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College for Krista: Part Two

Krista did not say anything. She simply put her mouth down to Summer's pussy and began tasting her.
Krista and Summer arrived back at their dorm room late in the evening. They had both been out and about on the campus and even ate out at a tiny little campus diner on the outskirts. They got to know each other and Krista felt comfortable with Summer.  

They walked into their dorm room and Summer fell upon her bed and picked up the book she had brought with her from home since she had never finished it. Krista sat upon her bed across from Summer’s and pondered. Since Krista had become comfortable with Summer, and she was sharing a dorm room with her, and the fact that this morning she had seen Summer naked, she knew that she better not hide what she really was. Krista sat there, all quiet and thought of the best way to tell Summer that she was a lesbian. Little did Krista know, Summer had already figured it out.

Summer saw Krista sitting there, pondering. Summer knew that she was trying to come up with a way of telling her about her lifestyle. Since they had spent the day together, Summer had picked up on Krista. She had always been very good at reading people and reading Krista was very easy. Krista’s body language told Summer all she needed to know. Not to mention how she caught Krista staring at her this morning. That, combined with the outing this afternoon, Summer was able to surmise exactly Krista’s orientation.  

Finally, Summer got up and walked over to Krista and sat beside her. Krista was a little surprised, but did not say anything, she just let Summer join her.

“Krista, I can see you pondering something. I want you to know, I know what it is.”
Krista looked at Summer with a perplexed look. She was stunned. Krista could not say anything.

“You don’t have to say anything. I just want you to know, I am okay with it. Don’t worry about sharing the room with me.”

Krista wanted to cry. She just wanted to reach over and hug Summer. But Summer reached for Krista’s hand and held it. As she did, Krista felt a very warm feeling throughout her body.

Krista looked at Summer and said, “I did not know how to come out and tell you that I was a lesbian. I didn’t want to keep it from you, but I had no idea how to tell you.”

“That’s okay. I understand. Now I know why you were reserved this morning.”

Krista shook her head and pulled her hand away from Summer and stood up. She walked away a tiny distance and continued.

“No, Summer, I don’t think you truly understand. This morning, when you walked in after your shower, and I saw you, you don’t have any idea what was going through my mind.”

Summer looked at her, stood up herself and walked over to Krista. She took both hands and consoled Krista by squeezing her upper arms.

“Krista, I believe I do. Trust me, I do. Granted, I’ve never been with another girl, but I am willing to learn. You can be my teacher.” Summer said and smiled. She had often wondered what it was like to feel another woman’s touch. With Krista, this was her chance.

Krista was confused but also elated. This was her chance to actually do what she had imagined about Summer this morning. Krista could not move. All she felt was the desire traveling through her whole body.

Summer walked over to the dorm door and turned the lock. On her way back to Krista, she started tugging on her shirt and before she reached Krista, Summer had it over her head and off. She threw it on the floor and continued walking to Krista. Krista just watched in amazement and felt the moisture form between her legs.

Summer reached Krista and when she did, she took one of Krista’s hands and cupped it over one of her bra covered breasts. Krista’s first instinct was to squeeze. Even through the lace bra Summer was wearing, Krista could feel how firm it was. She could not wait to get her mouth on it. Not just it, but both of them.  

Krista moved closer in to Summer and their faces met each other. Krista could feel Summer’s warm breath and smell the sweet flavor that came from it. Without warning, Krista pressed her lips to Summer’s. She tasted sweetness that she had never tasted from another woman before. As she kissed Summer, she pressed her hand into Summer’s breast, feeling and massaging through lace. Summer moaned and the syllables fell into Krista like candy.  

Summer ran her hands down Krista’s body, feeling the curve it made until she reached the bottom of Krista’s shirt. In one move, Summer curled the shirt up and Krista felt it rise against her body. She knew that Summer would be surprised she had no bra on, but Krista did not need to wear one. Krista also hoped that Summer would not be disappointed by her essential flatness.

