Closer Friends Part II

By Janey79

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The girls invite twin sisters to join them
A week had passed since the four girls had had their night of same sex fun and none of them could keep the thoughts far from their minds. They had all agreed it was definitely not going to be a one-off and Zoe was tasked with organising the next get together.

The girls had all left Zoe with some cash and told her to find an online ‘toy’ shop. This was like a red rag to a bull and Zoe and Jess spent hours excitedly giggling at all the products on offer on the website. They’d also decided that it would be fun to initiate someone else into their sexual adventures and after only a short debate, it was decided that ’The Twins’, as they were known, would be the perfect addition to their group.

Sarah and Lucy were real bombshell material, tall, slim, long blonde hair and each with a pair of boobs to die for. Men swarmed round them in the bars in town, and they were known not to go home alone very often! Sarah worked in the same office as Jess, who had to pluck up the courage to try and get the new girls on board.

Jess had sauntered over to Sarah’s desk, and despite being transfixed by the cleavage she was staring down at, she managed to invite her out for lunch later in the week. Over a chilled glass of sauvignon blanc, Jess made her move.

“Sarah?” she asked, “you always seem to be getting plenty of sex”

“I don’t go without, Jess, if that’s what you mean” came the reply.

“Well…have you…. you know…ever been with another girl?” Jess continued.

Sarah was momentarily caught off guard, but as she was not easily shocked, she gave nothing away in her reply.

“Nothing serious, just a snog here and there, when I’ve had too much to drink.”

Jess took this as a sign she could continue without risking embarrassment.

“Would you ever go further?” she ventured.

“Hmmm” mused Sarah, “guess it depends who was asking”

Sarah raised her eyebrows in Jess’s direction, a cheeky smile spreading over her lips. Jess was in, and clinked Sarah’s glass with her own.

“Well I’m asking” came her naughty reply.

This lunchtime conversation was going to take another large glass of courage for the two girls and, inhibitions discarded, Jess went on to spill some, though by no means all, of the details of the last Saturday evening, extending an invitation to Sarah’s sister too.

The next “Pussy Party”, as Zoe had called it, was planned for the next Friday evening, back at Jess and Zoe’s flat. Zoe had told the girls they had to dress to thrill.

“We all need to look seriously hot!” she proclaimed in her text.

Friday, after work, and the girls had all returned home to get themselves ready. Gemma was luxuriating in her oil enriched bath, she’d shaved her legs and had sculpted her pubic area into just a two inch rectangular tuft. Her pussy itself was hairless, and Gemma was pleasuring herself, gently stroking her fat lips, feeling for the slicker moisture contained within.

Sarah and Lucy were both showered, but now had to decide what to wear. They were on the phone to each other. Living about half a mile apart, they saw each other regularly and were often out in the clubs and bars together. Lucy suggested that they both wear the same outfit to go for the real ‘twin’ effect and her sister excitedly agreed. Short black dress, stockings, heels and the tiniest knickers they owned.

Sophie was also showered and deciding on her attire. She had no curves to emphasise, but had decided to play on her shy girl image - denim shorts and a white cheesecloth top. Her naughty side was coming out though, and Sophie decided she had no need for underwear, that her tiny breasts would go free and the shorts would suffice to cover her modesty.

Zoe was taking a shower back in the flat she shared with Jess, however both girls were running a bit late. Jess decided she couldn’t wait any longer, barged into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet to pee. Zoe was stood in the bath, the water cascading from the shower over her curvaceous body. Jess took in the sight, the marvellous large breasts and full round arse. Zoe looked over to her.

“Come to join me have you?” she teased.

Jess needed no second invitation and stripped off her clothes. She climbed into the tub beside her flatmate. She rubbed her body against Zoe’s, soaking her skin while feeling the smoothness of her friend.

“Wash my hair, Zo” Jess requested.

Zoe squeezed some shampoo into her hand and turned around to carry out her task. She smoothed the thick liquid through Jess’s hair before beginning to massage it to a lather. Jess was immediately relaxed, her eyes closed, as she enjoyed her flatmate’s gentle touch.

