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Different Worlds

What can bring these two lonely, completely different, bi-curious girls together?
Although they came from the same planet, lived in the same town, and were both Seniors in the same high school, they were from different worlds.

Clarissa was a brain. Smart as a whip, turned on by anything scientific or informational. Her favorite activity was learning, and her mind was constantly analyzing her world and how she was living in it. Her grades were good, but not perfect, because she operated above the concept that she needed to prove her intellect to other people, especially a system of education that was a lot of the time totally beneath her.

She was tall and lanky, and didn’t care much for her physical appearance. Her wardrobe rarely varied outside a jeans and loose-fitting sweater combo. She was aware of her body, but wasn’t terribly interested in it. She meticulously combed her dishwater blond hair, but rarely styled it. It fell straight off her head and around her shoulders in an uninspiring cascade.

Clarissa had never been able to nail down exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She loved science, but hated the meticulousness of it. Sometimes she thought about going into politics, but a life serving a corrupt, bumbling, self-serving government gave her the creeps. Her biggest worry in her life at this point was that she was never going to find out what she wanted to do with it.

Summer, on the other hand, was cute and popular, obsessed with her outward appearance, and constantly aware of the social situation around her, to the detriment of her grades and her future. She was shortish, athletically built, and paid a lot of attention to her auburn hair. She spent hours each day on exfoliating lotions, chemical peels, and other various skin products. She was deathly afraid of visible pores, zits, and oily skin. She looked down on anyone too caught up in academics to stop and have a little fun with life every now and then. It wasn’t that Summer was dumb, she was just into other things than academics.

Summer defined herself as a cheerleader. She loved everything about cheering, the outfits, the traveling, the excitement of the games, the sweaty boys and their musky odors, but most of all she loved the attention she got from doing it. Everyone turned their head when a girl in a cheerleader outfit walked by.

Her mother had named her Summer because she was born in August, and Summer thought this was the absolute height of wit. Summer watched reality shows exclusively, and was constantly in the know about the latest celebrity gossip. She liked to have parties with her friends, she had even gotten drunk more than a few times on keg beer bought by someone’s older brother for a party someone was having.

As different as they were, they were alike in at least one way: Both girls had been increasingly curious about the female sex of late. Deep inside, in that secret place everyone has in their brains that they would not show to anyone for all the money in the world.

Both girls had snuck secret peeks at the other girls in the locker room, when everyone was changing for gym class. Both girls had secretly admired Amanda Giuliani’s perfectly round ass when she walked by them down the hall. Both girls had had fleeting daydreams about one of their female teachers, the kind where your mind takes you to a place you didn’t think you ever wanted to go, and then once you realize you’re there, you snap yourself forcefully into reality, trying to suppress the idea that you had just been thinking about what your teacher looked like naked.

Both girls got a secret thrill any time they saw two girls kissing. Either in a fashion magazine, or a movie, or a TV show, whenever two females engaged in a kiss, both

Summer had ventured onto the internet once, searching for pictures of girls kissing. Her family had been planning to go to a fancy dinner, but once Summer had seen a black and white picture on her computer of two girls clad only in their panties, embracing each other tenderly, their mouths locked together, she feigned fatigue and said she’d rather get some sleep. Summer spent two hours sifting through various types of pictures ranging from the soft core to the hard, and although her loins were soaked and aching, she didn’t dare touch herself for fear that this act might lead to a more solid admission of her latent attraction to women. In penance, she got herself off looking at pictures of hot guys, and spent the next few days trying to frantically convince herself she hadn’t allowed herself to be, however temporarily, attracted to women.

Clarissa had, in contrast, masturbated while actively thinking about women. She had stopped short of imagining herself in such a situation, but had created several fantasy stories involving girls being with other girls, and told herself such stories as she explored herself in her bed before sleep. It was, she figured, only a fantasy, and a secret to herself. No one in the world would ever know that she conjured such images. She still liked boys, but girls were sometimes more fun to think about.

Outwardly, Summer was all about boys. She had dated several different boys, most of them on the school’s various sports teams, and had even had sex with a few of them. Sex had been a hollow experience for her, though. The few guys she had been with had been selfish, and had finished too early for her to get anywhere close to where she wanted to be.

Clarissa was a virgin, by choice. She had gotten close with Ronny Denbrough once, she had let him take her shirt off while they made out on the couch in his basement, but she hadn’t allowed him any farther. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to have sex, it was just that she was waiting for the right person to come along, and Ronny just wasn’t that person.

They had never spoken to each other, despite all the years they’d been in school together. They’d been in the same class since middle school, but their paths had never crossed. They knew who the other was, and neither was much interested. It was only in their Senior biology class, after six years without outwardly acknowledging the other existed, that they spoke for the first time.

