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Claiming Ms. Carter

Claiming Ms. Carter

She had been staring at the screen for hours, going over a bunch of customer service issues, and her head was starting to hurt. She leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes. This had to have been the longest day known to man. Her shoulders were tense, and she felt the energy drain out of her. She took off her glasses and took a sip of her coffee that had gone cold hours ago. She did not mind it, she just needed the caffeine to kick in and give her one last boost for the night.

The office was in darkness, the only light source coming from her dual monitors. She looked at the disaster that was her desk. She just shook her head when she looked at her work laptop and Blackberry next to her personal iPhone, and down at her own laptop in a bag on the floor. She really was not this important, and no one should be this connected. She missed the good old days, when you could actually be left alone if you did not want to talk to anyone. She hated this about herself, but she actually slept with her iPhone under her pillow. Clearly, she was going mental.

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she heard the office door open. She was startled at first by the sound, but not really worried since an access code was needed to get in. She looked over the office pods to see who else was stupid enough to be working at 10 P.M. on a Friday night.

She smiled when she saw who it was. It was Tara. She watched as she walked over to her desk and sat down. Tara had obviously not seen Maya as she walked in. The joy of seeing her was slowly turned into a moment of apprehension. She and Tara were really good friends, and had been for years. A few months ago, Maya had become her direct supervisor. Neither of them had a problem with this since they worked well together. The issue was outside of work.

They had a tendency to get overly friendly. At work, they were always flirting mercilessly and sending naughty texts and instant messages throughout the day. Tara usually referred to Maya as Mrs. Hunt, and she in turn called Tara, Ms. Carter. It always occurred in a fun and teasing way. It was all triggered when they were both reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”. They had started emailing each other the way Christian Grey and Anastasia did in the books. It was flirtatious and fun. Both of them were bisexual, but in committed relationships with men. Maya was married, and Tara had a fiancé.

Things between Maya and Tara had recently got more intense. During the Gay Pride festival, they had gone out dancing at the outdoor dance party in the Garrison grounds. They both had a lot to drink and their dancing became more overt grinding. As the night wore on, Maya’s hands had been all over Tara’s hips, sliding inside the hem of her pants. Tara had turned around and wrapped her arms around Maya’s neck. She had smiled that gorgeous smile of hers, and Maya had just gone for it.

Surrounded by the loud music, people dancing and the rain drenching them, Maya had leaned in and started to kiss her. Her hands had gone to Tara’s lower back, up under her shirt, pressing her closer, and kissing her until the song was over. Afterwards, they simply went back to dancing as if nothing had happened.

Since that moment, every time they were out dancing or drinking, they usually ended up kissing. It was very innocent, and it was never awkward afterwards. It was just the way they were with each other now.

Maya was pulled back to present as she suddenly heard Tara singing from her desk. It made her smile. She put her glasses back on, brought up an instant message window, and started typing a message.

Maya: Ms. Carter, I don’t remember scheduling you to work this evening?

Tara: Mrs. Hunt, I did not realize you were still in the office.

Maya: Yes, I had some stuff to take care of. I do not want to work this weekend, and since hubs is playing hockey tonight, I thought I might as well work. Why are you here?

Tara: I had some reports that did not get done earlier, and since my guy is working, I thought I would finish them now.

Maya: Well, Ms. Carter, you know how much I enjoy your company, so I am very pleased you are here.

Tara: Well, Mrs. Hunt, you know how I aim to please.

Maya was smiling at the conversation. This is how it always ended up, innuendos and flirting. For once, she wanted to take it further. She knew that Tara wanted this too. They had talked about it over food and beers a few weeks prior. They had discussed how the men in their lives did not really seem to grasp the desires that came with being bisexual. 

“I'm not looking to leave, I love him and want him in my life, to grow old together. It’s just that I want to be able to satisfy this need to be with a woman,” Maya had vented.

Tara had put it in a way that Maya completely agreed with.

“Take you and me, for instance. I am confident that that we could spend a glorious night together, then afterwards just get dressed and say, “See you Monday”. After all, it would just be sex”

Maya’s attention went back to the instant message when it pinged.

Tara: Boss, when you are done with your work, do you want to go for a beer?

Maya raised her eyebrows. She wondered how far she could push, before Tara put on the breaks. Usually, they both stopped before it got out of hand, but tonight she was feeling like playing a bit. And to be honest, she was quite turned on by the idea of making Ms. Carter squirm. She always did a good job of it with Maya, and it was time for payback.

