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Closer friends

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A group of college girlfriends get together for lesbian fun and games
Gemma, Sophie, Jess and Zoe had all gone through college together. A few years on and they’d all settled into jobs around where they’d grown up. Jess and Zoe were renting a flat together, while Gemma had got her own place - with a little help from her folks. Sophie was the shier one of the group and was still living at home, although it restricted her in some ways, she secretly liked the security it provided her.

The girls were always out together either shopping, eating, drinking or dancing and knew each other inside out.

One Saturday towards the end of the month, they all found themselves too skint for a big night out but didn’t want that to stop them meeting up.

“Why don’t we get together at ours?” said Jess when Gemma had called her up moaning about her lack of cash, “we can all put a bit of money in and go get some wine and vodka from the offy and make or own fun.”

“Deal,” said Gemma, “I’ll phone Soph and let her know what’s goin’ on.”

“Bring your PJs,” said Jess, “might as well all crash at ours.”

By 8pm Saturday, all four girls were assembled at Jess and Zoe’s and putting £15 each into a kitty. Zoe was dispatched to the off licence, with a huge long list - 6 bottles of rose, a large bottle of vodka, diet coke, red bull to keep them going later, cranberry juice for Sophie and an assortment of crisps, dips and chocolate.

She returned to find the others engrossed in Ant & Dec’s latest TV offering, her arms weighed down by heavy bags.

“Errrr… hello?….this is our Saturday night ladies. You can turn that off for starters!” she cussed.

The red button on the remote was hit and Jess fired up the ipod dock with some Rihanna. The rose was poured and the singing commenced.

Everyone was dressed down in jeans and a top as they had no-one to try and impress, but hair had been quickly done, make-up and perfume liberally applied. Jess and Gemma were dancing around trying to hear each other’s voice over the music, just like they would in a bar. Sophie and Zoe were slumped in the sofa unforgivably chatting about work.

After the third bottle of wine had gone, Gemma decided it was time to up the ante.
“Right girls, triples all round?” she yelled holding up the vodka bottle.

It didn’t take long for the super sized measures to hit their brains and soon they were all up on their feet and the music cranked up louder. Arms were in the air and hips were being provocatively wiggled. Jess and Zoe engaged in a bit of tush bumping to the music and Gemma gave them a wolf whistle to show her appreciation.

After a while, as their feet began to ache, they slowly sat back down and took a rest.

“Did you see that lesbian kiss on TV the other night?” asked Gemma to the others.

“We did!” said Zoe, “Jess gave me a funny look while they were snogging.”

“Did not!” her flatmate replied.

“You so did,” said Zoe, “and you know you did, so don’t lie! I think you secretly fancy a bit of lezzer action really.”

“You haven’t had a fella in a while, Jess” Gemma added, “perhaps you’d be better off with another girl?”

“Perhaps we’d all be better off with another girl, judging by all the blokes in this town,” Jess replied.

There was a slight pause in the conversation as the three other girls turned to face her.

“What?” she asked sternly, “I’m just saying that’s all. The men round here are all crap. Fucking inbred if you ask me.”

“Oooohh, giz a kiss then Jess,” teased Gemma.

“You’d shit yourself if I came over and did,” Jess retorted.

“Dare you then,” was Gemma’s response, not wishing to back down in front of her mates.

Jess got to her feet, equally stubborn not to lose face, and slid over to the chair where Gemma was sat. She lowered herself onto her lap and moved her hand up to Gemma’s face, pushing the dark brown bob from her cheek and gently stroking her face.
The two girls stared intently at each other, neither willing to blink in this showdown. Jess tilted her head in towards Gemma and softly placed her lips upon her friend’s. The two second contact seem like forever but Jess pulled away and gave a little smile.

But instead of getting to her feet and returning to her chair, she moved back in and kissed Gemma again, fuller this time, their lips locked for longer. Gemma didn’t recoil, but when their lips parted, she grabbed her mate’s head and pulled her back in again.

From the other side of the room, Sophie and Zoe looked on in disbelief as their friends engaged in their passionate embrace, not knowing what to say to each other.

Jess turned to face them and said, “You ought to give it a go, you’ll love it!”

“Come over here, Soph, wanna give it a try?" asked Zoe.

“I dunno,” was the reply, “what do I do?”