Krista raised her arms and Summer pulled the shirt over Krista’s head as they unlocked lips in order to do so. Summer looked down and saw what Krista had. Krista’s face turned red.  

“Sorry I am not as big as you are.” Krista said, trying to compensate what God did not give her.

Summer was not affected by it. She looked at Krista and said, “We are all different and yours are beautiful little bumps of desire,” and she moved her head lower. Krista could not believe what was going to happen. Before Summer reached Krista’s lumps, Krista’s aroused state of mind caused her tiny nipples to tighten and poke out in hard circles.

Summer reached Krista’s left breast, and saw the tiny mound with its small erected nipple. Her first thought was how Krista reminded her of young girl just starting to develop, but yet was a full grown young woman that was not blessed with the upper facade like she had been. Summer smiled on the inside from that thought and cupped her hand around Krista’s mound and massaged, feeling Krista’s nipple against her palm. It was the first time that Summer had ever felt another woman’s breast before and the feeling she got from it enlightened her.

Krista moaned from Summer’s touch and felt the moisture build even more between her legs. Summer felt delight in Krista’s moan, and decided to see if she could make Krista moan louder, so while she cupped Krista’s mound, Summer kissed the skin above it where her breast began to slope down. Krista, indeed, moaned louder and leaned her head back. As Krista leaned her head back, it caused her torso to arch and her breasts formed perfect tiny cones with hard aroused nipples that protruded so tenderly into the air.

Summer found Krista’s nipple with her mouth and gently covered Krista’s dime sized erectness and sucked. A ripple of delight traveled through Krista. Krista moaned, “Mmmmm, oh God,” and Summer continued to suck, flicking her tongue over Krista’s taut warm bud. Summer may not have any experience with other girls, but she knew she was doing something right for Krista to react the way she did.

Krista reached her arm around to Summer’s back and found the clasp that held her bra closed. With one snap, Krista had it unhooked and Summer came out of it, letting it hit the floor. Summer’s breast were now firm and her soft puffies jutted perfect mounds. Krista could not wait to run her tongue over them. Then Krista’s hand found the bottom half of Summer’s clothes and she started fiddling with the button and the zipper. Summer helped Krista, and before Summer knew it, she was standing naked. Summer, in turn, did the same to Krista and slid what she was wearing off of her, exposing smooth skin where Summer had a landing strip. And to match Krista’s body, Summer thought how her slit was not tiny, but parallel to match what Krista had up top. Summer thought it was absolutely wonderful.

Krista turned Summer to the bed and pushed her gently onto it. Summer landed with her back down. Her breasts formed perfect perky mounds as she lied there. Krista crawled up on the bed and said, “Summer, I am going to please you now.”

Summer looked at Krista and a warm rush flowed over her entire body. She was ready for Krista to do things to her no other girl had ever done. She was ready for the touch of a woman, the scent of a woman, the overall feeling of another woman. Her body was aching for it.  

Krista took Summer’s knees and spread her legs apart. The first thing Krista saw was the thin brown strip of hair. She wanted to run her finger through it, feeling the ripple through her fingertip, feel the texture of it on her finger print ridges. Summer just lied there and let Krista do what she had never let any other girl do before. Krista traced a finger tip down the inside of Summer's thigh. Summer felt the tiny hairs on her body raise and the goose bumps form. Krista's touch on her leg was more than Summer had expected. Krista sensually touched all the way down, almost touching Summer's sweet spot, but curved her finger upward and from the bottom, run her finger tip through Summer's landing strip. Summer shuddered as Krista took her finger and felt through the thin strip above such a tender place. Krista felt the warmth flow through her as she reached the top of Summer's thin patch with her fingertip. Then, without thinking, Krista leaned down with her mouth and with the tip of her tongue, found the bottom of Summer's trimmed neatness. In one motion, Krista licked up through it, feeling the texture on her tongue. Summer moaned a sexual moan that she had never moaned before. Of course she had in the past, but the moan that escaped her lips this time was more intense.  

