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Doing Belize Part One

Long story. Tina helped write it and it is written according to the best of our recollection.
It was a sunny day, about 84 degrees, waters calm with only soft rolling waves; a perfect day for scuba diving at one of the best reefs in the world and it is in Belize. I had booked my dive time for mid-afternoon; in the heat of the day so I was anticipating it to be a refreshing swim and a get away from the afternoon heat.

The dive boat wasn’t crowded but it was full; the skipper, two dive guides and six of us divers. The six of us: two couples (husbands and wives) that were traveling together, one lady in her early thirties and me, made up the dive group. We motored out to the reef and after about fifteen minutes of a beautiful ride, we dropped anchor.

The single lady named Tina and I struck up a conversation shortly after the trip started. Tina had commented several times on how tall (5’ 10”) and how leggy I am.

“I bet the guys go crazy over legs like yours”. She had said.

I could only smile and say thank you then informed her it’s not always as great as it would seem; causing unwanted advances from guys that didn’t know the word “No” or “Not interested” and in some cases “please, just leave me the fuck alone” after repeated rejections to their advances.

Tina stands a “smudge” over 5’, slender, athletic build, big brown eyes, dark hair and well tanned. When she would turn to the side or lean forward the top of her bikini would shift slightly allowing a glimpse of contrast between her tanned and un-tanned chest. The pink bikini she was wearing accentuated her tan and beautiful figure. Her bikini was much the same style as mine; thin strings, the bottoms cut high on the hips, material in back in the shape of a small “V” exposing over half of each cheek, the front had even less material (a few inches across the top disappearing to nothing between her legs) and top covering her breasts was cut low and narrow, revealing cleavage and an occasional view of her milky white bosom of 34AA.

Tina and I hit it off from the start and decided to be dive “buddies”. This was the first time I had been reef diving although I have done plenty of cave diving, ship diving and general scuba diving, but never at a world renowned reef. We donned our gear and then over the side we went. Most of the diving was shallow water dives only going down about thirty feet but that was plenty. I was amazed at how clear the water was; watching the different fish, eels and an occasional reef shark. The bright colors, different shapes and sizes of the fish and the speed of the eels were captivating, leaving me with a kind of joy I had never felt before.

At the end of the day when the dive boat docked, Tina and I hugged and then made arrangements to meet a couple of hours later at one of the cafés/bars. I hurried to my condo, striping off my suit as I came through the door and headed for the shower. As I washed my hair, I closed my eyes and immediately thoughts of Tina came to mind. I had caught myself several times admiring her lush body as we were swimming. Gorgeous, is the best way to describe her, swimming around as if she was an angel floating through the water doing ballet routine.

I shook the thoughts from my mind as I tried to hurry myself along. I did my hair and basic makeup; lipstick, mascara, and a hint of eye shadow. I decided on a pink dress with spaghetti straps, cut low, gathering under the bust line and falling to just above mid-thigh. I slipped the dress over my head letting it fall into place. I smiled as I looked into the mirror, pleased with my appearance. I was ready for the night so I grabbed my laptop and headed for the café; knowing I would be early I thought I would just go online while I waited for Tina.

As I entered the café, I was greeted, led to a table and ordered a drink. I set up my laptop, got online and just logged in by the time my drink arrived. I had read a couple of stories and replied to a couple of messages when Tina arrived, sliding into the seat next to me. Tina was wearing a white, off the shoulders, light weight dress, white sandals, and her long dark hair pulled back into a loose ponytail. She was smiling ear to ear.

“You look gorgeous!” I exclaimed. “That dress is so pretty on you. You know it’s almost see through when the sunlight shines from behind you.” I said with a wink and short giggle.

“Oh, thank you. You are so sweet. It’s still so warm out I wanted to wear something light weight. I guess I never gave it much thought about it being see-through. And by the way, pink is definitely your color. You look absolutely stunning.”

I thanked her and then explained that the white dress is not exactly see through, but shows more of a silhouette of her body. “Very sexy” I added.

Tina blushed a little, beaming a big smile and let out a giggle as the waitress appeared and took her order. After saying our hello’s, I said I would be just a second, I needed to log off.

Tina said it was okay, to take my time saying she understood and needed to catch up on her email also. I said thank you but it wasn’t email that I was just reading a story. She asked what I was reading so I told her about the website, saying it was filled with stories and a lot of nice people. Tina raised an eyebrow, asked if she could see. Of course I said yes. She moved her chair closer to mine so she could see the screen. As we read a story together it was obvious she was enjoying the story with a few “Oh my” and “oooohhh” it was clear to me she like the story as much as I. Her nipples started to poke out the dress.

Every once in awhile a message would appear and she asked, “What’s that?” pointing to the black message box in the upper right corner. I explained that it was a message from one of my “friends” on the website and then proceeded to explain more about the website and at one point introduced her to the person I was messaging. She messaged a couple of times and then we decided to log off and order dinner.

