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Controlled by my cleaner 4

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Schooling the teacher

The humiliation of standing there, half-naked, my well-spanked arse on display to my pupil and her step-mother, hands on my head, school knickers at half-mast, was so delicious that I could feel my cunt lips all swollen, and the tell-tale tingling was making me wet. Not sure now that that even had I wanted to, I could have stopped this. They had photographs so compromising that I would have been ruined had they circulated them; blackmail was an ugly word, but it added to the frisson. I was trapped and would have to obey.

Anna commented: "You know, Jordan, I do so admire a woman with a well-striped arse; what do you think?"

I heard Jordan's laugh, imagining her eyes devouring the sight of her teacher being reduced to being in such a position. "OK, Miss T," she said, deliberately using a form of words that reminded me of school, but which emphasised all the more the way the roles were reversed.

"Pull those knickers up and, if you can sit, then sit over there in the chair."

Gingerly, I pulled my knickers up. The cotton felt rough compared to my usual silk knickers, and all the rougher when pulled across my sore cheeks; there was a tingling between my legs. OMG, I thought, I am becoming such a slut. Jordan was wearing one of my dresses, a nice low-cut one which, I thought, looked rather better on her than it did on me; there is something about the bodies of young woman at that age, so firm and tender and inviting. Anna briskly drew me from my reveries.

"Jordan, get out of that and into your uniform - but you can keep that slut's knickers on, as she appears attached to yours. We'd best get to school."

I was in a daze, so it was a good job Anna drove. She said she'd pick us up at the end of the day too. My lust-addled mind did not pick up any significance in that.

"Right girls," said Anna, "off you go." She slapped my arse and smiled.

Jordan grinned at me, the cat with the cream. "See you later Miss T." She giggled.

Pulling myself together, I went in, said hello the Moira, the school secretary, and asked in the Head had a moment.

"She's free now Miss, so go straight in."

"Are you alright, Cath?" was the Head's first question.

"Yes, yes, it's just I had a splitting headache, migraine almost, but I am recovering. Can I talk to you about Jordan?"

"Glad to hear you are on the mend," she smiled, we had always got on well, she was solicitous for my welfare, and not just because I kept the place in order for her. "Right, well, what shall we do? I think expulsion may be the only route."

"You may be right Ruth," I said, "but I think that might be the easy option. I think we might try a regime of discipline first, inconveniencing her by keeping her here after hours. I don't mind doing that. I can catch up on my emails here as well as I can at home. As you know, we spinsters have a lot of time." I smiled at her, she grinned back, nodding.

"You are so dedicated, Cath. So yes, let's inconvenince the little slut and see if she likes it."

"Right Ruth, well I think we start later today. I will get Moira to ring her mum."

So it was settled.

Jordan came to my first class of the afternoon. 

"Jordan, you are in detention tonight and the rest of the week."

She smiled: "Yes Miss, thank you Miss, I always find a bit of discipline goes down well with bad girls," and grinning asked, "don't you?"

I hope no one saw me blush.

Habit is a wonderful thing. I got through the afternoon in my usual efficient fashion, but when the final lesson was over, and the day girls had gone home, I went back to my office. Only the boarders were left, and they had prep. Jordan disturbed my reveries, entering my room. "Do you have the key, Miss?"

"Yes, I have it here, why?"

"Unless you want to be caught being done by me, it had better be closed." She locked it. Her young breasts strained at the blouse, I could see her nipples were already hard. She looked good enough to eat. I blushed. "Oooh, Miss, I do believe you have the hots for me; is that right." Her eyes were bright with mischief. Suddenly the room seemed the size of the Albert Hall, and I felt like a young soprano about to perform. "Well, do you, you naughty teacher, you?"

"Yes, yes dammit, I do."

"Thought so, and how long for?"

This was exquisite torture. "Ever since I caught you and Jamie snogging in the changing rooms. I could see up your gym skirt - and that you weren't wearing knickers."

She laughed. "Yeah, I flashed you good. I thought you were a lezzer. You have all the signs."

"What signs?" I asked, slightly alarmed.

"Oh don't worry, it takes a lezzer to spot them. Mostly it's the way you linger slightly too long when you are looking at us and think no one is noticing. You get that look in your eye. So Miss T, discipline it is?"

"Yes Miss Jordan," I said, slipping easily into the role.

"But you know, Miss T that I was not naughty by myself, so I think we ought to invite the other bad girls in."

I looked startled.

