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College A's - Chapter 4


For good reason Megan didn’t get any sleep that night. She tossed and turned in bed thinking about her interview the next day. Every thought that went through her head was about the interview. What would they ask, what would they make her do, what should she wear? When her alarm went off the next morning, she had butterflies in her stomach like never before. She rolled out of bed and had three hours before her interview.

Megan and her new roommate Erin talked for a few minutes but Erin could tell that Megan’s mind was somewhere else, “Hey, you okay? You look like you got something on your mind?”

Megan tried to play it off, “No, I’m okay. I just have a meeting today and I’m a little nervous.”

Erin asked what the meeting was about, but Megan just told her it was school stuff and it wasn’t a big deal. With two hours to go Megan started getting ready. She took a shower and shaved her pussy, making sure every hair was shaven off and that her pussy was a clean as a baby’s bottom. She tried calling Shelly to get her opinion on an outfit but it went straight to voicemail. She finally decided on a jean skirt and nice tight top. She debated on wearing a sexy g-string but decided to go with out panties, figuring they would come off anyway.

Megan arrived at the address the cop had given her at 12:45. It was a nice house in a nice neighborhood, which surprised her a little. She had thoughts of a run down warehouse or something dirtier. As she walked up to the door she was half nervous and half turned on. Right at 1 pm she knocked on the door.

A good looking man, dressed well, opened the door, “Yes? Can I help you?”

“My name is Megan and I have an interview at 1pm.”

The man looked her up and down and then invited her in. He led her to a spacious den where a woman in her mid 40’s was sitting on a sofa. There was a chair positioned right in front of the sofa, which Megan made her way to. She stood next to the chair waiting for the woman, dressed in a business suit, to speak. Megan stood there for what seemed like an eternity while the woman looked down at a file she had in her lap.

Finally the woman spoke, “You must be Megan. Please, have a seat.”

Megan took her seat in the chair and looked over the woman who would be giving her the interview. She had dark hair down past her shoulders and the suit she was wearing showed off her long legs. The suit also gave the impression that she was very important, or at least had an important job.

“My name is Katherine and I’m going to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind.”

“Yes ma’am.” Was all Megan said.

“First off, you know what you are interviewing for, correct?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Okay, then tell me what you think your interviewing for?”

Megan had thought long and hard about all the questions she would be asked and she felt like she had an answer for all of them, “Well, I’m interviewing for a job where I would be someone’s whore.”

Katherine smiled and said, “Well, something like that.”

Katherine closed the folder she had and began, “Let me tell you a little about what I do and what you will be expected to do. I make sure people are happy and people are always happy when they are getting laid. These people consist of big time donors to the school as well as special teachers and faculty members, students and anyone who I feel can help the school succeed.”

As Katherine was saying this she stood up and walked around Megan and placed her hands on Megan’s shoulders, “You will be expected to keep these people happy, what ever it takes. But before we get to that, I want to get to know you a little.”

Katherine walked back around and sat back down on the sofa in front on Megan, “You are starting your freshman year in a few days, correct?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Well, I assume that you didn’t come to college a virgin, correct?”

“No ma’am, I’m not a virgin.”

“Good. How many boys have you slept with?”

Megan thought this question and others about her sex life would be asked so she answered calmly, “I slept with three guys in high school.”

Katherine smiled, “Good. And did you have sex with them more than once?”

“Yes ma’am, I slept with each of them a few times.”

“Good. And how about sucking dick, I also assume you have given blow jobs before?”

”Yes ma’am. I have given a lot of blow jobs.”

“And do you swallow or spit?”

“Well mostly I swallow, but sometimes the guy wanted to cum on my tits and I would let him.”

Megan thought that she saw Katherine smile at her answer but wasn’t sure.

“Speaking of your tits, how about we do the rest of this with you naked.”

Megan didn’t say anything. She stood up and pulled her shirt over her head and slit her skirt down her legs. She stood there giving Katherine a full view of her young naked body. Katherine motioned for her to turn around and Megan slowly did, stopping with her back to Katherine so she could see her tight ass. When Megan finally turned back around Katherine pointed to the chair and Megan took her seat, leaving her legs slightly spread.