Krista did not stop there. She went on up Summer's stomach, licking around her belly button, up through the middle, laying tender kisses until she reached the bottom roundness of Summer's breasts. Summer arched her body into the bed as Krista played with her. Krista took her hands and cupped both of Summer's breasts and pressed. She massaged them tenderly. Summer moaned heavily and felt her body come alive. She felt her nipple start to rise and touch Krista's palms. Krista felt them poke her in the palm and she squeezed harder. Summer groaned as she did. Krista moved her hand over Summer's breasts and exposed hard nipples which she took between her thumb and fingertip and pulled sensually on them, tweaking them, rolling them between her fingertips. Summer breathed out hard and heavy and "shit" escaped her hot mouth. She couldn't help it. It felt so good.

Then Summer felt the lips of Krista's hot mouth cover her one of her erect nipples. Krista began sucking on Summer's nipple, like she was a nursing baby. Summer could feel her nipple being sucked inside Krista's warm mouth. The pulsing feeling of her nipple being sucked sent ripples through her body. She felt the folds of flesh between her legs begin to get warm and plump. Summer also felt the moisture slip from her hot gash as well. The feeling was so intense, Summer moaned outloud again and slipped her hands through Krista's hair as Krista tasted her nipple. Then Krista decided to give her other nipple attention, but added more as she did. Krista took her lips and began flicking her tongue over Summer's other nipple, but this time, she rean her hand down Summer's body. Summer almost lost it as she knew where Krista's hand was going.

Slowly, as Krista continued her assault on Summer's nipple, flicking it, tasting it, pulling it with her lips, her fingertip found Summer's landing strip again. In circles, Krista move her finger down through its thinness until she felt Summer's clit. As she found Summer's warm hard clit and touched it tenderly, Summer arched her body and said, "Oh shit, that feels wonderful."

Krista moaned as she supped on Summer's nipple even more and began circling her clit with her fingertip. Krista felt the wetness on her finger and used that to glide over Summer's hot sexual nub. Krista felt Summer's body get warmer and warmer the longer she played with both, her nipple and clit. Krista flicked her tongue over Summer's hard nipple one last time and took her mouth from it. Still, she continued to play with her clit, rubbing over it in circles. Krista took her free hand and massaged the breast on which she had been feeding, and looked at Summer and said, "Like that huh?"  

Summer could only mumble, "uh huh."

Krista smiled and laughed sexually and said, "Then if you like that, you will like this," and ran her finger lower and felt Summer's hot wet labia and then sunk her finger inside Summer's pinkness. Krista watched as Summer sucked in a deep breath as her finger invaded her private place. Krista felt the warm wet pink inside of Krista grip her finger, not tightly, but enough for Summer to feel it slide around. Krista slid her finger in and out of Summer’s pussy slowly. She could feel the pliable walls of Summer surround her finger and she could hear Summer breath in and out in a sexual rush as she explored the deepness that she was penetrating. As Krista continued to plunge into Summer’s moisture-ridden cleft, she began to kiss Summer’s breast again. Summer let out little noises of pleasure from the stimulation in both places. Summer was in her own little heaven and never thought she would be enjoying the touch of another girl. Then Krista found her lips and kissed her hard, pressing her lips to Summer’s while still fingering inside Summer delicately. Summer could not help the feeling inside her. Her body was getting hotter and she could feel herself on the verge of letting go. Summer felt a little more seepage escape, coating Krista’s finger inside her pinkness. Krista felt it also and knew it was time to move on to more passionate desire.

Krista unhooked her jaw and slowly pulled her finger out of Summer’s sexual grip. Summer felt Krista’s finger slide out of her and she could not help but make a groaning sound it felt so wonderful. The moment Krista’s finger exited her pussy, Summer felt the flow of her excitement exit as well. Summer felt the warmth of it dribble down and coat her crease all the way down to her other sensual spot. Krista began tracing her hands down Summer’s sides as she moved her body down. Summer felt Krista's hands travel down her hot skin and over the curve of her hips and then on the insides of her thighs. Summer had to have a peak. She bent her head forward and saw Krista looking at her pussy. Summer knew what Krista saw. She knew that Krista saw well engorged labia that was dripping juices. She knew what was about to happen to her also. Summer, startled a little, felt her body shudder. Krista saw Summer's body shudder.

