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Dannie and Steff: Teen Sleepover Experience Part 2

Continuation of Part One, now told from Stephanie's point of view. Please suggest and comment!
Laying breathlessly on the couch and coming down from a huge orgasm, I watched Danielle as she reached into her sleepover bag and slowly pulled something out. "Wow," I thought. "Did she come prepared for this situation?"

Danielle sauntered towards me, holding something behind her back. Her supple 34C breasts swung freely as she knelt down beside me, caressing my hair. Gently nibbling on my earlobe, she whispered "Steph you trust me by now, right?"

"Yes, fully." I said assuredly.

"Good, because I'm going to make you feel amazing. Sit up."

I sit up quickly, but with an edge of nervousness. If it's something like a dildo behind her back, I'm not sure my tight pussy could take it all. Since we were young, Danielle has always been full of surprises. That's what I love about her! Swaying my feet back and forth, I gaze expectantly into her large blue eyes.

"Tah-dah!" Danielle whips something out from behind her back.

"Is that a... cloth?"

"Oh my goodness Steph, get with the times!" she rolled her eyes, but smiled. "It's. A. Blindfold. Silk, I might add. Once this covers your eyes, all of your other senses will be heightened. Plus," she winked, "You won't be able to tell what I'm going to do to you next. Now don't get all nervous on me, just relax. I want you to enjoy this."

As Danielle reached her arms around the back of my head to secure the blindfold, my heart fluttered with excitement. Everything around me went dark, and I automatically felt all my other senses heighten. Knowing that by having the blindfold on I was submitting to Danielle; letting her take all of the control, it surprisingly turned me on. I (covertly I thought), slipped my right hand in between my legs and began to play with my clit.

"Ah ah ah!" Danielle slapped my hand away and grabbed both of my wrists, gently pinning them at my sides. Sternly, she said "This is my time to play with you Stephanie. You could pleasure yourself on your own clock but right now, you'll let me do the job for you".

"Yes Danielle," I exhaled. "Can you just hurry up though? I'm horny."

I heard a laugh escape Dannie's lips, she was probably surprised at my own bluntness as much as I.

"Yes baby, I'm at your service."

I felt Danielle grab my legs and pull them apart, cool air hitting my pussy as she blew on it. Knowing that I couldn't give much after being rendered blind, I allowed myself to moan, relax and lay back into the couch so I could enjoy the ride.

"Oh what a gorgeous pussy you have Stephanie." she said, tracing her finger up and down my slit. "Who did you shave it for? You haven't had a boyfriend in a while..."

"It makes it easier to play with Dannie, I'm sure YOU know that."

"Hey, now don't get cheeky with me missy!"

I grimaced as Danielle slapped my pussy, but loved the tingling feeling afterwards. She then spread my legs as wide as they'd open, and stuck her head in between them. I felt her pull apart my lower lips and trace her tongue along my pussy. I probably gave away the clue of how horny I was, feeling a pool of my own juices beneath me.

"Please Danielle," I whimpered. "I need you inside me."

She responded, delving her tongue into my pussy. As she tongue fucked me I raised my pussy to her face, thrusting in time with her tongue. Hearing the sloshing sound of her tongue plunging into my wetness made me wild, as I reached forward blindly and then pressed her head harder to my pussy, forcing her to continue to tongue fuck and suck me. Not having to reach far, Dannie got rough and tugged on my long hair as she devoured my pussy. Another orgasm building up, my hips began bucking wildly against her face. Sensing I was going to lose control, she pulled away her face and shoved three fingers into my wet pussy. Not expecting it I screamed, cumming all over her fingers.

"Yes Dannie, yes!! Make me cum more, you feel so good!"

"More bitch? How about I give you a new nickname! Does Slutty Stephanie work? I hope you aren't expecting a rest you whore, because tonight you definitely won't be getting one!"

I had never told Danielle, but dirty talk always turns me on. In daily life I hate cussing, but once I get into a bedroom it's as if someone else wilder and dirtier takes my place. I love it!

"Oh it's perfect Danielle, I'm your slutty best friend! Can I take off the blindfold now though? I want to see you do these things to me."

"A few more minutes bitch! I still have more planned... Take care of yourself for two minutes, I'll be right back. And don't you dare touch that blindfold!"

Hearing her walk away, I began to finger my pussy. I hear a rustling noise, but I'm way too turned on in order to even think about what it is. First I slide in two fingers, then gradually pick up the pace and slip in a third. I start moaning, wishing I could look down and see me finger-fuck myself. Instead I reach one hand under my breast and lift it up to my mouth, stretching my tongue far out in order lick my nipple. Finally, I hear Danielle approach.

"Missed me? Here babe, let me take care of that for you."

She tugs my fingers out of my pussy, and quickly replaces them with hers. I gasp as she slides in a fourth finger... I've never thought my pussy could take that many! As abruptly as it began, it ended. I felt her hot breath as she leaned over and straddled me... I never would have believed what happened next if I didn't experience it first hand.

"Open your lips wide bitch!!" She shoved her cum soaked fingers (MY cum to be specific), into my mouth and I immediately begin sucking my juices off. Finally, Dannie rips my blindfold off. I looked down just in time to see a huge pink cock pump right into my pussy!

"Oh my God! YESSSS!" My hips begin bucking wildly in time with her thrusts. I can't believe that Danielle... My Dannie, is fucking me with a strap-on!

We both start moaning, becoming louder the faster our pace increases. I flip her over so I could finally have more of her cock. Our mouths meet, and begin a passionate kiss that seems to last forever. On the brink of an orgasm, I lift Danielle's legs over each one of my shoulders, and plunge my pussy deep onto her awaiting cock. Releasing a primal scream, I gasp for air and collapse on top of Danielle's bare chest, with her plastic cock still inside of me. After giving me a moment to recover, she feeds one of her tits into my mouth. I give it a gentle suck, but pull off of her cock instead. I have something else in mind.

"It's my turn now Dannie. Take off that cock of yours now. You deserve a treat."

"Yes Stephanie, here you go Stephanie!" She tears it off with the speed of light and tosses it to me.

Looking into her eyes, I winked and seductively licked the strap-on. Tasting my own leftover juices began making me wet again. Slowly, I slid it on and got everything into position. Looking down, I saw Danielle on her back, spread-eagle with her hips raised in front of me.

"Funny joke bitch! No pussy pounding for you tonight, I want you on all fours. Pronto."

"Up my ass?" She whimpered, propping herself up. "Looks like someone has let down all their guards..."

"Oh shut up, I know you love it! I always wondered why you shared your sex stories with me beforehand... Now, I know what you like!"

Without warning, I put the tip of my cock against her asshole and shoved it in. It resisted at first, until I began to go slower, carefully pumping the cock into her tight asshole. I grabbed her hips and pulled them back towards me, allowing the thrusts to get deeper each time.

"Uh Stephanie, yes! Oh fuck me like that baby, pound into my tight asshole! You like that? Oh yes, oh yes, uh... Uh, uh, YES!"

Her body began shaking as I pumped rapidly into her. My own moans mixed with hers as we finally climaxed together, in one big grand finale. As the strap-on slipped out of her now-gaping asshole, we collapsed in a heap on top of each other. Breathing heavily, I leaned over and whispered in her ear.

"Thank you so much for this Danielle."

Somehow, I knew this wouldn't be the end of our fun.
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