Zoe rinsed the shampoo away and Jess turned to kiss her her thank you. As their lips locked together, there was no way Jess could resist reaching up to Zoe’s chest to massage the impressive orbs she found there. Reaching forward, Jess picked up a shower crème bottle and tilted it down to aim at the expanse of flesh. A firm squeeze on the bottle sent an arc of white fluid over Zoe’s breasts. Both girls knew what this looked like, indeed Zoe was no stranger to sliding a man’s cock between her tits, wanking the hot seed over her flesh, before scooping it in her fingers to savour the salty taste.

For now though, there was no cock to tease, and her friend began to massage the liquid soap over her skin, the palms of her hands exciting the hard nipples beneath. This was something Jess had certainly dreamt of in the past, getting her hands on her mate’s big melons, feeling the firm weight in her palms, rolling the hard centres in her fingers then tweaking them to send shivers down her friend’s body.

Tonight was not just about the two flatmates though, they had entertaining to do, and so somewhat reluctantly they pulled apart and wrapped themselves in warm towels to dry themselves off.

The two girls had chosen their clothes from the same website as the toys, and Jess was now rummaging through the cardboard box in the lounge for their outfits. Jess had picked a snow leopard baby doll, a sheer black number apart from a panel of black and white animal print down the front. Jess slipped it over head and wriggled her pert tits into the cups. She carried a black basque into Zoe’s room and found her smoothing a perfumed body cream into her skin.
Dressed solely for sex, the girls complimented each other.

“Drop dead gorgeous” said Zoe

“You look good enough to eat” replied Jess.

“And I’m sure you’ll be doing that!” giggled Zoe

“I’ll be fighting ‘em off to get to you babe” was the response.

The doorbell rang and Jess welcomed Sophie and Gemma with a gentle kiss on the lips. The four girls were now reunited and Zoe poured them each a glass of wine. Five minutes later and the doorbell went again. ‘The Twins’ were here, although they were arriving at this particular party with a little less of their uber-confidence, a slight trepidation in their thoughts, not knowing exactly how the evening would pan out.

“Errr…. WOW!” was all Jess could manage as she opened the door.

“Oh my god!” exclaimed Sarah, “you look fucking hot, girl”

Once inside, the friends drank in the horniest sight anyone, male or female, could imagine. The scent of expectant sex filled the room as the pheromones poured from their bodies.

“You look a little conservatively dressed in this company, Sophie” stated Sarah.

“Ummm…maybe…but what you see is all there is” was the coy reply.

Sarah moved over and placed her hand on Sophie’s slim waist, before raising it up to the little mound on the left of the girl’s chest. The hard teat met her fingertips and Sophie responded by planting a little kiss on Sarah’s mouth.

“The rest of us are all very well acquainted, Sarah, why don’t you and Lucy show us what you have in store for later?” asked Zoe with a wink.

The sisters were standing nearly six foot tall in their heels, their hair tied up identically, bright red lips pouting at the other girls. Sarah copied the actions she had just made on Sophie, this time on her own sister. Her hand found her sibling’s waist then travelled up to her breast.
With Lucy though there was a more substantial handful, the twins both capable of filling 32D lingerie, and as Sarah squeezed the front of her sister’s dress, more flesh became visible over it’s neckline, the breast threatening to spill out from it’s confines. Sarah stroked her hand up over her shoulder as she moved behind to unzipthe dress. She teased the garment from her sister’s shoulders and let it fall to a heap at her ankles.

A black lace bra, matching thong and hold ups were now the only things separating Lucy from nakedness. Lucy repaid her sister by unzipping her dress, and again there was nothing to tell the two sisters apart, standing tall in their underwear and heels. Lucy was still behind her sister and reached round to feel her way over her thighs, stomach and up to her chest. She squeezed both breasts roughly through her bra, playfully teasing her own best friend and relative.

“I think it’s time to show you what I spent the money on” said Zoe placing the cardboard box on the coffee table.

Reaching inside she pulled out a pink glass dildo.

“This is known as a Waver” she giggled, “feel how solid it is, Gem” as she passed it around.

“Next is the Dazzling Extra Thick” she proclaimed.