Mrs. McAdams, who was old and fat, and who neither of the girls had ever fantasized about, had paired the class up to work on an assignment. And of course, Summer and Clarissa were paired up together.

At first it was revulsion. Neither girl wanted to be near the other. Summer would rather have been paired up with just about anyone in the class, but especially Simon Tolbert, who was the star third baseman on the baseball team. Clarissa was worried right away, because she assumed that whatever assignment they were to be doing together, she feared she’d be doing most of the work as Summer didn’t exactly have a reputation around school for academic excellence, and Biology was a subject Clarissa was good at and interested in.

They sat next to each other throughout the class, unable and unwilling to talk to each other. Both girls noticed the other though, in that same secret way they’d noticed Amanda Giuliani’s ass. For Clarissa, it was Summer’s breasts, which were a full two cup sizes bigger than her own, and pressed enticingly against the fabric of her green angora sweater. For Summer, it was Clarissa’s lips, mostly how full and moist the bottom one was. She had a quick fantasy about kissing Clarissa’s lips, while Clarissa secretly imagined cupping one of Summer’s breasts.

The assignment was to write a joint report on a particular species, specifically how it had evolved to cope with its environment, and its natural predators. The subject species had been written on pieces of paper and put into a hat. Clarissa and Summer had gotten the American Bullfrog.

They agreed to meet at Clarissa’s house, which was closer to school. Summer had cheerleader practice, and wouldn’t be there till six, so after school, Clarissa went straight home and started researching. The sooner this ordeal was over, she figured, the better. She wasn’t keen about spending much time in the presence of Summer Menosky. By the time she had gotten home, she had forgotten all about her momentary interest in Summer’s body, and just wanted to get the thing over with.

Summer was thinking much the same thing as she parked in front of Clarissa’s house. Let’s do this as quickly as we can. Her mind replayed the brief image of her kissing Clarissa, but she shoved it out of her mind as quickly as it had come in. She thought about parking around the block so no one she knew would happen by and see her car parked in front of Clarissa Vogel’s house, but was in such a hurry to have this whole unpleasant experience over, she didn’t bother with it.

Clarissa was polite when she opened the door, noting to herself that Summer had changed back into her green angora sweater and paisley mini-skirt outfit from whatever she’d worn to cheer practice. She offered Summer a soda, which Summer politely accepted. They made their way upstairs to Clarissa’s room, and Clarissa showed Summer the work she’d already started doing.

They sat and discussed the assignment, how they thought the report should proceed. They sat next to each other. Summer dictated from Clarissa’s bed while Clarissa sat at her computer and typed and judiciously proofed the report. In an hour, thanks mostly to Clarissa’s preparations, they were done.

They stretched and yawned. “That went better than I thought it would,” said Clarissa.

Summer agreed. “We make a pretty good team,” she said.

Clarissa had to agree with that. The writing of the report had gone surprisingly well. Summer hadn’t been the empty-headed blond cheerleader she’d expected. She’d come up with some good ideas, although she thought frogs were disgusting.

Summer, for her part, was glad Clarissa hadn’t been the stuck-up brainiac she had expected. They had even made a joke or two, and the whole experience was not as unpleasant as she’d been imagining. But, now that the job was finished, it was time to go.

Summer gathered her things, and Clarissa followed her to the door. As they descended the stairs, both girls were privately lamenting the fact that they were about to part, to go back to their different worlds and different lives. It wasn’t a conscious thing, but the whole time they were writing their report, Summer hadn’t been able to keep her eyes off Clarissa’s lips, and Clarissa had snuck as many peeks of Summer’s chest as propriety allowed.

They arrived at the front door, and Summer said, “Guess I’ll see you in school tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Clarissa said.

On an impulse, Clarissa held her arms open, and she and Summer hugged good bye.

The hug went on a little longer than a normal hug, and both girls were uncomfortable, but unwilling to let go. Clarissa reveled in the soft pressure of Summer’s breasts on her stomach, and Summer let the subconscious picture of her kissing Clarissa come to the front of her mind.

They separated, and Summer stood in front of the door, but made no move to open it.

Clarissa sensed this, and, after fighting a brief battle in her brain, spoke up. “So are you doing anything right now?”

“No,” Summer said, unable to look Clarissa in the eye.

“Wanna come up and listen to some music?” Clarissa suggested. “Or something?” she added timidly.

“Sure,” Summer said.

And just like that, they were headed back up the stairs, and into Clarissa’s room. Since her mom wouldn’t be home from work until late tonight, Clarissa ordered a pizza while Summer texted her mom saying she wouldn’t be home for dinner. When Mom asked when Summer would be home, Summer answered that she didn’t know, since she was working on a project for school and she didn’t know how long it would take to finish.

