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Comfort Food for Mindy

Mindy's eating masks her loneliness until her college roommate shows her a loving alternative.
Raindrops pelting the dorm window and sliding along the pane in a zigzag pattern reminded Mindy of her own tears. The soft yellow glow of streetlights and the quietness of the midnight hour settled like an unwelcome burden. Wiping her eyes stopped the flow of tears but not the reason for them. Mindy’s first semester in college was turning out to be filled with emotional loneliness. She didn’t make the women’s soccer team and the lengthy email she got from Rob made it clear he had already found someone else. Her parents had tried to warn her that she was heading three hundred miles east and he was heading over two hundred miles south and it would be tough to keep the relationship together.

She took off her T-shirt and jeans that seemed to be getting tighter. She grabbed a nightshirt from the drawer. High school no longer seemed childish like she once thought. Memories of sitting in a dark car with Rob and his lips nibbling her neck while his hands explored the curve of her breasts teased her for what life was once like and could never be again.

A cookie on the desk behind her bed beckoned her and she grabbed for it, clad only in her bra and dark bikini panties. Her frustration led to snacking and Mindy was less impressed with her own appearance. The door opened and her roommate sauntered in with damp hair and clad only in a bathrobe.

“Mindy.” Jules was as upbeat as Mindy was melancholy. “Come on, girl.” Jules tilted her head to one side and smiled.

Mindy took one bite and set the cookie on the plate. “It’s mine, isn’t it?”

Jules had inky hair that shone in the room’s light and her skin was smooth and a lovely caramel shade. Jules joked her white mother and black father had created a chocolate-vanilla swirl. “Yeah, it is yours. But that’s your sixth late-night cookie in the last three nights. I’ve likely missed a few others.”

Mindy laughed. “My, God. You’re counting?” She was stabbed with the sentiment that someone cared and a tear made its way down her cheek. She wiped it away and sniffled.

Jules plopped down on Mindy’s bed and patted the mattress. “Come here. Talk to me.”

Why did Jules seem so together? Mindy hesitated. She admired her roommate who seemed able to rise on time each morning, study, eat right, laugh with the other girls, and find a way to stay in touch with her high school boyfriend. Jules was beautiful and Mindy had noted the nicely formed breasts and slender hips and tight butt.

Now wasn’t the time for admiring someone. Being left alone would have been nice. She could just snuggle under the sheets and not think about anything until morning. Mindy walked to the bed and Jules took her hand.

“Come here, girl. What’s up?” Jules had brown eyes that were as gentle as a silk robe.

“Everything.” Mindy sighed. How could you describe the feeling of spinning into a vortex of emotional distress and trauma?

“Tell me one thing that’s on your mind.” Jules laid a hand on Mindy’s shoulder.

The touch was pleasant and welcome and seemed to generate a buzz working its way through Mindy’s back with a sensation that felt like an electric current.

“Rob’s done with me.” Mindy had already told Jules the soccer team was a no-go.

“I’m sorry.”

“I feel like a loser.” The bra was suddenly irritating and Mindy unfastened it. Her naked breasts felt awkward while sitting next to a woman with an almost perfect figure. She looked around for her nightshirt.

“Look at me.” Jules’ tone was soft and inviting. Her directive carried a type of empathy that Mindy had never expected to hear on a college campus. “There’s someone better for you.”

The damned cookie was in reach. Mindy stretched her hand toward the desk.

“Hey, babe. Come on, don’t.” Jules moved closer and put her arm around Mindy’s back. “You think that’s going to help?” Jules shifted and her robe fell off, revealing a natural sheen and the look of a well-toned athlete.

“That’s not the point. You don’t know how I feel.”

“Do I need to?” Jules caught Mindy’s gaze and stroked her hair. “When I was a girl, there were nights my momma held me close after a day at school where the kids would tease me and pick on me.”

“For what?” Mindy appreciated the touches and the attention.

“For having a mom and dad who didn’t look like most of the other parents in town. They called me ‘chocolate milk.’” Jules laughed. “Momma would embrace me, rock me, and make a joke out of it. ‘Tell them that means you’re nutritious and full of vitamins.’ If there was anything bad that happened, momma found a way to turn it into something hopeful.”

The story was as comforting as the arm around Mindy’s shoulder and thoughts about the cookie disappeared. Jules displayed a welcoming smile and Mindy found herself wanting more. “Hold me, please.”

“Come here, babe.” Jules wrapped both arms around her roommate and the young ladies’ breasts rubbed against each other. Jules were more pointed and firm and Mindy’s were larger and soft.

Mindy liked that. “This feels nice.” Her own mother seldom displayed intimate affection and Mindy couldn’t remember the last time she had been held close. Rob hadn’t even held her much after high school graduation. It was as though he was preparing to separate.

Mindy wrapped her arms around Jules and rested her face against Jules’ ear. The small amount of flesh right next to Mindy’s lip was inviting and Mindy found herself desiring a taste. She kissed Jules’ ear and suddenly pulled back. “I’m sorry.”

Jules smiled and laughed. “For what?”

“I kissed you.” Mindy discovered she liked the taste and yet it seemed that more delights were waiting.