Time seemed to go by quickly; if I wasn’t talking she was and if she wasn’t talking I was or we were eating dinner or drinking our wine. After dinner we decided to go for a walk on the beach but first we stopped by my condo, dropped off my laptop and our purses. It was a beautiful evening with a light breeze and setting sun. As we walked near the water’s edge, we would hold hands or hang on each other and laughing as if we were long time friends. While walking, several kids came running by, splashing us as they went. The water was warm but shocked us as the water landed on us. A little ways up the kids had stopped and were having a water fight, splashing and throwing water at each other. Being in the playful mood as we approached the kids, we invited ourselves into their game of water wars. Tina and I stepped in about knee deep and started splashing the kids. At one point on of the kids did a belly flop soaking everyone around him. But he wasn’t done, he started kicking as if he was swimming in a race; wildly sending water in all directions drenching everyone including Tina and I.

We walked away laughing and shaking our arms and head trying to shed some of the excess water. I turned to Tina, my eyes went wide, my mouth dropped open and I stopped walking, stepping in closer to Tina, I put my hand on her hip and started to lean down. She stood looking up at me, her lips slightly parted, her tongue moving across wetting her lips, tilting her head back acting as if she was ready and expecting a kiss. I leaned closer, her head tilted a little more, her eyes staring into mine, and then I whispered.

“I think we need to get you out of those wet clothes. Your dress really is see-through now.”

Tina’s cheeks turned a bright enough red to shine through her tan. She looked up at me with a slight smile and nodded in agreement. As we walked, Tina put her arm around my waist and leaned in resting her head against me but only for a moment.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…” She was stammering trying to speak but couldn’t as she left her head away yet not moving her arm from around me.

“Sorry for what?” I looked down at her as she started to pull away, my arm across her shoulders kept her close.

“For putting my head against you… Your…” her voice trailed off.

“For putting your head against me?” I asked. “It’s okay.”

“But the way I was leaning, my head was up against the side of your…”

“My boob? Tina, it’s okay, it’s not a big deal.” I explained.

“Oh, okay, I just didn’t realize what I was doing…” Her words trailed off again. “What do you mean ‘not a big deal’? Haven’t you noticed? Your boobs are a big deal especially with those poking out.” She motioned with her head towards my breasts.

I had noticed, my breasts 38D are somewhat big, but what she was really talking about was the condition of my nipples. Between the soaking wet dress clinging tightly to my body and the slight evening breeze my nipples had grown to an extremely erect state.

“Hmm, yes I had noticed. And I noticed I’m not the only one.”

Tina looked down at her chest and let out a laugh acknowledging I was right. She cuddled up close to me, again resting her head against the side of my breast. I hugged her tight and told her I was having a wonderful evening. Tina admitted she too was having a wonderful time.

It wasn’t long and we were back at my condo. I told Tina I need a quick shower to rinse off the sea water and told her she could do the same and directed her to the main bathroom. I went into my room, slipped out of my dress and stepped into the master bath for a quick shower. As I stepped out of the shower I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

“You can come in, Tina.” I said loudly. I poked my head out of the bathroom to see Tina standing in the bedroom doorway.

“Sure you don’t mind?”

“Not at all make yourself comfortable, have a seat.” I said smiling, motioning towards the bed. “I’ll just be a minute. Hey, do you want to grab my laptop?”

Tina said she would and in a moment, I saw Tina, wrapped in a towel, walk over and lay across my bed. I saw Tina watching me as I wrapped myself in a towel and then I walked over and flopped on the bed next to her. As I flopped on the bed and laid on my stomach, my towel came loose exposing my breasts, I shook my head, huffed and shrugged my shoulders, not bothering to redo my towel.

Tina chuckled as she stated, “As you can see, I don’t have that problem. I’m what you would call, the itty bitty titty factory.” We both laughed and I informed her she wasn’t that ‘itty bitty’ and besides “I think your nipples were sticking out just as far as mine were earlier”.

Tina bushed a little but agreed, “I know, eh?”

We both laughed as I logged on and navigated to Lush Stories so we could read more stories together. It wasn’t long and Tina was leaning against my shoulder reading with me. We jumped from one category to the next, reading a few here and there. She was amazed at what was being written whether it was fantasy or real, it didn’t matter, some of the stories were extremely hot and so were we. I glanced over at Tina, her looking up at me with those big beautiful brown eyes, I couldn’t resist any longer.

I kissed her thin lips; softly, gently a couple of kisses, then I pulled back a little looking into her eyes. From the look I received I could tell she wanted more; as she leaned in to me, I felt the passion from deep within me, and I kissed her again. This time my kisses were harder, with more energy, her lips parted and soon I felt her tongue tracing over my lips. I let my tongue slide through my now open mouth, twisting, turning, our tongues franticly dancing around never loosing contact. I pushed my way into her mouth, exploring the inside of her cheeks, working my tongue deeper going as far as I could.