The listened to Clarissa’s iTunes library while they waited for the pizza. They talked about school, and pop culture, and Summer at one point felt comfortable enough to lay back on Clarissa’s bed, arm crooked under her head. This caused the bottom of her sweater to ride up, and this afforded Clarissa an enticing view of a few square inches of milky skin. She tried to keep her eyes off it, but it was hard.

Clarissa had also noticed that whenever they said something to each other, Summer never met her eyes, but always watched her lips.

The pizza came, and they ate in Clarissa’s room.

When half the pizza had been devoured, and both girls were full, Clarissa went downstairs to put the rest in the refrigerator, and Summer stayed in the room. Both girls, in their solitude, racked their brains trying to figure out a way to begin some kind of encounter. But it wasn’t easy. Neither knew that the other was even interested in girls in that way, and it wasn’t like they could just come out and say it. Social lives could be ruined, feelings hurt, and nothing less than mortal embarrassment could be the result. But Summer was fairly sure she’d caught Clarissa glancing at her chest, and Clarissa hadn’t missed the attention Summer had been paying to her lips. Both had the vague feeling that if they did make a move, that move wouldn’t be rejected. But how to do that, and still protect their dignity?

In the end, it was Summer who figured out how to get the ball rolling. She lay back down on Clarissa’s bed, and wiggled around so that the neckline of her sweater would reveal her shoulder, and her bra strap. The idea was that if she caught Clarissa looking at her bra strap more than three times, she’d make the first move. This kind of thing always worked with boys, or so her friend Debbie Hargreaves from the cheer squad always thought.

And it was a good thing that Summer had come up with a plan, because Clarissa was totally stumped. The more time went on, the more she wanted something to happen, but she was unable to figure out how to make the first move without embarrassing herself and possibly ruining her life. The most she figured could realistically come out of tonight was that she would finally have a masturbatory fantasy where she was the star, and Summer Menosky was her co-star.

Clarissa found Summer curled up on her bed, her sweater pulled off one shoulder, and her bra strap exposed.

“I’m so full!” Summer complained, when Clarissa arrived and sat down in the chair in front of her computer, straddling the chair’s back. She hadn’t missed the glance Clarissa had tossed at her shoulder. One.

“I know,” Clarissa said. “But it was good pizza, wasn’t it?”

“Real good. I’ve never been to that place before.”

“My dad’s friend owns it,” Clarissa explained. “I’ve been there like a million times.”

Two, Summer counted. This time, Clarissa’s eyes had landed on her bra strap for a second or two.

“I’m gonna have to go there sometime,” Summer said.

“It’s much better when it’s not delivered, too.”


Summer screwed up her courage and sat up. “Do you want to kiss?”

Clarissa sat back. “What?”

“I mean if you don’t want to, that’s cool, but I just…”

Clarissa was unable to talk, unable to do much more than sit with her mouth hanging open. She didn’t have to make the first move after all! Summer had made it! But now she was faced with the stark realization that she might or might not have the courage to actually follow up on her fantasy.

In the silence, Summer became more and more devastated. It was time—past time—to get out of here. “Oh, God,” Summer said, panicky, “I’m sorry. It’s just that when we hugged downstairs, and I thought you were looking at me, and I… God, I should go.”

Summer stood up and made for the exit.

But she didn’t make it all the way. Clarissa grabbed her wrist, and pulled her back.

“Yes,” Clarissa whispered, as if making her voice any louder would alert the entire world to her torrid fantasies, “I want to kiss.”

Summer stepped close, and slowly leaned in. Clarissa craned her neck upward, and closed her eyes.

Their lips met, slowly, tenderly.

It was Clarissa’s first kiss. It was Summer’s first kiss with a female.

The touch of their lips was electric.

“That was nice,” Clarissa said. Summer nodded, running her fingers through Clarissa’s straight hair.

Clarissa pulled Summer to her again, and again their lips met. Clarissa slipped her hand around Summer’s waist, and Summer tangled her fingers in Clarissa’s hair.

Wordlessly, Summer put her hands on either side of Clarissa’s face, and gently pulled her up from the chair. Lips locked, they moved toward the bed. This was difficult due to the difference in their height, but when they sat back down on the bed, it became much easier.

“You can’t tell anyone about this,” Summer said.

“You think I want any of my friends to know about this?”

They kissed for a long time. Summer put her arms around Clarissa’s neck, and Clarissa felt the back of Summer’s luxuriant green angora sweater.

It was Summer who opened her mouth first, licking gently at Clarissa’s lips. Clarissa opened her mouth to admit Summer’s tongue, and soon their mouths were wide open, lips sealed against each others’, tongues writhing and slithering over one anothers’.