Maya: Ms. Carter, you know I would love to take you out for a beer. But what I really want to do is drag you into the boardroom, lay you on the table, and have my way with you.

Maya leaned back in her chair and waited for the response. She had taken it further than normal, and Tara would probably respond back with a witty remark that put a stop to it. Then they would just go for a beer like nothing happened.

The response came fast.

Tara: What are you waiting for, Mrs. Hunt?

Maya stared at the message. So, Tara wanted to play. Her conscience was telling her to end this with a laugh, and just go for a beer. Pushing it further might be taking it too far, and, honestly, friends or not, she was still her boss and they were at work. But she did not want to stop. She wanted to keep pushing, and for once, she did not want to do the right thing. She wanted to do what she actually wanted. And what she wanted was to drive Tara crazy with lust.

She started typing back.

Maya: I have been waiting for you; I would not want to take advantage of someone as innocent as yourself.

She smiled to herself. Calling Tara innocent would only set her off, and it was no way she would let that comment slide. Tara was not innocent. She was daring and feisty.

Tara: Oh, Mrs. Hunt, don’t you worry about my virtue. I am sure I can handle anything you have planned for me.

Maya: Are you sure about that?

Tara: Yes, I am all yours.

Maya: I like the sound of that, Ms. Carter; I can’t wait to get my hands on you.

Tara: Then what are you waiting for?

Maya kept looking at the last message. She knew that she should just stop it there. But what would be the fun in that?

Maya: Well, alright then. Why don’t you go into the boardroom, and I will be right with you.

As she hit send, her heart starting beating faster. She was feeling a mix of emotions: nervous, excited and worried. Surely now Tara would put an end to the tease.

Tara: Anything you say, Mrs. Hunt. I will be eagerly waiting for you.

Maya looked at the message, and gazed over towards Tara’s desk. She saw Tara walk towards the boardroom. She moved slowly, giving Maya a chance to stare at her amazing ass in her tight jeans. She stopped when she reached the door and looked over her shoulder, smiled, and walked inside. 

Maya sat still at her desk for a moment. Her conscience told her to stay where she was, and not go in there. But the rest of her body was screaming at her to go and claim Ms. Carter.

She only hesitated a moment before she got up. She walked to the boardroom and opened the door. Tara was standing next to the table, smiling. Maya smiled back as she closed the door and locked it. She caught the slight surprise in Tara’s eyes when she heard the lock click. She must not have thought that Maya would go ahead with it. She was not about to give up, not when she was this close to actually getting her hands on her.

Maya leaned against the door and kept looking at Tara, the surprise in her eyes quickly replaced with something else. She looked determined and daring.

“So, Mrs. Hunt, whatever are you going to do with me?”

Maya just smiled, all worry and hesitation suddenly gone. She was going to have Tara tonight, and damn the consequences. She pushed away from the door and walked over to her. Not saying a word, she brushed the hair behind Tara’s ears before she cupped her face and smiled.

“Ms. Carter, how about we stop talking for once, and I actually show you?” Maya whispered softly.

She saw Tara inhale a breath before Maya touched her lips against hers, softly at first, just teasing. She felt Tara relax as her hands grasped Maya’s long dark hair. Slowly, the tip of Maya’s tongue reached out to touch Tara’s soft lips, following the outline before gently biting down, eliciting a moan from Tara as she did so.

The moan urged Maya on. Her hands went around her waist, pulling her closer as she deepened the kiss, their tongues teasing and tasting each other.

Maya suddenly broke the kiss, pushing Tara against the boardroom table and making her sit down. She placed her hands on her thighs, slowly spreading her legs so she could stand between them. She grabbed the hem of Tara’s shirt and pulled it off, tossing it on the floor.

“You have no idea how long I have waited to get my hands on you like this, Ms. Carter,” Maya said softly.

Tara did not say anything; she just sat still and looked at Maya as she kept speaking.

“I am not planning on stopping this time, so if this is not what you want, you need to say “stop”, if not I am going to fuck you right here on this table. Do you understand?”

Maya kept looking at Tara, waiting to see if she would say stop and leave. She saw the look in her eyes change; it became dark with lust, matching her own.

“Mrs. Hunt, I won’t be saying stop.”

Maya moaned quietly as she ran her fingertips along Tara’s lips. In return, she let the tip of her tongue touch Maya’s fingers, sending a quick jolt of pure desire through her veins. Maya wanted her so much; she wanted to feel her body.