Zoe was holding a bright pink jelly cock in both her hands, it’s size was truly impressive.

“Think you can manage that Lucy?” Sarah teased.

“These are for a bit of nipple action” Zoe was now holding a pair of small pumps, designed to engorge a teat to even greater length and sensitivity.

“You’re first on those, Soph!” said Zoe

The final item out of the box was a pack of brightly coloured candles.

“Errr…what are they for?” asked Lucy

“You drip the wax on your skin, for that lovely pleasurable pain feeling” said Jess, “I want to feel it all over my tits.”

With that she lifted the baby doll over her head revealing her naked body to the room.

“I’ll do it!” said Zoe excitedly.

“And me!” added Sarah.

As Jess sat down with her back to one of the chairs, her flatmate and work colleague joined her on either side.

“Fetch the matches from the kitchen, Soph” ordered Zoe.

Soon Jess’s eyes were flitting expectedly at her two friends, their own eyes wide with excitement, their deep cleavages formed by their sexy outfits, and a pair of burning candles which they each held.

Zoe was first, holding the candle maybe six inches over her friends right breast. The first drop of wax dripped down onto her flesh and Jess took a quick intake of breath. The molten wax was hot , but not searingly so, the tingling sensation just as likely caused by the rapidly cooling and setting of the wax, than it’s actual heat. Lucy followed suit and a larger drip splattered onto the opposite tit.

“Mmmmmm” moaned Jess biting her lip, “on my nip this time, Zo.”

Her flatmate guided the burning length down to the hard nipple, the metal bar keeping the dark nub of flesh taut. The candle dripped again, and hit it’s target just where intended.

“Oooohhhhh” gasped Jess, “mmmm, that’s good!”

Again Lucy took her cue and now both of Jess’s hard teats were covered in a purple crust of wax.

The nipple play had got the other girls excited and Sarah turned to Sophie

“Let’s pump up your little nips, Soph, show me what they can do.”

Sophie pulled her top over her head, revealing her almost boyish chest to the buxom twin. Sarah lent forward and caressed the delicate little tits, circling a fingertip round their core, before attaching the plastic tube over Sophie’s left teat. She squeezed the bulb of the pump between her fingers and the suction gripped onto the encased nipple.

“Ahhhh” gasped the waspish figured girl.

“OK?” asked Sarah

“Mmmmm, feels tight”, was the reply.

Sarah pumped again and watched as the hard bud swelled in it’s confines. Sophie cried enough after one more squeeze and Sarah bent down to take the engorged nipple in her mouth, it had probably doubled in size and was now perfect for sucking. Gemma joined the two girls and attached the pump to Sophie’s other tit. She copied Sarah’s actions and soon Sophie had both her breasts being attended to.

The attentions of Gemma and Sarah had made Sophie’s pussy juice flow. Her nipples were now standing almost an inch proud of her body thanks to the pump’s vigorous sucking, and they ached incredibly.

Sarah had snaked a hand down over Sophie’s taut stomach and found the wet entrance further below. She toyed with the moisture, coating her fingers and Sophie’s outer lips, stretching the flesh with her digits.

“Mmmmmmm” Sophie began to moan.

Sarah looked around for the toys that Zoe had been proudly presenting earlier. The pink glass dildo cught her eye.

“What d’ya think, Soph?” she asked, sliding her hand up and down the length of the shaft.

Sarah was staring straight at her friend, who in turn was eying the toy being wanked slowly in front of her. Sarah moved the toy down between her breasts and continued the motion, the thicker tip regularly popping up between her beautiful round orbs. Squeezing her breasts together, Sarah encased the toy in her flesh and smiled a wicked smile back at Sophie.

“Just warming it up for you” she teased.

Gemma looked on with longing, the sight of the glass phallus had also got her love juices running.

“Let me have go, pleeeaaassseee” she pleaded.

Sarah handed the fuck stick over, and Gemma copied her actions, stroking the glass shaft before burying the toy between her tits, enjoying the rock hard sensation.

“Not sure you can do this, Soph” she said, referring to her friends almost flat chest.

“Anywhere else you can hide it?”