They lay back, and held each other close as they kissed. The passion built, and built, and then subsided, like the motion of the tides.

They talked for a bit. Summer twirled Clarissa’s hair around her fingers, while Clarissa lightly traced the back of Summer’s sweater with her fingertips. Clarissa mentioned her secret fantasies about other women, and Summer admitted her experience in front of the computer. Things neither girl ever thought to speak aloud were spoken, and these things found the comforting ear of a sympathetic person.

Summer admitted her fascination with Clarissa’s lips. “I don’t know what it was,” she said. “For some reason, ever since Mrs. McAdams put us together for this report, I’ve been staring at your lips. I haven’t been able to think about anything but kissing them.”

“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about your boobs,” Clarissa admitted.

“I know,” Summer giggled, “I’ve seen you staring at them.”

“They’re gorgeous,” Clarissa said. “They’re perfect.”

Suddenly serious, Summer said, “You can touch them.”

Timidly, Clarissa slid her hand around, and gently laid it on Summer’s right breast. Summer watched Clarissa watching her hand. Clarissa reveled in the feeling of the airy angora wool sliding over the bra underneath.

In answer, Summer put her own hand on one of Clarissa’s breasts. “I’ve never touched a girl’s…breast before,” she said.

“Me neither,” Clarissa responded. “It’s nice.”

“It is.”

They kissed again, hands exploring each others’ breasts, becoming bolder all the time.

Summer sat up, and slowly raised her arms above her head. Taking the cue, Clarissa lifted the sweater off Summer’s body. She neatly folded the sweater and set it on the bed. She gently touched Summer’s gleaming white bra for a moment. Their eyes locked as Clarissa’s fingertips traced gently over Summer’s bra, their faces serious.

Clarissa then raised her own arms, and Summer raised her t-shirt over her head. Clarissa’s breasts were much smaller than Summers, and her satiny red bra fit loosely. Summer saw one of Clarissa’s bright pink nipples, and felt a momentary thrill of discovery.

They sat in front of each other for a while, fingertips sliding over each others’ bras, and then Summer moved in again, pushing Clarissa onto her back. Summer lay on top of Clarissa, and they fell into another kiss. This one the most passionate yet.

There was a moment for each of them, as they kissed and explored the others’ body, when they stopped to wonder what was going on, how they had gotten here, what exactly they were doing. But the passion was too much to ignore, and these thoughts quickly filtered out of their heads.

By now, Clarissa was grabbing Summer’s butt, squeezing it gently. Her middle finger traced up and down Summer’s skirt zipper, silently asking permission to go further. When no dissent was given, Clarissa took it upon herself to unzip Summer’s skirt.

Summer stood up and slinked out of her skirt. Standing in front of Clarissa, she put her thumbs into the waist band of her panty hose and slid out of those as well. Summer leaned over, and undid Clarissa’s jeans, and when Clarissa thrust her legs straight up in the air, Summer pulled them off and threw them in the corner.

They looked at each other for a moment, and then Clarissa reached for Summer, and Summer fell on top of Clarissa and the lovemaking continued.

Summer took Clarissa’s bra off, then her own, then both girls helped each other out of their panties.

Now totally nude, the intensity raised measurably. The two girls, so different from each other, found an unspoken commonality in the pleasure of each others’ bodies.

The first timid touches of the others’ nether regions. The growing confidence, then the utter abandon.

They made love on Clarissa’s bed, touching and licking, pawing and scratching, kissing and moaning, for a long time. Both girls orgasmed more than once, and eventually they lay back on Clarissa’s bed, heaving and sweating.

Wordlessly, Summer stood up and started dressing again. Clarissa watched her new lover slip her clothes back on, and after a few moments, started doing the same.

“Do you think this means we can talk to each other?” Clarissa asked, as she put her bra back on.

“Sure,” Summer said, going in for another kiss. “I’d say we’re more than friends now.”

Clarissa nodded, but wasn’t sure.

The girls did carry on a quiet relationship over the next few weeks, meeting several times to revisit their desires, but when it became apparent that they had nothing in common outside of a strange attraction to each other, they sort of drifted apart. There was no animosity, no screaming or yelling, just a slow drifting away.

Summer never touched another woman, although she masturbated more than once thinking about what it had been like to kiss Clarissa. Clarissa entered an exclusive relationship with another woman in college, but it didn’t last much longer than the one she’d shared with Summer. Eventually, both girls got married, had kids, and lived out the rest of their lives in happiness and safety.

Both girls retained fond memories of the night they shared, but lamented the fact that they were from different worlds, and always would be.

the end.

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