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Dorothy . . . . .

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Making love to Dorothy
After my fantastic night with Dorothy, Ray and I got to talking.

"Ray hun", I said. "I really, really liked eating Dorothy’s pussy and I think that she liked me".

"I know that she has had pussy before mine so she did enjoy me fully", "enjoy all of me, and I was really in some sexual extasis all the time. I loved dancing with her and I loved her pussy and then I loved when I fucked her with my strapon".

"I believe that we both had a great time".

My awakening to sex with another woman has been more than great, it has been an EXCELLENT experience. I now understand well what Ray means by eating pussy being a very rewarding sex for the one eating the pussy. The woman does show her sexual pleasure quick and leaves no doubts of her sexual feelings.

Candidly it gives me another way to looking at women. I may have a more positive attitude to find beauty without compromising my self-esteem as a woman. As a matter of fact, maybe if I see a woman which I had a bad image from her, I may like her now. All of a sudden all women can be prey for my love making.

"No hun!, change that face, I will not hit you with divorce papers but you have to give me some leeway for me to eat pussy from time to time". "Maybe when you are out of town. I will be extremely horny wanting a fuck and Dorothy can give me maintenance while you are out. And I promise not to go out with any other woman".

"Heck, no I am not a womanizer!!!"

The boys always say that they look at other women only because that the fact that they are on a diet does not take away looking at the menu.

"Babs, this is what I was fearing".

Ray continued -- "I realize that I brought the idea and I brought Dorothy. I realize that if you leave me is my fault". "However, my love, I do love you dearly. I love our marriage and I love our home. I definitely don’t want to break what we have here".

"No, no, hun. I accepted your proposition. I could have said no but I was piqued and wanted to try pussy. If somebody is going to be blamed, WE are both to be blamed". "But I am not blaming anybody here for what is not happening".

" I do enjoy sex with Dorothy and that is exactly what is happening here, I am having sex and that is only what is happening here".

"Do you remember what I did when I began masturbating after you showed me how to??, I went beserk with that and it seems that every time you went out of town I masturbated every night and some afternoons also".

"MY sex with you did improve after that".

"So what do we do?", Asked Ray.

"Ok, let us have a period where you are out of town and I ask Dorothy to come visit me, she can not sleep here, she needs to leave way before the kids wake up so that there is no akward moment with the kids. It is early in the AM, before the sun is up, and shining, and she can leave so there should not be any neighbors snooping", . . . I hope!

"OK, it is a plan", Ray said.

I had asked Ray for Dorothy’s phone number at home so, that is where I called. "Hello", came her voice.

"Dorothy hello, this is Babs"

"Oh Babs, I am so happy you called. I was concerned that maybe we did not connect".

"Well actually this is why I am calling because I believe that we connected just fine. So fine that I was wondering if you would like to visit me tomorrow night. I am really missing you".

"Thanks to you I now have a different view of women and I want you" "I want to fuck you like there is no tomorrow and I want to make you my secret lover"

"Oh Babs, you have just made me so happy", and I really think we connected more than just fine".

"I have been dreaming of you – Dorothy continued -- and when would it be that we see each other again. I must confess that I have masturbated like three times just dreaming with your whole body. Your nipples are so wonderful. I loved to bite them and to suck on them. And your pussy. Your pussy is a "lifetime reward" for me being a good girl".

"Regarding what you just said about me being your secret lover, I will appreciate a bit of explaining".

"What do you mean by that??"

" Let me confess something now. – I told Dorothy --You made me fall in love with the sex you gave me".

"I have been thinking about you all the time – me still talking -- and I have been wanting to call you all these past days but I told Ray that we needed to have a separate sex life". "I hope that you do not get upset or confused, having sex with you was an experiment that Ray and I said we should try. The part that Ray and I did not see was the part where I became in love with you. And now I am constantly horny for your sex. I want you so much that it may be a new in lovers life".

"Partner crazy for her partner", I can see that in the papers.

"Babs, you are making my pussy wet with this conversation. Can I go get my toys while we talk so that I can fuck my pussy while you continue all these good things" . . . . (Babs thought that : with that encouragement Dorothy is butter again in my hands . . . so to speak)

Dorothy came back on the line and she began describing to me what she was doing. "I have my big dildo in my hands and I am just inserting it in my pussy". "My pussy is so wet that there was no resistance by the pussy, it took all 10 inches in without any effort". "Oh Babs you certainly have made my evening". "I will be cum-ing soon" said Dorothy.

