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Dormant Lesbian Feelings

My lesbian feelings emerge!
At the time of experiences with Catherine I did not understand what was happening fully. Although as I mentioned I'd been a bully in school and thought I was very outspoken, in reality I was obviously very insecure, in fact perhaps a bit introverted. At least when I met new people, or was in a new environment I didn't say much and kept my thoughts to myself until I became more familiar with the people to start venturing my opinions.

The following Wednesday afternoon I was off work from 2 PM onwards, and Catherine had invited me to supper at her house. As before I got ready and waited for her to pick me up in her car. It was earlier that night around 5 o'clock when we left my place and she drove us to her home. With the drapes closed the house was quite dark, and the fire she had burning in the grate gave a nice rosy glow to the room, also she had the table nicely set, including candles that gave off a nice soft light.

She served me wine in what was to become my favourite armchair while she finished preparing dinner. Before I met her I seldom drank wine, being from the poorer classes I was more than used to beer and whiskey, and could hold my own in almost any company. As she was becoming more comfortable with me as I was with her, she buzzed around me in between fixing supper to keep my drink freshened and making sure I was comfortable.

After a lovely meal, I must say she was a terrific cook; we retired to the warmth of her living room sofa to enjoy more drinks. I did notice that although she kept my drinks topped up, she herself tended to nurse hers. As I was quite introverted in those days I didn't say anything, just looking for all I could get I suppose. As before she started the lovemaking on the sofa, and we progressed to her bed where we both got stripped off and I laid down for her to please me. At this early stage of our relationship she took the initiative and I was quite happy to let her do it, and again she took her time bringing me to a high that was incredible before she kissed her way down to my pussy.

Again the feelings were awesome as she tongued me from my arse hole to my clit, she wasn't shy, I'd never before I met her experienced anything like it, and this was my second time. I was more comfortable in giving in to her, my moans of pleasure echoing round the room, with no close neighbours, we didn't have to worry about being heard. Her tongue baths were beautiful, and later I realized she was doing all in her power to ensnare me, but at this point I still hadn't come out of my shell.

I had her drive me home that night as I had to get up early for work the next day, she wasn't too happy about it, offering to drive me there in the morning but I insisted and she complied.

On the Friday I had to work till 8 PM, and by the time we cleaned up and left it was about 8:30. I told her I would be going home to my place after as I had to be on the early shift in the morning. I might have felt I was being pressured but as there was time to go for a drink, (the pubs closed early in those days) I directed her to take me to a pub I was familiar with.

It was a working man's pub, and once we had settled in I sensed she wasn't too comfortable there, still she didn't complain, but later I was to realise it was a class thing, she was from the upper classes and not used to frequenting bars like this. Still it was pleasant enough and we chatted and afterwards she drove me home, and after a good night series of kisses I went inside.

Once inside I watched her car drive away and I wondered about what had been happening to me, still I had issues with my boyfriend to resolve and I intended to do that when I saw him the following night at the dance.

Robert and I'd had a relationship for the previous 7 or 8 months, it had started well as all relationships do with him treating me, taking me places, buying my drinks and even a carton of cigarettes each week. In return I took care of his sex needs; he had his own Flat which gave us lots of privacy for the sex games he liked. He bought me lots of sexy silk ensembles like waist cinchers, lacy bras, garter belts and French Knickers. He liked me to wear them and dance and do a strip tease for him before getting down to the real thing. He was also into photography and likes to take pictures of me in various poses, and also have me take pictures of him in his 'costumes.' (Wearing my stockings and underwear)

Like lots of men he liked his booze as well, and of course as I said I could hold my own in those days, I was a regular beer drinker, and scotch when some else was buying, and it made me popular with men.

Robert was quite a bit older than me, he was some kind of manager working for the city, and felt sure I had him hooked around my little finger. He slowly got more demanding and started to remind me how generous he was, and one night when he was quite loaded he actually told me I was his mistress, his plaything or words to that effect, I just forget the words he used.

When we met that night at the pub he started to tear a strip off me for not seeing him the week before, his big mistake. Instead of blowing up at him as I normally would, this time I acted meek and said I was sorry etc... After a couple of drinks he got back to being normal and I promised him I'd make up for it later. He drank quite a bit that night, but then he often did and this time I encouraged it.

When we got to the dance he was all over me, trying to fondle me as we danced, then some time before midnight I suggested we leave and go back to his flat. Being as he was 'three sheets to the wind,' there was no argument and I had to help him home. In his flat there was a teapot on the stove with some cold tea in it so I poured myself a generous measure in a whisky glass, (it was the color of whisky) then poured him a generous measure of scotch.