Krista did not say anything. She simply put her mouth down to Summer's pussy and began tasting her. Summer watched Krista go down on her and as Krista licked her private place, Summer felt a feeling pass through her that she had never felt before. Krista swiped her tongue up and down along the contour of Summer's labia, tasting the sweetness that had escaped it. Summer made noises that she could not keep inside. Summer felt Krista's tongue glide over her labia and then dart inside for a taste. Summer never fathomed having the lips of another woman on her in such a way, but she was reeling in the desire from it. The touch of Krista on her there was more than she ever got from a guy.  

Then Krista touched her clit. Summer almost came immediately as she felt Krista's tongue flick her tiny knob that sent erotic tingles through her body. As Krista flicked and sucked, Summer let out pangs of desire and even let out an "Oh God" now and then. Summer lied there, letting Krista attack her sexual spot, feeling the tingles travel through her body. It did not help that Krista was also making enjoyable sounds while feeding on her that also led to Summer's stimulation.

Krista kept sucking and tasting Summer's clit. She tasted the goodness that dripped on her tongue as Summer released it. Krista felt Summer's clit get even harder and eventually felt the pulse of her pussy begin and that let Krista know Summer was getting close.

Summer began the first stage of a climax that she knew was going to be explosive. She felt it build from her head and felt the tingles flow down slowly, enveloping her body in stages. She felt her breasts get firmer and her nipples poke out even more. As the feeling went down her sides, Summer felt her stomach tense. Summer felt the hot breaths escape her lips as the tingle got closer to its escape point. She felt her clit engorge more as Krista's tongue slapped it sexually and she felt her pussy quiver and pulse in rhythm. Not being able to hold it inside, Summer yelled, "I have to let go, I have to cum, God, I have to cum, Krista, you are ooing to make me cum!"

Krista sighed with a "Mmmmm" and then took her lips away from Summer's clit just long enough to say, "Cum for me Summer, please, cum for me. I want to taste your goodness as it escapes such a tender slit!"

And after Krista said that, the explosion hit Summer and her body went into overdrive, forcing her orgasm out. Summer arched her body deep into the mattress as she let her orgasm go. As the first wave subsided, Summer felt the flow of her climax exit, and she heard the sounds of Krista licking it as she placed her lips to her orgasmic pussy and sucked. Another wave went through Summer as Krista sucked again and yet another, but then subsided. Summer, sexually exhausted, let her now limp body feel like it was falling into the depths of the bed as she lied there.  

Krista crawled up into the bed with Summer. As she did, she stuck her hand down between her legs and felt the wetness there. It coated her finger. She brought it to her lips and sucked it, then did it again, this time, only coating her lips with her own juices. As she reached Summer, she saw her beautiful face. Summer looked at her and smiled. Krista brought her wet lips to Summers and kissed. In instinct, Summer stuck her tongue out to intertwine with Krista's and tasted something she had never tasted before. The taste was that of a dewey morning, fresh and relaxing. Summer knew exactly what it was. She knew it was Krista on her lips. So, while she kissed Krista, she took her hand and ran it between Krista's legs. Krista moaned into Summer's mouth as Summer felt Krista's slickness. Summer imagined what it tasted like. Wondered how to please Krista like Krista had pleased her. There was only one way to find out, but Krista was going to have to guide her.

So, Summer made a move to let Krista know she wanted to please her. Krista went with it and let Summer take control, and before Krista knew it, she was in the same position as Summer had been and she was watching Summer. She watched Summer take charge. Krista braced herself for a long wondrous night and fell into oblivion that Summer created. Yes, Krista was getting her wish.

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