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College for Krista: Part 3

Krista was trying her hardest to keep her legs together, but it was becoming a chore.

Summer took her hands and ran them down the sides of Krista’s naked body.  She was not sure if she was doing something right or wrong; she was just trying to emulate what Krista did to her.  Krista did make little sounds as Summer traced her fingers along Krista’s hot skin, but still, Summer was not sure if it was enough to please Krista.


Summer stopped suddenly as she reached Krista’s smooth legs.  She was sort of in shock at what she was doing.  She wanted to please Krista as Krista had pleased her, but she was unsure of what move to make next.  She was staring at Krista’s naked body, perplexed on what to do.  She tried to remember all the things that Krista did to her, but seeing that she had never been with another girl before, she was not exactly certain of how to satisfy Krista.


Krista saw that Summer was contemplating things.  She could see the confused look on Summer’s face.  She started to laugh on the inside.  Krista knew it was not funny, but it was humorous to her to know that Summer had just been pleased by her, but was having trouble duplicating that same feeling.


Krista leaned up and looked at Summer.  Summer saw Krista look at her.  She knew what Krista was thinking.  Krista smiled and Summer said, “Sorry, I’ve never done this before.”


“It’s alright.  Just do what you want and try different things.  Pay attention to my sounds and my motions.  You’ll know if you are doing something wrong.  Start off by making me open my legs and we’ll go from there,” Krista said as she closed her legs and waited for Summer to make her next move.


Summer was a little unnerved because she had never pleased another woman before.  This was all new to her, but she did not want to disappoint Krista since Krista had not disappointed her.  Summer just began by doing something that she felt comfortable doing and hoped that Krista would like it.


Taking Krista’s feet in her hands, Summer began to massage them lightly.  She had come to love it when guys had massaged her feet, so she felt that Krista would approve.  Krista began to make a low moaning sound as Summer continued to massage lightly.  Up and down the bottom soles of Krista’s feet, her hands worked.  Then Summer intertwined her fingers with Krista’s toes.  Summer heard a much louder moan exit Krista’s mouth.  Summer took that to be a good sign.


Krista lied there letting the feeling of Summer’s hands take her away.  No other woman Krista had been with had ever massaged her feet before.  Not even the girlfriends she had left back home.  Krista was lying there on the bed letting the feeling of hot desire fill her as Summer massaged and caressed an area on her that had never before had attention.  Krista was in full desire and could feel some moisture build up and want to escape, but with her legs closed as they were, the liquid that formed filled her crevice instead.  She could not wait until Summer moved higher and made that one move that would make her open her legs and show her hot core to Summer.


Summer was finding she was getting excited by this.  She was feeling the wetness between her own legs form again.  She thought of how Krista had seen her and how wet she had been and how her orgasm had flowed from herself from the sexual stimulation that Krista had supplied.  Summer was ready to see another sexually stimulated pussy other than her own.  She wanted to see Krista’s reaction.  She never thought she would say this to herself, but she wanted to touch Krista’s pussy.  She wanted more of a taste of Krista’s pussy than what she had had on her lips when Krista had kissed her.  Summer was ready to taste Krista  as Krista had tasted her.  She was beginning to long for it.  Summer was now ready for her next move.


Krista lied there while she felt Summer move up her legs.  Summer began caressing, rubbing, and feeling her legs.  The feel of Summer’s fingertips moving across her legs sent tingles of passion through her whole body.  Krista sighed heavily as Summer ran her hands up her shins to the bottom of her knees and back down again.  She loved the way Summer was paying attention to both her legs, not just one.  Summer was giving both of them equal treatment.


Summer reeled in the feeling of how soft and smooth Krista’s legs were.  Krista’s skin felt wonderful underneath her fingertips.  Summer stroked Krista’s lower leg and listened to the sounds that escaped her lips.  Summer could tell that Krista was enjoying it.  Summer then wondered if she should dare go hire in a teasing motion.  On the inside, Summer was ready.


So, in a very light touch, Summer moved her hand higher, this time, above Krista’s knee.  As she did, she felt the shudder of Krista’s body and heard the moan of delight exit her lips.  Summer knew she was on the verge of making Krista spread her legs.  And she was ready for it.  Summer had a perfect view of Krista’s mound of venus while she massaged Krista’s legs, but she was ready to see the stimulated result.


Summer’s fingers lingered above Krista’s knee, forming circles in slow motion.  Summer was teasing Krista and it was working.  Summer would first tease Krista’s right leg, feeling the smooth soft skin of her upper leg, then do the same to Krista’s left.  Both of Krista’s legs felt the same to Summer; soft and supple and extra smooth. 


Krista was trying her hardest to keep her legs together, but it was becoming a chore.  She was trying to make Summer work for the inevitable and she was doing the best she could, but she felt herself wanting to spread her legs and reveal her moistened slit.  Somehow, Krista found the control to keep her legs together until she felt the moment happen.  She would not even have to force herself to open them.  When the moment happened, her body would respond in the correct manner.


Summer continued her teasing trek up Krista’s legs further.  It caused her to lean into Krista’s body more, causing her face to reach Krista’s level.  Krista’s legs were still together, but Summer could see the beginning of Krista’s pussy.  She could even smell the sweet scent of desire that evaded it.  Summer knew she was doing something correct. 


