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Island fun with my new friend

I first saw her at the poolside bar, outside, at the resort hotel in Cozumel.

She was a tiny little thing, probably 5’2” or 5’3” and maybe 100 pounds, with shaggy brunette hair and a cute pixie face with great big doe eyes. She had on cut-off jean shorts and a bikini top. Her legs were nicely proportioned with well-defined calf muscles, and her breasts were small and perky. She had a bright smile that lit up her whole face, and I watched her for a good five minutes or so as she interacted with the bartender and several other guests at the bar. She was friendly and engaging, and she was slurping down the mango margaritas that were featured at the resort.

After a bit, I felt eyes on me and I looked back over and caught her staring. I’m not bad looking to be sneaking up on forty. I’m 5’8” with blonde hair and a decent shape. I’ve got long legs and I was tanned and wearing short shorts and a tee shirt tied off around my middle. It was my second day on the island and I was a little bored and a whole lot horny. She gave me a little smile and tipped her glass my way. I strolled over to her table and said “Hi, I’m Darcy. You look like you’re having a good time. Do you mind if I join you for a bit?”

“Sure, Darcy, have a seat. I’m Lori.”

“Thanks. Aren’t these margaritas fantastic? I could make a killing selling these back home in Indiana!”

“They’re awesome for sure! I’m already buzzing a little.” She gave me that winning smile, and a lingering look that sent tingles through my loins. I wanted this girl, and it looked like she might have an interest, too.

You know I love it when a plan comes together.

“I know! I’m on my third, and life is definitely looking pretty good. I’m going to need an afternoon nap if I keep this up”, I reasoned.

“So tell me, Lori, are you here by yourself?” I slyly went into lecherous mode.

“I’m down here with my boyfriend. We just got in, and he’s off renting us some scuba gear. We’re going to dive in the morning. How about you, are you by yourself?”

“Yeah, I’m flying solo this time around. My boss rewarded me with tickets after I closed a big deal.”

“Sounds like a nice boss to have. Say, would you like to join us tonight for dinner? I’m sure Mark wouldn’t mind.”

“I’d hate to intrude, Lori. I’m sure you and Mark don’t want a third wheel on your first night in Cozumel.”

“Ha! He’s already said he wants to get up early tomorrow. He’s so worn out that he’ll be asleep by 8 o’clock so I could certainly use the company.”

“Well, alright then. I’m in 312. Give me a buzz when you guys are ready to eat.”

Dinner was good. We all had seafood. Lori and I drank two bottles of wine. Mark was personable but obviously very tired. He excused himself right after dinner, giving Lori a peck on the cheek and admonishing her not to stay out too late.

And just like that we were on our own.

Lori suggested a few more drinks at the hotel club, so we made our way back through the tunnel from the restaurant to the hotel. We were laughing and having a good time, and she was as cute as she could be. She’d given me a few pointed looks at dinner, and I figured she was interested if I played my cards right.

We both got mango margaritas and before too long we were on the dance floor. She moved well, and I saw several men giving us the eye as we gyrated. You know I enjoy men, but tonight I wanted little Lori in my bed so I ignored them all and focused in on my little honey. I grabbed her hips from behind and we dirty danced for a song or two, feeling the music and our liquor. She was laughing and leaning into me, getting into it. My hands roamed her luscious frame as we danced. Her hair was wild and sexy and she rubbed her ass into me. Bolts of electricity shot straight to my pussy and my nipples hardened. She smelled like vanilla and lavender and I could tell that she was feeling it, too. I could see her nipples pointing through her top and there was no mistaking the lust in her eyes.

The song ended and as we walked back to our table I stroked her butt cheek with my hand. She leaned back into me and circled both arms around my neck backwards, her lips seeking mine. We kissed there on the dance floor, tongues sword-fighting in our mouths, and she turned into my arms. Men were whooping and hollering. I let my hands roam her backside and I felt her rubbing my snatch with her soft fingers, probing and circling and setting me on fire.

“Want to get out of here? I have a bottle of tequila in my room.” I spoke into her ear. I punctuated the question by lightly licking her earlobe.

“Oh God, yes! Let’s go!”

Five minutes later we were in my hotel room. Lori kicked off her sandals and flopped down on the bed. I grabbed the tequila and I poured a shot. I pushed her back and I pulled her top up, exposing her tan tummy. I licked her there, just above her navel, and then I poured salt where I’d licked. She watched with those doe eyes. I sucked on her then, getting the salt, and then downed the shot.

“Body shots. The only way to drink tequila!”

I lay down next to her and offered her the bottle. I pulled my top over my head and pointed to the inside of my breast. “You do one here!” I prompted. She didn’t need any more encouragement, and soon she had her hot mouth on my breast, my nipple rock hard as she chugged her shot.

I sat up. “Come here, babe”, I said, motioning for her to stand in front of me. She did, and I unfastened the buttons on her shorts and slid them down her hips. “I want my next one right here”, I said, licking her just inside her hipbone. She moaned a little and eased herself back onto the bed. I poured the salt and put my mouth on her again, just inches from her sweet center. I was acutely aware of its proximity as I slurped the salt and pulled away to do my shot.