"Oh no, please, just you and I, please." I pleaded, genuinely alarmed.

"Tough titty, teach, you get no choice in the matter."

"But haven't they gone home?"

"No, silly, they are all boarders. They're in the prep room, all four of them." She grinned.

"OK do it then - but five of you and one of me, won't I be outnumbered?"

"I bet you'll like that won't you, you posh lesbian cunt."

Oh gosh, those words, stung, but made me aware of my dampness. I blushed furiously.

"But I am your teacher, you can't call me that." I protested.

Jay grabbed her phone and sent a text - "cum to the dep head's office, leave your knickers there, she wants us to fuck her." Turning to me she said:

"Course I can, that's what you are isn't it? A posh lesbian cunt!"

I heard the patter of feet along the corridor. I shivered, but noticed I was growing wetter between my legs. Oh gosh, it suddenly occurred to me what I was wearing underneath my business suit.

"What are you?" Jay's words broke in on my dreaming.

"Yes, Miss Jay, I am a posh lesbian cunt."

Jay grinned. "They're coming - and you're gonna get fucked by me and the girls. Unlock your door."

"Yes Miss Jay."  I went over and unlocked the door.

Four girls rushed in. The tall busty blonde, Ingrid, locked the door. They looked to Jay, always the dominant one, for instructions.

"Ok girls lets have some fun!" she declared.

Their faces lit up in expectation. The whole thing was filling my mind with lust. Along with Jay they were the biggest lezzers in the school, notorious for their seduction of the younger girls. Now they had fresh prey: me.

Grinning like a Chesire cat, Jay asked: "Who wants her tits?"

I stood, helpless.

Ingrid piped up: "They're mine."  She walked up to me and ripped off my smart blouse apart - buttons flew everywhere. She pulled my bra cups down exposing my hard nipples. She burried her face between my tits."

As she did so, Jay's best friend and lover, Jamie stepped behind me and, raising my skirt, pulled my kickers down.

"OMG," said Jamie, "she's wearing reg school knickers, and they are soaked. Kinky bitch." The other girls looked, and laughed.

Jay took control as I protested.

"Fuck off posh Totty, you're our toy now, get used to it!"

They dragged me over to my desk, the youngest, a pretty blonde called Saskia, swept everything onto the floor. I felt compelled to respond to Jay's words. "Yes Miss, I am your posh totty. What do you want me to do to please you all?"

Jay was clear, "Lie down Miss T. Kiss her Jamie and shut her mouth."

I lay down on my desk. Jamie crushed her mouth on mine and pushed her tongue in deep. Ingrid sucked one nipple, as Saskia bit the other. I felt Jamie and Jordan spread my legs wide, and both started fingering my bald cunt. Both of them pushed two fingers each inside me. Thighs wide apart, I was exposed to them all.

I moaned, "Use your posh lesbian slut, use her."

Jay answered, "Don't worry we will, you won't be able to walk when we've finished with you!"

I felt her and Jamie begin to finger fuck my dripping cunt. I writhed, moving up and down. I could feel the other two biting and sucking on my nipples as they fingered each other. Their spittal dribbling down my tits, my girl goo flowing onto the two sets of fingers up my cunt, I was in ecstasy.

Jay noticed, "You look such a slut lying there, your skirt round your waist, your gown already covered in your creamy cunt juice," she laughed.

"Yes miss, I am your posh slut, use me, fuck me."

Jay laughed, "Look at you, lying there, your blouse open with two 17 year olds sucking your big tits; what a fucking slut you are!"

Waves of humiliation flooded over me, my cunt soaking, being ravaged by their question, probing fingers, my tits aching from being bitten and sucked.

Jay piped up, "You do know what would happen if this got out, don't you miss?"

I gasped through the lust, "Yes, yes Miss, I do, ooooh."

Jay rubbed it (and her fingers) in, "You would be in lots of trouble if anyone finds out."

I moaned, "Yes Miss Jay, I know, but I had no choice."

Jay laughed, "And who would believe that we're raping you? No one, so you'd best do as your are told you posh slut. Hurry up and cum we want your mouth to make us all cum too!"

Blushing furiously, beginning to rock myself up and down on their fingers, I responded, "No one would believe me, would they." I was conscious I was moaning.

Jay reminded me of what I already knew and feared, "Betrayal of trust is a sacking, offence, and may even be prison one."

I moaned, loudly, "Yes miss, I will be a good cunt-licker to you all. I don't want to go to prison. Who shall I start with?"