“You do what you do with a bloke, that’s what!” said Zoe

Sophie stood up and gingerly made her way over to where her friend was sat. Sophie was tall and willowy with very few curves on show. Her tiny bum rose into a slim waist and hips, while her chest was topped with just the slightest of breasts, an A cup and no more.

Zoe was bigger, her round arse and full hips completed by large tits, the curves of which showed even beneath her baggy long sleeve top.

Sophie sat down on the sofa, into her friends outstretched arm, a puzzled look on her brow. The arm curled around her and pulled her slender frame close. As Sophie froze, Zoe stretched her hand up to the back of her head, guiding her face down to her own. As their lips met, Sophie tried to move away but her friend was more insistent.

“Come on, Soph, give it a go,” Zoe encouraged.

They kissed once more, this time with more passion, Zoe taking the other girls lips between hers and applying the gentlest of pressure. The girls arousal grew and soon it was a full on snog between them. Sophie’s inhibitions fell by the wayside as Zoe grabbed her hand and placed it on her large breast. The hand cupped the flesh through the material, heightening both girls arousal, and Zoe responded by feeling for Sophie’s little chest bumps.

The girls broke away, Zoe pecking kisses at Sophie while unbuttoning her long white shirt, the most delicate of bras revealed as the garment was opened. Zoe moved in to the neck, greedily sucking and biting at the sensitive flesh, Sophie’s head was thrown back in pleasure and the other girl took this as a signal to move on. She kissed her way down over the breastbone sliding a hand under the small cup of Sophie’s bra, her fingertips almost instantly finding it’s hardened centre. Zoe took the nipple between her fingers, teasing the bud before she pushed the fabric away to revealed the slender girl’s breast for the first time. To Zoe it was a beautiful delicate thing and she lavished her love on the central point with her tongue, kissing the dark brown teat.

While Sophie and Zoe had been enjoying their delicate initiation, the other two girls had certainly moved the game on. Jess was on her knees on the floor, tugging Gemma’s jeans off her legs. Both girl’s tops and bras were already on the floor and Jess seemed desperate for more flesh.

Gemma was now just in her little cotton panties, squeezing her 36C’s together and playing with her nipples. Jess was kissing her way up her thighs, her own breasts rubbing on Gemma’s knees. As she reached the join of her legs, Jess buried her face into the material and took a deep intake of breath, her friends sexual perfume entering her nostrils for the first time.
Jess mouthed at the fabric before pulling it to one side and revealing the furry patch underneath. Slightly lower down, the lips of Gemma’s pussy were moistening at the thought of what was to come next. Jess’s inquisitive tongue grazed over them, a virgin taste of the sweet tang, then harder, more purposeful, searching out the inner core initially hidden by the folds. She ploughed her tongue into the groove, Gemma’s juices coating her chin as they spilled out.

“Uhhhhhh, oh yes, oh yes, oh baby that’s it, stick your tongue in me,” she cried.

Jess pushed her friends legs over the arms of the chair, spreading them so wide, Gemma was almost doing the splits. She continued administering the pleasure with her tongue, then reached up and slid a finger inside the sopping wet twat. Gemma groaned in appreciation and Jess took this as the ok to slide another digit alongside the first.

She withdrew her fingers and held them up to show Gemma, a naughty grin on her face. Jess lowered them to her nipples, which were always erect thanks to the little gold bars she had pierced through them.
She’d had them done a few years ago foolishly agreeing with a short-term boyfriend who thought he’d get his done. Jess had regretted it for a while at the time, but as the incisions healed and the pain went away, she had learnt how much enjoyment they could give her. Her favourite way to cum was lying on her bed, rabbit plunged deep in her cunt held in place by her tensed thighs while twisting the bars on her nipples, sending waves of pleasure to her clit. This never failed for Jess, and was a ceremony she tried to fit in whenever she could.

She was twisting them now, only this time covering them in her mate’s girlie goo. She slid the fingers back inside Gemma’s hole and moved her tongue up to her clit. Circling the bud, then sucking feverishly on the gathering of her lips below, all the while pumping her fingers into the warm tunnel.

Not surprisingly it didn’t take long for Gemma to reach her climax.

“Ahhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhhh” before trailing off as the orgasm hit.

Back on the sofa, Zoe was determined that Sophie would get her first taste of pussy. For the past 10 minutes she had been bossing the timid girl around, urging her to suckle and finger her.

“Come on Soph, rub your little tits against these,” she said, jiggling her big melons.

