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Diane and Janine

Janine had come to Davidson, Saskatchewan with her college roommate. Diane was from this sleepy little town, she grew up playing in the fields playing with the cattle and riding horses. Janine had grown up in the heart of Saskatoon, nowhere near horses, cattle, or any fields of any kind. There was something about this small town that made her feel like she was home, she didn't know if it was Diane’s parents treating her like she was family, or what it was, but she would soon find out.

They had arrived at the farm on Sunday; relaxing all day before starting work on Monday. Monday morning came and Diane was up with the first crow of the rooster. Janine was still asleep when Diane went down to breakfast; Janine awoke to the smell of bacon cooking in the kitchen. Looked at the clock, and realized it was 6:15. She jumped out of bed; she couldn't believe she had over slept. Running down stairs, she sat to the table and apologized to the family.

After breakfast Diane looked at Janine, and smiled, “Today we will start off small, just the chickens, and feeding the cows.”

“That’s starting off easy?” said Janine smiling back at Diane. Both laughing they headed for the first chicken coop.

Diane quickly went to work checking for eggs, explaining to Janine that all the chickens in this coop and on this side of the fence laid industry eggs; the other was for live eggs. Both girls went to work gathering the eggs, changing their nesting, and feeding them.

Janine looked at Diane asking her, “Why don’t you have a modernized chicken coop, you wouldn't have to gather eggs if you did?”

Diane just replied: that this was the way her family had been doing it for years, and they didn't have enough chickens for that. They only needed a few dozen a week to sell, and the rest they ate themselves.

"We primarily farm milk and produce the eggs were just for us. We do sell the chicks sometimes, but it depends on the markets."

“Oh,” Janine said smiling pretending she understood what Diane had just said.

The girls moved on to the barn, as they got close, Janine asked Diane what they would be doing once inside.

“The barn is probably the quickest thing we do, but the most labor intensive. We have to: clean out the barn, lay new hay, and feed the cows.” She continued, “Then that’s it for us today, if we get it done in time, I’ll get the car and we can go in to town and hit the pool.”

They both smiled, and headed in to the barn. Once inside the barn the girls went to work and cleaning out the stalls. When they heard a voice behind them, it was Max. Max was a farm hand Diane’s parents had hired to help them during the summer. He was around 21 with brown hair and big green eyes. Diane thought he tried too hard to impress the girls around town. Going around flexing his muscles, and flashing his beautiful smile, just who did he think he was anyway?

“You girls look like you’re having fun,” Max said almost laughing. He could tell that Janine had never done this before.

Diane looked him, “We are doing fine almost done here. What are you supposed to be doing today?”

“I am checking the machinery in the barn today. Your father wanted me around you guys in case you needed help with the hay.”

Diane scowled at him, “I do not need help! I have been doing this my whole life!”

What an asshole Diane thought to herself, and went back to work.

They finished up the last three stalls, and headed back to the house. Heading up stairs, Diane told Janine that she could use the main bathroom shower, as she was going to use the one off her room. Then they would go into town and go swimming. Janine agreed and they both headed for the shower.

Diane was still reeling that he thought she couldn't do something as simple as the barn. She had started cleaning the barn when she was 10, now 20 she had been doing it for 10 years. She got undressed and turned on the water, adjusting it to the perfect temperature. She got in the feeling of the warm water on her skin and she could feel the muscles relaxing in her back and neck. She started to think of how good it would feel to dive into the pool, the cool water around her. She was more looking forward to seeing Janine in the bikini she had bought the week before in Saskatoon.

Thinking of Janine in the bikini was making her pussy tingle. She could feel herself getting wet, imagining how Janine’s trim body would feel pressing against hers. She reached down to find her clit dripping; she rubbed it furiously with one hand while fingering herself with the other, thinking of Janine the whole time. Wishing it was her hands touching her; finally she reached her climax and sprayed her juices on the bottom of the tub. Grabbing the soap she finished washing the barn smell off her body.

She returned to her room and put on her bathing suit, knocking on the main bathroom door to let Janine know she was ready.

“Almost ready,” Janine replied.

Diane headed to the family room; she could help but think of Janine. Just on the other side of that door, completely naked, her body all wet, her pussy out there for all to see. Diane could feel herself getting wet again, and knew she had to calm down, or risk Janine seeing the growing wet spot on her bathing suit.

Diane shook out of her daydream when Janine walked out of the bathroom, Diane couldn't help but stare at her. The black bikini fit like a glove, showing her beautiful body. Diane felt the wetness growing in her pussy.

“You ready?” Janine asked.

“Yes,” replied Diane.

The girls grabbed their bags and headed for the car. They got to the car when Max came up behind them, Diane could see the way he looked at Janine, and she could feel the jealousy start to bubble up inside of her. Doesn’t he know she’s too good for him; she should be mine she will never be his.

“Looking good girls, heading to the pool eh? Sure wish I could dive in to the cool water now,” Max said.

Janine spoke up “Why don’t you come with us? We will wait for you if you wanna get changed.”

Max smiled but declined, “I still got a lot of work to get done here, maybe next time,” and he went back to work. Diane could see Janine looking at him; she had to stop this now.

They drove to the pool, chatting about the work they had done this morning, Janine saying how hard it was, Diane giggled, saying that today was the easy stuff. Then the dreaded conversation came up.

“So Max is hot eh?” Janine said to her

“No, I don’t think so. He’s so full of himself. I grew up with him, his family live in the center of town,” Replied Diane smugly.

“Why don’t you like Max? He seems nice enough to me,” Janine asked Diane

“I just know him too well I guess, we dated a bit in high school, nothing serious or anything,” she replied.

