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College A's-chapter 2


The rest of the summer went by normally for Megan and Shelly. They hung out all the time, shopping, going to movies, partying, the things girls their age did. Shelly never brought up the club again and Megan never asked about it again, although she wanted to.

The summer was just like any other summer, except Megan was preparing for her freshman year of college. She had to buy cloths and stuff for her dorm room and Shelly helped her out through the process. Megan was going to be staying in the freshman dorms with a girl the school had paired her with, someone she didn’t know. This scared her, would her roommate like her, would she be a nerd or like to party. Shelly was going to move into the sorority house and was looking forward to it.

All in all Megan’s summer was just like any other girl preparing for her freshman year, with one exception. Ever since Shelly had told her about being in the club and what she had to do in the club, Megan couldn’t stop thinking about it. Megan masturbated ever night, sometimes picturing Shelly with all the guys and sometime picturing herself with the guys, always being used like a whore. She would finger herself every night, sometimes more than once and after every time she would lick her fingers, or whatever she had fucked her pussy with, clean. She found the depravity of it a huge turn on. Megan even began to imagine what it would be like to have sex with a girl. She wondered what other girls tasted like, what Shelly tasted like. The closer it got till she had to go to college the more and more dirty and degrading her fantasies became.

She had never had thoughts like this, but now…they were all she could think about, fucking some football player or taking on four or five teachers. She was even fingering her pussy thinking about eating out random girls, from teachers to cheerleaders to Shelly. When she was with Shelly she kept imagining what she looked like naked, not that she hadn’t seen her naked before, but now it was a sexual thought. Whenever they spend the night together Megan would sneak peaks at Shelly in her panties. Shelly always wore sexy panties, thongs, g-strings it didn’t matter, and Megan now always got wet when she would see her friend in these.

These looks Megan would give Shelly didn’t go unnoticed by Shelly. Shelly could tell that Megan would stare at her when she was walking around in just her panties. Shelly got a thrill out of this and now wore as little clothing around Megan as possible. She would just wear a thong and tight halter top while they watched TV in her room. She would always make off hand sexual comments when they were together. She herself began fantasizing about Megan and those fantasies always brought on her best orgasms.

With one week to go before Megan and Shelly left for college, Megan had decided to ask Shelly to get her into the club. She had really decided this a month ago, but now she was actually going to ask Shelly to help her get in. So, one day while they were driving back from the mall, Megan turned to Shelly and said, “I want to be in the club this year when I start college. I want you to tell whomever it is you have to that you have a friend that wants to join.”

Shelly almost drove off the road when she heard this, “What? Are you joking? I’m not going to ask them to let my best friend into a club so she can get fucked by guys and girls like a whore.”

“Why not? You do it. You let guys and girls fuck you like a whore, so why can’t I do it?”

“Because, you don’t need the grades, your smart enough to get A’s without doing those things.”

Megan had thought of this and already had a response, “Yea, but this way I won’t have to study and I can party more. Anyway, it sounds cool, I mean I’m not a virgin or anything, so…”

Shelly looked at her best friend and said, “Look can we just talk about this later, please.”

“Fine.” Megan said, but not happy about putting the conversation off.

Over the next few days Megan would bring the subject of the club up often and every time she did Shelly would change the subject or tell her no. Megan was getting upset, she didn’t know if she was upset because her best friend didn’t want her to join or because her best friend didn’t think she could do it, either way she was pissed. On the day before both girls were suppose to leave for college Megan spend the night at Shelly’s house, she was going to get her friend to agree to let her in the club or at least give her a good reason as to why not. So after watching TV and chit chatting till 1 am Megan said, “Alright, why do you not want me to join the club? Is it because you don’t think I’m pretty enough or because you would be jealous or something.”

Shelly laughed and looked at her best friend. Megan was tall and slender with killer legs and nice 34b tits, her ass was perfect and her short blonde hair hung just above her shoulders, being pretty enough was not the problem, “Megan you are so sexy, that has nothing to do with it.”

“I don’t understand, why don’t you want me to join the club?”

“You want the truth?”


Shelly sat up on her bed and looked at Megan and said, “The real reason I don’t want you to join the club is because I’m going to be in it again this year.”

Megan had wondered if this club thing was just a one year deal, or four years or what, she at least knew that Shelly was going to be in it for at least one more year, “So? Why does it matter if you are going to be in the club this year?”

“Because, at the end of last year the people that run the club told us that if we knew of anyone that might be good for the club to let them know. But, if we recommended someone and they didn’t make it through the whole year, then whoever recommended them would be kicked out.”

Megan was starting to see what was going on, “So you don’t think I can do all the things you did? You think I don’t like sex or something?”

Shelly let out a little smile, “Sweetie, I know you like sex and I know you think you would do everything they tell you to do, but…”

“But what?”

“Some of the things are pretty out there.”

“You told me what you had to do. I want to do those things, suck dicks, get ganged banged even eat pussy, I can do it.” Megan said this almost pleading with her best friend, trying to convince her that she was as big a slut as she was.

