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Controlled by my cleaner 3

Contributing Authors: oldenuff2knobetter 
In which I am put in my place

It was Jordan's hands, kneading the globes of my arse, which aroused me from my stupor. "God ma, I think she actually passed out!" I heard Ella laugh.

"You know, I think she did, dirty little slut. Did you know your teacher was such a little tart?"

"I've always wanted to get into her knickers, but never thought I'd get the chance, let alone be able to eat out her areshole and finger her cunt."

The words did it, I could feel my body betraying me. My nipples hardened, and my lips felt slick. Mind you, that was hardly surprising, the amount I had squirted.

"She is such a goody-two shoes, little tight-arsed prissy teacher, who knew her arse could be loosened up like that?" Jordan laughed.

"Now girls," said Anna, "I think we ought to clean this one up and decide what to do with her. Get into the bath with your mistress, slut teacher!" I had no choice, and climbed into the huge tub with Ella, who kissed me and squeezed my tits with, as they say, feeling. "Shave time I think," said Anna. Oh goodness me, they were going to shave me. Ella rubbed foam across my public mound. I felt a jolt of sexual electricty shoot to my clit, which stiffened.

"I think she's liking this ladies, her clitty is sticking out, look." Ella opened my lips, parting them so that Jordan and Anna could see - my labia peeled back to expose my arousal to my pupil and her mother. "You're right, she really gets off on this." With that, she put her finger between my legs and flicked my nubbin. I couldn't help moaning. "Later, young lady, let's get this ugly hair removed first." Lost in a haze of lust and shame, I stood quietly and submissively as my Polish cleaner drew the razor down my mound, washing the blades, in the cooling bathwater, and then, slowly and with deliberation, shaving me again until there was no hair visible..

She made me kneel up in the tub, exposing my arsehole and pussy, and then she applied the razor there, too. "Tweezers please, Jordan." Oh my goodness, no, the humiliation was too much. Jordan handed her the tweezers, saying: "Yes, we want her totally bare, no little hairs near her tight little arsehole. Oh look, it is quivering, do you suppose she'd like it fucking? I wonder, look, those meaty lips are so swollen." I felt myself moisten; she was right, if she had fingered me there and then, I would have submitted.

Ella cleaned me off. I looked over into the mirror. My hair was a total mess, lipstick smeared all over my cheeks, dried girl goo (and worse) on my tits, and then, instead of the familiar thatch, nothing, nada, nude as a little girl. I felt Ella squeezing my arse and then suddenyl she smacked it, twice: "Out of the bath slut. Jordan, dry the little girl." Anna's tone was peremptory, brooking no delay or argument.

A look of pure lust passed between Jordan and Anna, as I was handed over to the ministrations of the biggest lezzer in the VIth form. She towelled me down vigorously, taking a delight in making my tits swing, and wiping between my thighs. My newly shaven mound tingled. I noticed through the erotic haze that her mother had her i-Phone and was snapping shots of my humiliation. 

Ella towelled herself off, and leaned over to kiss Jordan, who greedily kissed back. I found myself the meat in their sandwich as they kissed each other, Ella's tits pressing into my back, mine squashing into Jordan's. I felt two hands between my legs, Jordan's on my pussy, Ella's on my arsehole. 

"Come on girls, plenty of time for that later, but we have business to deal with first - and before you get any ideas, Ella, cross me and you'll have a sore arse, as Jordan will tell you." Anna's voice had an edge to it

"She's right, you know, Ella, and my arse bears witness to that; you don't want to cross my step-mum."  Ella nodded, not wanting to take the risk. So they stopped. "Now let's get a few clothes on, more fun to take them off later. Jordan, Miss Tickell will be wearing your clothes, won't you slut?' She looked at me, her eyes drilling into mine, destroying any feelings of resistance before they could gather any force. "Yes, miss," was all I could manage.

It was with some delight that Jordan made me step into her regulation navy blue knickers, pulling them up and making an obvious cameltoe; I could not but notice that they were already damp with her arousal. Jordan did not wear a bra, and I was denied any covering for my tits except for her blouse - which showed off my hard nipples poking at the fabric. To complete my outfit, Jordan made me step into the plaid school skirt, which showed off my legs to advantage, in my white school socks. "There," said Anna, "the perfect schoolgirl." The doorbell rang.

I could see myself in the mirror, hair still a damp and tangled mess, but in place of the smartly-turned out professional teacher, a rather raddled and slutty schoolgirl gazed back; I smelt of cunt - and looked as though I did, too.

Anna came back into the room - and I gasped, it was one of my colleagues, Sylvie, the French mistress, on whom I had always had a bit of a crush, but with whom I was too shy to try anything. No use being shy now. Sylvie flashed me a huge grin. "Well, my dear Catherine, when they told me you were working from home this morning, I thought I would come around and see if all was OK, but," and she smiled at Jordan, "I see you are being taken in hand. By the way cherie, you look good enough to eat - quite the little English public school girl."

"Cat got your tongue, young lady?" asked Anna sternly.

"Sorry miss (why was I calling her miss, what was wrong with me, all I had to do was to tell them all to bugger off; but I didn't), yes, miss, glad you approve miss."

"Tell Mis Sylvie what you have been up to," Jordan commanded. I submitted.

"Please Miss Sylvie, I have been having my pussy shaved and I have been licking my cleaner's pussy too."

"What a good little girl cleaner you are," Sylvie laughed, stroking my cheek, running her finger across my wet lips. "Are you now one of my little harem of schoogirls?" Sylvie was notorious for the success she enjoyed with the VIth-form girls. The rumours were that she had a group of them who were at her beck and call and would do anything she demanded; and she was known for being demanding.