As I kissed her I reached down with my hand and undid her towel exposing her firm breasts now displaying erect nipples. Tina let out a soft moan, more of a purr, muffled by my mouth as I continued to kiss her lips and lick around her tongue. I broke from her lips, kissed her chin, slowly licking down her neck and finally stopping at her breasts. I kissed and licked around her plumb breasts slowly making my way to her nipples. I lightly licked the tip of each nipple, she moaned and pushed her chest up begging for more. I took my time kissing her breasts, working my way back to her nipple. I sucked in her nipple and a portion of her breast. As I sucked her breast my tongue flicked her nipple time and time again. Releasing her breast, I gently grabbed her nipple with my teeth, using my tongue to play with her nipple. I repeated the same treatment to her other breast and nipple. Tina’s moans came more rapid and louder than the previous ones.

Tina grabbed my head keeping me at her breast. With my right hand I slide my way down across her mid section, stopping at her pubic area for a moment to massage her, and then finally pushing my hand down between her legs, my thumb resting on her clit. Pushing slightly, I rubbed her swollen clit, making circles around it with my thumb as I slipped a finger past her lips and inserting it into her hot damp pussy. She moaned even louder, her legs spreading further apart allowing me more access. I pulled my finger out and brought it to my lips, licking and sucking her juices from my finger. Her eyes barely open watching me suck two fingers and then reached down and plunged both into her waiting pussy. Tina’s back arched, her hips lifting off the bed to meet my fingers, taking them deeper. She started moaning uncontrollably. I felt her muscle tighten, then release and then tighten around my fingers. I felt her orgasm; her cum flowing down between her legs, over the palm of my hand and on to the bed.

Tina gently pushed me so I was lying on my back. Before I could protest her hands were pushing my legs apart; I raised my knees exposing my now soaked pussy, as she lowered her head. I closed my eyes and moaned as her tongue found my clit. She sucked my clit into her mouth and flicked it over and over with her tongue. She then licked circles around my clit, teasing by licking my clit hard once or twice then back to licking circles around it.

“Oh yes… Oh that’s it… Oh yes! More please more.” I moaned.

She pinned my clit between her teeth and rubbed my clit, her tongue moving back and forth quickly. I moaned even louder than before. I came as she inserted two fingers into me. As I came, she continued to pump her fingers in and out, going deep with each inward stroke. I came so hard and long I didn’t think I would stop.

When I stopped cumming, Tina kissed her way up to my breasts and started to suck. Tina moaned each time she sucked in my nipple then let it pop out as she pulled her head upward away from me.

“I love your nipples; they’re so big and hard.” Tina moaned the words as she sucked some more and pinched my other nipple between her thumb and forefinger. I could feel another orgasm building inside me.

I pulled Tina’s leg up so she was coming at me from the side; allowing me to finger her dripping wet pussy. My two fingers slid in easily as did the third. I worked my fingers around, exploring inside her, rubbing the walls as I slipped my thumb into her ass. Tina let out a sudden quick moan as my thumb made its way in to her ass. My thumb and fingers worked vigorously inside her, her moans soon became uncontrollable, one after the other, more moans.

I knew she was getting close to another orgasm. I removed my fingers and thumb from within her, grabbed and pushed her until her pussy on my lips. Her arms stretched out braced against the wall behind the headboard, a knee on either side of my head, and my tongue going in and out of her pussy lapping up her juices. Tina started grinding her pussy against me as I laid my tongue flat pushing her lips a part, sliding up to her clit and then rubbing hard.

Suddenly her knees clamped around my head, her hips pushing downward hard against my face as I snaked two fingers up inside her.

“Oh God!” She yelled at the top of her lungs. “On my God! Oh yes, yes… Oh yes! Ooooooo…”

Her whole body tensed, tightening then spasms uncontrollably, I pushed my fingers in hard and as deep as I could go, I sucked in her clit, bit down holding her clit and then rubbed her clit hard with my tongue. She came again. When her orgasm subsided she collapsed next to me, I reached up and gently pinched her extremely hard nipples.

“Oh yes, please, harder, harder.” She cried out.

I pinched her nipples a little harder but apparently not hard enough. Tina reached up with both hands and squeezed my hands forcing me to pinch both of her nipples even harder. She threw her head back moaned a deep long purr.

I climbed on top of her positioning my clit against hers and then I started to rub them together. She responded by lift her hips up slightly adding more pressure to our clits. I rubbed more, moving my hips up and down, pushing and grinding harder still. Tina started to breathe harder, her hips moving to the rhythm of mine. My juices mixing with hers supplying lube for more grinding and rubbing.

“I’m going to cum again.”

“Me too, I’m going to cum too.” I answered.

“Oh God! Oh my God! Yes!! Fuck me harder, yes fu… ck… me!”

We both came but kept up the pace and rubbing. I came again or maybe I didn’t stop, it could have been one long orgasm going on and on. Our movements slowed and the pressure let up. We were soaking wet, covered in sweat, tears and our cum. We both collapsed and passed out.

I woke in the morning to find Tina and me cuddling, holding each other tight.

“Good morning.” I said smiling.

Tina smiled, reached and kissed my lips. “Good morning.” And then she rolled on top of me.

To be continued with our trip to the mainland and the toy store.

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