embrace, Lynn eased Christina onto her back, as her head fell on the soft pillows. Lynn turned to Kimmy on their knees and started making out with her as their moist tongue met in a deep passionate kiss. While holding each other they looked upon Christina and her hot nude body lying there with a cum-hither look in her eyes as she slowly licked her lips. Kimmy turned on by this view slides her body next to Christina’s as she slowly slides her body over Christina’s lying on top of her as her lips begin sucking her neck and her tongue is tracing it’s way to the young woman’s earlobe. Taking her earlobe in her soft lips Kimmy begins a careful sucking as her hands slide all over the young woman’s nude body. Kimmy’s moist tongue probes inside Christina’s ear, and this thrills Christina as she lets out an excited breath. Lynn on the other side begins kissing the left side of Christina’s neck and slowly probing her other ear with her moist tongue. This thrills Christina as recalls earlier tonight but the sensations and pleasure are overwhelming her thoughts. Her eyes flutter as she is in complete enjoyment of this as Kimmy’s lips meet her she lightly kisses her tracing her lips with her tongue. Her kisses move down from her lips over her neck as she is softly pinching Christina’s nipple and her lips close on the other one, this excites Christina as her breathing becomes heavier “oh ooo yes oh that is….ooo”.
Kim’s wet tongue keeps is motion down between the young woman’s breasts over her navel and down to her legs. She readjusts as she lifts Christina’s leg and starts guiding her tongue from her ankle towards the inner side of her thigh, and she repeats the same slow movement on her other leg. Carefully she takes her hands and slips them between her thighs and eases them open as she exposes the young woman’s tight hot soaked pussy to the cool air. Down on her tummy, Kim between Christina’s thighs lightly blows over her hot soaked pussy; this sends a thrill through Christina as Kimmy’s tongue is tracing the outer side of her swollen soaked pussy lips. Her tongue guides over the swollen hot pussy lips as she probes between them and a light licking which she feels over to her already swollen clit. Kimmy’s licking becomes more insistent and deeper as Christina “ohhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh yes oooooo that’s great” and her moans continue as Lynn is simultaneously probing her ear with her wet tongue.

Moving from her ear and presses her lips to Christina’s yearning lips as Kimmy’s pussy licking continues increasing the intensity of her arousal. From her lips Lynn moves back to her full perky breasts, massaging, caressing her nipples, licking, and sucking her nipples. Christina is completely lost in this ecstasy she is experiencing as these two girls are giving her more love, attention and affection than any other guy ever did for her. All she can think about now is licking, sucking, wetness, lips, pussy’s, breasts and more sex. Kimmy in her licking takes two fingers and carefully slips them into Christina’s tight hot soaked pussy as she presses down her navel while her gentle slow licking of Christina’s swollen pussy lips, labia and her clit continues.

Lynn moves over to where Kimmy is still focused on Christina’s tight hot soaked pussy, and starts kissing and licking Kimmy’s neck and probing her ear with her wet tongue. She slides between Christina’s thighs and underneath Kimmy who is lying on her tummy, as Kimmy’s pussy licking intensifies Lynn is kissing and licking Kimmy’s small breasts. Gently she pinches Kimmy’s nipples and Kimmy is thrilled by this sudden focus on her while she is lovingly placing her mouth over the opening of Christina’s pussy lips and begins to tongue and suck simultaneously. This sends a wave of sensation all throughout Christina’s body increasing the already soaked ness of her pussy. Christina starts to squirm from Kimmy’s continued assault on her already highly aroused pussy as Lynn on her back slides her tongue from Kimmy’s stiffened nipples to between her thighs, slipping her wet tongue through Kimmy’s lightly trimmed pussy fur. Lynn’s slowly probes deep into Kimmy’s hot pussy with her wet tongue, this sends a shock throughout Kimmy’s body as she lurches and closes her thighs around Lynn’s head as Lynn continues licking, and sucking of Kimmy’s pussy.
Kimmy’s slurping of Christina’s tight hot soaked pussy becomes more intense and insistent as she can feel and hear Christina “oh oh yes oooo that feels good don’t stop now, don’t stop puhlease this is soo so, I’m cumming ohhhhh yes I’m cumming” as Christina’s orgasm explodes and she sprays love juice into Kimmy’s face as Kimmy feels her own orgasm from Lynn’s repeated licking. “Ohh yes baby, that’s it you know what I like oooo yes yes yes yes” as she grinds her hot pussy into Lynn’s face as she cums. Lynn and Kimmy both slide up next to Christina on both sides and press their naked bodies up against her nude body. Christina breathing hard from that intense orgasm looks over at Lynn who gives her a loving smile.

Not too long after, the three girls are on their knees on the bed as Christina and Lynn start to make out as Kimmy starts exploring Lynn’s tiny fit body with her hands. Christina pushes Lynn down on her back and presses her nude body on top of Lynn’s as Christina’s wet tongue probes Lynn’s ear; she is kissing and sucking her neck. This thrills Lynn, as Kimmy is down on her tummy and she spreads Lynn’s legs gaining access to her already hot soaked pussy. Kim traces her tongue from Lynn’s knees to her Y, and slowly traces around Lynn’s sensitive clit. Lynn’s body squirms as she is completely thrilled that this is her turn now. Christina moves to Lynn’s highly stiffened nipples from her increasing arousal as she wraps her moist lips around one stiffened nipple while she caresses the other with her fingertips ever so light pinching it. This sends excitement throughout Lynn’s naked body, as Kimmy’s lips wrap around her sensitive clit and carefully sucks and flicks it. Lynn “ooo oh oh easy honey that’s oooo yes yes”.

Christina moves from Lynn’s sensitive breasts as Kim reverses her self and lies on top of Lynn while her head is between Lynn’s thighs, pressing her own pussy in Lynn’s face. While, Christina crawls between Lynn’s thighs licking and sucking her inner thighs before she guides her tongue between Lynn’s pussy lips as Kimmy’s tongue flickers with Lynn’s clit. This sends a wave of excitement and arousal throughout Lynn as her pussy get more and more wet. Christina plunges her tongue deep into Lynn’s hot pussy as a moan escapes Lynn’s lips “oh oh oh oh yes yes more more baby, more”. She could feel her arousal building more as the orgasm was coming as Christina inserts two fingers in Lynn’s hot wet pussy while Kimmy’s continues flicking her clit. Suddenly Lynn’s body stiffens and she lets out a moan “oh oh oh oo yes yes I’m cumming, I’m cumming” as Christina could feel her pussy tighten around her fingers. Lynn and Kimmy surround Christina and once again press their naked bodies up against hers as the three girls embrace each other in pleasurable bliss and fall asleep.

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