“I honestly think you can and would do all those things. I actually think you would like them, but its not just doing those things, it how they treat you when you are doing them, they treat you like a whore. Megan they call you names, some people are so mean, they try to make you cry, and I don’t think you would like that.”

Megan was now beginning to see that her friend was trying to protect her, “Look Shelly, I appreciate you trying to protect me, but I know I can handle it. To be honest, ever since you told me about the club I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Now Shelly was intrigued at this statement, “What do you mean, thinking about the club? What have you been thinking about?”

Megan realized she might have said to much and tried to play it off, “Oh nothing really, its not important.”

“Look, if you are to embarrassed to even tell me about what you were thinking than there is no way you would make it in the club. These people will ask you about everything in the interview, and I mean everything. And some of the people you have to see they will want you to tell them stories and talk dirty to them, I mean real dirty. So if you can’t tell me then there is no way I will try to get you in the club.”

Megan realized this might not be the interview to get into the club, but it was an interview, and with her best friend at that, “Well, ever since you told me about the club I can’t stop thinking about the things you said you did. At night I try to imagine what you looked like when you were being fucked by all those guys. How it sounded as a bunch of guys took turns fucking your mouth and pussy. Then I started to imagine it was me getting fucked. Every night I would fall asleep thinking about what it would be like to be ganged banged by a bunch of football players or teachers. I imagined them using me like a whore and treating me as their fuck toy. I even thought about what it would be like to eat some woman’s pussy.”

“And what did you feel when you were thinking about these things?”

“Honestly, it made me hot. I fingered myself every night, thinking about it. I really want to join the club Shelly.”

Shelly was a little shocked at these last couple of comments. Her best friend just told her that she fantasized about being used like a slut. Shelly wanted to see if Megan was telling the truth or just trying to get into the club, “Really, you fucked yourself every night thinking about that?”

“Yes, I want to be used like a fuck toy. I don’t know why, but ever since you told me what you had to do, I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Shelly looked at Megan and said, “So you think you can handle being used like a whore? You think you can take it if some guy wants to bend you over and fuck your pussy like a little college slut?”

Megan was actually getting turned on by her friend’s words, “Yes, I want that.”

“What about if it was a woman saying those things to you. What about if some star volleyball player wanted to sit on your face and grind her pussy all over your mouth until she came on your face. What if while she did that she was shoving a big dildo in your cunt and calling you a pussy licking whore. You think you want that?”

Megan couldn’t answer with words she just nodded yes. If Megan really wanted an opportunity to join the club then Shelly was going to see how far she would go, “What if some guy wanted to see you do another girl and that girl was me. You think you could let me do all those things to you? You think you could be my dirty little slut while some guy watched. You think you could lick my pussy while some guy was jerking off and then when he came all over my face you had to lick it off. You think you could do that?”

This was the scenario that Megan was secretly hoping for, “Yes, I could do all those things.”

Shelly stood up and said, “Show me.” Shelly slowly peeled off her shirt exposing her 36c size tits, her nipple were rock hard. She peeled her shorts down leaving her only in a red lace thong. Her pussy was soaking wet and her juices were making a wet spot in the front of her panties. Megan didn’t take her eyes off her friend’s perfect body. Shelly rolled the panties down her smooth legs and Megan saw that Shelly’s pussy was clean shaven except for a thin strip of hair above her cunt. Shelly stepped back in sat in her computer chair and spread her legs, “Show me you can be a slut. Crawl over here and lick my cunt, I want you to make me cum.”

Without hesitation Megan crawled off of the bed and on her hands and knees made her way to Shelly until she was in between her best friend’s legs, her pussy only inches from her face. She looked up into Shelly’s eyes and all Shelly did was nod. Megan inched her face closer and extended her tongue and ran it up and down her best friend’s slit. Megan’s first taste of another woman made her own pussy drool into her already soaking wet panties. Megan continues to run her tongue along the glistening folds of Shelly’s pussy.

Shelly put her hands on the back of Megan’s head and forced her friend deeper into her cunt, “Lick my pussy Megan. Show me that you can be a whore.”

Megan didn’t disappoint. She stiffened her tongue and began to fuck Shelly’s pussy with it.

“Oh GOD, that’s it Megan, lick my cunt. OH THAT FEELS SO GOOD. FUCK MY CUNT WITH YOUR TONGUE!!!!!” Shelly was now bucking her hips forward trying to force her best friend’s tongue deeper inside her wanting cunt, “OH GOD!!!!, YES YES YES, don’t stop you pussy licking fucking bitch, AH!!!”

Being on her hands and knees licking her best friend’s pussy had already been the biggest turn on in Megan’s young life. Having Shelly call her filthy names was just making her cunt drip more. Her panties were now saturated with her own juices. She reached a hand down to try to rub herself, but Shelly saw this and grabbed it. She held both of her friend’s hands and said, “Don’t you dare try to get yourself off you fucking whore. You have to make me cum before I will think of letting you touch that cunt of yours.”