Sophie had leant forward to press her little bumps against the expanse of flesh, she’d never felt another girl’s tits before and she felt excited that her first pair were so impressive. Their nipples met and Sophie enjoyed the friction as they rubbed together.

“Now finger my cunt,” urged Zoe, “stick them right in, feel how tight I am!”

Sophie reluctantly did as she was bade, she was used to fingering her own pussy, she wasn’t completely innocent, and enjoyed the sensations it gave her. But this was different, for a start Zoe’s folds were completely different to her own thin delicate lips. Zoe’s were much thicker and puffier, though how much of this was down to her arousal Sophie didn’t know.

She held a finger to Zoe’s twat but before she could pluck up the courage to explore, Zoe had grabbed her wrist and plunged her finger inside. Sophie recognised the warm, wet feeling from her own play time, but the naughty thought of fingering another girl had started to make her heart race and her own pussy juice. Getting into the play, she added another finger and stirred around the soft moist place, before learning what her friend enjoyed as she slowly withdrew her fingers then pumped them hard back inside.

“Oooh that’s it Soph, I love it. Finger me hard!” demanded Zoe

Sophie was letting herself go and was enjoying pleasuring her best friend, but did she have the courage to complete the task?

“Right, now get down on my pussy and give me a good tonguing!” came the order.

Sophie nuzzled tentatively at Zoe’s inner thighs, she could smell the sex in her nostrils and was drawn in further. She opened her mouth and let her tongue trace up over the fleshy crease, the taste was not new, having often sucked her own fingers clean, but the thought of what she was doing was too much to bear. Her hand slid down to her own clit and she stroked while probing her friend. The sensations on her clit making her hornier, Sophie drove her tongue into the wet hole savouring the juices that flooded out and then letting them run down her chin.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, go on you dirty bitch, fucking lick me, make me cum,” Zoe was getting close and very vocal.

A lash up over her nub then back and forth over it took her to the brink and as Sophie pumped her fingers once more, her tongue sent Zoe into orbit.

“Oh god, oh god, that’s it, plllllleeeaaasssseeee god. YES!”

“Right. Everyone in my room,” declared Zoe

The three girls followed Zoe into her bedroom. She had the bigger one of the two in the flat, complete with a large, metal framed, king size bed in the middle.

“Sophie’s really surprised me tonight, haven’t you Soph?” said Zoe.

“Only trying to please,” was the reply.

“Well I think you deserve a little treat,” continued Zoe, “get yourself on the bed and let me say thank you for that lovely orgasm you just gave me.”

Sophie climbed on the bed as Zoe went rummaging through one of the drawers on the other side of the room.

“Tie her up with these, Jess,” said Zoe handing over a couple of scarves, “and cover her eyes with one too.”

Jess tied Sophie’s wrists to the frame of the bed, then wrapped another over the girls eyes and tied it in a knot at the back.

“What, what, what are you gonna do to me?” stammered Sophie

“Don’t you worry, it’ll be fucking fantastic, that’s all you need to know,” replied Zoe as she climbed on to the bed between the restrained girl’s legs.

“Fucking hell, this is gonna be fun!” cried Gemma sitting herself down on the bed.

Zoe was now positioned between Sophie’s thighs and had started to plant delicate little kisses on her stomach, zig-zagging left and right, caressing the smooth flesh. Gemma was leaning over Sophie’s prostrate body and started to administer the same attention to her chest.

Lying on her back, Sophie had no distinguishable breasts, just a pair of areolae with dark brown centres standing proud. Gemma gently kissed one nipple, her hand searching out the other to squeeze the hard nub. She sucked on the flesh, taking it between her lips, Sophie inhaling deeply with the pleasure.

Gemma continued her toying, now with her tongue, flicking over the bud and swirling all around, before sucking harder, enjoying the sensation on her lips just as much as when she had her own tits played with.

Further down the bed Zoe was now lapping at Sophie’s pussy, the lips filling out with arousal, and a deep scent cascading from within as Sophie’s love juice flowed. Zoe was showing her appreciation of the other girl’s tongue prowess in the only appropriate way, by teasing her friend just as she had been teased.

There was no way that Jess was going to miss out on the fun and she already knew what she had in mind.

“Soph, I wanna feel that little tongue of yours, show me what you can do, baby.”

With that, Jess swung her leg over Sophie’s body, kneeling either side of her face. She reached forward and pulled the blindfolded girl’s head to meet her dripping wet twat.