“Ooooohhh, fuck me with it” was the reply, Sophie pinching her enlarged nipples as she arched her back away from the chair.

“Better have these off then” said Sarah reaching over and tugging at Sophie’s shorts.

As the denim garment slid over her slim hips, Sophie’s nakedness was revealed, a small patch of hair came in to view, then the delicate pink lips of her pussy.

“Spread ‘em, Soph” demanded Gemma, almost elbowing Sarah aside as soon as the shorts had been removed from the girl’s ankles.

Sophie parted her legs wider, revealing her inner thighs and the prize waiting where they joined. Gemma moved forward and gently stroked her mound from bottom to top with her thumb, the moisture starting to coat it as she repeated the motion. Her thumb carried the wetness north, up to the little pink bud poking out at the top of Sophie’s sex. Gemma gently circled the hard clit a few times before pulling back and reaching out with her index finger to the warm wet hole. She penetrated the slick heat, circling her finger upwards and inwards, Sophie lifting herself off the chair desperate to feel it deeper inside. Gemma teased another finger alongside and continued her teasing.

“She’s so wet, that’ll slide in all the way” Gemma said to Sarah.

The twin had pick up the toy and was now taking the end into her mouth, pretending it was the real thing, before flicking her tongue feverishly back and forth over the head. She handed it to Gemma, her eyes now firmly on the spectacle, and pussy, about to unfold. Gemma removed her fingers and took them up to her mouth, sucking the honey from them. She then guided the dildo inside.

“Oooooohhhhh, fuck, yeah” cried Sophie, “God that feels good!”

Gemma pushed a little more, until half the toy was no longer visible, the half that was now deep inside the slim, waifish girl’s twat, filling her hole with a cool, hardness she had never before experienced. Gemma withdrew the dildo.

“Go on, Gemma, fuck her hard!” the twin ordered, her hand cupping her own mound as she sat riveted to the scene playing out before her.

Gemma responded and began to pump the toy in and out of Sophie, fucking her with the hard rod of glass.

“Oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..yeahhhhhhh” Sophie moaned, taking the toy deep and fast.

Sarah was now pleasuring her own cunt with her fingers, feeling her own arousal deep within, she watched enviously as Sophie’s pussy was fucked in front of her.

“Oh yeah…oh yeah….oh yeah”
Sophie was grasping for breath as the power of each thrust hit her. The pleasure was unlike that she had with any man, the fucking was just as hard, but looking up at her near naked friends, their breasts heaving against their underwear, their beautifully made up faces and delicately arranged hair, Sophie knew this was something special.

“Suck my fingers, Soph” Sarah had now moved up to the girls mouth and was pressing her slickly coated digits to the other’s girls lips.

Sophie could already taste the sweet musk, but greedily accepted the offer, sucking hard to take the juice into her mouth. Sarah pulled her fingers clear and replaced them with her own mouth, probing her tongue deeply to meet her friend’s. The tongues wrapped around each other as Gemma continued to thrust the glass cock harder and deeper into Sophie’s love tunnel.

The full-on kiss was even more arousing to Sophie and she could no longer contain the orgasm that had been building inside. Sarah recognised from the squirming beneath her that she was close to cumming, and pushed more of her weight down onto the slim girl, grabbing the tiny left breast in her hand and squeezing it roughly. Sophie reached her hand up behind the twin’s head and pulled her tightly against her face, one last thrust of her tongue as she came.

Jess had peeled the wax from her nipples and breasts and was hungry for more fun with the girls. Her eyes were drawn to the impressive cleavage on either side of her. She had already had her hands on her flatmates big bangers while they shared the shower together, but Lucy was a new commodity and now the object of her desires. Jess crawled over to the twin and knelt beside her.

“You got me hot with those candles, Luce… literally!” she giggled.

Jess planted the softest of kisses on Lucy’s lips.

“That’s to say Thank You” she said before brushing Lucy’s hair from her face and moving in closer to whisper in her ear.

“I want to lick your cunt”, Jess said in the quietest of voices, so only the twin could hear.