It wasn't hard to get him to drink up and when he finished it I got him another, mean while I got into my dance routine for him. As I suspected from experience it wasn't long before he was falling asleep, so I helped him to his bedroom. I undressed him and got him onto the bed where he finally fell into a stupor. Now I gathered up all the clothes I had there, including the sexy ones he'd bought me and placed them in a paper shopping bag, then found his collection of photographs and stuffed them in my handbag. Then gathering up all his cigarettes and emptied his wallet, (he treated me like his whore I might as well get paid I thought) then leaving the door of his flat wide open walked out on him for good. I stopped in the entrance way and pinned some pictures of him in drag on a notice board there, and left the building for good.

The next morning I woke up feeling angry, I guess I was depressed and didn't realize it. I wasn't too pleased with what I had done, some people have a wicked temper, but I had a vicious streak in me, well what was done was done. I had nothing to eat in my room so got dressed and went out and found a cafe and had something to eat washed down with lots of tea.

I felt very lonely at that time, I thought I was doing so well since I'd moved to a better neighbourhood in the city, and secured a better job. I definitely was being treated with more respect by strangers, and had grown to like it. It was like I was realizing with Robert I was being dragged back into the gutter. He thought I was a slut, his slut and I was to blame for it, not him. I began to realize the difference between being a slut and a lady was perception, and as a result that's how they would treat you.

Catherine started creeping into my thoughts more and more as the afternoon wore on, she was a lady, she treated me as a lady at least in public, in private all she did was try to please me in any way I wanted. So it was up to me it seemed, I could try to drag her down to my level, or I could try to rise up to hers. Had I had other decent friends it might have been different, but as I said I felt all alone.

I found a phone box and phoned her, she was excited to hear from me I could tell. We chatted for a few minutes and then I asked her if she wanted to come and get me. She said she'd get dressed right away and come and get me, I said something like, "Don't bother dressing, just throw on your coat and come right away". "Oh no" she replied, "I couldn't do that, what if something was to happen and I wasn't dressed properly what would people think." Months later I would realize that no matter what dark secrets some people might have, or what closets they might be in, their egos made them maintain their image in public as how they wanted to be perceived.

I was still in a funny mood when she finally arrived to pick me up, I really didn't know what I wanted so I asked her to go for a drive out of the city and up into the highlands. She was happy to comply, I liked the fresh air of the country and later we stopped at a quaint pub near a small village for supper. It was very elegant and starting to fill up with other visitors for dinner.

We had a lovely meal washed down with wine, I was finding it easy to get used to this fine dining. Catherine was wearing a very plain dress decorated with a silver broach over her breast, a plain pearl neck lace with matching ear rings and some lipstick. Her hair was kind of plastered to her head in a style that was popular in an earlier generation; I thought that and her clothes made her look much older than her actual years. I could tell she was happy being with me, and I began to look on her as my friend and lover, and not just a cash cow, and wondered what I could do for her in return.

We had a leisurely drive back into the city and her house, and once inside she busied herself stoking the fire to get it going again, put on the radio then the kettle for tea. Sitting in what was to become my favourite chair by the fire I felt warm and relaxed, I might be a queer I thought but what does that matter, Catherine sat in the other easy chair opposite me as we drank our tea.

We just relaxed listening to the music for oh, about an hour or so I guess as I pondered what I could do for her, for the time being there was only one thing I could think of. Suddenly getting up out of the chair I walked over to her, she looked up at me a little startled and I held out my hand and said, "Come." She put her cup down and taking my hand stood up, looking a little apprehensive as I led her to her bedroom. Once inside I put on the bedside light then turned off the main light then turned to her, she stood looking at me and waited.

Now I undone her dress and helped her out of it then hung it in her closet, and returned and took off the chemise she was wearing. She just let me do it; it was as if her instincts told her this was what I wanted to do. Next came her bra that I placed on a chair, she subconsciously covered her tits with an arm giving me a puzzled look. Next I pulled her bloomers down over her hips followed by her girdle then had her sit on the bed. Kneeling down I removed her boots followed by her bloomers and that ugly girdle, then her stockings, they were held up by round rubber garters that was common in those days, and as I removed them I noted the ugly red marks left round her thighs by them.

Now I proceeded to undress myself, Catherine remained seated very modestly on the bed with her knees together and her arm over her tits. I was wearing one of Roberts ensembles complete with silk knickers, and slowly undressed as she watched ever move I made, till finally I stood naked in front of her. I saw her look over my body obviously liking what she saw. On previous occasions she had initiated our love making, so this was different in a way for her, I indicated with my hand for her to get on the bed fully so she swung her legs up.

