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Cindy, part two

Cindy';s woman gets her!

Part two


Pamela felt like she must be looking like a hayseed as Cindy lead her to the back yard. Double glass doors opened out to a pool surrounded by a tall stonewall. A huge hot tube sat beside the pool, pool furniture for at least a dozen people sat on the smooth stone patio surrounding the pool, Cindy was beside her self with excitement, Cindy took both Pamela’s hands in her’s and faced her. “Pamela, lets go up stairs, I have some things to show you and we can come back down after we’ve had a little bit of food and wine then we can enjoy the hot tube or swim or both. We can do anything you want, we have the house all to our selves!”


Pamela smiled at her young lover, “there can’t be but a hand full of men with in a hundred miles that wouldn’t give anything to change places with me right now, She is simply beautiful, nothing like the nerdy looking girls I made out with in college!”   


Pamela pulled Cindy to her and bent her head down to kiss her. Cindy’s kiss was open and full, it took Pamela’s breath away, when she pulled back Pamela whispered to Cindy, “Lets go up stairs my little angel, I’ll show you a few things about making love.”


Cindy wrapped her arms around Pamela, hugging her so tight it made Pamela stagger, she backed off and took Pamela’s hand, “lets go my beautiful lover, I can’t wait any longer!”


Cindy almost ran as she pulled Pamela across huge room to the broad staircase. As she climbed the stair case Pamela almost felt like she was in Gone With The Wind, not quite Terra but way past her little brick ranch in the suburbs, Again the feeling of how crazy this was ran through her.


When they got to the top of the stairs Cindy led Pamela to a room, it was bigger than Pamela’s own living room, a big poster bed, a pink canopy covered the bed that was lined with stuffed animals and big pillows. Suddenly Pamela was overwhelmed, Cindy must have seen this in her face. She looked up at Pamela.


“Please make your self comfortable,” Cindy went to a small table against the wall and picked up bottle of champagne, she popped the cork and poured Pamela a thin flute of the golden bubbly liquid, she handed it to Pamela and showed her a plate covered with different pieces of what looked like cheese, small thin biscuits and a tin of caviar. “Help your self my sweet,   I’m going to get out of these jeans and into something comfortable so I can show off a little for you” Cindy’s sunny smile and a giggle helped make Pamela feel more at ease, she motioned for Pamela to sit in a love seat that was near the window, Cindy disappeared into what looked to be a dressing room.


Pamela sat in the Love seat for a few minutes, sipping the champagne, she noticed the full-length mirror across from her. She got up and walked to the mirror and looked at her self. “Her lipstick was smeared a little but the woman in the mirror was impressive even to herself, the black outfit really made her look young? The fuck me shoes made her butt stick out like a bubble and the black outfit was very flattering.” Pamela stood there for a few seconds and then said out loud, “Damn, in for a dime in for a dollar!”

Pamela began to unbutton her blouse, she took it off and walked to the closet to get a hanger to keep it unwrinkled. She unzipped her skirt and pulled it off and added it to the hanger and put them in the closet. Now she stood in front of he mirror, black stockings, black push up bra, no panties over her shaved smooth kitty, and fuck me shoes! A thought occurs to Pamela, on a hunch she pulls the thin black driving gloves back on, again she looks in the mirror, “all I need now is a riding crop!” Pamela goes to the table and picks her glass of wine back up and sits in the love seat again, one foot on the love seat the other foot on the floor, she sips her wine and waits.


After a few minutes she heard Cindy’s voice, “Are you ready for me?”


“Yes,” Pamela answered back in her best sexy voice, “come here my little dove, I am ready for you!”


Cindy walked out, she had on a pink baby doll outfit, so very shear it may as well not been there, Pamela could see her hard pink nipples straining under the material and the pink Panties left no doubt Cindy was a natural redhead, her kitty was shaved so there was a narrow strip of curly flame pointing to her flat belly. She was beautiful!


One Look at Pamela and Cindy’s mouth dropped open, she tried to speak but only stuttering sounds came out. Pamela slowly stood up letting Cindy take in the view of her “new” outfit. She stood with her feet well apart, hands on her hips, “Is this what you had in mind Cindy my sweet?”


Cindy just stared, she slowly dropped to her knees. “Oh god yes my Mistress, it’s exactly what I wanted!”

Pamela walked up to Cindy, “rise up my little dove,” Cindy rose to her feet, Pamela kissed her, slowly, thoroughly, “ so you think you want to be my submissive?”


“Oh yes Mistress, I’ve read so many sexy stories about dominance and submission, it makes me wet just to think about it, I am so very glad you understand what I want!”


“Cindy my darling, you are so young, I am not a real Dom and you cannot possibly know what real submission means. But I’ll play this game with you, as long as you know I will not cause you pain, if it’s pain you are looking for I will leave now and you need to find someone else. I can give you dominance but it will be a gentle dominance I can’t give you anything else.”


“No my Mistress pain is not what I want but I love to be told how and what to do, you are so powerful and experienced, it makes me feel so safe and protected to be with you, please instruct me in the ways of sex and love.”

Pamela slowly leads Cindy to the big soft bed, “lie down my little kitten, I will teach you all I know about sex, just trust me and do as I say.”


