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Dealing with Death Part II

Sarah learns more about why she is going where she's going
The Grim Reaper stuck his bony hand inside his cloak, and pulled out a pocketwatch with a chain attached to whatever was inside.

“For fuck's sake. Can you get your saggy ass moving? We’re already late and if I don’t get to pick up the others, then I’ll have to go hunting for ghosts. That’s a fucking nightmare.”

Sarah sat down on the bed, looking up at him.

“What is your name?”

He looked up from his pocket watch.


“What is your name? Surely you have a name, or something that they call you.”

“Why the fuck do you wanna know? I’m here to drag you to Hell, and then never see you again. It's not like this is the start of a friendship or anything. This is business.”

Sarah looked down on the floor, sadness creeping over her face.

“I just wanted to get to know you."

He dropped his head while shaking it, and put his hand up to his forehead. Even the Grim Reaper could do a facepalm, even if he was lacking both the face and the palm. He started tapping his fingers on his forehead, sending out a bony clack-clack sound into the room as he mumbled to himself.

“Why the fuck do I always get the emotional ones? Do I look like Dr. Phil? I’m the Grim Reaper, not a fucking Care Bear. Soon they’ll expect me to ride a fucking unicorn and shit rainbows.” He raised his head and looked at her. “The name is Bill. That’s what they call me.”

Sarah giggled a bit.

“Bill? That’s not a very scary name, is it?”

He raised his head quickly and looked at her. She could feel the staring from where his dark eyes would have been. Or maybe, they were there. Nonetheless, there was something looking at her; a gaze burying itself through her and looking straight into her.

“You want to see scary, Sarah?” His voice was now deep and looming, sending shivers through her body. Her skin filled with goose bumps in a heartbeat. He flicked his hood back, uncovering his head that was only a skull on a spine. There were no eyes, no skin or anything, just the bony skull. His arms were stretched, the right hand clutching the scythe, and the other hand open. The room was still very dimly lit, giving him a sort of ghostly glow. Then the flames came.

They weren’t your regular fireplace flames, but a much brighter blue colour. They shot out from his arms and shoulders, forming around his head like some sort of halo. The entire room turned blue as the flames turned brighter, cutting into her eyes.

“Sarah Klein. You will fear and respect me.” The threatening voice rang through the room. If the neighbours had been able to hear it, it would have sent tremors through the entire neighbourhood. “Behold, for I am Death. Your mockery will not delay your inevitable future.”

Sarah curled up in the corner of the bed, clutching her pillow as if it would protect her. Her face showed an emotion beyond fear, an emotion that would cause any living creature to stop breathing. As the impression of his stature began to sink in, he let the flames subside, and his hood came back up. Just as quickly as he had turned into something from deepest nightmares of Hell, he returned to a silhouette in the room.

“You see, Sarah? I’m not just some illusion or a bad dream. You are dead.” Sarah swallowed hard a few times, letting the realisation sink in.

“So, this is no joke. I really am dead, huh?” She could see the hood move up and down. “So what else am I going to Hell for? What commandments did I break to end up there?”

“Well, you were rather frequent on Number Nine.”

“What’s number nine?”

“The boring one. The one about not lying. I have no idea why He put that one in there. Personally, I think it was just to piss people off.”

“You sending me to Hell for that? Hell must be a crowded place.”

“It’s not just that, you moron. Let’s see here...” Bill flipped through a couple of pages on the clipboard. “General fornication, lying, stealing from the offering. Seriously? You stole from the offering at church?” Sarah shrugged.

“What? There was a sex shop near the church I used to go to, and I really wanted that Rabbit. What can I say? And why is lying in there, anyway? Everybody lies.”

“No wonder you’re going where you’re going. I can see why the committee voted all yes on you going to Hell. You’re going down for lying because you lied during a police investigation, just so you could suck a criminal’s dick a final time before he went to jail? Seriously? And then, when the cops came after you, you weaseled yourself out of it by fucking the investigators? You really are a slut.”

“All of them were hot! Although, one of the investigators was totally crap in bed. He didn't know the moves, and when he was eating me out, he actually bit my clit. Not nibbled, but he bit it.”

Sarah could hear him taking a deep breath and then exhaling.

“Look outside. How much sunlight is there outside?”

