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College for Krista: Part One

Krista stood up and when she did, she felt some of the moisture escape her slit. . .

Krista walked into the dorm room with her suitcase in her hand and slumped down to one side. Summer could tell that she had struggled with her bag either up the stairs or just carrying it from the elevator to the dorm room. Krista looked at Summer as she lied on her bed. Summer saw how frazzled Krista’s hair looked and Krista’s tired arm just dropped her bag immediately. With the weight now away from her hand, she walked over to where Summer lied and introduced herself.

“You must be Summer. I’m Krista.”

Honestly, Summer did not know what to make of her new dormmate. She looked as if she had not slept in a week. She was dressed in a plain tee shirt and pajama bottoms that were too long for her short legs. Yet, Summer did not hold that against her.

Summer stuck out her hand and said, “Yes, I am. It’s nice to meet you Krista,” and Krista smiled. It was ironic, under what seemed to be tiredness, the smile lit up her face.  

“Would you like some help with your bag,” Summer offered.

“Oh, that would be nice. Thank you.”

Summer got up off her bed and walked over to help Krista with the one bag she had carried inside. Summer tried to lift it with one hand, but it was too heavy and had to use both. Looking at Krista, she said, “Geez, did you bring the kitchen sink with you?”
Krista laughed and said, “Almost!”

Summer was finally able to lug it to the bed and they both lifted it up and it landed with a thud and the top sprang open. Summer could not help seeing the different colored thongs laying on top of Krista’s other clothes. Krista turned a shade of pink as she saw that Summer noticed.

“Don’t worry, I wear my share of them also. See?” Summer said and stuck her hand down inside the waistband of the shorts she was wearing and pulled on the elastic of the thong underneath and pulled it out so Krista could see. Krista again smiled and the pink subsided from her face.

Summer began to help Krista put some of her stuff away. She could tell that they were going to get along just fine. She just seemed a little different at first, but she knew that things would be okay.

They sat and talked about classes and saw that they shared none, so they knew they would see each other mainly in the dorm room. Talking until it got really late and until the tiredness hit each of them, they hit their respective beds for the night.

Summer’s alarm clock went off and scared her. She had been in a deep sleep and did not expect it to be morning already. She slung her legs off the side of the bed and rubbed her eyes. Krista was still sleeping. Summer heard some rustling outside the dorm door and figured other girls were going to the showers. She got up and walked to the door and peaked out the peep hole. She could not believe what she was seeing. Other girls were outside in the hall, most were in towels and others were, well, just plain naked. Summer knew that she was going to fit in well. She was accustomed to going nude back home.

She figured she would go and take her shower as well. Summer tried to be as quiet as she could so not to wake Krista. Walking over to her bed, she took off her clothes and grabbed a towel and hung it in her arm. Slowly, Summer made her way to the door and opened it as quietly as she could.  

Totally naked, except for the towel hung over her arm, Summer stood in the hall with the other girls that were walking around. None of them batted an eye. They kept walking like it was normal. She guessed it was since others were naked too.

Summer took her shower and headed back to the room. As she opened the door to go inside, Krista was just getting up. Summer walked in and over to her bed.

“Summer, you didn’t?”

“I didn’t what?”

“You just came in the room naked. You didn’t go out there like that did you?”

“Uh, Krista, did you see any clothes in my hand when I came in?” Summer asked and laughed.

“Okay, okay, I deserve that. Wow, I can’t believe you went out there naked and came back naked.”

“Krista, it’s all girls here. We all have the same things. We may each be different, but we all have breasts and pussies.”
And all Krista could think to herself was that Summer was correct and she was going to enjoy being around all of them, even if she never got a taste of one. Krista had no idea how she was going to hide being what she naturally was, but she knew that she had too somehow. Krista knew that she could not reveal that she was a lover of the female form. Not just yet. This was a new place and new surroundings; she could not come out just yet.

Summer had no idea that Krista was staring at her. With her back turned to Krista, Krista had a clear view. Krista watched as Summer stood there, naked, and wondered what it would be like to touch Summer’s skin, run her hands over the contour of her body, through all the natural curves that Summer had in the right places. Krista could feel the moisture form in her sweet spot. Krista watched Summer lift her arms and hit her damp hair once again with the towel. As she did, she spread her legs a little, and Krista could see the outline of Summer’s labia drooping slightly from behind, and she imagined what they tasted like and wished she could get a nibble. Then Summer turned around.

Summer caught Krista looking. Summer just thought she was still amazed at how she left and came back naked. That was not the case. Krista was mesmerized by Summer’s naked front side.   She had not gotten a good look when Summer had come through the door.   But now, Krista was able to see everything.   She tried not to stare and use conversation as a distraction.


“I don’t know if I will be able to do that.   I’m kind of reserved.”   Krista said, lying through her teeth.   She could have joined Summer and those other girls in a second.