“Lick me Soph, fuckin lick me. I wanna cum all over your face!” she screamed

Sophie pushed out her tongue, searching for the wet folds of Jess’s cunt, eager to please another of her friend’s demands.

Licking at one end, being licked at the other, her nipples being toyed til they ached, Sophie’s head was swimming with pure lust, her pussy felt saturated by Zoe’s saliva and her own slick fluid.

Zoe took a breather from her probing to look up at the lesbian orgy that was now playing out on her bed. She’d sometimes dreamt about having sex with another girl as she had teased her clit alone in bed, but none of her fantasies had ever gone this far.

“Stroke her clit while I finger her, Gem,” said Zoe.

Gemma snaked her hand down over Sophie’s stomach and found the top of her sex. It was slippery to the touch as Zoe‘s mouth had been exploring all around. Gemma rubbed two of her fingers over her friend’s mound, coating them in the juice while applying the deftest of touches to Sophie’s most sensitive spot.

Zoe was now sliding her index finger inside of Sophie’s entrance, feeling the heat emanating from her core, she slid another easily inside, the thick lube coating her digits. Her fingers probed deep past her knuckles and she started to pump them back and forth, gently separating her fingers to stretch the walls of Sophie’s hole.

Jess was now riding Sophie’s face, urging herself on to orgasm as she felt the tongue slide over her pussy lips and clit. She was holding Sophie’s head hard from behind, rubbing herself up and down on the mouth beneath her. Jess bit down onto her bottom lip as the sensations grew in her cunt and travelled up her body to her breasts. She lifted a hand away from her friend’s head to tease at her own body, squeezing the orb firmly in her hand, then moving her thumb and finger to the bar through her nipple, twisting it this way and that, tugging the hard centre away from her chest.

Jess could take no more of the pleasure and she knew she was close to cumming. She pressed herself down slightly, guiding her clit to meet the furtive tongue. As soon as they touched, Jess exploded into her climax.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, ahhhhhhh,” she cried as her mind could take no more of the pleasuring.

Sophie’s brain was also being battered by uncontrollable carnal longing. Her clit was aching, her pussy getting fucked by her friend’s fingers. As Jess climbed off her face, Sophie was able to focus 100% on her own body.

Gemma was still sucking on her nipple, a sensation which she had only briefly enjoyed before. Being conscious of her tiny breasts, Sophie had always shied away from much male attention. Now she loving the feeling, coupled with Zoe’s fingers thrusting into her and Gemma’s furious rubbing on her clit.

The gasps came from Sophie each time she took a sharp breath. Her friend’s teasing was about to become too much and after bringing two girls to orgasm already that night, it was Sophie’s turn to cum at the touch of another woman.

Sophie was released from her restraints and Zoe decided she would take her place.

“I want it all, girls. Fingers, tongues, tits and pussies!! Jess, go and get your rabbit, babe, I want you to do me til I fuckin’ scream!”

Zoe laid herself down on the bed, her large breasts cascading over her upper torso. Gemma took each arm in turn and tied them above Zoe’s head to the metal frame. Meanwhile, Jess had slipped from the room and was now in her own bedside cabinet, reaching for her bright blue twin turbo rabbit. It was a true monster and never failed to get Jess to a body tensing climax whenever she used it - which was a good few times each week! Zoe also knew where to find it when her flatmate was out, and so had never needed to buy her own toy, she thought.

Jess returned to the other bedroom to find Gemma in a reverse cow girl position over Zoe’s face, Sophie kneeling on the bed beside her, squeezing the other girl’s ample tits. Not content with the fierce plating that her own pussy was receiving, Gemma was also sliding two fingers into Sophie’s sopping hole.

Jess settled down at the base of the bed, her flatmate’s meaty pussy glistening with juice in front of her. Jess reached out her hand to stroke the slick folds, parting the lips with her fingers before dipping inside to feel the warmth within. Withdrawing her fingers, Jess used Zoe’s juices to lubricate the plastic toy, wrapping her hand round the shaft marvelling at it’s girth.

Jess loved the feeling of it stretching her tight pussy and would sometimes sit on the floor staring into her mirror, watching her reflection as she teased the fake phallus inside. This made Jess even hornier than normal, and as the ears of the rabbit closed in on her clit, Jess would twist the piercing in one of her nipples as she gushed her juices over the toy. For now though, she had her girlfriend to exquisitely torture.