Lucy took an intake of breath through her nostrils, her mind starting to spin at the thought of another girl’s tongue on her pussy. Jess moved her hand from Lucy’s hair and faintly skimmed it down over her collarbone and neck to the curve of Lucy’s breast. Jess toyed with the lacy material, gently pushing against the firm flesh it hid, before spreading her fingers wide to cup the whole mound in her hand.

She reached her head forward to meet her partner’s, and this time the kiss was of pure lust, forcing herself on to the blonde beauty’s face. Lucy allowed her lips to part and to feel another girl’s tongue inside her mouth for the first time. Jess was squeezing at her tit as she probed with her tongue, she could tell Lucy would go with her, no intention of shying away. Dipping her head lower, Jess buried her face into the valley of the twin’s breasts, the soft warmth enveloping her features and rubbing at her cheeks. She squeezed at the encased tits with her hands, smothering her face further, before sucking at flesh, feasting on her new favourite food.

Jess reached behind Lucy, eager to release the ripe fruit so she could gorge herself some more. She undid the clasp and slowly peeled the straps over Lucy’s shoulders. As the cups fell away, the jewels of Lucy’s chest were revealed, a pair of perfectly round breasts, no tan lines paying testament to the naked sprays that the twins enjoyed. A pair of slightly darker nipples protruded dead centre and these now became the next stop for Jess’s tongue. Jess flicked over the little teat, swirling her tongue around it, before parting her lips to suck in the hard bud.

Zoe decided she could not hold back any longer and knelt behind her friend, smoothing the palm of her hand over the taut arse cheeks, finding the cleft in between and reaching forward to sense the nectar. Jess felt the fingers sliding over her sex, it spurred her on to search out Lucy’s other breast, to tease and tempt at it’s core, placing it between her teeth she nibbled gently at the raised bud and the delicate surround.

Zoe had now slid a finger inside Jess’s moist entrance, the slick juices coating her finger as it pushed deeper, bumping against the fleshy front wall. Jess started to squirm on the finger, manoeuvring herself so it rubbed her sensitive inner spot. She pulled her mouth away from Lucy’s breast and started to kiss her way down over the flat stomach, to the top of her thighs. Jess licked at the soft flesh, inhaling the sexual perfume of Lucy’s twat as she moved her mouth over the lacy knickers.

The lust raged through Jess as she felt her pussy being fingered from behind, biting at the material separating her from the prize, sucking the scent from it. Jess’s tongue probed through the fabric tasting the first delicious juice from within. But this would never be enough and Jess snaked her arm between Lucy’s legs to pull the skimpy garment to one side. The twin’s pussy was revealed, a pleasure pot that had been tongued by men many times, but was now seconds away from it’s first female attention. Jess flicked out her tongue to savour the sweet fluid which coated Lucy’s delicate petals, she’d become addicted to the taste of another girl last week, and Jess licked feverishly at sensitive folds before her.

Zoe was squeezing her large breasts as she slid a second finger into Jess. The basque was tight fitting and her tit flesh spilled over the cups. From across the room, Sarah was watching the scene unfold and made her move to join in.

She wrapped her arm around Zoe’s back and turned her so they were facing. Zoe didn’t require any further encouragement and moved to kiss the other twin. Sarah responded and their mouths locked, tongues searching out the other.

Breaking free from their embrace Sarah reached back to undo her bra, sliding it from her arms and letting it fall to the floor. Sarah was almost identical to her sister here too and Zoe was able to feast her eyes on another immaculate pair of breasts. Toying with her own lady lumps, Sarah teased Zoe were her erotic caresses, pinching at her nipples, enjoying the little spark of pleasure it sent to her brain. But Sarah wanted more and she reached up to the top hook of Zoe’s basque and slowly started to undo each one in turn. As she undid the last hook, Zoe wriggled free, her big melons shaking from side to side as the underwear was discarded on the floor.