Katherine started with more questions, “I see your completely shaven and you aren’t wearing panties. Do you always shave your pussy and not wear panties?”

“Well I have shaven my pussy for a few years now, but I usually wear panties, I just thought it would be easier today if I didn’t.”

Katherine let out a little chuckle at Megan’s statement, “Well you are probably right about that. So, we know you fuck and suck dick, what about eating pussy?”

Megan spread her legs just a tad bit more and answered, “Yes, I recently started eating pussy, and I really enjoy it.”

“Really, how recently?”

“A few days ago. My best friend Shelly sorta made me eat her out.”

“ ‘Sorta made you,’ I don’t know if I follow?”

“Well, Shelly was the one who told me about this club and got me this interview. But before she would call to get me an interview she wanted to know if I would have a problem licking pussy or doing other things, so she tested me.”

“Really? And what ‘other things’ did she test you on?”

“Well, while I going down on her she called me names and told me what to do.”

“And these names she called you and telling you what to do, how did that make you feel?”

“At first it made me a little scared but after a few minutes it turned me on. I really liked being called a dirty slut and whore. It made my cunt really wet when she told me to lick her pussy and finger myself.”

Katherine spread her legs slightly, almost daring Megan to look and said, “So, you are saying you are a submissive, that you like being someone’s fuck toy and being told what to do.”

Megan had a feeling this was where the interview was going to get good, “Yes ma’am, ever since then that’s all I think about, being used by people in a dirty way.”

“Well, if you get into this club your wish will come true, because the people I keep happy love to use little girls like you in very, very dirty ways. Do you think you can handle that? Having some guy call you a whore while you suck his dick? Having 5 or 6 guys take turns fucking that little cunt your showing me?”

Megan could feel the wetness in between her legs and badly wanted to touch herself, “Yes ma’am, I want that, I want all of that and more.”

Katherine smiled and began roll up her skirt revealing the black silk panties she was wearing, “Good, because what I’m going to make you do today is nothing compared to what they will do to you. Now crawl over here and take my panties off.”

Megan didn’t hesitate and got down on her knees and crawled in between Katherine’s legs. She reached up and hooked her fingers into the silk panties and rolled then down Katherine’s long legs. Megan could smell Katherine’s pussy the second the panties were off and she was intoxicated. Katherine’s pussy was trimmed nice and clean with her dark black pubic hair only above her lovely lips.

Katherine grabbed Megan by the back of the head and said, “I hope you like cunt because you are not getting up until I cum all over your face you little slut.” And with that said Katherine shoved Megan’s face into her pussy.

Megan began by licking up and down the older woman’s lips, savoring the taste of only the second pussy she had ever tasted, besides her own. She held on to Katherine’s hips as she drove her tongue as deep as she could into Katherine’s cunt.

“YES, that’s it you little pussy licking bitch. LICK ME, LICK MY CUNT. AH, AH.”

Megan was so turned on by the fact that she was naked on her knees licking a stranger’s pussy. She wouldn’t have pulled her face back from Katherine’s pussy for anything, not that Katherine would have let her, she still had her hands on the back of Megan’s head and continued to force her face down.

“GOD YES!!! Don’t stop you little whore. OH, OH, OH. If you want to be in this club you better get used to being on your knees like the filthy little whore you are. AH, AH, AH, YES!!!”

Megan could feel her own juices running down the inside of her legs at being called such degrading names. She wished Katherine would make her do more, more dirty and filthy things.

All of a sudden Katherine pushed Megan’s head away from her cunt. Megan sat back on her knees only inches from the dripping cunt in front of her and watched as Katherine began to rub her clit furiously.

“GOD YES. I’M going to cum you little whore. Get closer I want to cum all over your face. AH, AH, AH!!!”