As Cindy lies down on the bed Pamela runs her hands over Cindy’s tight body, “first lesson Cindy, when you come to me I want you naked, I don’t want anything to come between you and my eyes. Do you understand?”


Cindy starts to get up to remove her night gown but Pamela holds her down with one hand on her chest, “don’t get up, take them off while you lay there before me”


Cindy slowly struggles to pull off her nightclothes, “Yes my Mistress, I do understand, I will always be nude for you from now on!”


As Cindy wiggles on the bed taking off her gown Pamela watches, “How many times have I turned down men who wanted to play dominance games with me? How many times have I refused to be submissive and now here is this wonderful girl child who craves my dominance! Why does this make me so wet inside, why is it so impossible to resist this?”


Finally Cindy is lying nude on the bed, Pamela sits beside her and runs her gloved hands over her body, she can hear Cindy’s breath getting ragged as her nipples get hard and the moistness begins to show around the entrance to her kitty.


“You are quite beautiful my pet, your body is exquisite,”


“Thank you Mistress, it means so much to me to hear you say that!”


“Shush! Be still my little one, let me talk,” Cindy smiles that knowing smile again but she keeps quiet. Pamela continues, “Put your arms over your head clasp your hands together like you are tied up and hold still no matter what I do!” Pamela hesitates for a second as Cindy complies, this position causes Cindy’s already perk breasts to stand up even higher. “You have such pretty eyes, long red lashes and thick busy red eye brows,” Pamela kisses Cindy’s forehead and lightly kisses each eye,   “I love the freckles across your face, they look like little dew drops” again she kisses Cindy’s face and licks across the freckles. “Such lovely full soft lips my sweet pea,” Pamela kisses her lips, her tongue darts inside Cindy mouth, Cindy catches Pamela’s tongue and sucks it down for a second. Pamela lets her suck it then slowly draws it back out, then she quickly licks the end of Cindy’s nose, “naughty little girl!” laughs Pamela.


Cindy giggles, “Yes mistress, very naughty!”


Pamela bites her chin lightly, and moves down to her neck, “Oh my, she smells like lavender” Pamela’s tongue runs down Cindy’s chin and around her neck, she kisses and nibbles Cindy’s neck as Cindy wiggles in pleasure.


“Mistress, you are teasing me! This is torture!”


Pamela just laughs and says, “you are mine my sweet submissive baby, mine to do with as I please, you will endure and survive!”


Cindy squeals with delight as Pamela moves to her nipples and takes one and sucks it into her warm mouth.   She sucks the nipple until it is long and hard and then sucks a big breath of air in around it to make it cold. Cindy sucks in a quick breath in response to the unexpected sensation of cold. Then Pamela sucks it back in her mouth and makes it warm again.


Cindy sighs again with pleasure as Pamela begins to nibble on the other nipple, as she twists the nipple she just made wet between her fingers. In a deep whisper Pamela says, “you have such big firm breasts my baby doll” and she squeezes them both in her hands, just hard enough to make Cindy suck in a deep breath.


“Oh my Mistress, if feels so good!”


Pamela laughs a husky laugh as she slowly runs her warm tongue between Cindy’s breasts, Cindy is doing her best to hold still but she quivers all over as Pamela moves her attention across Cindy’s flat belly.


“Oh Mistress show me how it is really done, show me what a real woman can do!”


Pamela rolls Cindy over on her right side and picks up her left leg and slides in between Cindy’s legs until her bare kitty is pushing against Cindy’s pubic mound. She pushes herself firmly against Cindy and begins to thrust her kitty against Cindy’s kitty rubbing them together with each thrust.


Cindy lets out a loud moan as he looks down at what Pamela is doing. “Mistress, what are you doing? I’ve never even imagined this!” As Pamela continues to thrust she settles into a rhythmic rolling motion with her hips. Cindy keeps looking down at Pamela’s thrusting hips with wonder, gasping each time their kitties make full contact, Cindy’s moans become as rhythmic as Pamela’s thrusts.


Pamela bends down as she thrusts and takes Cindy’s left nipple in her mouth and gently bites it, Cindy squeals in rapture as it Pamela’s nibble sets off her first wave of orgasm. The poster bed begins to rock and with each forward movement Cindy’s orgasm peaks at a new high. Pamela smiles, “Now this I do remember from college, only I am the one thrusting!” The thought coincides with Pamela’s own beginning orgasm.   Both women’s orgasms sweep through their bodies, over and over, at first like tiny waves on a calm day at the beach but they slowly build into the giant waves of a storm, moans of passion fill the room until finally both lovers collapse beside each other.

Cindy snuggles between   Pamela’s breasts as Pamela strokes her hair. “Cindy my angel, you are wonderful, this old woman has never felt so young and alive!” Pamela unclips her bra clips between her now swollen breasts and puts a nipple into Cindy’s mouth, “suckle my doll baby, suckle for your mistress!”


Cindy smiles with her mouth full of Pamela’s dark nipple, “Hmmm” she moans as Pamela relaxes onto the bed onto the bed beside her. “What a perfect first time, absolutely perfect!”

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