“Don’t worry.   Hang around me long enough, and it will become second nature.”  


“Well, I guess it’s something I am going to have to get used to.”


“Just one of the perks of being in an all girls college!”   Summer answered and smiled.


All the while, Krista was taking in Summer’s perfect body.   Summer was not tanned, but she was not pale either.   She was just tanned enough to show off exactly what she had.   Krista had not seen such a perky set of breasts in a long time.   Not too big, but not too small, Krista was imagining how they felt in her hands and how Summer’s nipples felt in her lips.   Krista thought how much more perfect they were than her own.  


But Krista’s mind not only thought about Summer’s perky breasts, but how much she would have loved to run a finger through the thin landing strip Summer had that lead to fleshy folds hiding the pinkness inside.   Krista visualized how much Summer’s sexual lips would engorge when stimulated and how much sweet nectar they held under arousal.   Krista could only imagine that they dripped droplets of sweetness as they stayed together until peeled open to release the succulent desire within.   As Krista thought about all that Summer had to give, she could feel herself getting wetter and wetter.


Krista stood up and when she did, she felt some of the moisture escape her slit.   She kept a moan inside as she felt her clit rub against the fabric of her panties she was wearing.   Summer had already slipped her panties and bra on and stood there getting what she wanted to wear ready.   As Summer decided, she turned to Krista.


“Say, why don’t you go and get your shower and then we’ll go have a tour around campus and get to know the area before classes start.”


“Yeah, I need a shower,” Krista said, knowing she needed to wash off some of the sexual rush that had evaded her.


“I’ll be right her waiting on you.”   Summer replied as she slipped on some jean shorts and grabbed the tee shirt she had picked out.


Krista exited the dorm with her clothes and towel in her hand.   She could have done what Summer did, but wanted to remain detached somewhat.   When she stepped out, there were other college girls walking around and to her amazement, some were in towels, others were topless, and others were totally bare.   Krista felt the moisture inside her slip out again.   She knew it was going to be hard hiding what she was for now with all those girls walking around scantily clad or in the buff.   It would send her hormones into a major overdrive.  


When Krista found the shower, she walked inside and there were a few girls standing at the mirror and the sound of a couple showers spraying.   The girls that were at the mirrors just smiled as Krista walked past and found an empty shower stall.   Reserved to strip in front of the other girls, she stepped inside and began disrobing.   The last item she took off was her panties and as she slipped them from her waist, she looked down at the lining, and saw the sexual puddle she had made as she stared and thought of Summer standing nude in their dorm room.   Yes, Krista could not wait for the shower.  


She started the water and stepped into it and let the water drench her now naked body.   She felt the rippling waves of warmth caress her already stimulated body.   The water rolled over her almost flat chest.   Her tiny nipples rose and become erect.   She loved how her dime sized nipples stuck out on her essentially flat chest.   Krista always thought they were the most sensual part of her body.   And she felt the water flow over her body and roll down between her legs, across the smoothness of her sweet place, and mix with the juices that had flowed out of her crevice.   A silent moan was only heard by her inner self.


She wanted to touch her clit, wanted to give it some attention, but she knew if she did, she would moan audibly.   That was the last thing she wanted to do with other girls in the showers and bathroom still getting ready.   So she just took the wash cloth, lathered it up and showered a normal shower.   Still, the thought of her clit itching for attention weighed on her mind.   With self control, Krista managed not to stimulate herself even more.   She tried not to think about it and concentrate on just getting clean.   That helped and she felt her clit go back to its normal state.


Finished, she dried off in the shower stall and slipped into the clothes she had brought with her.   Grabbing the damp towel and her dirty clothes, she stepped out and into the bathroom.   There was one girl at the mirror.   The girl was fully clothed and putting the finishing touches on her hair.   The girl looked at Krista, smiled, and said, “Yeah, don’t blame you either.   I did the same thing.   Until I get to know these other girls better, I won’t be going or coming out nude.   Too shy.”


Krista just smiled and shook her head.   She did not know what else to say and figured that was the best way to answer.


When she stepped out into the hall to head to the dorm room, all the girls walking around were now clothed and ready to go wherever it was they were going.   Still reserved, Krista just walked past them and to the dorm room where she knew Summer was waiting.


Summer was talking on her cell when Krista walked inside.   She put her dirty items in the hamper that her and Summer were going to share and brushed her hair while Summer talked.   When she was finished, Summer said goodbye to the person on the other end and turned to Krista.




“I think so.”


“Good, lets go see what kind of trouble we can get into.”   Summer announced.  


Krista smiled and deep down thought, “Oh, the trouble I would love to get in with you!”


And out the dorm room door Summer and Krista went to see the campus and hopefully mingle with other girls.     

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