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Church Ladies PT 2

Friends from work in church get together and one makes love to the other
After that night at home and of course after that weekend alone as well she came in to work all prepared to find Catherine and see what was going on as far as she was concerned but she didn’t. Seeing as it was Monday, she came in that morning and of course wondered if Catherine was already in however Sarah’s schedule dictated that she had way too much to do. Sarah didn’t even look around for her. She didn’t look for Catherine at all. She didn’t even know if Catherine was there yet.

In truth, Catherine had overslept. Having masturbated, again on Sunday, she laid in the tub and Catherine practically fell asleep in it afterward. However thank God her toe somehow caught the drain plug and undid it so most the water drained out as Catherine finally fell asleep in the tub. A little while later she felt cold and Catherine found herself waking up in what little water had settled around her in the tub. Once she woke up and realized it she headed off to bed.

When she woke up it was later then usual that morning. She was naked, in her bed, but she was laying there under the covers and Catherine had forgotten what had occurred the night before.

She didn’t know how she got in her bed. It was all a blur as she tried recalling any of it. As she remembered it she realized how fun her night ended up being. Her fingers, as usual, did the trick for her, and thankfully she was able to get herself off as she toyed with the lips of her pussy and Catherine remembered she masturbated again. She smiled.

She still had to clean up and get going. She went about it more quickly then usual and then she sped off to work and rushed into the office hoping nobody noticed her as she walked briskly into the building at the church and knowing she was running late.

Sarah was already in her office. She didn’t have time to worry about Catherine any longer. She was too busy to concern herself with Catherine and her agenda. But if Catherine’s schedule was anything like hers then Catherine would be busy too. So Sarah didn’t bother herself with looking for Catherine that morning.

The morning passed. Time passed by and lunchtime came soon enough. But Sarah had already forgotten about last night or so it seemed. Unlike Catherine, she skipped lunch and worked straight through until around 3:00 in the afternoon. Finally Sarah had to get up and go to the bathroom. Once she did Sarah sat still inside the stall in the bathroom. Finally Sarah thought about the events of the night before with Catherine.

She sat quietly in that bathroom stall and thought about the other night with Catherine. Her slacks and underwear were pulled down to her calves. Almost naked, from the waist down, she thought about how Catherine had tried directing her hand close to her vagina. She “saw” it. She saw Catherine and her hand approaching her own pussy and she wondered what it would feel like to do this on her own. She thought about what it would be like to masturbate here at the office. Time passed. She sat alone in the stall. Her slacks and underwear were pulled down. And Sarah thought about feeling her privates as she sat on the toilet in the bathroom.

Sarah remained where she was. She sat motionless as she looked down in to her naked lap. She so wanted to do it but wouldn’t allow herself to do such a thing as that in the church’s building. Not today she wasn’t going to. But she simply sat on the toilet and thought about what it would feel like to rub and touch her pussy and what it would feel like if she or someone would reach down and touch her pussy’s lips right then and there.

She closed her eyes as she thought about it. She saw her the hair down around her pussy. She asked herself if she should leave it or possibly shave it off. Others do so why shouldn’t I she asked herself.

It’s alright she decided. She wished she had a better answer to the question like possibly Catherine had that answer for her she wondered. Wouldn’t it feel better if Catherine was here with me she asked herself? And then she said it aloud. “I don’t know. Maybe it would matter.” But she had answered it quietly so she wouldn’t disturb the peace and quiet of the bathroom.

Finally, Sarah knew she had to pull herself together. She got dressed and got re-dressed. She went and washed up and finally left the bathroom and headed over to Catherine’s office. She hoped Catherine was around and Sarah slowed as she came up to Catherine’s office door. Noticing Catherine was buried in a lot of paperwork she almost left.

But Sarah stopped and turned into Catherine’s office doorway, saying “Hi, how’s it going today?”

Catherine was surprised and immediately looked up. Seeing that it was Sarah she smiled and said “Ohhhhhh hi Sarah.” She formed a warm gentle smile on her lips and added “I have uhhh been meaning to catch up with you but as you can see I’ve been busy today.”

“Me too,” Sarah replied. “Got a minute?” she asked. Catherine looked back at her and kept on smiling some more, saying yes to her. “I’m uh sorry about the other night. I didn’t mean to put you out like that. I mean it. My apologies,” Sarah went on to say. She added “I’m really, really sorry about all of it.” Finally, she quieted down. She even shut Catherine’s door before she started to say another word to her. Then Sarah went on to say something that touched Catherine almost even more “But Catherine what I’d love is if we uhhh could try doing that again.” She paused a moment and then added “Could we huh could we Catherine?” She smiled and asked again. “Can we,” Sarah said.