Megan understood this and continued her assault on the wet juicy pussy in front of her. Shelly’s pussy tasted so good to Megan that she would eat it all day if that’s what her friend wanted. She wondered why they hadn’t done this before.


And with that Shelly let lose a scream that would have woken anyone in the house if anyone was there. Shelly held Megan’s head tight to her cunt as she bucked like a dog in heat. She finally pushed Megan away so she could come down from her orgasm. Megan sat back on her knees and watched her friend’s whole body shake, it was the most erotic sight she had ever seen.

When Shelly finally opened her eyes Megan was on her knees in front of her looking up into her eyes. Shelly wiped her brown hair from her eyes and looked down at Megan, she looked like a puppy who wanted a treat, “Well, you do eat pussy very good. Did licking my cunt make you wet?”

“Yes. I’m soaking.”

“Show me.”

Megan stood up and removed her shirt and bra. Her nipples were the size of an eraser head and as hard as a rock. She bend down and slid off her shorts. Her striped silk panties were saturated with her pussy juice. Shelly couldn’t believe how hot Megan was, she always knew she was good looking but didn’t know she was this sexy. Megan fell back on the bed and flipped her fingers inside the elastic of her panties. She rolled them down her legs, exposing her pussy to her best friend. Shelly felt a tickle in her pussy when she saw her friend in such an exposed position, “Play with your self. Finger your pussy. Show me what you do every night when your think about getting fucked.”

Megan ran her hands down her body, stopping at her nipples to pull them, showing her friend she could take some pain. She ran a hand down her stomach and reached her mound. She ran a finger gently along her wet lips, toying with herself. She looked straight into Shelly’s eyes and plunged two fingers inside her soaking fuck tube. She started to piston her fingers in and out of her cunt, not stopping for anything.

Shelly moved up on the bed and laid beside her friend with her head right next to Megan’s. She cupped her friend’s tit and began to massage it, gently at first then adding more and more force. Megan was moaning from her friends assault. Shelly loved watching this, “That’s it baby, fuck your cunt. Show me how you make yourself cum when you are in your bedroom alone thinking about getting fucked by strangers.”

Megan hearing her friend picked up the pace of her now frantic on sought of her young cunt. She was moaning, “YES, YES, YES, I’m so close to cumming!!!”

“That’s it, do it, do it for me. Make that twat of yours cum.”

“OH OH OH OH FUCK!!!!!!!” And Megan’s whole body began to shake uncontrollably. Shelly watched as her friend shook from the powerful orgasm.

When Megan finally came to, she looked to her left expecting to see her best friend, Shelly wasn’t there. She then looked down and Shelly was looking up at her from between her legs, “I watched you make yourself cum, now it is my turn to make you cum.”

Shelly wasted no time in fore play. She drove her tongue into her best friend’s wanting pussy. She grabbed onto Megan’s thighs and spread her legs as far as she could while she worked her tongue deep into Megan’s hole.


Shelly needed no encouragement, she was forcing her stiffened tongue into the honey pot of juices in front of her. She fucked her friend’s pussy while Megan just moaned. Shelly then ran her index finger down Megan’s slit until she found her virgin asshole. While continuing to tongue fuck Megan, Shelly forced her finger into Megan’s ass causing Megan to jump. Shelly held her down, not letting her get away from her probing finger. Megan continued to squirm on the bed, not ever had anything stuck in her ass. It was a different feeling that was beginning to stir something inside her she had never felt.

“OH GOD. Your fingers is in my ass. OH GOD. It feels so weird.”

Shelly didn’t wait for Megan’s approval and forced the rest of the finger deep inside Megan’s bowel.


Megan screamed out in ecstasy. The combination of Shelly’s tongue in her pussy and her finger in her asshole was to much. She violently shook, having the most intense orgasm of her young life. Shelly waited for her friend to come down her bliss, she remembered her first orgasm that was induced from having something in her asshole and understood what Megan was going through.

When Megan finally came around she looked down at her friend, “Wow. That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. I can’t believe you stuck your finger in my ass.”

“Well, it looked like you really enjoyed your self. Besides, if you join the club I promise you more than a finger will fuck your little asshole.”

Megan had a look of shock on her face, “I never thought about getting fucked in the ass.”

“Fucked in the ass? If you think that’s the only thing you can do to an asshole then you better rethink your plan of joining the club.”

Megan had no idea what else Shelly could be talking about, but at this moment in time she was just enjoying her post orgasmic bliss. Both girls laid in bed next to each other when Megan finally said, “You know we could have been doing this with each other for the past 5 years.”

Shelly smiled and said, “Yea I know, but we have all school year to play with each other now.”

Both girls fell asleep thinking of different things. Shelly couldn’t wait to get back to college and see what the club wanted her to do. After what she had done her freshman year, she thought there was nothing new to try, but the club had promised her that she was just starting.

Megan thought about getting fucked in the ass by some big football player and how much it would hurt. She promised her self however much it hurt she would take it, she would not let Shelly down by being a wimp. She also was trying to think what else they would do to her asshole and her for that matter. Both girls fell asleep, exhausted from the lesbian session.
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