Coed Vacation

By Stoneypoint

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2 girls go on remote vacation and have sex together but see potential guys in picture
It had to have been the craziest and most wild week of their lives. Jenna and Katie talked it over and after a few weeks of “heaving” talk these two good friends decided on vacation. They’d get away from it all and from everyone else. Seeing as they both had the money they’d fly out, to a tropical beach, and spend it alone together.

No, it wasn’t ever intended to be anything wild or crazy. It only ended up that way seeing as both these two girls, at 20 years of age, had it all going for them. The day was coming closer. Vacation was just around the corner. Yep, they grew excited. They sure did.

Lying on a beach somewhere, these two slim bodied, nice breasted blond haired beauties were simply going to lay around on a beach without having to wear anything if they did not want to, which they’d discussed a few times over. It sounded like a lot of fun to them. It sure did. Especially knowing that what they ended up doing, together, was a story to keep quiet about for as long as they lived.

They flew in. One bag each, these two got a cab ride to a sweet looking cabin. When they arrived, yes the place was as remote as could be. They were surprised. But they knew the place too. They’d been there as kids. Both had been there with their parents. Both of their parents had made babies there too.

That’s why they liked it so much too. They could do as they wanted. They could do it as often as they wanted too. Seeing as they hadn’t seen anyone else around, these two young ladies had nobody else to “provide” any entertainment to them. Any active goings-on had to be provided to them by themselves.

“Got any ideas what you want to do Jenna?” asked Katie.

“No…I don’t,” Jenna said. “Wanna go into town?”

She agreed, seeing as it was an overcast morning and there was no sun in the skies. The two of them grabbed a cab once it arrived and headed into town to window shop. People their age seemed to be all over the place but Katie noticed some weird things about a lot of them as the two went from here to there onto the next place.

“Have you noticed something odd about a lot of the girls around here? Katie asked. Jenna asked what it was. Katie quieted down. “Lots of the girls are like holding hands. Have you seen them? I mean I have,” she said. “It’s like they’re lovers.” She stopped and looked at Jenna. “I mean have you ever done it with another girl? You know…made love to another girl?”

“Yes,” Jenna said. “I’ve done it twice. But they’re good friends of mine.” Jenna left it at that leaving Katie to wonder about the idea.

“Soooo you’ve made love…to another girl, really?” Katie asked.

Jenna nodded her head. They walked on as Katie wondered about that. “Jenna?” she said. “What was it like? You know…making love to another girl?”

“To be honest with you, it can be a fantastic time. But you have to be with a girl you like,” Jenna came back and said.

They walked on but remained quiet. At least Katie did as she continued to wonder about the implications of making love to another girl. Especially and possibly Jenna seeing as they were together, alone, with each other.

Back at their cottage they were obviously alone. It was raining out. It would pass by that night. But they didn’t have anything else to do for the remainder of the day. Katie walked up to Jenna. “Jenna would you uhhh like to umm make love with me?”

Jenna looked at Katie. “Are you sure you want to do that?”

Katie nodded her head. No she wasn’t sure but what else was there to do she wondered. “Yeah, I think I do,” she said, lying.

Jenna told her to sit down on the couch with her. She patted the couch so that Katie would sit closer to her, which Katie did. Jenna looked at Katie. Katie initially felt a little uncomfortable but Jenna tried making Katie feel better about all of it.

“Here, relax okay?” Jenna said and Katie tried relaxing.

Jenna leaned in, slowly, and as she did she carefully kissed Katie on her lips. Katie kind of liked how it felt. It was a gentle kiss, yes, and okay she kind of liked it. And Jenna could tell it felt okay to Katie so Jenna did it again on her lips. She leaned in and kissed Katie on her lips like she just did, again.

She pulled back and smiled. Katie smiled before she even looked at Jenna. “Did you like me doing that?” Jenna asked. Katie nodded her head. “Want me to do it again?” Katie said yes and nodded her head as she said it.

Jenna leaned in and softly kissed Katie on her lips again. She pulled back and waited as Katie “processed” it all and “felt” the emotions she needed to feel. As Jenna waited once she kissed Katie’s lips Katie eventually reached around Jenna and hugged her. Jenna knew from that point forward that Katie liked the kiss. As a result Katie’s arms reached around the Jenna’s body and the two of them kissed more romantically. Jenna then put her arms around Katie’s soft slender figure as well.

Now obviously this picture presented a bit on the romantic side of things. Jenna and Katie started to kiss more romantically as the two of them kissed and kissed more heavily as the rain outside kept on coming down in waves.

It had to be the most ideal day for these two to spend a day alone with each other.

They continued to kiss one another’s lips. Arms woven around one another, tightly, and bodies appearing to intertwine more and more as they kissed and they kissed and they kept on kissing as if they were there for forever.

“I love doing this,” Katie told Jenna.

“I do too,” Jenna said softly.

With that these two did not stop. They continued pressing their lips against the others and each “went” after one another and they kissed more madly then either ever expected the other to.

Tops were off. Desire seemed to exist. Jenna and Katie appeared to heat up as they pressed their lips against one another as these two could not and would not stop kissing.

A bra strap here and a bra strap there came off each ones shoulder as a hand slid over the shoulder and moved down against the others breasts. But as the hand moved in that direction and as a hand moved over the other’s boob these two did not stop kissing.