Sarah was impressed by what she saw, her own breasts were large and round, but Zoe’s were much bigger, hanging lower on her frame, big dark areolae circling the hard nubs. Sarah’s hands found the mighty tits and she sank into the soft orbs, feeling the weight of each in her palms. They kissed again, Zoe still fingering Jess’s twat.
Jess in turn was now plating the other twin’s pussy, she had pulled the lips apart with her fingers, sinking her tongue deep into the warm crevice to seek out the liquid centre. Love juice was flowing freely from Lucy’s hole and Jess slid two fingers deep inside, moving her tongue up to seek out the hard bud of her clit. Lucy arched herself off the floor eager to take the fingers deeper, for her clit to be sucked from it’s protective hood.

Just as Lucy felt the first twangs of orgasm, Jess pulled away.

“Where’s that monster cock?” she asked.

Jess spied the bright pink dildo.

“Reckon little sis can take this big boy?” Jess asked.

“Go on, Jess, fuck her with it!” Sarah replied, eager to see her sister impaled on the rubber length.

Jess offered the toy up to Lucy’s dripping pussy and eased the tip past the lips and inside.

“Oh… fuck!” cried Lucy feeling it’s girth stretch her hole wide.

Jess pushed more firmly, feeling the resistance of Lucy’s twat as it tried to swallow the huge cock as it penetrated her. Lucy had had her fair share of men, but nothing had stretched her like this before.

Sarah sensed that her sister had just cum, but she was determined to have her wicked way some more.

“Don’t stop, Jess, keep fuckin’ her, she loves it an’ll take it forever!!” she cried.

Jess slid the toy from Lucy and then ploughed it back in mercilessly.

“Uuuuuhhhhhh” groaned Lucy, her whole body feeling the force of the plastic intruder.

“Zoe, give her something to keep her quiet will you!”

Zoe knew what Sarah meant and manoeuvred herself across Lucy’s chest, before sliding up level with her face.

“And you two!” yelled Sarah to Gemma and Sophie.

“Tease her clit, Gem, let’s really give her something to moan about!” she continued.

Gemma and Sophie crawled over to the twin’s prone body. Lucy’s pussy was still being fucked with the huge toy by Jess, while Zoe had now pulled Lucy’s head to her own twat, parting her lips with her free hand so that Lucy could aim her tongue exactly where she wanted it.

Gemma knelt down at Lucy’s waist and reached over to grasp the plastic cock as it slid back and forth from the dripping hole. God it felt thick, and the thought of being fucked hard by the dildo filled her mind.

“Me next” she thought to herself as she moved her hand from the toy and up over the twin’s mound.

Lucy’s clit was already throbbing hard under it’s sheath but Gemma pulled back the little hood to revealed the engorged nub further. Gemma was not going to hold back any longer and sank down on the hard clit with her mouth, sucking on the surrounding flesh, then flicking her tongue over the rigid ball. She could feel Lucy’s cunt opening and contracting as the thick plastic fucked her.

Sophie was now knelt alongside Gemma, squeezing the mounds of flesh on the twin’s chest, pinching at the nipples. No having much tit flesh of her own, Sophie had come to love playing with the fulsome busoms of some of her friends, and Lucy’s perfect pair were probably her favourite so far.

“Go on, dare you!” Sophie looked up at Sarah encouraging her to join in the fun further.

Sarah was never one to back down publicly and reached out a hand to her sister’s breast, squeezing the flesh firmly before teasing the nipple in circles with her finger. Sophie had just been tormented, in the nicest possible way, by the twin, and now she was going to see just how far she could push her.

She lowered her head to Lucy’s left breast and kissed at the round orb, curling her tongue over the flesh, feeling the crinkled sensation of the areola, before finally finding the hard centre with the tip of her tongue. Sophie pulled her head away slightly to look up again at Sarah, her eyes daring the twin to follow her lead. Sarah’s heart skipped a beat, but she was too involved in the whole situation to back down now. Copying her partner on the other side of her sister’s body, Sarah’s face dropped down to the breast and she tentatively met the skin with her lips. It was warm and firm to her caress and Sarah’s courage rose to broach a kiss on her sister’s chest. Her resolve growing, she pushed out her tongue to meet the darker core and then recoiled slightly as she found the hard tip. Sarah looked up at Sophie, but could see she was not satisfied.

“More” she said, “like this” before burying her face into the breast, almost half disappearing into her warm mouth.