I felt her hands on my ass. She pulled me closer and her tongue was in my navel. Her mouth was hot and wet as she kissed her way up my tummy. Her lips brushed my nipple and then she had it engulfed in her mouth. So warm and soft! Her tongue made circles around my nipple while she pulled my shorts over my hips. I stepped out of them and pushed her back on the bed. I leaned over her and softly sucked her bottom lip into my mouth. She tasted like tequila. I felt her fingers probing through my slick middle. She parted my lips and one finger slid easily inside. I gasped and stuck my tongue in her mouth. Her kisses were so soft and sweet! Her finger was curled around inside me, her first joint rubbing my love button as her fingertip stroked me high inside.

“God, Lori! You’ve got me on fire!” I squealed. I stood up between her legs and she helped me pull her top off. Her breasts were small and firm with succulent, rock-hard nipples pointing at me. I snaked one into my mouth with my tongue and she moaned with pleasure. I lightly bit the taut button and I felt her grind her wet slit against my thigh, her back arching and a look of pure lust on her face.

“Your mouth is so hot on me, Darcy! I want to feel your tongue in me!”

I didn’t need any further invitation. I slid her back and swung her legs over onto the bed. I positioned myself between them and she spread a little wider to give me access. Her pussy was smooth and swollen. Her flower was starting to open up. I could see her sweet little clit beginning to poke out of its hood as I kissed my way up the inside of her thigh. Her wetness glistened in the soft moonlight that was filtering in off of the balcony.

Her fingers were entwined in my hair, guiding me, offering me encouragement as I nibbled and teased my way up. I softly took her left lip into my mouth and sucked it gently until it plopped out. I switched sides and nibbled up her thigh on the right side until I reached her lip, and I pulled it into my mouth and sucked it like I’d done the left one. She was moaning and arching her mound up to meet my tongue, aching to feel my mouth on her. I was enjoying the teasing, denying her, edging closer and closer but managing to ignore her swollen clit.

“Ah babe! Lick it! Suck my pussy, please!” she panted, and I relented, sliding my tongue through her molten center, flicking it back and forth gently across her nubbin. She tasted salty and sweet and a little musky. Her smell intoxicated me and I set about working over her hot little pussy with my mouth. I nibbled and I slurped and I sucked and I probed her folds with my slippery tongue. I spread her open a little with my fingers and I sucked her clit, pulling a mild vacuum while my tongue went crazy. She mashed her hips upward and she pulled my hair, guiding my mouth on her, grinding her hot snatch into my face.

“Oh God! I’m going to cum!” she cried! “Make me cum, baby! Eat my pussy and make me cum!” Sweet cream oozed out of her and I lapped it up, covering my face in her juices. Her hips bucked and she clamped down on me then, her orgasm wracking her body with delectable twitches and spasms. I gently kept sucking her sweet little pussy, my tongue lightly flicking her super-sensitive button. Slowly I eased her back down to earth, nibbling and tasting, reveling in her release, savoring her taste. She was delicious, and my pussy was soggy and swollen with the excitement of making this gorgeous creature cum.

“Holy shit, Darce”, she exclaimed! “I needed that so bad!”

“I did too, Lori. I wanted to taste you as soon as I saw you at the pool today.” I grinned.

“Well, one good turn deserves another, don’t you think?” she said, easing me back onto the bed.

“Absolutely, my dear! In fact, one good turn deserves three!” I laughed. I swung around, positioning myself underneath her so we could 69.

“Oh, you’re evil!” she groaned, as my lips grazed her still-dripping slit. I felt her tongue on my mound, and I ached for her then. My pussy was sopping wet, and her fingers slid right in as her tongue found my swollen clit. I used my thumb on her, rubbing while I sucked and slurped. She had a hot, talented tongue and she went to work on my pussy, nibbling and biting and sucking me. Her fingers were fucking me good and her tongue was working magic on my clit. I had my face buried in her snatch and I slid up an inch or two so I could tongue her sweet little brown hole. My tongue in her ass put her over the edge, and she gave me another taste of her sweet cream as she came again, hard!

It sent her into a frenzy of renewed slurping, sucking my pussy and darting her tongue back and forth across my clit, and I could feel my own orgasm start way down in my toes. It built and gathered steam and I locked my thighs around her head and I gushed my own cream all over her, bucking my hips, sucking her, tasting her, feeding her, awash in my own little world, my pussy throbbing and tingling, her sweet gash pressed into my face, our juices covering each other.

We fell back on the bed, spent. I felt so relaxed, so sated. I was in a hotel room in Cozumel. I had Lori’s cum on my face and she was wearing mine. The room smelled of girl and of sex. I was a touch drunk and just about as content as I’d ever been in my whole entire life.

“So do you think sea diving with Mark tomorrow will be anywhere near as good as muff diving with Darcy was tonight?” I asked.

We both busted out laughing at that! We stayed there for a while, touching and kissing, enjoying our new friendship and that special closeness we’d forged together. Soon she gathered her things and prepared to leave.

“Would you be interested in helping me rock Mark’s world tomorrow night?” she asked.

“We’ve talked about a threesome before, and I’d love for it to be with you.”

“Well, Lori, how could I resist?” I grinned as I kissed her bye.

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