Sarah waited for her answer. Sarah hoped to get a positive response from Catherine. Catherine smiled openly, saying yes to her friend and then she said “But it is only Monday you know. You want to do this in the middle of the week?”

Sarah looked at Catherine. Finally she said “With you Catherine any day and any time is a perfect time to do it.” Sarah pressed a smile and added “I mean it too.”

“Okay, then how about tonight and all day tomorrow! And well heck let’s do it all week long. Let’s do it all week long and never stop Sarah,” Catherine said, jokingly.

Sarah looked at Catherine and wondered if Catherine was actually teasing her. “I’d love to but you’re,” and she stopped to take another look at Catherine. Then she went on to say “You’re teasing me, right? Uhhh we can’t do that…can we?”

Catherine wore a straight face telling Sarah she knew they couldn’t, saying no. She smiled and finally started to giggle as she said it to Sarah. “But I will come over to your place right after work lets out? How’s that sound?” Catherine asked.

Sarah was smiling from ear to ear. It sounded perfect. Both of them, at 5:00 pm on the dot, would leave the office, and they would drive over to Sarah’s and they’d drive separately of course. Without even stopping home they’d change and head right over.

What each of them had on was interesting too. Both wore their suits again which of course included that blazer, blouse, and long skirts as well as even a full length skirt and bra and underwear.

At Sarah’s they tried to relax as much as possible Monday evening but as far as Sarah was concerned it seemed it was a lot more difficult then she expected it to be. Seeing as she hadn’t masturbated in a long, long time, and doing it in front of another woman even if it was Catherine in her case she was still uptight about it.

But here she was. In her apartment with her friend Catherine and she wondered exactly how all of it was going to play out once again. They sat down on the couch. They got comfy by taking off their blazers. It of course made it all a lot more comfortable for the two of them and even Sarah had to admit she felt much more comfortable once they were at her place. It seemed much more comfy knowing she was there.

They talked mostly about the other night. Catherine was a lot more comfortable talking about it then Sarah was. And as they talked it was Catherine who made “early advances” on Sarah and Sarah allowed all of it to happen seeing as she was the one who wanted to masturbate so she could prove to Catherine she was able to do this once again.

“I’d love to make love to you Sarah but I want you to do this on your own,” Catherine told Sarah.

“I know,” Sarah replied in a quiet like, demure tone of voice. “It’s just that well I don’t know for sure if I’m comfortable about any of it yet.”

“You want to start from the top in a manner of speaking?” asked Catherine.

Sarah said yes and she let Catherine take the lead. Catherine took it slow and easy, looking first at Sarah’s hair, then studying her eyes and face, and looking her figure over as if she was a man doing all it to her.

“Let’s do this. Let’s take off some of our clothes. How’s that sound, alright?” Catherine said. Sarah hesitated but as Catherine removed one piece so did Sarah.

First came the blouse but Sarah would do so slowly. Then came the skirt. Sara did that slowly too, removing it with some hesitancy and Catherine watched with intrigue in her face as Sarah followed her. Then it was time for the slip to come off as well. But this time Sarah was expecting it and before Catherine knew it, Sarah’s slip was off as well. She still felt uncomfortable doing it all but Catherine moved forward. Practically naked other then their bras and panties the two sat on the couch with hardly anything on.

“Let’s go to your bedroom,” Catherine interrupted. Sarah said yes and they got up and headed to Sarah’s bedroom. “I do love your hips,” Catherine added. “You sure have a very pretty looking figure. “Do you know that?”

“Awwww stop that Catherine. I do not,” Sarah replied.

“Yes you do,” Catherine said again. “I love it. If I was a man I’d most likely kiss it all over the place. I mean that too.”

Sarah thought about what Catherine said. Does she really mean that? Honestly she means what she’s saying? Ohhhhhh wow, she told herself. Does that mean she’s saying she thinks I’m a sexy looking woman?

She turned around and stopped just before the bed. She looked right at Catherine and into her eyes. “Are you saying that you think I’m really that sexy looking?”

Catherine smiled and started nodding her head. “I do. That’s what I’m saying Sarah. I really do think your body is attractive. I really do mean that I think it is a very sexy body.”

They looked at each other some more. All of a sudden Sarah reached around Catherine. Out of nowhere, Sarah hugged Catherine with affection and passion in her veins. She wanted love. She wanted affection as well. She wanted someone to hold her and kiss her and show her what true love was like again.

“Would you lay down in bed with me? Would you hold me in bed? Just hold my body,” Sarah asked Catherine. “That’s all.”