Sarah turned her head and looked out into the dark winter night. It was still pitch black, and she could barely see the streetlights due to all the snow.

“Right now? None.”

“Exactly. That’s how many fucks I give about the investigator biting your clit. The only way I could give less fucks, would be if I somehow managed to take them away from you.”

“So, you want me to fuck you?” Sarah gave him a wink and a giggle. Bill answered by putting his hand to his bony forehead and tapping it, making the clacking sound again.

“Everybody’s a fucking comedian these days. First that chat mod guy from Lush, with his crappy word plays and horrible sense of humour, and now this. I’m going to need a long holiday after this one.”

Sarah gave another giggle.

“So, what else is in that magnificent file of yours?” He flipped through the file again.

“Number Ten is one you broke frequently.”

“Number Ten? Fucking the Prime Minister? I never did that!”

“You really are an idiot, aren’t you? Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife. Or house. They’re still debating on that one.”

“What the hell does 'covet' mean?”

Bill shook his head again, and looked around the room.

“She is. She really is an idiot. I always get the retards.” He turned his bony face back towards her. “It means 'want'. In your case, it means that you’re not supposed to want to fuck your neighbour’s wife. Or anyone else’s wife, for that matter.”

“Why not? Have you seen her? She’s fucking hot! And quite good in bed too.” Sarah let the last sentence hang a bit in the air, while Bill read through his file.


Sarah was sitting on the big comfy couch watching TV. The two little rug-rats she had been watching that evening were finally sound asleep, and all she had to do was to wait for Mrs. Bronson to come home. Her husband was out of town for some business meeting, or something like that. Sarah hadn’t really paid attention to that when Mrs. Bronson told her.

The little boys hadn’t caused her many problems. A six year old and an eight year old won’t put up much of a resistance against a girl with big boobs that wears a push-up bra and a tight top.

"Guess that's something that stays with them for their entire life," Sarah giggled to herself as she sat down after putting them both to bed. She turned on the T.V. and started flicking through the different channels. This was usually the worst part about babysitting; the kids are in bed, and there's nothing on the telly. Just slacking and waiting.

As time went by, she flipped through channels again. To her surprise, she found one of the porn channels.

“So irresponsible. Having a porn channel without parental control.” She licked her lips. “I like it.” She leaned back against the couch, and watched closely as the bad acting of the porn continued. She found herself biting her lip several times as the man with an unnatural sized cock started pounding a girl’s ass. It had been too long since she had gotten laid. Last time she tasted cock was the previous weekend, over seven days ago, and she wouldn’t be getting any that night.

As the guy had plastered her face with his cum, causing Sarah to lick her lips again, and remember the taste from last weekend, two girls turned up on the screen. The acting was just as crappy as earlier, and they looked like Barbie dolls, but Sarah couldn’t help being turned on and wanting both of them. She was just as shallow as the guys watching it.

The girls on the screen had dropped their clothes, and the blonde had the brunette’s nipples firmly in her mouth. Sarah’s hands immediately slid under her shirt, feeling her nipples through her bra, and gave them a little pinch. That pinch was enough to make them poke quite visibly through her half-padded bra.

“Fuck it,” was all she bothered to tell herself, before her top ended up on the floor along with the bra. She exhaled as she laid back again, feet on the coffee-table and started pinching and playing with her nipples. Every time her fingers closed together in a hard pinch, and then pulled them, a soft moan escaped her mouth while she arched her back.

“Fuck, I need someone to help me with this!” she mumbled to herself, as another pinch caused another moan. For the first time in a long time, she admired the porn stars. At least they had another person to touch and pleasure them. Even if a cock would be great at the moment, what she wanted was a woman’s touch. The soft and gentle, yet somehow teasing, touch of a woman that wanted her so badly. And the tongue. Just the thought of a woman’s tongue somewhere, anywhere, on her body, caused her to let out another moan.

Her right hand wandered down over her stomach and furiously worked on the button on her jeans. Just as she got it open, and was about to find her wet aching pussy, she heard a voice behind her.

“Oh my. I didn’t expect this when I was in the car coming home.”

Sarah got up and looked straight at her boss for the evening.

“Mrs. Bronson! I… I…” Sarah struggled to find the correct words that would get her out of the situation, if ever there existed words to get you out of a situation where the babysitter just got caught masturbating topless while watching porn. Mrs Bronson just giggled in response, and put her handbag down on the table next to her.

