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Dessert the morning after your dinner party

A morning to remember
I wake up to find myself on your couch. I remember the dinner party you threw last night. I remember enjoying the party and the company, perhaps a little too much wine, but enjoyed that too.

I look around and you are not up yet. I use the bathroom, then clean up a little and head towards your bedroom to see if you are awake.

I quietly open your door and peak in. You lie in bed, I can tell you are naked under the single sheet, lying on your side, looking so beautiful. Without a thought, I enter your room and walk to your bed. looking down at you, sleeping so soundly. I quickly strip off and slide the cover off of you .. careful not to wake you. I slide in beside you, agaist your back. My breasts touch your back and instantly, I feel my nipples harden. My mound against your sweet round ass, I feel tingles between my legs.

I lightly kiss the back of your neck and just the tips of my fingers lightly slide down over your neck, down over your shoulder, and gently slide down over the curve of your waist, and continue down over your hip and half way down your thigh, so lightly, then slide my hand back up again. I hear you moan so softly as my finger tips so softly slide up and down your side, feeling and tickling your soft skin.

Kissing the back of your neck, I gently nibble your skin, my tongue sliding up and down as my hand slides over your chest and I cup your breast and fondle it. I slide the palm of my hand over your nipple and I feel it harden and I gently roll it between my fingers as you moan so softly. I feel you press your ass back against my mound and I slide my hand down over your tummy and cup your mound and press against you.

I roll you on your back Leaning over you, I gently kiss your luscious soft lips. Light kisses, then a little firmer as my tongue presses against your lips. I feeel your lips part to accept my tongue into your mouth to meet yours. Our tongues touch and I suck your tongue into my mouth and twirl my tomgue areound yours.

My hands are back on your tits, massaging, cupping,and squeezing. I press my mound down against yours and feel your warmth as my hand slides down your side and I part your legs and slide a finger along the outside of your lips, feeling your wetness.

Kissing down your chest, I take a nipple between my lips and run my tongue around it, then flick the tip of my tongue over your hard nipple. Sucking your nipple now as my finger slides beteen your lips and into your hot wet pussy. I slide a second finger into you and curl them to press and wiggle against your pelvic bone.

Releasing your nipple from my lips, I kiss my way down over your tummy and I lick the skin between your legs and your pussy. I lick up one side and down the other ... teasing you. as my fingers start to slide in and out of your pussy. I hear your moans, louder now, as you enjoy the sensations.

I slide my tongue over the hood of your clit, careful not to touch your clit and you raise your hips to meet my tongue. sliding my tongue down and between your lips and it touches my fingers sliding in and out. I wiggle my fingers and your hips buck up into my face.

I slide my tongue back up your pussy, then between your lips and stop just before your clit. Holding my tongue there ... I press it hard against you. Then suddenly I flick my tongue up and over your clit. Your hips buck up into my face as I slide my tongue back down over your clit. I put my lips over your clit and suck it from its hood and slide the tip of my tongue around and around it ... then over it ... again and again ... sucking your clit ... flicking my tongue over it as my fingers fuck your hot wet pussy. Fingers sliding in and out ... faster ... harder. Your hips are rocking to the rhythm of my fingers.

I suck your clit and tongue it. I can feel you tense as a little shiver runs through your entire body.

I can tell you are about to cum, you are right at the edge of letting it go. Suddenly you scream and I feel your hands on the back of my head pulling my tongue against you and you cum. You cum and cum as your hips rock against my tongue and slowly it subsides.

I keep sliding my fingers in and out and slower now. Licking over your clit as it becomes sensitive.

I slide my fingers out of your pussy and kiss your tummy as I slide up your chest and gently suck on each nipple as I continue to kiss up your chest and up your neck and to your lips.

I kiss you deeply, pulling you tight to me. Our breasts and our mounds pressed together. Holding each other tightly we roll on our sides. Looking into your beautiful eyes, I can see the contentment that an orgasm brings.

You are the best dessert I have ever had after a dinner party, even if it was the next morning.

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