In only their “skivvies,” Catherine agreed happily and the two moved over to Sarah’s nice neat bed. Sarah pulled back the covers and laid down. Catherine followed and the two lay facing one another on their sides, their bodies “hanging” out for the other to touch, feel, and most likely to make love to that night.

“I like you a lot Catherine. Probably more then I should I think,” Sarah said. “Thank you for being a friend to me.”

“I like you too Sarah. But I’ve never done anything like this before,” she said, stressing the word “this” when she said it.

“Uhhh I haven’t either,” Sarah came back.

They laid there doing nothing as their eyes and faces simply, and quietly, stared at one another, and as they did each wondered what was about to happen next if anything. Sarah surprisingly happened to make the first move.

She reached out and for a lack of anything else to say or do she reached for Catherine’s shoulder and touched it, stroking it until she reached Catherine’s arm. “I love your shoulders. They’re soooo soft but well they are so soft and yet solid. They’re soft and,” and she stopped for a second. But then she continued. “I could see how a man would want to kiss them.” But her eyes looked downward. “And the rest of you. All of your body is pretty. Your stomach, your hips,” and her eyes went further down Catherine’s frame. “All of you, Catherine. Your whole body including your legs are beautiful and attractive to me.”

Catherine heard her and wondered. She smiled and looked back at Sarah. She wondered as the two of them stared at each other but Catherine said “Thank you I think.”

“Nooooo really Catherine. I really do love your body. I do. I really truthfully do,” Sarah said again.

She had Catherine wondering. Does this mean she wants to do something to me or with me Catherine asked herself? I mean I’m not that kind of woman am I? Is she saying she wants me to make love with me? She couldn’t be asking or saying that could she?

“It is a real attractive figure,” Sarah added. “I uhhh do love uhhh a lot of things about it.”

And Catherine replied to that remark. “Uhhh I love yours too Sarah.”

Again their eyes met. They looked long and hard and deep into the other’s eyes. Before Catherine realized it her eyes dropped down and met with Sarah’s cleavage and she looked at the size of Sarah’s breasts. She looked back into Sarah’s eyes and smiled and then back at her cleavage as they laid there on their sides doing nothing.

“Catherine uhhh may I uhhhhhh do something really strange?” Sarah asked.

“What’s that?” Catherine said.

“May I uhhh kiss you on the lips?” Sarah went on to ask.

Catherine was surprised by the question. She was totally surprised by Sarah’s question. “I don’t know Sarah. That uhhh does sound a little odd but okay I’ll let you.”

Sarah felt weird about it too. She was slow about doing it but Catherine let Sarah lean in and slowly and softly lay her lips against hers and once she felt Sarah’s lips on her lips it felt very nice to Catherine and Catherine told herself she’d do that again in a heartbeat.

Sarah pulled away and saw Catherine’s smile. “You liked it did you?” Sarah said.

“Yeah I guess I did,” Catherine replied. “It felt nice. No, it was nice.” Then she surprised Sarah and said “Care to kiss me again?”

With which Sarah nodded her head and leaned in and this time when she kissed Catherine, Catherine felt Sarah’s tongue slide out of her mouth, and push passed her lips and into her own mouth. Nothing too momentous occurred but it did feel nice. She hoped more of that would occur sooner then later that night.

The kissing continued as both of them gradually found themselves become wrapped in one another’s arms and volunteer kissing become the norm all of a sudden. Both of their tongues eventually made their way into the other’s mouth and play with each other as these two women in their late twenties began a night of making love to one another.

The holding and cuddling and that kissing seemed to go on forever. A hidden desire and passion grew within each one’s veins. If these two women had penises both of them would have become hard and each one would be showing its results by that point.

They were rolling back and forth and their hands moved about the others backside as well. And as those hands moved about the other they found themselves pulling the other one’s body into their own body.

The desire and wonton need grew even more and Catherine, not Sarah, found her hand slowly bending its way around Sarah’s back, and found its way down to Sarah’s pussy. Catherine found it quickly enough. Once she did she started to rub it softly while moving her hand up and down and then back up again.

Sarah felt it of course and as horny as she’d become anyone in earshot, which was nobody in truth other then Catherine herself, they could hear the growing, audible moans or cries of desire and wanting of the same exact movements on her pussy. And more of the exact same movement on her pussy eluded to crying out of the reactions of it, wanting more and more of that same exact action that was possible.

But all of a sudden Sarah started to remember something. What she remembered suddenly had come back to her dating all the way back in her days at college. She was doing the same thing back to Catherine, using her fingers to do it, and she found a way to get her fingers into and against Catherine’s pussy too. Both were going at it on each other and both were rubbing the other’s clit as they kissed each other passionately. Both pushed against the other as each kissed one another and fingered the others’ pussy lips.

