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Cum when I tell you to

Carmen finds a way into my pussy after years of trying..and boy was it worth it

     It all started the day when I decided to have a combined Birthday party with a friend. A lot of planning went into this party..we worked for months to work out all of the know like the who to invite and who not to invite list! One name crossed my mind a couple of times, her name was Carmen, she was 5'5 shoulder length black hair and green eyes.. oh and she happened to be one of my lesbian friends that had a major crush on me in high school. I decided to invite, the only problem was she had no ride so I had to go pick her up from college...she lived in a dorm. 
      The day of my party finally came and I spent hours working out all of the last details with the food, decorations and getting ready. I went shopping and found the best outfit! As I took a hot shower, I remembered that I was going to be late.. Standing in my mirror I admired the black strapless shirt that fit tightly over my 40DD breast and my beautiful legs being over exposed my by super short skirt and and to top the outfit off a sexy pair of black heels. One hour before the party, I decided I had to go pick her up. When I got there, she greeted me at the side door and told me that she wasn't quite ready. She asked me to come up stairs to her room and wait. I instantly noticed her looking me up and down and licking her lips. I naturally hesitated... Deciding I had nothing better to do I followed her up three flights up stairs. She was wearing an extremely tight shirt and her nipples were extremely hard by the time we got to her room. I wondered what was going through her mind.
       While she was packing her overnight bag, she kept telling me that her back and shoulders were causing her a lot of pain that she couldn't get rid of it, like a good friend, I offered to try and rub them for her. As I was rubbing her shoulder, I noticed light noises escaping her lips.... Her light muffled sounds slowly turned into moaning. I tried to ignore them and keep doing my "job". I didn't want her to be in any pain at my I was doing whatever I could to prevent it. Nevertheless, her moans became louder and they were actually starting to have a strange affect on me, I noticed my nipples were starting to grow harder.
       I have never experienced a sexual encounter with a woman before, so I honestly do not know how the rest of this story took place...Carmen was sitting in a chair by her desk with her back exposed partially to me, I slowly slid my hand under the top of her shirt...she moved backwards as if to lay up against me... I took this as a sign that she liked my touch.. I continued to let my hand slid across her smooth skin.. I slipped my hand down the front of her shirt, Carmen's moans started again... I started to rub her large DDD breast, As my hands rubbed across her breast, she turned around to face me. All of a sudden she stood up.. I was startled so I jumped backwards and tried to remove my hands from underneath her shirt and bra. Carmen took this as her chance to take control. Unexpectedly, she grabbed a handful of my long brown hair and forced my face to meet hers.... While holding my hair she traced my lips with her tongue and then kissed me so seductively, leaving me wanting so much more!
        After a few minutes of kissing and exploring each others curves, I unsnapped her bra to free her gorgeous breast. As they bounced free, I closed my eyes and let my tongue run across them..I slowly started to suck each nipple careful not leave any skin untouched. Carmen reached around for something to grab to prevent herself from screaming. My hair was the first thing she was able to grab. Feeling like she was loosing control, she started to run her fingers up the sides of my silky thighs and then slipped them under my skirt to lightly brush my Kitty knees began to get week. She finally broke our lustful kiss and went to her bed room door and to be surprised locked the unlocked door!
        Carmen walked over beside her bed and sat down on the purple thick rug. She patted the floor next to her and waited for me to join... I sat down on the rug about 10 feet in front of her opening my legs. Since I didn't have any panties on she had no problem seeing a perfect view of my neatly trimmed pussy. She instantly noticed my wetness and moved toward me. She started gently kissing my leg and began licking all the way up to my thigh and with her free hands she forced me to lay back on to the floor. She let her tongue run across my thighs and traced circles around my very wet pussy being sure not to apply to much pressure. She moved her body in-between my thighs and began to engulf my pussy with her mouth! As she licked my pussy, I struggled to keep my moans quiet. Carmen loved the way I was squirming underneath her and without notice she slipped two fingers in me. Her fingers moved in and out of me in a fast rhythm. It felt so good! Between her licking my clit and fingering my pussy, I knew then that I wanted to have her, but I only had one problem!!!
        She told me she wanted to play a little game.. I hesitated. The rules were I was not allowed to touch her, I was told to put my hands on my head and keep them there. I was also not allowed to cum without her permission, she wanted my orgasm to build up and be worth it and well deserved... I love being told what to do, so I wrapped my hands into my own hair and let her work her magic between my thighs. It started to drive me crazy... her fingers slid in and out of my wet pussy and he tongue traced over my hard clit.. I started to rock my hips back and forth underneath her, she grabbed my hips and buried her face deeper into my pussy ... I couldn't hold out any longer, I just had to touch her. I couldn't stop thinking about tasting her. I smoothly reached down and started to rub her huge breast...she slapped my hand. I moved it for a second, but quickly tried to touch her again, I forced her up my body to my mouth and started kissing her again..While licking my juices off of her lips, I took my chance to play with her pussy. I was amazed how wet she was. Her pussy lips parted with ease as my fingers rubbed her clit.
         I slowly turned her over to make her lay on the floor and took my place straddling her... I started kissing her lips, licking her neck... and worked my way down past her breast and navel... I lightly traced over every part of her beautiful body with my tongue leaving no part untouched. When i got to her pussy, I opened her legs as far as possible.. After a few minutes of lingering my tongue over her inner thighs, I dove in and tasted her pussy. Carmen reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair to interlaced between her fingers. I payed no mind to what she was doing... I had a goal of my own. Bravely I slipped two fingers into her pussy! She grabbed a shirt that was laying on the floor and smashed it over her face to keep her sounds quiet.
        While I was enjoying my meal of freshly shaven pussy, she told me to get on top and turn around... so I did. As I was laying on top of her in the 60 position my wet pussy dripped just inches from her face.. I could feel her breathing and it sent chills down my spine. I could feel her mouth about to touch me. She parted my lips and began taking long single strokes with her tongue. I loved the feeling of her tongue on my clit, she took both of her hands and rubbed my thick ass chicks. With her hands separating my pussy lips, she buried her face right inside of me!! It was so hard for me to concentrate on anything else, but I managed to regain focus and I dove back into her pussy that was just begging to be touched again!
        I slipped three fingers in her and made her begin to squirm and get even wetter... this continued on for a few minutes. I knew she was getting close to cumming so I put my mouth up against her pussy and began sucking on her clit. This is exactly what she needed to send her over the top, she started bucking her hips and smashed her face even harder in to me as to muffle her screams. The vibrations of her moans against my clit combined with the flickering of her tongue and the two fingers that she had in me was what my body needed..... Carmen told me to cum.. she said she wanted me to cum all over her. She begged to have me cum in her mouth. I focused everything I had on riding her mouth. She slapped my ass with her free hand and sucked my clit even harder. I felt my orgasm quickly approaching. As I called out her name, my body began to shake and my pussy oozed cum all over her face and dripped into her mouth and like a pros we licked each clean to the very end!!

This is the start of the night... Stay tuned to see what happens after the party!!

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