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Curiosity at it's Finest

I explain my attraction to one of my old friends, Miriam, and our experience together one night.
I've always been a little curious about my sexuality. I have a boyfriend whom I love and find very attractive. But yet I find my self wondering what it would be like to be with a girl. I have this attraction to women that I can't get over. Don't get me wrong, I have an extremely good sex life with my boyfriend and we always have amazing sex, but being with a girl has always sparked my curiosity. There's just something about them that turns me on. There is just something about them that guys don't have.

Boobs and ass is what I like in a women. A nice curvy body. It makes my pussy wet just thinking about it.

For some reason I can't stop fantasizing about my dear friend Miriam. She is gorgeous. She is Latina. Yes, she lacks boobs and ass that I find attractive, but I love her small petite body. She also has a gorgeous face, big brown eyes, pretty lips and tan skin. In my mind she is a goddess.

I stayed the night over her house and I had a really good time. Miriam, her sister, and I were really into MySpace at that time. We would add a ton of friends and talk to a lot of people. We spent most of the night up on the computer. Eventually after hours of myspacing we went up stairs into her room. Laughing and writing on her walls. Talking. I developed an interest in her which made me curious about my sexuality.

She went into the basement to get a couple of her dad's beers. We sat on her bed and looked at her writing filled walls conversing. Drinking beer and having a good time. I knew she was bi at the time but I didn't know that she was into me. After hours of talking and laughing we laid down together on the bed talking. She asked me if I had ever been with a girl before, and I had told her no. Before that I never thought I would have such a deep attraction for girls. She asked me if I had ever kissed a girl before, and again no. She asked me if I would kiss her? At first I was hesitant, but I figured I'd give it a try.

She kissed me, and all of a sudden we were close and we were feeling each others' tits. It felt so good. The touch of a female, especially a beautiful one like her, I got so turned on. Her kiss was so sweet and it felt so different from kissing a boy. An amazing difference. Soon we were kissing each other passionately. I loved the feeling of her small body against mine.

She then put one of her hands in my pants and began very lightly rubbing my wet pussy. The feeling was like nothing I had ever felt before, bliss. Her hands were tiny and soft, they felt so nice inside of me. She started off slow, and progressed in speed over time. I felt myself beginning to orgasm. I grabbed her nice round perky tits and fondled them while her fingers moved delicately inside me, pumping in and out faster and faster. I couldn't stand to hold it in anymore. My body started shaking as my pussy tightened around her two small fingers. She pulled her cum drenched fingers out and slowly worked them into her gorgeous mouth. It turned me on so much to see her suck up my sweet juices.

As soon as I knew it I was on top of her, kissing her intensely, feeling up every inch of her body.

I wanted to taste her.

I started by rubbing her thigh, and then rubbed the outline of her pussy. It was so wet, drenched in her sex juices. I couldn't resist anymore and plunged my fingers into her pussy. I put two fingers as deep as I could get them. I could feel her vaginal walls pulsating for me. I pulled one finger out and stuck my middle finger into her tight pussy hole and then quickly pulled it out and rubbed the length of her soaking wet vagina.

I then lowered my mouth and started licking her nice 34B sized tits. They were so soft against my lips. I flicked my tongue on her nipple quickly, causing her to moan.

I looked up into her eyes intently, and made my way down kissing her stomach, and then her thigh, and finally rested my lips softly on her pussy.

The aroma was intoxicating.

I began to lick up and down her pussy very slowly and intimately. She tasted amazing. I breathed in the sweet scent while I began explore the inside of her pussy hole. Her pussy was so tight. I grabbed her ass while I sucked in her sweet juices. She was moaning loud now digging her nails into the bed and scratching my back. She began to shudder and I started licking faster and faster, and then all of sudden she came in my mouth. It was the best taste that I had ever tasted.

I got up and kissed her ever so lightly. I held her in my arms and cuddled her.

We laid there silently as close as we could get and after a while both dozed off.

Ever since then I have been determined to one day get my chance to explore Miriam once more. Till then I wait.

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