Megan brought her face only inches from Katherine’s pussy and then all of a sudden Katherine let out an ungodly moan and erupted. Katherine squirted her pussy juice all over Megan’s young face. Three quirts of girl juice hit Megan right in the face as she tried to catch as much in her mouth as she could. Megan had never seen a girl actually squirt cum and she found the site unbelievably erotic and the fact that Katherine was squirting on her face made it dirty, which turned her on even more.

Megan sat there on her knees and watched as Katherine slowly came back from the bliss of her orgasm. When Katherine finally opened her eyes she looked down and saw Megan covered in her cunt cream on her knees just like a good little slut should be.

Katherine finally spoke, “Well, you do eat pussy very well, but now let's see how you handle a big, hard cock.”

Megan turned her head to where Katherine was looking and saw that the man who had opened the door for her was standing 5 feet away nude and his 9 inch cock was rock hard. Megan didn’t need to be told what to do. She stayed on her knees and crawled over to the man and gently took hold of his dick. She slowly ran her tongue up and down the shaft of the rock hard prick. She let her tongue run down to his balls and began licking them like it was a lollypop.

The man looked down at Megan and he didn’t need to say a word, his eyes said everything. Megan took his cock and began to slide her mouth down the shaft, taking more and more of the cock into her mouth with each attempt. She had almost seven inches in her mouth when the man began to rock his hips back and forth, fucking the young coed’s mouth. Megan stayed on her knees, letting the man use her mouth like she hoped he would use her cunt.

After a few thrusts the man pulled out of Megan’s mouth and saliva ran down Megan’s chin. He walked over to the sofa and sat down right next to Katherine. Katherine reached over and began stroking the man’s dick and looked at Megan, “Have you ever fucked a cock this big?”

Megan didn’t have to think very long for her answer, “No ma’am.”

Katherine smiled, “Good, I want to see him stretch out that little hole of yours. Now come over here and ride him like the slut you are.”

Megan walked over to the sofa and straddled the man. She reached down and took hold of his cock and guided it to the entrance of her now soaking pussy. She slowly lowered herself down, letting just the head enter her. She put her hands on the man’s chest as she lowered herself down, inch by inch, until all 9 inches were buried inside her. She took a second to get use to the feeling of being so full and once she was she began rocking back and forth on the cock.

The man held her by the hips and let her set the tempo. Megan rode back and forth and up and down on the rock hard dick. She closed her eyes and began moaning as she quickened the pace.

“Yes, it’s so big. It’s all inside my cunt. Oh yes, fuck me.”

The man began to match Megan’s movements, thrusting deeper into Megan’s young fuck hole causing her to throw her head back in pleasure. Megan didn’t notice that Katherine had gotten up from the sofa until she felt two hands come from behind her and grip her tits. Katherine was kneading her soft breasts and pinching her nipples as she road the monster cock faster and faster.

Katherine brought her lips right next to Megan’s ear and whispered, “Do you like this? Do you like riding his cock? It’s so big and fills your little cunt so full doesn’t it?”

“YESSS,” was all Megan could answer.

Katherine continued her verbal onslaught as Megan got closer and closer to her needed climax, “That’s it, ride that cock you little slut. Fuck his cock deeper and deeper into your cunt.”

Megan had started moaning louder and louder, saying how close she was to cumming. Just as she was about to cum the man lifted her off his dick and threw her on the sofa next to him. Megan cried out in agony, being so close to cumming and not being able to.

Katherine saw this and smiled. She stepped closer to Megan and said, “This club is not here to help you get off, its here for you to get other people off. If they want to cum 10 times and not let you cum at all, then you will do it and thank them for it. Although, knowing you want to cum so badly… it might be fun to see what you would do to be able to cum?”

Megan laid there on the sofa so close to cumming and said, “Anything, I will do anything you want, please just let me cum.”

Katherine moved to the sofa and got on her hands and knees facing away from Megan. She looked over her shoulder at Megan and said, “I want you to lick my ass. Fuck my ass with your tongue and make me cum then maybe I’ll let you cum.”