They pulled in to the parking lot of the community pool; they got out and went in. It was a hot day and they both just wanted to cool down, Janine headed for the pool jumping in. Diane could tell the water was cold, she could see Janine’s nipples hard showing through her bikini top, Diane could again feel her wetness increasing as she thought of Janine's nipples, how she could be sucking on them.

Diane decided it was time to get in the pool before everyone noticed the growing wet spot on her bikini bottom, she should have known better then to wear a light colored bathing suit. She walked over to the side of the pool walked down the stairs into the cold water; it felt so good on her hot pussy. She swam over to where Janine was chatting with some of the local boys, one of the boys looked at Diane.

“Diane Noseworthy? Well damn girl, look at you” looking at Diane. “You changed a lot.”

“Hi Devin, yes the last few years have been good to me,” Diane replied smiling.

“They have been more than good to you, Damn, I bet you would make Maxie squirm now,” Devin said.

Diane shot him a dirty look, “Don’t you know how to let that go, it was 5 years ago.”

“Whoa, sorry didn't mean to hit a nerve,” Devin said.

Janine looked at Diane with a questioning look in her eye. Diane just told her that now was not the time or place and they would talk when they got home. They continued to chat with the boys she grew up with, till Diane looked at the clock on the wall tell Janine they had to go home for supper. They made plans to meet with the boys on Friday night at a local bar. They headed to the changing room to change out of their suits, before the ride home.

As soon as they were in the car Janine asked Diane about the comment that Devin had made to her. Who was Maxie?

“Maxie was Max,” she explained.

When they dated Diane wanted to go farther than max, and he ended it. Now he has been basically sleeping with everyone but she was not good enough for him. Janine could hear the resentment in Diane’s voice. She knew there was more to this then she was saying, and she was determined to find out.

They arrived home for supper, and went in and washed up before sitting down to a beautiful chicken dish Mrs. Noseworthy had made. Janine and Diane ate their supper in quiet, before excusing themselves to go for a walk. They put on sweaters as the night air was cool, and left to walk. Janine again brought up what Devin had said. Diane broke down and told her the whole story…

It was 5 years ago; they were 16, in their first year of high school. They had been friends since grade school, till one day Max told Diane he wanted more, and they began to date. They dated for about 6 months getting hot and heavy, but he would never go any further. He wanted his blow jobs, wanted to make out under the bleachers, wanted to touch her, but would never go any further. One day Diane asked him if they were ever going to go all the way, he answered her someday.
A few days after, he dumped her to go with Shelly Winterton. A week later she was going around the school telling everyone how he had seduced her under the bleachers at Friday night’s football game, and how he had popped her cherry. A tear started to roll down Diane’s face; Janine stopped walking and gave her a hug.

Diane couldn't control it any longer she turned her face to Janine and kissed her on the cheek, to her surprise Janine turned her head and kissed her on the lips. Janine's lips were just as Diane had imagined, so soft and sweet. Diane could feel her panties getting moist; they remained locked at the lips for a few more minutes, before breaking. Diane looked at Janine stunned, not knowing what to say.

“Well, um…” barely being able to swallow “Wow! I really didn't’ expect that,” said Diane.

“I have seen you Diane they way you look at me. Today when I came out of the bathroom, I saw the moist spot on your bikini bottoms, same as I seen at the pool,” smiled Janine.

Diane pulled Janine in to the wheat fields, pulling her by the hand. Till they collapsed laughing so hard they could barely breathe, their lips met again, their hearts racing. They lay down in the wheat fields staring up at the stars, holding hands.

The moon cast a shadow over the field, it was almost an eerie night, the wind whistled through the wheat, and almost seemed to be moaning. They lay there in the field for a min relaxing trying to catch their breath, both hoping this would go farther.

Diane leaned over and kissed Janine again, this time the passion between them was intense, they could both feel the moist spots growing on their panties. Diane ran her hand up over Janine's body stopping at her breasts, they were so firm, she squeezed them gently making Janine moan in excitement. She unzipped her sweater, so she could get a better feel; she pulled down her tank top and started to kiss them. Janine's smell filled Diane’s nose and it was almost intoxicating, she sucked on her nipples hard.

Janine moaned as Diane sucked and flicked her hard nipples with her tongue, reaching for her she pulled her to her mouth kissing her gently. Diane found the button of her shorts and ran her hands down to discover her dripping pussy; she knew she needed to taste it.

“Come on lets head back, I want to get you where we can be comfortable,” Diane said.

They got up from the ground and headed for home stopping periodically, to rub each other’s wet spots and kiss. Once they arrived home, they both headed for bed claiming the night air must have tired them out. They went to Diane’s room, and shut the door, locking it behind them.

Diane sat on the bed; Janine stood in front of her, and undid her shorts slowly pulling them down exposing her wet panties. Diane moved them away with her hands, gently rubbing her wetness, making Janine moan. Diane removed Janine's panties showing her wet pussy, her hard clit poking through her perfect lips.

“Lay on the bed,” Diane said to her.

Janine did as she was told; Diane spread Janine's lips apart admiring her perfect pussy before diving in to her juices, she tasted so sweet, she couldn't get enough. She could feel Janine's body start to twitch as she sucked and nibbled at her sweet clit. Janine grabbed the pillow bit down on it hard to keep her screams muffled; Diane slipped one finger in to her wetness, then another, as Janine grinded on them.

Diane could feel the walls of her pussy starting to contract as Janine's climax built, till she could take no more, and sprayed her juices all over Diane’s face. Janine's juices ran down Diane’s fingers, she quickly moved down to lap them up quickly; she didn't want to waste a single drop.

Diane lay on the bed next to Janine, both girls smiling at each other. Both knowing that their friendship would never be the same ever again, what they had now was much more.

Janine looked at Diane, “Maxie gave you up, but I never will.”

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