Jay made the girls laugh when she said, "Hmmmmm, maybe you'd like all the dykes fucking you in prison, using your cunt and your mouth? Now cum, you posh cunt."

I moaned, "Yes miss, how shall I cum for you all?

Jay, her breathing heavy with lust ordered them, "Faster girls make the posh slut cum hard."

I jerked and moaned, wriggling up and down on their fingers, my tits being mauled and bitten.

In my lust-fuelled writhing, I heard Jay order, "More fingers Jamie, see if she can take all eight", hee, hee. You two tarts, bite her tits, make her cum!. See, she likes it girls, faster, harder. Omg look at her cunt, she's dripping, make the fucking posh slut cum for us!"

Waves of humiliation and lust shot through me, my tits were on fire, my cunt so wet, so open, with eight fingers in me, I was rocking up and down, wanting it, wanting it. I jerked, moaned, my knees shot up, my neck flung itself back, my eyes closed, "Oooooooooooooooooh fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, fuck me hard. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. Oooooooooooooh fuck." I lost it. thrashing round and coming so hard.

"Omg she's squirting," Jay screamed, "move your hand Jamie. Let her squirt."

I felt myself spasm, losing all dignity. I was just pure lust, lost in all the feelings shooting through my body and mind.

Through the mists I heard Jay congratulating Ingrid.

"Look at those tits, all wet and bright red, covered in teeth marks. Good work ladies. Has she come round yet?"

I looked up to see her smiling broadly, "So, did you like experiencing your dirty fantasy for real Miss?"

"Oh yes, Miss Jay - how can I please you Miss?"

"Come on girls lets all lie down on the big sofa, let your cunts hang over the edge so she can get to them," she ordered the others.

I looked over to my sofa, now decorated with four 17 year old girls lying downside by side, their soppy wet cunts on display."

Jay's voice took charge, as usual, "Ok posh cunt, our turn, make us cum, or else!"

Levering myself off the desk, tits sore, cunt aching, I crawled over to them and asked, "Which cunt first miss?

Confident of the outcome of that, Jay joked, "Go for the juiciest one first, you posh slut."

The choice was bewildering. Four very wet cunts, two clean-shaven, one with sparse hair, and the other with a blonde bush. But I knew what Jay wanted, so went to her first, sooo juicy. I began licking and sucking, her sloppy wet cunt responding as I slid my questing tongue between her swollen lips, parting her labia, sucking on them a little, before sliding two fingers into her. I traced circles around her engorged clit, noticing the hood was already peeled back. I could see her hands touching the cunts on either side of her.

I licked her hard around the vulva, and then softly but insistently around her clit, before sliding my poking tongue down to her wet cunt hole,slurping and sucking, smelling the aroma of cunt everywhere, with Ingrid on my left and Jamie on my right. Out of the corner of my eye I could just see Saskia watching and fingering her wet pussy.

Jordan began to gasp, "Fuck me, but you're a good cunt licker miss."

I pushed three fingers into her dripping cunt, nibbled round the clit, licking and sucking.

Jordan moaned, "Yeah fuck my young wet cunt, make me cum."

I finger-fucked her hard, moving one finger down to an arsehole made wet by her girl goo and my spit. She impaled herself on it, her puckered hole clenching it.

"You like us young girls don't you Miss?" Jordan moaned. "That's why you work here isn't it? A nice supply of young cunts to, suck."

At that she began to jerk convulsively.

"Fuck cumming, cuuuuuuuuuuummmmming." Good as her word, she flooded my mouth. I rubbed my wet face in, sucking in as much of her sweet nectar as I could.

I did the same for Jamie and Ingrid, both of whom came quickly, so worked up by the sights and by Jordan's fingers already. Finally I did young Saskia, her light pubes brushing my nose. By the end I was coated in girl goo. My tongue exhausted, my chin rubbed red. The smell of all our orgasming cunts filled the room.

Jordan, satisfied, pulled my cum covered face up to hers, and kissed me hard.

"See, MIss, that was just perfect. If you are a good girl, we will do you again."

I looked up from my kneeling position.

"That, Miss Jordan, would be delightful."

"Ok posh slut, time for us all to get dressed. Oh, and sorry about the blouse. Mum will be here soon, so you can shower at ours."

Must air the room I thought. Odd post-coital thought - but the smell was already arousing me again. I thought that I would enjoy detaining young Jordan.

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