“I know. That was sweet of you.” Jules was accepting and she was completely naked. She wasn’t hiding behind anything like makeup, tight tops that accentuated her breasts, or slinky lingerie. Her caring spirit was genuine.

Mindy was overcome with the friendship and moved again into Jules’ embrace and met her lip-to-lip. Mindy pursed her lips and worked them against Jules. “Thank you.” The words floated on a soft murmur and the late hour added to the ambiance and the closeness.

“It’s okay, babe.” Jules whispered in Mindy’s ear. “I want you to know that you’re loved.”

Mindy parted her lips and Jules slipped her tongue inside, moving slowly against the ridges of the lower teeth and then against the upper ones. The two ladies’ tongues writhed and danced and Jules pulled Mindy closer. Jules ran a hand down Mindy’s back, brushing her fingertips over the skin and grasping along Mindy’s hips and the top of her ass.

Mindy breathed harder and opened her mouth wide and held Jules as though she was clinging to a life preserver. Words of gratitude bubbled up and out of Mindy. “You’re a goddess.”

Jules smiled. “A bit overstated, perhaps. But I’ll take the compliment.” Jules cradled one hand behind Mindy’s head and the other on her lower back.

Mindy welcomed the subtle pressure of Jules’ hands and moved her lips from Jules’ mouth with kisses to her neck. Mindy explored Jules’ shoulder with kisses and suddenly shifted so she was practically kneeling on the floor and kissing lower to her roommate’s breasts. The taste was intoxicating and each little kiss only fueled her desire for more and Mindy was now lit with arousal.

She was in front of Jules, bending at the knees, and wiggling her ass while Jules reached to Mindy’s waist and pulled off her panties. The fabric slid to Mindy’s ankles and she kicked them away while moving her mouth to Jules’ breasts. She sucked on Jules’ right tit and found the sensation comforting. Jules grabbed Mindy’s ass and squeezed.

“I like that.” Mindy, her own nipples erect, spoke between nibbles and tastes of flesh and moved her mouth to the left tit.

Jules squeezed once and then spanked Mindy. The slap gave a pleasant sting that served to heat Mindy’s insides and fuel the arousal that now seeped from her pussy.

“Again, please.” Mindy could no longer be contained. Jules’ skin tasted wonderful and the next spank made her hotter than the first. The third spank was harder. This was the contact Mindy craved. “Thank you, thank you so much.” Mindy worked her tongue and lips faster. Each kiss was more intense than the first.

“Good girl.” Jules had a lovely voice that was naturally seductive. Mindy opened her mouth as wide as possible to suck as far as she could on Jules’ tit. She wanted more. She wanted to taste every part of her and Mindy’s groans signaled the desire and the need to be as close as possible. Jules squeezed Mindy’s ass and gave a direction. “Stand.”

Mindy stood and for a second considered crossing her arms over her breasts. Jules must have picked up on the thought.

“Arms by your side, babe.” Jules placed her hands over Mindy’s and guided them against her hips. Jules seemed to let her gaze linger over Mindy’s breasts. She reached and used her forefinger and thumb to massage the nipples. “You’re beautiful.”

“Oh, well. I’m not like tan or very thin.”

Jules narrowed her eyes and a look of displeasure crossed her face. She slapped Mindy’s ass and drew her close until the Mindy’s nipples were dangling just above Jules lips. “Why focus on what you’re not? Look at who you are. And to me, you’re beautiful.”

Mindy bit her lip while Jules flicked a tongue on one tit and then the other. Jules then kissed each breast with her lips puckered and her tongue sliding over the flesh. “That’s nice of you.”

“It’s true.” Jules’ response was firm. She sucked on Mindy’s nipples and cast a glance up while placing one nipple between her teeth and applying pressure. Mindy sighed. The tiny shot of pain also produced an amazing amount of pleasure and Mindy closed her eyes, opened them for a reflexive glance upward and lowered her face to catch Jules’ satisfied look. “You’re cute.”

“Thank you.” Mindy’s thighs quivered. She had run miles and miles on the soccer fields, planting her feet, and using her might to blast kicks at the goal, and passes to her teammates through high school. Her legs, though, had never felt jelly-like from someone who showed her passion. Mindy was ready to collapse from the sheer pleasure.

Jules seemed content to go slow and moved from the breasts to the mons. She stroked her tongue above the pussy, pressing, and licking. She ran a finger in a lazy motion around Mindy’s pussy and then stroked on the right side of her labia and the left. She looked up again with those inviting brown eyes and ran a finger into Mindy’s slit. Jules smiled. “You’re wet.”

Mindy could barely keep breathing regularly. She grunted her response. “Yeah.”

“Touch yourself there.” Jules leaned back on her elbows, reclining on the bed while keeping her feet on the floor. Mindy reached inside her pussy and caught the moistness on her finger. “Have you ever tasted yourself?”

Mindy nodded. Several times during high school and a few times in the night when she figured Jules was asleep.

“Suck it.”

Mindy inserted her finger deep into her mouth and placed her lips on it before pulling it out of her mouth.

“Now, feed me.”