“You found the porn channel, and decided you needed to get off?” Mrs. Bronson’s slim figure walked around and stood next to Sarah, towering above her. Her breasts looked a lot bigger, as they were just over Sarah’s head in height. Sarah caught herself stealing short glances at the breasts, still not realising that her own were exposed for Mrs. Bronson to see.

“Yeah, kinda.” Sarah looked down on the floor, trying to hide her embarrassment, but as she looked down, she noticed that she hadn’t stopped getting wet. She had actually gotten wetter after Mrs. Bronson had come in. Mrs. Bronson smiled, and sat down next to her on the couch.

“It’s not just 'kinda', my dear.” Mrs. Bronson leaned forward a bit, brushing Sarah’s hair away from her neck. She went in for what was pretty much the kill, as her lips were firmly placed on Sarah’s neck. Sarah caught her breath quickly at first, but as the mouth on her neck slowly started to suck and graze its teeth over her soft skin, she let out an almost inaudible moan.

“Oh, Mrs. Bronson,” were the only sensible words she managed to mutter, as a very experienced hand cupped her breast and immediately went for her nipple.

“Please, call me Molly,” she murmured against her neck, as she gave it a soft bite, and gave her nipple a gentle pinch. Sarah arched her back into Molly’s hand, begging for the touching to be rougher and firmer as she let out another gasp. She didn’t have to put her hand between her legs to know that she was soaked. Molly moved up from her neck, leaving a wet trail of soft kisses to her earlobe

“It has been so long since someone has had a good time here on the couch,” she whispered into Sarah’s ear. “I think it’s time we fix that.” The words made Sarah groan as she thought about Molly’s nimble fingers working her pussy. She wanted it so badly right now that she’d do anything.

“Please. My pussy. It’s aching.” Molly smiled when she heard the plea from Sarah. Her mouth went to her earlobe and she gave it a soft bite, pulling slightly at it as her hand wandered down from Sarah’s breast to her jeans. Since the button was already undone, she could go straight to the pussy. Molly was a bit surprised by the wetness and the heat Sarah was radiating. She could feel it the moment her fingers went under Sarah’s thong.

Sarah let out a sigh of relief as Molly’s fingers finally stopped on her pussy. Instantly, she started grinding against the hand, just to get some friction or movement on it. Molly grinned and moved her mouth back down to Sarah’s neck, giving it a firm bite just as she started rubbing Sarah’s clit. Sarah finally relaxed as a massive feeling of release and pleasure rushed through her body, causing her to fall limp back into the couch.

It didn’t take long with Molly’s fingers working her clit in circles before her back arched again. She let out another groan as she grabbed the cushions off the couch, and started grinding against Molly’s fingers again. She felt her pussy flowing with juices as her body started to tense up again, feeling the orgasm starting to rise through her body. Soft whimpers began to escape her mouth, a sign of a loud moan or scream just waiting to be released along with her orgasm.

Realising that Sarah was about to cum loudly, Molly quickly moved her mouth up to Sarah’s, pressing her lips against hers. She used her tongue to force Sarah’s lips open, and started to wrestle with it while she kept rubbing Sarah’s clit. Sarah moved one hand up to the back of Molly’s head, pressing their lips harder together to the brink of pain, as the other hand gripped the arm rest on the couch and dug her nails into it. With what would have been a loud moan, had it not been for Molly’s mouth muffling it, Sarah started to shake and spasm as the orgasm took control of her body. It felt like her entire body lifted off the couch, and her mind turned to mush. All she felt were Molly’s fingers, lips, and the intense orgasm.

It took a while before the orgasm subsided. Sarah was still breathing heavily with a shake every now and then, when Molly broke the kiss. Molly smiled at the rather exhausted Sarah as she sat up, putting her elbow on the back of the couch. She leaned against it as she eyed up the half-naked and sweaty young body in front of her. She loved the sight, but as she put her hand up to her mouth, she had to admit that she loved the taste of Sarah’s pussy even more. Opening her legs a bit, Molly’s skirt glided up, revealing her black lace thong underneath.