Sarah copied without thinking, her mouth taking her sister’s tit inside and she sucked hungrily on the flesh.

Every pore of Lucy’s body was oozing sex, she had cum twice more as her body was taken over by her wanton friends. She hadn’t realised who was sucking on her tits, but she could feel her pussy being fucked hard, her clit twitching excitedly on the end of a tongue, her mouth filled with Zoe’s dribbling wet cunt, which she greedily devoured.

The girls left Lucy in a quivering heap on the floor, but this only meant that another of their number was due for similar attention, and Zoe had decided it was going to be she.

“I want that glass prick in me from behind” she declared, climbing onto all fours, her giant boobs hanging down from her body and grazing the floor.

Sarah took the lead and grabbed the glass toy, assuming pole position to deliver the fucking that Zoe demanded.

“Hold on” said Jess, “she might not need it, but I’m not going to miss out of that lovely wet pussy!”

Jess got on her knees and positioned herself behind the crouching girl. Grabbing hold of Zoe’s round cheeks, she used her thumbs to tease the wet lips apart, before diving in and burying her face in the soaking, musky sex. Jess used her tongue to administer long, firm strokes to the dripping hole, savouring the juices which filled her mouth.

Her mind getting dirtier by the minute, Jess continued one of her strokes further and found the puckered ring of Zoe’s anus. The sweet pussy juices combined with a sharper twang as Jess felt the tight spot deep within her bum cheeks.

“Ohhhh…ohhhh…ohhhhh yeah… lick my arse you dirty bitch!!” Zoe urged.

“Out of the way, Jess” said Sarah, “let’s really give her something to moan about.”

The twin took Jess’s place and offered the toy to Zoe’s soaking hole It slipped inside easily and Sarah built up a deep fucking rhythm, pushing the fake cock in til it almost disappeared, then withdrawing it fully before sliding it deep inside again.

“God, I wish I had tits like those!” said Sophie, watching Zoe’s huge pair sway gently as she rocked back and forth.

“Here, come and play with mine while I fuck her”, said Sarah.

Sophie reached over to fill her hands with the twin’s full breasts, marvelling at the firmness, and squeezing the flesh between her fingers.

Jess had only pulled away slightly, and Zoe’s anus was now glistening with her saliva. The sight was too much for Jess to decline and she stretched out her index finger to touch the tight hole. Once through the initial resistance, Jess felt her finger slide within, and then the effect her probing was having on her flatmate.

“Ooohhh yeah… Fuck my arse and my pussy”, cried Zoe.

She could feel the glass toy bumping against the wall of her twat, and the penetrating finger took her to another level of arousal.

The two girls worked in tandem, teasing their prey with ever deeper thrusts, til Zoe could take no more, as her two holes spasms together, Zoe hit an orgasm unlike any other.

“Right, who’s next?” asked Sarah, waving the toy triumphantly in her hand.

Gemma assumed the same position as Zoe, on all fours on the floor.

“I want that in my arse Sarah. Get it all lubed up in my puss first though.”

Sarah provocatively licked Zoe’s love juice from the phallus, before rubbing it gently over Gemma’s cheeks and then along her soaked twat. The petals of Gemma’s sex parted and curled round the toy as it slid over her silky pink flesh. Sarah teased it inside and fucked the moaning girl hard.

Sophie removed her hands from Sarah’s breasts and stretched Gemma’s arse wide. Sarah took her cue and removed the glass length from Gemma’s cunt and offered it to the dark brown ring. It took a little force to break through into her tight entrance, but as soon as she did, Gemma began to pant and gasp.

Sophie slid a hand down from Gemma’s arse and dipped two fingers inside the dripping pussy, replacing the toy. Pumping furiously, Sophie knew Gemma could take more and slipped a third digit alongside the other two, feeling the cunt stretch to accommodate the extra finger.

As the two girls administered their pleasure, Gemma continued to moan, her cries becoming filthier as her arousal grew.
“Fuck…fuck….fuck me…yeah…..that’s it…fuck me!"

"oh God…oh God….I’m cumming….I’m cumming…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

The end.