And finally it came to her. She recalled it from way back in the college days and all of a sudden life was good again. Her hand slid inside the underwear and once it did she let herself feel Catherine’s soft wet pussy lips. Catherine cried out as the sensations of it moved her powerfully. Catherine felt those erotic sensations most women will feel as they are being fingered repeatedly.

“Ohhh ohhhhhh oh God Sarah. Oh ohhhhhh uhhh ohhhhhh my freaking God,” Catherine cried out in a surprising reaction to what Sarah was doing to her.

Sarah smiled and pulled her hand out and away. “What Catherine?” she asked. She was just about to say what it was she just remembered. Catherine wanted Sarah’s fingers in her again. But then she decided to tell Catherine anyway. “I just remembered something. It’s something really big but I’ve got to find it. It has to be here, somewhere there in my closet,” Sarah told her as they laid snuggling close to one another’s almost naked bodies. “I’ve gotta think where its at a moment.”

“Wait a minute Sarah,” Catherine said, still wanting to go on with having sex with her.

“I forgot I still had it,” Sarah said.

“What…what’s that?” Catherine said.

“In my closet, a long time ago, I put it away when I moved here. I have these uhhhhhh dildos. Like two of them I mean,” Sarah said. “I’ll have them in a box and its somewhere in my closet over there. And I just remembered I still have them. Can you believe it?”

The two of them looked at each other. Then Catherine said “Let me do this. Let me be your personal dildo tonight. Let me lick you out and allow me to make you cum tonight. How does that sound Sarah? May I do that for you at least tonight? I’d love to if you’ll let me,” Catherine went on to say.

Sarah was surprised. She never did anything like that before. No girl and no woman she had ever known had ever licked out another female ever. Still she considered it as these two friends, almost naked, lay side by side, and Catherine was ready to pull off Sarah’s underwear so she could lick and finger her friend out. And maybe visa versa too she told herself.

“Okay, I’ll let you, but Catherine,” she said. “Will you be careful?”

“You’ll love it Sarah. I promise. You will love how it all feels.”

And Catherine was right. She even had the honor of pulling off Sarah’s underwear. She took her time and she played around with her inner thighs as her lips moved next and gradually moved about her pussy’s lips.

Did Sarah enjoy it? Well she was moaning softly but before either knew it Sarah was crying and moaning loudly as the minutes moved on. Sarah’s hands started grabbing and squeezing the ever living joy out whatever sheets and pillows that surrounded her. Sarah couldn’t believe how it all felt as her good friend licked her inner thighs and finally did the same to her sweet, soft pussy.

She couldn’t believe how great it felt while she moaned and cried out for what seemed like forever. Catherine’s tongue dashed all around the inside of her pussy and as she did that it seemed as if Sarah’s body started to buckle almost as Catherine’s dug into her savoring pussy and she danced and dug inside it pleasurably. Sarah’s pussy ruptured and she orgasmed at the very end. And Catherine lay there watching it all as Sarah oozed considerably.

Catherine pulled up and was smiling. She looked down at Sarah’s pussy and saw the white cream that was gushing out from inside of what her tongue enticed to happen. She felt Sarah’s hands as they pulled at her and wanted her up against her body, intimately.

But as far as any further love making between them was concerned there wasn’t going to be any or so she thought there wasn’t at least that night. And no there wasn’t. Not that night at least.

They eventually got dressed. They hung out together on the couch for about an hour after that and Sarah said “I owe you and I know I owe you in a big way. How can I ever repay you Catherine?”

“Do what I just did to you tonight. Make love to me tomorrow” Catherine replied. “We’ll get together, again. You’ll see,” she went on to say. “You and I will masturbate together. And then you will take my body in your hands and you will learn to make love to my body as if I’m your lover. We’ll kiss and go from there. Now how’s that sound?” she said with a smile on her face.

Sarah felt comfy with that and both easily agreed to that. They kissed and hugged and held hands for a bit.

Catherine, I understand, when she got home she drew another bath and got into it. She easily and soon masturbated, on her own, and she came.

Damn, I told myself, I want to meet her. I want to get to know her and I really want her to know me too. And once we meet and go out a few times I want to take Sarah to bed and I want to make love to her.

I want to do all the things a woman does to another woman but I also want to make love to her like a man makes love to a woman too. I want her to know that too. And before it’s too late I told myself. Catherine sat there and quietly, and privately, told me the whole story from start to finish. “I think I’ll call her and invite her out to dinner. I’ll see what my chances are then. How’s that sound?” I asked my cousin Catherine.

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