Sarah had finally caught her breath and looked at Molly, first at her face, and then eying the wonderful figure of the mother of two, down to the visible thong between her legs. She caught herself biting her lip as she started to imagine what was underneath that small piece of garment. Even if she couldn’t see it, she had a strong feeling that the thong was pretty much soaked, just as hers was.

Molly took the initiative again, and stood up, quickly slipping the thong down over her legs and kicking it off. The teasing garment flew across the room and landed in a chair on the other side of the table. She sat down again, leaning back against the armrest, one leg up on the back of the couch, while the other was placed down on the floor. It gave Sarah an excellent view, as the skirt had been pushed up to Molly’s waist. Molly traced a finger over her wet pussy, the soft lips glistening from the wetness.

“Come here, hon. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good licking.” She didn’t have to say more than that before Sarah had moved over and put her head between Molly’s legs. She slowly stroked the velvet-soft lips with her finger as her eyes were fixed on the pussy. She waited for a bit, just inhaling the scent as Molly closed her eyes, wanting to pull Sarah’s head on her pussy and get her to lick her straight away. But she enjoyed the teasing too much.

Sarah stuck her tongue out the last couple of inches needed to get contact with Molly’s pussy and started to lick up and down. Not giving Molly a second to realise what was going on, she just moved her flat tongue up and down Molly’s slit, causing her to let out a groan that had been inside her ever since she saw Sarah topless. The small tingling in her pussy had turned to waves of lust rushing up her body from Sarah’s tongue. She gripped the back of the couch with her hand, holding on for dear life as they enjoyed the couch like it was supposed to be used.

Sarah’s tongue worked up and down the slit, savouring the taste until she finally moved up and found Molly’s clit. At first, she gave the clit only a poke with the tongue, but soon she began to flicker it with the tip. Molly replied instantly by arching her back, almost pushing her pussy onto Sarah’s tongue. Sarah slowly went on from flickering Molly’s clit, to placing her tongue flat on it. As the sensation went from just flickering to constant pressure, Molly let out another a little whimper. Sarah had started moving her tongue up and down on her clit. Molly’s hand extended, and she put it on Sarah’s head, making sure that the tongue kept moving on her throbbing little clit without moving away. The last thing she needed now, was for Sarah to stop.

To her own surprise, Molly started feeling her body tensing, her back arching between the moans that escaped from her lips. Quickly feeling the orgasm about to blank her mind, she leaned her head to the side and bit down hard on the cushion. With a muffled scream, her body started shaking. Molly felt the orgasm rip through her body from head to toe, as she pressed Sarah’s mouth hard on her pussy. Sarah kept licking, moving her tongue furiously up and down, making sure she got enough juices in her mouth to enjoy the taste, while still keep the pressure on Molly’s clit.

After what felt like an eternity, Molly could finally let go of Sarah’s head as the spasms subsided. Her heart was racing, and she could feel that she was wet from sweating, and other things. She slowly sat up and cupped her face, planting her lips carefully on Sarah’s, allowing her to taste her own cum. With great satisfaction, she finally let go of Sarah.

“You should go home now, hon. And thank you for a wonderful end to the evening.” Sarah let out a little giggle as she grabbed her bra and top.

“I’ll babysit anytime, if it ends like this.”

“Oh, I’m sure there will be more occasions when a baby or house sitter is needed. Or times where I just need some company.” She gave Sarah a quick wink before Sarah quickly got her clothes on, and hurried to the door.


“You can wipe that smirk off your face.”

She could feel Bill giving her a stern look.

“What? It's happy memories? Am I not allowed to think back on happy memories?”

“Of course you are. You can think back on the happy memories that pretty much paved your way to Hell. I’ll tell you what. I’ll flip the switch so your life can flash before you, just so you get a little replay of everything.” Sarah sat up and smiled.

“You can do that?” There was no point in hiding her excitement. She was dead, after all.

“Yes. I have my 8mm projector hidden away inside my cloak here. If I can just find the right pocket...”


“You’re fucking kidding me. Please tell me that you’re fucking kidding me. Please tell me that you’re not that retarded that you believe that I have an 8mm projector with me to show you pictures of your life, or that I actually have the time to do that.”

Sarah put up a pout and leaned back down against the wall.

“I’m telling you that you don’t have to be so mean.”

“And you didn’t have to be an alcoholic slut, but hey presto, you turned out to be one after all. Now, get your arse moving. We’re already late."


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