Mindy dipped her finger inside her pussy again and held it out for Jules who licked it as though the scent and the pussy juice was a prized, culinary delight.

“You taste wonderful.”

“Thank you.”

Jules slid to the floor. She was tall enough so her elbows were on the mattress and helped support her. “Come here.”

Mindy spread her legs and positioned her pussy so Jules had easy access. Jules took one lick and then she reached around Mindy’s butt and ran a finger up and down her ass while licking inside Mindy’s cunt. Fire seemed to spread and inflame every one of Mindy’s nerves. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could hang on and simply having Jules use her tongue effortlessly and without hesitation was an extreme turn-on.

At the moment Mindy thought she would collapse from an overwhelming wave of pleasure, Jules paused. “Hey, babe, you’re invited to my bed.” Jules’ voice was phenomenal. Mindy had said she should’ve been a music major. Accounting paid the bills, Jules had replied, and she could perfect her singing on her own time.

Mindy was intoxicated with bliss and Jules led the way, several steps across the room. She gave Mindy another direction. “On your hands and knees with your elbows forward and your ass in the air.”

Mindy raised her bottom, spread her thighs, and settled with her face on Jules’ pillow. The pulsating was nearly impossible to handle and all she could think about was having Jules’ tongue back inside her pussy. She leaned forward and sucked on a finger to distract her. Nothing happened right away and the anticipation of what Jules would do was driving her crazy. She was beyond wet and aroused. Mindy couldn’t contain her groans or sighs that floated on tiny squeals.

The thin blanket seemed extra warm and cushiony, like her body had become super-sensitive and everything in the simple dorm room could be utilized for pleasure. Mindy listened to the sound of Jules kissing her ass and the moist trail her tongue left, moving from the right side of her ass to the left. Jules kissed and licked like she had all the time in the world and that morning would never arrive. The kisses and licks moved closer to Mindy’s thighs and it was clear Jules pursued pleasure as if this was the only moment that mattered. It happened. Jules used her tongue to stroke one side of Mindy’s pussy and then the other. Mindy wanted to scream with pleasure. She had never experienced such bliss. There was pressure on the pussy lips. Jules held the flesh in her teeth and carefully applied pressure. Mindy’s only relief besides begging to come was gripping the sheets. She knew she was dripping beads of cum.

Her pleasure heightened when Jules used her tongue to probe deep inside Mindy's pussy. Jules' groaned and grunted, taking in breaths while tongue-fucking.

“Wow.” Mindy was reduced to squeals. “That feels so good. So fucking awesome.”

Jules stopped, patted Mindy’s ass, and stretched alongside her friend and kissed Mindy on the lips. “Would you like some real comfort food? A chance to taste me?”

“Oh, yeah. I’d love it.”

“On your back, hon.”

Mindy rolled over and welcomed Jules’ butt moving closer to her face and soon she was engulfed in the lovely ass and pussy. Jules wiggled her hips and Mindy sucked the moistness and stroked rapidly along Jules’ slit. Jules wasn’t finished tasting Mindy. She lowered her face between Mindy’s legs and the wave of orgasm burst from deep inside Mindy. She raised her hips and began writhing on the bed and Jules in a catlike fashion, turned and held her roommate and straddled her thigh so her clit pressed against Mindy’s knee.

“Do it, babe.” Jules encouraged Mindy to slide her leg up and down while the orgasm rocked through the young woman’s body. “Stroke me, hon.” Jules was panting and practically pleading. She pressed her clit against Mindy’s knee. “Stroke me with your leg.”

Jules humped and Mindy responded, sliding her knee up and down. Jules couldn’t contain herself and the women held each other like they were fastened, strapped together, and rocketing through space on an erotic journey while time stood still. Mindy closed her eyes, her body rocking, and her skin tingling along her arms and legs. She licked her lips, satisfied with the taste of Jules’ pussy. The waves subsided and neither woman spoke for several minutes until the chill of the late night settled on Mindy’s naked form.

“You’re lovely.” Mindy cooed and soaked in Jules’ approving gaze.

“Then that makes two of us.” Jules laughed and worked her lips and tongue into Mindy’s mouth. “You’re tasting me after I tasted you.”

“Mmm, nice.” Mindy stroked Jules’ hair. “Thank you.”

Jules rubbed her nose against Mindy’s. “You’re quite welcome.”

Mindy laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Jules raised an eyebrow.

“I’d much rather eat you than some stale ol’ cookie.”

Jules smiled and stroked Mindy’s cheek and ran a finger along her lips. “I appreciate that. You were wonderfully responsive. Hey, I’ve got an idea.”

“What’s that?” She asked like a child who couldn’t believe there was still another surprise.

“I’ll turn out the light and I’d love it if you stayed in bed with me tonight.”

Mindy giggled. Jules was impossible to resist. She was blessed to have her as a roommate. “Sure. Is the bed wide enough for us both?”

Jules laughed and flicked off the switch before climbing into bed and snuggling under the sheets. “It is if we hold each other tightly.”

Mindy pressed her tits against her friend’s side and wrapped her arms around Jules. “How sweet of you.” The desperation and the loneliness were gone and Mindy settled for the night in the glow of newfound love and friendship.

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