Now I climbed on top of her, stretched out and grabbed her hair in both hands and kissed her hard on her mouth letting my whole weight lay on her. She couldn't say anything, my mouth was clamped on hers, my tongue buried deep in her mouth. She tried to open her legs but my knees were on the outside of her legs preventing her, I was going to make her wait till I was ready.

I felt her hands come on to my shoulders so I took a moment to whisper to her, "don't let me please you" and resumed kissing her hard. Slowly I kissed my way down the side of her neck onto her shoulders, then down to lick her tits. I took one in each hand, massaging them with my fingers to make her nipples stand up proud, but didn't touch them right away. She was clutching the bed with both her hands and started moaning, I circled both her nipples one after another with my tongue occasionally nibbling on them with first with my lips, then my teeth. Her eyes were closed; she was biting her lips trying to control her emotions her body writhing underneath me.

After a few minutes as I tried to devour her tits I felt her convulse, letting out a loud squeal of delight as her orgasm burst over her, I was getting most randy myself but not ready to give in to my own emotions just yet. I still held her tits firmly as I kissed my way down over her tummy to her belly button, before letting go to concentrate on tonguing her there for a moment before moving down into her pubic hair. Now her moans were quite audible, I saw her fingers clutching the covers on the bed as her body reacted to my attentions.

Now my nose and mouth was in her pubic hair, I could smell her pussy; my elbows were on either side of her thighs. Feeling her press against them I now moved permitting her to open her legs, she tried to sit up as if to say something or touch me, I just pushed her back down by her shoulder, then moved my legs between hers and continued to crawl downwards. She was wet, so wet and I could easily smell her, I heard moans of "no," but didn't pay any attention as finally I licked her cunt. She tried to raise her knees and I moved my arms to let her and in the process wrapped my arms around her thighs to press my face into her slip.

For the first time I slicked her pussy, and lick it with a passion as she cried and twisted to her surging pleasure, I felt her explode in a couple more climaxes before giving in to my own needs, climbing up on top of her and pressing my clit against hers. My thrusts against her were so violent the bed was banging against the wall but neither of us cared, and soon I was rewarded with a most magnificent orgasm that burst over me.

Breathing heavily I collapsed on top of her for a moment then rolled off her to the side, one of her legs still stuck under me. She didn't move, waited till I caught my breath again then we looked at each other. She was smiling at me, "Thank you" she said smiling, "That was so beautiful; you really gave your love to me." Now I felt her move the leg that was under me and turn to meet me, placing a hand on my face to caress it for a moment, then gave me a kiss and cuddled up to me.

I didn't know what to say or think, I had been rough with her and she didn't complain, if anything she seemed happier than ever. I just let it be and fell asleep and woke up to her shaking me saying, "Come on, time to get up." It was early but I had to get up for work and Catherine was going to drive me home to change first.

I was silent in her car as she drove, just kept my thoughts to myself, my mixed feelings about what I'd done with Robert were starting to trouble me. It seemed my being rough with Catherine had backfired and now she was more clingy than ever. I worried about it for the next few days needlessly as it turned out, as I never heard or saw him again.

Catherine obviously detected the change in me and worried, she phoned me at work on the Wednesday before my shift ended, and arranged to pick me up that evening for supper. I was still quiet but she did all the chatting as she tried to cheer me up, and after the meal she asked me where I would like to go. "Just take me wherever you want for a drink" I kind of snapped at her, and she drove me to a rather nice hotel where we went into the lounge for a drink.

Now I was not used to such fancy places, preferring normal working men's bars but for her sake decided to just relax and have a few drinks. It was classy with the bartender wearing a white shirt and a bow tie, and once we were seated he came over and took our order, returning later with to drop off our drinks. It seemed unusual he didn't wait to get paid just hurried off to serve someone else; Catherine was obviously used to it. I'd never experienced anything like that before, if that happened in the kind of bars I was used to the clients would drink up and disappear.

As I sipped my drinks I looked around, there were quite a few patrons even for a Wednesday evening just kind of hanging out and chatting. Nobody paid much attention to me, and when we were ready to leave the bartender gave Catherine the bill and after she paid it, we said "Goodnight" and left. I asked Catherine to drive me home after as I wanted to be alone with my thoughts, and when she stopped at my building she placed a hand on mine and smiling said, "See you Friday again."

I looked into her eyes for a moment, then on impulse nodded my head and gave her a quick kiss and got out and went inside. Left to myself I thought things over, I'd enjoyed myself to a degree in that lounge just chatting and observing others, none of the men made any crude remarks to us, although I did notice a couple of men giving me the once over, it was like a different crowd, a more respectful crowd, like the kind of patrons I got in the restaurant. I decided to let Catherine decide where we were to go for at least the next few dates.

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