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Dark Corners

Can old friends still ignite old flames?
She already knew his fantasy (I’ll write about it once it’s happened!) and laying in the darkness, sleepless at 12pm it could still get her blood pumping, but tonight Mia’s thoughts were wondering back to her school years. Only yesterday she had received a message from an old friend.

Natalie had been the quiet one at school but had unexpectedly made a great friend to Mia. A few months on and the annual visit to the museum was upon them and after getting lost in one dark corner, away from bored and strict eyes of their fellow peers and teachers, Mia and Natalie shared a precious yet unexpected kiss which, over the following year, behind closed doors, became more of an exploration of the same sex hidden by thin layers of clothing. But sex was a hushed topic and only the select few who found their parents hidden tapes and toys were daring enough to ‘go the whole way’!

Mia often wondered how things would have progressed had they been a little older and less afraid of getting caught naked together. She wondered how Matt would take the news, if he knew, of her hidden past. With her mind deep in thought she fell into a dreamy sleep...

At first the text had surprised her; a random stranger getting her number was unusual for Mia but once she uncovered the sender she agreed to meet Natalie at the local cafe for a gossip. In truth she was nervous. Dark corners were a perfect place for playing about in but out in the open over a steamy cup of coffee she was worried the passion she had felt would come flooding back to her!

She recognised her almost at once. Mia stood mesmerised by the perfect silhouette of Natalie. Her breast were larger, her waist smaller but her long brunette curls still fell loosely over her back and as Mia came before her she felt a fluttering in her stomach as she noticed Natalie’s perfect features, her rose lips pouting naturally, her breasts curving smoothly to just underneath her chin! Mia’s lips tingled with the memory. Natalie cried out in joy at the sight of her old friend and hugged her tightly, pushing her and Mia’s breast together, planting a rose on each of Mia’s blushing cheeks.

“Mia you look amazing babes, you must do a lot to keep that figure! How have you been?”

Shocked at the welcome from a once shy Natalie it took a while for Mia to compose herself. “I’m great and thanks, I’d say the same about you! What’s new in your life then?”

The girls spent a couple of coffees discussing life, but the sexual tension was almost visible. So much so that Mia was sure even the waitress, after a few smiles, had picked up on it! A few brushes of the leg, flutter of the lashes and twirl of the curls made the place between Mia’s thighs pulse. As they stood at the entrance to the cafe Natalie gave Mia a final French farewell and a soft touch of the hands before the pair departed.

That evening not even Matt’s tenderness could remove the pulsing feeling of Natalie’s presence. The next meeting was soon arranged. Mia still had no idea of Natalie’s intentions, but there had been no mention of a boyfriend, or a girlfriend for that matter, so a little curiosity couldn’t harm.

The film started and everyone hushed, but up in the back row Mia had other images running before her eyes, she just had to find the courage. She glanced around to Natalie, who to her surprise was gazing her deep brown eyes right back at her. The gaze was broken in an instant. Even with just her presence, Mia could feel the pulsing growing between her long bare legs.

As the lights illuminated the seats again Mia felt a soft hand rest on her knee.

“Shall we go for a drink?”

“That would be lovely, Matt’s picking me up so name a place and I’ll get him to meet us towards the end!”

“Oh yes I’d love to meet your man! Hows about the pub around the corner, it’s a little dark inside but-”

“Sounds perfect!” Natalie gushed possibly a little too enthusiastically.

Sipping a white wine spritzer each they giggled about the film but Mia could still feel the pulse waiting expectantly, almost encouraging her!

Giggling “doesn’t that remind you of that girl at school” hehehehe “Wow school, those days seem long gone. But I guess we had fun”

A sexy gaze from Natalie and a smooth brush with their legs was all that Mia needed to feel that tingling electric, which seemed to pass through them both and Mia finally plucked up the courage to place a well manicured hand on Natalie’s knee.

