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Club detour

She sent the limo on a detour so she could have some fun.

It was a frosty night in May and I found myself in the backseat of my dad’s stretch limo. My hand was absent-mindedly stroking the neck of the bottle of champagne he had left for me.

It was my twenty-first birthday and I was going clubbing. First, I had to go pick up my best friend, Jenny. Jenny and I had gone to the same school and had grown up together. Even though my family had always been wealthy, dad thought it important that I should go to a public school and be down to earth. Because of this I had never been one to over indulge myself or flaunt my wealth.

The limo parked outside a block of apartments and I waited for my best friend to come down. David, my dad’s chauffeur, opened the door and the sexy looking brunette that was Jenny, stepped in.

"Wow, Zena, you look so fucking sexy." She gushed at me.

I loved her compliments and I had to say she looked a dish too. I opened the bottle of champagne and poured out two glasses, handing one to my friend. We both sipped our drinks and we edged closer together in our seat.

Something seemed to click. It always happened when I drink champagne. Our eyes met and our heads moved together. We kissed softly, our lips just about touching. Her tongue darted out of her mouth and my lips caught it. Our kisses became more and more intense, making me breathless.

"David, take us on a detour. I'll let you know when to take us to the club."

I needed alone time with Jenny, I needed to touch her, hold her, fuck her brains out. I felt the car turn, making its way away from the direction we were going.

I felt my dress being hiked up. My bald pussy open for my best friend to see. I never wear underwear when I go out with Jenny and I could feel her hand cup my cunt. We carried on kissing like we were in heat. We WERE in heat. I needed her just as much as she needed me.

I watched as she unzipped her sexy mini dress and pulled it off with difficulty. She was naked in front of me in no time, her pert, soft breast gently jiggling as she moved. She didn't waste much time. She got to the floor in front of me and clamped her mouth over my already leaking hole. She sure knew how to eat pussy and slipped her tongue right up inside me.

I groaned as I ran my hand through her hair. She lapped away at my pussy, sucking on my clit and snaking her tongue inside me. She knew what to do to please me and loved to make me cum. She sucked hard and pulled her head away, pulling on my pussy lips. She made munching sounds, noises of a hungry animal. It turned me on so much to know she loved eating me out that I started to shake.

"Yes, baby, eat me like that, fuck it feels so good, I'm gonna cum."

I groaned and whimpered as I pulled her head in closer to my cunt. I pressed her head against my crotch, her nose breathing heavily against my clit. It was all I could do to hold back. I let go of myself and felt that amazing tingle slide up my legs towards my crotch.

My orgasm rippled through me. My pussy gushed slightly into Jenny's mouth. I was spent. Jenny smiled up at me, her face wet with my juices.

"My turn."

I giggled and pulled her close for a long passionate kiss. I slid my hand between her legs. When people use the phrase, different strokes for different folks, they mean it. Take this situation, for instance. I love my pussy licked and sucked on, Jenny doesn't. She likes to be touched, fingered almost molested. She loves to be fingered till she can't take any more.

I slid my fingers into her tight honey pot, she was tight, tighter than usual. We kissed passionately as my fingers slid in and out of her. She groaned into my mouth, telling me not to stop.

I hooked my fingers inside her, feeling for her g-spot at the same time my thumb rubbed against her clit. I knew this drove her wild and I didn't take long for her breath to get short. Her body started to move as she squirmed. I could feel her pussy start to trickle and pulled my fingers from her. She gave a low satisfied moan and her pussy leaked over the seat of the car.

"Fuck, that was amazing."

I giggled.

"You just wait. I'm gonna make you cum again."

I pushed her so she was sitting on the floor of the limo. I scooted forward, entwining my legs with hers. I edged forward till my pussy met hers.

"Grind that pussy against mine."

She readily complied, pushing her meaty pussy against mine. We started to trib. We both pushed and ground against each other, little shocks of pleasure running through my body. She reached out and grabbed one of my breasts and I did the same.

I pulled her to me, kissing her passionately as we both pushed even harder. I could feel my orgasm start to take over, that tingle of pleasure between my legs.

Jenny's head looked back and she gave off a low moan. I could feel her pussy gush over mine, which made me go over the edge too. We both came together. Holding each other close as we came down from our high.

We lay there on the floor of the limo, just holding and kissing each other. She was the first one to move and sat on the car seat and picked up her dress. I smiled.

"Come, Zena, get dressed. I want to go dancing with you like you promised."

I smiled and joined her on the seat. I picked up my dress and lowered the partition to the chauffeur.

"David, you can make your way back to the club now. Thanks."

I could see him smile at me. I knew my young breasts were on display for him to see. Jenny and I have an FMF fantasy. Maybe on the way back home, we'll fulfil it.





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