Megan had a feeling that she would have to do this and only took a second before she reached out and spread Katherine’s ass cheeks. She looked down at Katherine’s little brown hole and ran her tongue over it. This caused Katherine to let out a short moan. Megan wasn’t discussed by the taste or smell, if anything the depravity of licking someone’s ass turned her on even more, if that was at all possible.

She stiffened her tongue and began to fuck Katherine’s ass, driving her tongue as deep into the brown hole as she could. Katherine had reached back and took hold of a handful of Megan’s hair, making sure the young girl wasn’t going to leave.

“That’s it, lick my ass you ass licking slut. Fuck my dirty asshole with your nasty tongue. YES, YES, YES!!!”

Katherine had reached down with her free hand and was rubbing her clit as Megan continued the assault on her back hole. Katherine was close to cumming and looked to the man standing there next to the sofa and nodded. The man got on his knees right behind Megan and without much warning shoved his cock, balls deep, into Megan’s cunt.

“OHHH, FUCK,” came from the surprised girl’s mouth.

The man kept his dick buried in Megan until she went back to the ass licking in front of her. Once Megan had resumed her task at hand the man began to thrust in and out of Megan’s soaking cunt.

Katherine began to shake as her orgasm came on. She held Megan’s head in place as she fingered her own clit. The sensation of the young girl’s tongue on her asshole and her stimulation of her clit forced the climax that send her falling forward on her stomach.

The man didn’t stop fucking Megan when Katherine fell forward, if anything he pounded the teen harder, and Megan welcomed it. She pushed her body back trying to get as much cock in her tight pussy as possible. The man began slapping her ass as he fucked her. The combination of the pleasure Megan was receiving from the fucking and the slight pain of being spanked send her over board.


As Megan came she fell forward, her face coming to rest on Katherine’s up turned ass. She laid there panting, trying to come to her senses after the intense orgasm she just felt. As she opened her eyes she saw the 9 inch cock right in front of her face, glistening with her own juices. She reached out and fed the cock into her mouth. She tasted her own juices and wanted more.

The man began fucking her mouth, holding her head in place. After a few thrusts he pulled out and began jerking off, aiming his cock directly at Megan’s face. She wanted this, she wanted to be someone’s cum slut, “yes, that’s it. Jerk that cock and cum all over my slutty face. Cover me with cum, make me your cum slut!”

And that is just what the man did, shooting ropes of hot, thick cum directly in Megan’s face. She tried to catch as much in her mouth as she could, but it was coming to fast. When the man finally finished he wiped his dick along Megan’s lips, feeding her the last drops of his man seed. The man then walked away into another room, not thinking twice about Megan.

Megan sat up and could feel the cum sliding down her face. She wiped as much as she could into her mouth, savoring the taste of the stranger’s cum. Katherine had turned over and was watching this crude display from the teenager and said, “You really are a slut.”

Megan just smiled and swallowed the last of the cum. Katherine stood up and began to straighten her cloths out. She buttoned her shirt and picked up her panties from the floor. She was about to slide them on when Megan reached for them and brought them to her mouth. She looked right in to Katherine’s eyes and sucked what ever juices were in the panties into her mouth.

Katherine enjoyed watching the lurid display, very rarely did the girls she interviewed ever go this far. Most girls did what they were asked and got the grades promised. Some girls even enjoyed the sex. But very rarely did Katherine ever find a girl that actually wanted and needed to be treated like a slut. She knew Megan was the latter.

As Megan got dressed Katherine spoke to her more about what was to come, “I have your number and when ever I call you will be expected to go and take care of whoever I tell you to. I will start you off with some of our more ‘normal’ clients and see how you do. And in return you will receive all ‘A’s’ for the semester. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes ma’am, I understand. But you don’t have to start me off slow, I will do what ever dirty things people want me to do.”

Katherine just laughed, “You better be careful what you ask for because I can promise you one thing, what you will be told to do, you haven’t even thought of.”

With the last statement Megan felt a shutter run through her spine. She didn’t know if it was the fear of the unknown or the thrill of what was to come. Either way she was now in the club and ‘no’ was something she wouldn’t be able to say anymore.

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