"Delicious, cherie, but I always insist on the initiation ceremony." She sat on the arm chair. "Put her over my lap please, Jordan, and Anna, you help too. You, cleaning woman, bugger off, there's a darling, there's room for only one mistress here, and that is most certainly me." Ella looked at her as though she was going to make a challenge. She hesitated, but then decided to make it.

"No, I do not think so, she is my slut." She looked at Sylvie hard. This was an error. Sylvie strode over to her, her cheeks flushed, and slapped her across the face. Before Ella could recover, Slyvie had pulled her tee-shirt up, immoblising her, and, and had yanked her pants down. "You, Anna, grab her hands." Anna did so, holding them behind her. "Jordan, smack the bitch's arse." Jordan needed no second invitation.

Anna bent Ella forward across the dining room table, holding her firmly. Jordan brought her hand down, hard, two, three, four, five times on Ella's defenceless arse. She stuggled, but to no avail, Anna kept herself fit and was more than up to the task of subduing her. Jordan kept up the assault on her defenceless arse. I watched as Ella's face grimaced. "Ow, oww, owww, let me go you bitches."

Sylvie slapped her face. "We can keep this up all day you silly child. You can still have her when we have had her, but I've lusted after her cunt for a long time, and so has Jordan. Thank you for getting her ready - but she is ours now. Do you understand?" Jordan's relentless assault on her arse had turned it a nice shade of red. My, that girl had stamina. More than Ella. Recognising the inevitable, she submitted.

"Yes, yes I do. But I can still use her, right?"

"Of course you little Polish scrubber, but don't go getting ideas above your station, darling, and we shall get along well. Oh, and never, ever defy me, unless you are sure you are going to win. Spread her legs Jordan. Anna, now she's subdued, go get me a nice small courgette from the fridge." Anna came back with the green vegetable. "Now stick it up her wet cunt, pull her pants up, and she can go." Ella gasped as the cold vegetable made contact with her warm wet lips, and even more as Jordan, with the skill born of much practice, slid it straight up her cunt. She yanked up the panties and shorts.

"Stand up."

Ella wriggled a bit when she stood. She looked flush and sweaty - and aroused. 

"How does that feel?" Sylvie asked with a grin.

"Cold and uncomortable."

Sylvie delivered another slap. "Show some respect for your betters - and that's everyone here apart from the schoolgirl."

"Yes, yes, miss," Anna stammered.

"Now out." Ella accepted he dismissal with as good a grace as she could muster, but walking out with dignity and a courgette up your pussy is given to no woman. "Now then, ladies," Sylvie said, turning to the three of us, "let's get this naughty schoolgirl across Miss Sylvie's lap."

Anna led me over to where Sylvie was sitting, pushing me over her lap. Sylvie settled me, putting her hand in the small of my back. "Jordan, raise her skirt - oh and when you've done that, lose those knickers, I want to see you playing with your cunt while I spank your teacher."

I never thought I'd hear Jordan express agreement with any teacher so readily; but then how often had she been given instructions to reveal her school mistress' arse? I felt her hands on my school-girl skirt, raising the hem above my backside. Sylvie exhaled at the sight: "Yummy. Now, Jordan. lower this young slut's knickers." I felt her fingers linger as she grabbed the waistband of my knickers, or, to be honest, her knickers that I had been forced to wear. She pulled them from the back. I could only imagine the view she, Anna and Sylvie were getting of my bare bum. "Oooh look Miss Sylvie, she's so wet. Look, you can see the string of girl goo as I pull the knickers down." Anna came over to snap a picture. I felt Jordan's finger on my sticky wetness, touching my pussy. She came round the other side.

"Suck that, Miss T, you have one juicy cunt, thick and viscous." I did as I was bade, taking my pupil's finger, slick with my nectar, into my mouth, tasting - and enjoying - the sensation. I felt another two fingers slide out of my pussy, and then Anna's fingers replaced them. Unlike Jordan, she thrust them up me, no hesitation, and she frigged me fast and hard. I gasped at the assault, but with Jordan's fingers in my mouth and Sylvie holding me down, and my bare arse on show, it wasn't as though I could do anything except gasp - which I did. There was something about lying there, across Sylvie's lap, gazing at the floor, feeling her hands beginning to knead my bum cheeks, and being finger fucked by the mother of one of my pupils, whilst being fed my own pussy juice by said pupil, that reduced me to a quivering wreck. Anna stopped finger me, and thrust her sticky, wet fingers into my hungry mouth; I sucked hard.

"I think your little slut likes the taste of pussy," said Anna, "maybe we can experiment with other tastes later?" I shuddered, wondering what they had in mind, half wanting and half not wanting to know. The taste of my ravaged pussy intoxicated me.

"Right ladies, stand away, she's going to have her arse spanked." And with that, Sylvie's hand came down hard on both cheeks. I yelled. That was the start. God knows where she had learned the technique, but she kept up a relentless swatting rythmn, my cheeks wobbling. "Look mum, her arse is turning red."

"Ooh, well done Miss Sylvie, that's a good colour. And look, her legs are kicking. She'll have a sore arse when you've finished."

"If a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing well!" said Miss Sylvie, redoubling her efforts. By now I was yelping, kicking and crying, but all to no avail, she was relentless. Then, suddenly, she stopped. "Into the corner now young lady, knickers down, hands on head. Jordan, roll her skirt up for her."

Jordan obliged, copping a good feel: "Gosh, that's one warm arse, Miss Sylvie.

And so, for the second time that morning, I found myself, knickers around my knees, standing, exposing my bum for all to see. Could it get any worse?

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