Jess spread Zoe’s pussy wide apart, taking in the smell of her friend’s sex, she slid the rabbit inside the hungry hole. Jess stared intently as she watched Zoe’s thick lips stretch and slide down the blue shaft, she pushed firmly on he base of the toy, then slowly withdrew it, ensuring it was fully coated in love juice. Jess pressed a button on the base and the whirring sound confirmed that it had sprung into life, the shaft rotating as it probed around Zoe’s cunt.

At the other end of the bed, Zoe was also enjoying having another pussy to feast on. Gemma had thick puffy lips like her own and Zoe sucked on the flesh, drawing the tangy musk into her mouth. The sensation was incredible and Gemma turned her attentions to Zoe’s beautiful orbs.

Zoe’s breasts were easily two cups sizes bigger than her’s - a DD atleast - and Gema’s hands were no match for all the tit flesh Zoe had to offer. No matter, Gemma filled her hands and kneeded at the pliable mounds, rubbing the palms of her hands over the nipples, squeezing the giant melons together. Gemma thrust herself forward, rubbing her own breasts against Zoe’s, savouring the feeling that only two girls can enjoy.

As Jess continued to up the ante on her twat, Zoe buried her face into her friend and tongued her for all she was worth. Her cries of pleasure were muffled by the face full of soaking pussy, but the rabbit soon pushed her over the edge. Zoe jerked her hips and drew up her knees as she came, squirming as her orgasm hit and Jess knew she had better withdraw the toy before her flatmate passed out.

After the nipple to nipple friction, Gemma needed more and she raised herself up and thrust her chest back towards Sophie. Sophie had been toying with her own pussy, her eyes trying to take in all the sights and sounds in the room. She smeared her juices over Gemma’s left breast while greedily sucking on the right nipple. Ithin moments, the intense probing of the tongue in her twat combined with Sophie sucking hard on her teat was enough to bring Gemma off.

“Ooooohhh God, ooohhhh god, oh yeah,” she cried as wave after wave of lust washed over her.

Gemma was anything but selfish and wanted to share her pleasure with the other girls. Jess had already brought her off once that night and so now Gemma was going to return the favour. Climbing off the bed she made her way over to Jess. Jess was holding the rabbit up to her breasts, coating them with Zoe’s juice, all the while moaning as the vibrations throbbed through the piercing.

Gemma took the toy from her friend and dipped her head down to continue the teasing on her nipples, Zoe’s honey was sweet to the taste, the little gold bars hard but flickable with her tongue. Gemma guided Jess down to the floor and slid her body between the other girls legs, her breasts hung down beneath her and she slowly drew herself over Jess, rubbing her tits over her sex.

Gemma felt the moisture coat her tits and she continued up over Jess’s stomach to her chest, pushing their breasts together momentarily, Gemma kept up her travels so her tits were pressed into her friends face. Jess couldn’t resist, and found a hard nipple to suck and tease. Gemma’s body was still too sensitive for any more pleasure, but her mind was thinking of fucking her friend hard with the rabbit. She pulled away from the playful mouth and reached out for the toy, her eyes widening as she smiled at Jess and turned on the vibe. The shaft rotated and Gemma teased her friend.

“Want some, babe?” she asked.

“Give it to me, Gem, make me cum,” Jess replied.

Gemma moved the rabbit down to Jess’s pussy, shiny with juice, and Jess felt the vibrations as it made contact with her flesh. The tip probed against her, nuzzling her clit for a second, then down through her pink folds and into her tunnel. Gemma turned up the power and the toy squirmed it’s way inside the warm hole. Applying more pressure, Gemma forced the vibe deeper into Jess, the ears of the toy now flicking at the hard bud that was poking from the top of Jess’s folds. Holding the toy deep inside, Gemma lay back down beside her friend and once more sought out the permanently hard teats, gripping one of the metal bars with her teeth, she tugged gently.

The rabbit had found Jess’s most sensitive inner spot and the pulsating toy was driving her wild, the sensations becoming ever more unbearable. Jess’s mind raced with the thoughts of the evenings love making - not with a man - but with her own kind, her own girlfriends.

Sophie’s slim frame, her tiny breasts and pinched waist, the way she had lapped at Gemma’s pussy earlier, tasting another girl’s juices for the first time and the way she had fucked Zoe with the toy that was now oh so deep inside her own twat. Each image was causing a mini explosion in Jess’s mind and as the images blurred together, so her pussy quivered and then spasmed around the thick blue vibe.

To be continued.

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