She placed her hands on Tara's shoulders, and pushed her backwards on the table until she was lying down. She quickly unbuckled her belt and pulled down the zipper of her jeans. She saw Tara close her eyes as she started to pull the jeans off, letting them drop to the floor by her shirt.

Maya took a minute to simply watch Tara. She was lying flat on her back on the boardroom table, only wearing a chocolate brown bra with a matching lace thong. She was exquisite. Maya put her hands on Tara’s knees and slowly ran her hands up her thighs. She saw Tara bite her lip and moan softly. Seeing her like this was fueling Maya’s desire, and she could not wait to taste her.

She leaned down over Tara and started kissing her stomach, just above her panties; she could feel her shiver under her touch. She kissed her way up until she reached her bra. Tara opened her eyes and slowly sat up a little, reaching around to unsnap her bra before lying back down.

“I have waited to see your beautiful breasts for so long,” Maya whispered to her.

She grabbed the straps and pulled them down Tara’s arms, throwing the bra on the floor with the rest of the clothes. She bit her lip at what she saw.

“Well, well, Ms. Carter, how did I not know that you had your nipples pierced? Mmmm, I approve of this very much.”

Maya reached down and lightly pulled on the rings with her fingertips. Tara’s nipples reacted right away, and got hard. She took one of them into her mouth and started sucking. The feeling of the hard nipple against her tongue was so erotic, and such a turn on. She loved the way it was making her feel; every part of her body wanted her so badly.

She kissed her way down her flat belly. Her skin was amazingly smooth, and she heard Tara take a deep breath as she went lower. Maya reached the top of her thong and slowly started to pull it down over her curvy hips, and down her silky legs. She let it fall to the floor.

Maya straightened up and looked down at Tara. There was she was, naked on the boardroom table, fully exposed to Maya for her taking. And she wanted her so badly. She wanted to taste and feel every part of her body. Tara’s arms were above her head, and her legs were spread wide while her eyes were locked with Maya’s.

“Now this is a sight that I have seen many times in my mind, and finally I have you just where I want you, Ms. Carter,” Maya said, with a smile on her face.

She saw Tara bite down on her lip as she heard the words. For the first time ever, she seemed speechless. Maya started to run her hands up Tara’s legs, feeling her shivering skin under her fingertips. She sat down on one of the chairs, positioning it so she was sitting between her legs. She put her hands under her ass and pulled her to the edge of the table.

She placed Tara’s feet on the armrest of the chair, spreading her legs wider. Displayed in front of her, was her smooth and completely shaven pussy, just begging to be licked. Maya moaned in anticipation of tasting her luscious nectar. All pretenses were gone, all games tossed aside; she simply just wanted her.

“You are beautiful, Tara, so incredibly exquisite. I want to taste you; I want to feel your wetness against my tongue,” Maya spoke, her voice coated in desire.

“Then taste me, I am so wet and so fucking horny, I need to feel your tongue,” Tara moaned out in response.

Maya ran her fingertip along Tara’s slit, and found she was right. She was already wet, and it was coating her pussy lips. She was slowly tracing her fingertip lightly from the top of her slit, all the way down towards her ass. She saw Tara raise her bum off the ledge to give her better access; her reaction was urging Maya on, and she kept teasing her, just lightly touching.

“Oh God, Maya, don’t make me beg.”

Maya was getting so incredibly turned on watching Tara like this, totally at her mercy, and so willing and ready. Slowly, Tara reached her hands between her legs to spread open her own pussy lips to expose her throbbing clit.

“Lick me, damn it, I need to feel your fucking tongue on my clit,” Tara demanded with urgency in her voice.

Maya smiled and licked her lips, then bent down to blow air on the exposed clit. Tara groaned at the sensation and spread her lips wider.

“Now! Fucking suck it now!”

“Yes, Ms. Carter, anything you say,” Maya said with a smile in her voice, enjoying the reversed roles.

She slowly touched the tip of her tongue to Tara’s clit, eliciting a moan from her as she did. She circled her tongue around it, teasing, tasting, before she started urgently sucking it. Tara’s hands went into Maya’s hair, pulling her closer to her wet pussy.

Tara started moaning louder as her hips started grinding against Maya’s tongue. She could tell that Tara was getting closer to come. She slowly pushed two fingers inside her tight and soaking wet pussy, as her tongue kept licking her hard clit.