Krista felt the tingle of desire begin to travel as she looked down and saw how close Summer’s face was to her sweet spot.  The feel of Summer’s hands all over her thighs were tantalizing and without thinking, the moment happened where her legs came apart slightly and revealed a little of what was hiding between them.  That slight part in her legs sent the tingle even further through her body as she knew that she had shown enough of herself to Summer for the real fun to begin.


Summer’s eyes saw the slight part of Krista’s legs and she glanced at the pink fold that hid them.  Summer saw how moist it was and how it glistened from the wet desire that was beginning to pour from it.  Slowly, Summer ran her hand over Krista’s thigh higher, then took her finger and found the crease of her leg that led to the sodden area between both of them.  She took her finger, felt the crease slightly, then ran it over the top of Krista’s bare mound and circled just above where it started and where her clit was hiding.  Summer heard the heavy sigh of joy elude Krista’s lips.  And then it happened.  The moment hit Krista.  The moment where Summer knew she had hit the right movement.


Krista arched her body into the bed and on instinct, parted her legs.  She felt the coolness of the air in the room wisp across her moist private place, cooling its hot baldness.  Krista felt the penned up warm sexual juices flow out and trickle down her skin.  The flow of it coated her hot skin in places that were often left untouched.


Summer’s view of Krista’s perfect pussy was more than she imagined.  Again, she thought how proportional Krista’s slit was to her breasts and how dainty it looked, but in all form, it was still a perfectly functioning pussy.  Summer watched as the hot fluid leaked out of Krista’s pussy and coat her skin.  On impulse, Summer took her finger and glided it down the contour of Krista’s pussy.  She felt the stickiness of Krista surround her finger as she moved it over the outline of Krista’s perforation.  As she did, Summer heard the moaning tones of Krista and how she reacted to her touch.  The reaction from Krista showed the stimulation in three sexual places on her body.


Immediately, without any stimulation up top, Krista felt her nipples harden and poke out.  Even her areola puffed up and caused superficial tiny mounds of desire.  Krista knew that if she touched them, she would have an automatic orgasm, but they were so tight and sensitive, they were perfect to touch.  She could not help herself and her hands moved to both of her hard erect nipples and upon her immediate touch, the spasm hit her. 


Summer saw Krista’s reaction and braced herself for the aftermath.  Summer was ready.  As soon as Krista’s orgasm hit, she knew that more fluid would flow and she intended on giving Krista what Krista had given her.  She watched for the exact moment.  It was not hard to tell either.  As Krista touched her nipples, Summer watched her pussy pulse, her clit come out of hiding, and waited for the moment.  Krista sighed hard and Summer knew the moment had come.  On that sigh, Krista’s pussy contracted inside and as she let out the breath, the liquid began to flow and Summer covered Krista’s pussy with her mouth.


Another jolt hit Krista and the orgasm continued with the help from Summer.  Krista could not stop it.  Summer had teased her too much and now that she was down on her, her orgasm kept going.  Summer's mouth on her hot sexual vertical smile made her wince and gasp in pure pleasure. 

Summer’s first taste of pussy was more than she had imagined; not that she imagined it all that much.  Summer never fathomed that the taste would be so decadent and delightful.  It was as if Summer had placed her mouth over a hot custard and began to slurp the juicy sweetness.  As she sucked on Krista’s partition, she wondered if she tasted as Krista.  She knew what she would do when she was alone!


Krista felt her orgasm go on for what felt like forever.  She felt as if Summer was prolonging her orgasm, begging her for more, but she knew it was just her body that was in heaven.  Krista had never had an orgasm with any of her girlfriends back home like the one she was receiving from Summer.  Krista thought to herself, “For someone not to know how to please a girl, she sure knew what she was doing.”  She knew it was only coming natural to Summer. 


Summer knew she wanted more than just her lips on Krista’s sweet spot, so she finally gave in and inserted her tongue inside Krista’s sexual place of entry.  As far as she could, Summer inserted her tongue and tasted the pliable walls of Krista’s excited core.  Hot and moist, soft and supple, Summer swirled her tongue around inside, tasting all Krista had to give.


Krista felt Summer’s tongue inside her hot canal and that was more than she bargained for.  Suddenly, one last jolt came and as it culminated upon Summer’s tongue, Krista felt her vaginal muscle grip it.  Krista did not utter a word or sound, she could only sigh heavily and let the feelings of passion envelope her body.  Her body was now hot and clammy from the release of sexual energy and she was glad that she had a bed to sink down into.  Summer had pleased her well.


Summer felt the last jolt upon her tongue subside and saw how Krista’s body was glowing from pure delight.  Summer was proud of herself.  She had done something that she had never done before.  She had been pleased by another woman and she had pleased another woman.  Not only was Krista glowing, but Summer felt her body was on a high also and needed to come down from being so stimulated.


So, like Krista had done to her, she crawled up in the bed with Krista.  Krista felt Summer move in next to her.  She turned on her side to face Summer.  They both looked at each other and smiled.  They had shared themselves.  Krista could tell that Summer had enjoyed it.  Summer could tell that Krista was happy.  And as they shared a kiss as they lied on the bed together, Krista thought to herself, “College for Krista: A New Beginning,” and she loved the sound of that.  She was going to fit in at college just fine.  And with Summer as her dorm mate, she knew  college life was going to be even better.

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