However, Jenna and Katie stopped for a moment. The two of them, lead by Jenna, moved from the couch in the main room, and Jenna headed to the bedroom up the way. She sat her lover down on the bed. With that Jenna reached around herself to undo her bra. Her breasts didn’t fall too far as they were as pert as any 20 year olds boobs might be.

She smiled at Katie and Katie smiled back. Katie reached out as if to say “Come and join me won’t you?” But Jenna was already on her way. Jenna sat down next to Katie and without her bra on these two were already starting to kiss one another once again.

God that kissing was fun and darn it felt great as well.

Jenna put her arms all the way around Katie, pulling her body as close to hers as she could. Even though they both had on a pair of shorts Jenna still pushed her leg up into Katie’s crotch. As they kissed Jenna rubbed her leg up and down against Katie’s crotch as if to arouse her a little while these two young ladies made love to each other.

Her legs suddenly wrapped around Jenna. She was becoming more turned on then she thought possible. But Katie felt a passion, an arousing passion, she had not felt in ages. And to make it worse, or was it better she asked herself, was that Jenna’s hand went down, and all of a sudden Jenna’s hand started rubbing Katie’s crotch slowly and madly.

Katie loved that. She absolutely loved it when Jenna’s hand pushed, pressed, and rubbed her pussy as these two lay side by side kissing. She needed soooo much more then just that she told herself. She needed something else in addition to just that. It was almost as if she needed a man to go down there. She needed someone to get those shorts off and go down there and eat her out Katie said to herself.

The heat within her mounted. The desire grew twofold. She wanted sex like sex hadn’t been created yet. Katie soooo wanted to be fucked. She wanted to be fucked badly. “Oh God Jenna…do you have any idea what I need right now?”

“A good fuck, right?” Jenna came back.

“Oh God yeah…I need a really, really good fuck right now,” Katie said.

“I can try,” replied Jenna.

With that Jenna started by slowly taking off Katie’s bra. Her mouth moved closer and even closer and before Katie realized it Jenna’s mouth was on Katie’s boob. She started to lick and even kiss it. Katie loved that as Jenna’s lips, and even her tongue, moved over Katie’s boobs doing the same exact thing to each one of them.

The nipples, as Jenna kissed and even licked both of them, got harder and firmer, and made them each tingle which in turn got Katie hornier and even hornier as the moments ticked off the clock.

Then out of nowhere Katie felt her shorts getting undone. She looked down and noticed that Jenna was undoing them for Katie. She liked that and soon enough Katie was taking them off for Jenna. Jenna took hers off too. Now only in their panties, Jenna started to rub Katie’s crotch even though her panties were still on.

“Ohhhhhh…oh my God Jenna,” she cried out. “That feels soooo darn good. Keep doing that. Please oh God please keep doing that alright?”

And Jenna did just as Katie asked. She rubbed and she continued to rub and as she did Katie got a bit wetter as Jenna’s hand rubbed her pussy’s lips. Katie wanted to be fucked. Katie knew that for sure. But Katie also knew that she owed Jenna something and seeing as she did she reached down, inside of Jenna’s panties, and Katie started to rub Jenna’s pussy a little.

Both were at it. Jenna looked outside. It was still raining. They were still having a great time as they made love to one another at this point and time. So why stop here. Keep doing what she was doing. Keep her hand down there and keep getting Katie off. Heck, Katie was trying to do the exact same thing to her too.

And it did feel good to be truthful.

“Want your panties off?” asked Jenna.

“Oh yeah…I sure would,” Katie replied.

And so the panties came right off. Jenna went down on Katie. Jenna’s mouth was on it almost right away. Jenna was either licking or swallowing or doing something else that would arouse and make Katie get hornier and more turned on then ever.

And that was when she mounted Katie. Her body was on Katie’s body. Her pussy was against Katie’s and before Katie realized it these two were “fucking” each other as one pussy bounced and pushed against the others.

It felt soooo damn good to get fucked like that even if there was no cock inside either of them but regardless both Katie and Jenna knew what was about to happen. Both of them, as they “fucked” each other, both of them were about to get off on the other as they “fucked” repeatedly.

They came. They orgasmed and came and as a result they wanted to do it all again. Katie wasn’t sure what was next so she pulled up and relaxed. “We could do it all again if you want to Katie,” Jenna said.

“Wow, you want…you want to,” and she had to take a breath of air, “do that again?”

Jenna was smiling of course but she nodded her head and said yes as the two naked young college coeds laid on the bed against each other. “I’d love to. I mean if you want to,” Jenna said to Katie.

Jenna pulled Katie close. Katie felt really good to her. Katie had to agree. Jenna’s soft slender body felt really good too. She said she was game if Jenna was too. They laid around and watched, through the window, as the rain came down, and eventually these two young beauties made love a couple hours later.

However, they got up and had dinner, a small one of course; they saw a car pull up. Two guys, nice looking ones too, got out of the car, and from inside their cottage they took some time and studied the new neighbors.

“I don’t know,” said Jenna.

“Well they don’t have tattoos or at least I don’t see any,” Katie said.

“Let’s just keep an eye on them. Let’s just see how they act before we do anything, okay?” Jenna said.

Katie agreed and laid back down with Jenna. They cuddled, and kissed off and on, and darkness fell. The two love birds left it at that until the next day. However, they made love to each other early the very next morning, again.

As far as their recent visitors at the cottage nearby, neither knew what could or would happen, but the two of them agreed. They were really good looking guys.