She could feel the moment the climax was starting to build within Tara. Her whole body tensed for a moment before she screamed out in ecstasy, the orgasm rushing through her body. Maya pulled her lips away from her clit, but kept fucking her tight pussy hard with her fingers, not letting up. Tara was arching her back off the table as she screamed out her pleasure.

Tara kept grinding against her fingers, and the orgasm seemed to keep going and going. Maya curled her fingers inside, and pushing against the g-spot. She started nibbling on Tara’s thighs as she kept fucking her, owning her. And once again, she felt Tara getting tighter. Moments later, she erupted around her fingers, soaking her completely, with her sweet cum dripping from her pussy onto the table. 

Once again, Maya started licking Tara with her flattened tongue, tracing it along her now soaked and swollen pussy lips. Her sweet cum was intoxicating.

Tara was panting as she slowly came down from her orgasm. She opened her eyes and leaned up on her arms, watching Maya as she pulled out her fingers. Tara was flushed and looking gorgeous in her afterglow. Maya brought her cum-soaked fingers to Tara’s mouth and traced it along her lips.

“See how sweet you taste, Ms. Carter? You are so fucking sexy and amazing, and I can’t get enough of you.”

Tara started to lick Maya’s fingers clean, moaning as she tasted herself. Her legs were still on the arms of the chair, spread wide and exposed. Her pussy was swollen and wet, and she had never looked more beautiful to Maya.

“Mmm, yes, I do taste good, and now I want to taste you.” Tara spoke softly between sucking each wet finger.

“Oh no, I am not done with you yet,” Maya smiled back at her while pushing Tara back down on the desk.

Tara moaned as she started to play with her breasts, pulling on the nipple rings. Maya pushed one finger inside Tara’s still incredibly hot, tight pussy. She slowly pushed it in and out, teasing her slowly as the finger got coated again in her juices. She slowly pulled it out and traced it down towards her ass, she started teasing her tight hole, gently pushing.

“Oh my God, Maya, yes please, please,” Tara whimpered.

Slowly, Maya pushed her finger inside Tara’s ass as her tongue once again found her hard and sensitive clit, sucking it gently. Maya moved her tongue down her slit until she reached her soaked pussy. She pushed her tongue inside as she slowly finger-fucked her ass. Tara was moaning intensely and grinding her ass down on Maya’s finger.

“You are going to make me fucking cum again, Mrs. Hunt!” Tara moaned out as she writhed on the table.

Maya moaned against Tara’s pulsating pussy as she savored her delicious taste. Tara’s hand slid down her own belly until she reached her hard clit, and she started rubbing it quickly, her body screaming for release. She was shivering and aching as the sensations assaulted her body.

Maya did not let up. She kept moving her finger in and out of her wonderfully tight ass, while Tara was rubbing her clit with intense urgency, moaning loudly.

“Tara, I need you to come right now. I want to taste you so bad. Come all over my tongue, baby,” Maya whispered out.

Tara moaned again as she heard the request, her back once again arching as the orgasm built within her. Her blood rushed hot through her body as she finally erupted against Maya’s tongue, soaking her lips as she screamed out Maya’s name.

Maya kissed the inside of Tara’s thighs as she came down from her orgasm. She slowly removed her finger, and let her compose herself as she was lay there, soaked and panting. Maya smiled to herself as she thought about what had just happened. Whatever happened now, this had been worth it. Finally, being able to enjoy her the way she wanted.

Tara calmed down, and sat up at the edge of the table, Maya still sitting on the chair between her legs. She cupped Maya’s face and smiled down at her before reaching down to kiss her. She did so slowly at first, tasting her cum of her lips, and then deepening the kiss as they both moaned against each other’s lips.

“Well then, Mrs. Hunt, I am so happy you decided to work late tonight. It was about fucking time this happened. It was driving me crazy having to wait,” Tara whispered against Maya’s lips.

“Yes, Ms. Carter, I totally agree with you. And let me just tell you right now, that you can be expected to work late as often as I see fit from now on. I hope you don’t have a problem with that?” Maya smiled back at her between kisses.

“Oh no, not at all. I think my body will be demanding it from now on. And just for the record, you won’t be catching me off guard again. Next time, I am bringing the toys. But right now, I need to taste your sweet pussy, Mrs. Hunt, and make you scream out as I fuck you with my fingers. So take off your clothes, Boss, now it’s my turn to have a little fun...”

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