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Some girls never learn...
“Emma, please don’t leave me! I’m sorry!” pleaded the young girl.

“Oh save it Lisa! You knew it was coming to this and now you’re 18 and made your choice to join the group you have to deal with the consequences,” replies Emma very quietly.

“Good girl Emma. You may leave,” cuts in Miss Caitlin, dismissing her. “Now then Lisa, you knew the rules when you joined and I specifically said you cannot ever play with her and yet you constantly defy me. What am I going to do with you?”

“Please Miss Caitlin, I’ll be good. I’ll stop,” began Lisa, her soft, dark hair slightly covering her eyes, falling silent at the glare from Miss Caitlin. Becky and Megan clutch each other as they watch the two of them, Becky’s fingers absently stroking Megan’s stiff, puffy nipples and smiling as she hears her quiet moans through a bitten lip. They watch as Miss Caitlin bind Lisa’s ankles to the legs of the table, bending her over it and pushing a large ball gag into her mouth and linking her wrists together under the table, preventing her from protecting herself or escaping. The blue skirt and pink panties are quickly stripped off as Lisa blushes deeply in humiliation, moaning into her gag as a blindfold is tied to her head. Despite squirming and struggling, Lisa is completely tied down to the table, her slender legs spread wide apart and revealing her tight, pink pussy. Megan suppresses a sigh as she remembered by tied down helpless to Emma’s tease and is surprised when Caitlin suddenly appears beside them.

“I want you to play together here, and be as loud and vocal as you want,” instructs Miss Caitlin.

“Yes, Miss Caitlin,” chorus Becky and Megan. Caitlin gives one of her loving smiles and kisses both of them before returning to her bound slave. Megan quickly kneels over Becky and bends down to kiss her, pushing her thigh between her legs and gently starting to rub against the clean shaven pussy. Becky moans softly into her mouth, delighted at being able to play freely and sneaks her hand between Megan’s legs, cupping and stroking her girlfriend’s hot, soft pussy lips lovingly.

“Now then Lisa, you are not allowed to orgasm under any circumstance tonight. You have been very naughty and will be punished by spanking, whip, and paddle until I decide you have learned your lesson,” says Miss Caitlin sharply. “And if you do cum, then we shall prolong this for you.” Lisa whimpers and squirms on the table, trying to squeeze her legs together in an effort to protect her pussy from being touched, knowing how easily and quickly she can cum. She gasps as she feels a soft touch on her pussy lips – a faint tingling sensation, teasingly light but still pleasurably intense - blushing deeply in embarrassment as she feels her own pussy moisten.

“Oh my, already wet? I think you enjoy being completely helpless and being teased and tormented,” remarks Miss Caitlin cruelly, licking her finger clean after touching Lisa’s lovely, tight slit. Savouring the taste a little, she glances across at Becky and Megan as they lay on the bed, kissing and rubbing each other, moaning quietly but gradually getting louder as the first spank on Lisa’s petite bum hits hard. With each spank, there is a muffled moan and whimper from the bound girl, desperately trying to squirm free but unable to. Mortified to find her pussy tingling as it gets wetter with each spank. Her pussy betrays her whimpers and Miss Caitlin makes each spank firmly but caresses her bum between them, making it desperately difficult to keep her orgasm from spiraling out of control. To make things worse for her, hearing Becky’s moans fill the room as Megan starts to lick her pussy and clit. Unable to see or move, the moans penetrate her mind and images of the two girls playing in bed flash through her mind, as if it’s a personalized porn film. The spanking increases in speed just as Becky moans get louder. Lisa’s hips uncontrollably shake and wiggle as her pussy tingling gets stronger. The tingling and pleasurable sensations quickly grow from a little spark to a wildfire between her legs, groaning into the gag confirming the dramatic increase in pleasure as she came from just hearing Becky being pleasured; a little trickle of her cum sliding down her legs.

“Tsk, so early.” whispers Miss Caitlin, pouncing on the fact that she came already. “Five spanks on the pussy for you.” Miss Caitlin spanks Lisa’s pussy firmly, but on the third spank Lisa gushes again; blushing and whimpering in embarrassment as she tries to hide it but only manages to get another five spanks. Desperately trying to hold in her orgasm, her hips shake violently but manages to just hold on; Becky however does not and screams in pleasure and delight as she feels Megan’s mouth and tongue explore her wet slit and tease her erect clit. Lisa, unfortunately, is unable to hold on after hearing Becky’s moans of pleasure as another rips through her again, her hips shaking and jerking as her juices pour out of her pussy. Sobbing into the gag, whimpering as she feels Miss Caitlin’s fingers sharply spank her pussy again; desperate to be fingered and to orgasm properly she tries to grind against the slender fingers. Becky mumbles as her nectar flows, wanting to taste her lover instead but being made to cum again and again, Megan’s tongue flicking against the erect clit lightly and her mouth sucking on it gently.

“Oh please babe…f-fuck…n-no! L-let me please you n-now… ugh...” Becky cries out, unable to remain coherent for long as Megan blatantly ignores her. She presses her mouth greedily to Becky’s pussy and sucks on each lip lightly, gently tugging them with her lips and runs her tongue along them; Becky groans and moans in desperation, being kept on the brink of cumming with such light licks being pure torture. Sensing Becky’s frustration, Megan promptly pushes her tongue inside the soft, hot pussy lips, gently pushing them apart as her tongue slides inside to taste her sweet juices. Becky arches her back in ecstasy and pulls Megan’s head closer, trying to get it in deeper; desperate to orgasm. Miss Caitlin smiles at the two girls, closely watching them tease and play together. She finds her own pussy in need of attention, her hand straying down to her clit, not surprised to find it erect under its hood; pushing the thought out of her mind but makes a mental note to have someone pleasure her intensely, she suddenly pushes two fingers into Lisa’s soaked slit and fingers her, bending down to whisper to her.

“Remember, no cumming, but seeing as you’ve already cum several times, we have to prolong this, and I could do this all year.” she whispers cruelly. Lisa frantically shakes her head as she feels her pussy squeeze around the slender fingers, her slit loving the feeling and producing more of her aromatic juices to lubricate them. Without warning, Lisa’s pussy squeezes on Miss Caitlin’s fingers and as her body betrays her again with only three strokes her pussy spraying out her cum this time. Her hips bucking and jerking violently as her aromatic pussy juices creating a pool under the table, her arms and legs straining against the restraints as her orgasm continues and is unable to stop cumming. Miss Caitlin stops fingering her, but leaves them in a little while longer as her pussy continues to squeeze them as her orgasms grow.

Becky begs and pleads loudly as she cums into Megan’s expectant mouth; feeling a soft tongue lapping at her pussy and clit after Emma’s intense teasing is far too much for Becky who is literally begging for respite. Her fingers run through Megan’s hair gently as she tries to coax her away from her clit; every time she falters as the pleasurable sensations flood her senses. Megan finally takes a break and kisses Becky deeply, sharing the sweet taste of her pussy; Becky gazes at her lovingly, a knowing twinkle in her eyes, she murmurs quietly just loud enough for everyone to hear.

“And Megan hasn’t even had her turn to cum yet. You are in for a long night.”

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