“Yes we did have fun...You look amazing tonight by the way”

“So do you Mia. How do you fancy going back to my place a little early?” Natalie leant in and with her warm breath shewhispered, “This place is dark, but it doesn’t have any corners”

The pulse between Mia’s legs answered the question for her.

“Your flat is gorgeous Nat, is it just you here?”

“Yea just me, just how I like it.”

When Mia looked up from her phone she found Natalie slinking her way towards her across the soft carpet.

“Drink?” She bent down to reach into the cupboard giving Mia a flash of her smooth, bare bum and at the top of the short figure hugging black number Mia could clearly make out the triangle of a lacy thong. The pulse ran through her body and her mouth went dry.

Mia rested down on the rug in front of the fireplace and felt the fur tickle the inside of her thighs. Handing her a glass, Natalie took her place beside her.

“Sorry this looked too comfortable to ignore but we can sit on the sofa if you don’t want to risk me spilling this drink all over your lovely rug!”

“Don’t worry about it babes. I often sit down here as I love the feel of it on my legs, can you feel it too?”

With that Natalie reached out a slender finger and drew it along the inside of Mia’s warm thigh. To have a soft finger against her thigh instead of Matt’s masculine hand gave Mia a tingling sensation like never before, but it certainly turned her on.

“Reminds me of old times Mia, although your breasts are bigger! Can I?”

Natalie’s small hand cupped over the shadow of her firm breast and Mia could feel her nipples hardened beneath.

“Sorry” She removed her hand, seeing Mia blush. Mia had never had anyone other than Matt touch her but it didn’t make her as nervous as she expected.

Mia drained her glass and knelt forward, her breasts fighting gravity, in full view of Natalie’s sexy wide eyes. The bubbles from the spritzer tickled down her throat as she placed her lips to Natalie’s. Inside she was shocked but Natalie responded until Mia had forced her down onto her back, pressing her pussy up against hers hoping she could feel the pounding. Natalie let out a gentle moan inside Mia’s mouth and the pair gazed into each other’s eyes. Mia’s pussy began to feel wet and hot; she pinned Natalie down at the waist with her sexy warm thighs and slowly removed her top to let loose her 36DD breasts.

“Like old times mmmmm” Natalie said as she placed her hands on Mia’s thighs then slid her thumbs inwards to rest against Mia’s freshly shaved lips. With a soft moan Mia lent down and ripped off Natalie’s top and bra. Her lips pouted over Natalie’s already firm nipples. She was shocked at this natural instinct which seemed to have engulfed her as her tongue circled over Natalie’s breast. After a few moments of ecstasy Mia slid down Natalie’s body until her eyes were level with Natalie’s hips. Her fingers found a slender waist band of an almost nonexistent skirt and she gave a gentle tug to reveal and red hot, lacy thong. She had never tasted pussy and she had a burning desire for it. She looked up to meet Natalie’s gaze as a way of reassurance, and placed her now rose tinted lips to Natalie’s smooth shaved pussy. Natalie spread her legs wide and moaned. Mia’s tongue began to tickle her warm pulsing clit, erect like a hard cock. Pre cum gently seeped from between Natalie’s silky folds and reached Mia’s soft lips. She tasted beautiful. Gently, she ran her finger down from Natalie’s glistening firm nipples to her hard moist clit causing a tingling wave to flow through Natalie which escaped as a cry from the rose. Mia slid her wet finger inside, causing Natalie a second wave of pleasure.

“OH god Mia, don’t stop. Oh Mia, that feels so good, fuck!”

With every blissful moan Mia fucked her deeper and licked her more as she reached Natalie’s climax. Mia could feel the pounding on her tongue until Natalie cried out for one last time, her pussy tightening her juices flowing warmly over Mia’s fingers onto the tip of her tongue. She tasted so sweet. Her nipples caressed Natalie’s body as she slowly moved up towards her breasts, their pussys connecting.

“I want you to taste how sweet you are, you taste so good.” She pressed her wet fingers to Natalie’s lips, who open her mouth and sucked them like a lollypop, their eyes never breaking contact.

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