And I began hearing her respiration going difficult on her and her cum barely coming right after that sentence was said. And she cum . . . big time. I said to her, "Dorothy go ahead and finish (because I want to do the same but then we would never finish this conversation.), and lets hang up".

"I need to take care of the kids now and I will call you tomorrow again to set your coming over".

We hang up the phone and my life continued. Kids, to bed! . . . . I said to my three beauties. What I did not say is that I am calling Dorothy as soon as I finish with the kids so that I also fuck my pussy with my dildo.

That happened (the three kids in bed and sleeping) and I called Dorothy. "Hello" she said. "Dorothy, my pussy is also very wet". I said to her. "I have my dildo in my hand and my conversation with you made me want for you. I need to masturbate me now". "How about if we both have an orgasm with the dildoes while we talk?", I said.

Dorothy replied that she already had an orgasm with the last conversation and that she is ready for another orgasm. And with that I fucked my pussy and she did too. We continued with the conversation and Dorothy kept saying for me to fuck her. Calling all saints and gods in heaven to help her get the biggest orgasm of her life. We attempted that and I also cum big time. When we finished we hang up.

And tomorrow was finally here. Dorothy arrived at about 9:00 PM which gave me time to put the kids to sleep. As soon as Dorothy entered my house we were on each other undressing everything we had on. I walked towards our bedroom so that we could really let go. I purchased a new toy for Dorothy that I know she will like. There was little conversation between us needed. I wanted her body and her sex and she wanted my body and my sex. We were rushing to get there.

The dildo I bought was a double headed 18 inch monster. I liked it because we could penetrate our pussys and be face to face so that we could do "things" to each other. She grabed the dildo and penetrated herself and she said, "now you".

I did not waste any time. We adjusted our positions to better enjoy this monster, we both moved the double headder impaling us deep inside our pussies.

Now we were both fucked and we had our hands to rub our nipples and our mouths to really go after each others tongue. It was all so sexually satisfying!. I was bucking towards Dorothy and she was replying in kind. We really were moving the dildo in and out of our pussys. It was a real great sexual experience we were having. I felt the cum-ing of my orgasm and I intensifyed the in/out and the rubbing of the nipples.

I believe that we were doing a great job. I felt that dildo rubbing the sides of my pussy walls and how deep Dorothy was pushing it. I wanted all inside my cunt and that is exactly what Dorothy was doing. I guess I was also doing a good job because Dorothy was voicing her satisfaction.

"Oh yes Babs, fuck me all in, . . . . that way Babs . . . . fuck hard and fast like you are doing".

"I am cum-ing", she said. At the same time our mouths were having a ball. I got my orgasm and I felt that Dorothy got hers too. I said, "lets keep going, lets count orgasms". And with that and the fact that it was a dildo, which it would not deflate, Dorothy and I kept the mutual fuck going for quite some time. It was a great hard fuck. The dildo kept its elasticity (very minimal) but it kept fucking hard.

At one point Dorothy said, "oh good, I am already on my upteenth cum. My "G" spot is receiving lots of friction with the in/out we are doing". I was the same, I was also on my upteenth cum.

We kept on going and our dildo was faithful. Hard and with stamina. No deflating or going limp.

We finished that session only because we got physically tired. We laid on the bed with me halfway over her and kissing her mouth tenderly. I wanted Dorothy to know, by my kisses, that she was an important member of my life now. From time to time I would suck on e nipple to keep her juices flowing in her box I am so much in love with.

Then Dorothy asked "lets get back to the secret lover and the separate sex life".

"--Good and I hope that you will not scare and will not leave me", -- I said. "Look. I want to be with you and I want you in my life, but I can not leave Ray. Ray is the father of my kids and I feel that I owe certain consideration to Ray. I told Ray that while he is here in town I will be faithful to him".

"No, you are not a second banana".

"I hope you understand that yes, I have fallen for you but no, I will not leave Ray" . "I think I need to think a little bit about my children – I continued talking-- and what this type of decision can do to them". "Dorothy, while Ray is in town I belong to him. While he is out of town I belong to you".

Now the question is, can you handle sharing me with my husband??. He said that he can handle sharing me with you as long as he is out of town", "No, you are no second banana!!" – I repeated again.

"Oh Babs", and with that she kissed me tenderly. " I will try to see how this goes. I do not promise anything. Lets try day to day to see how it goes". – I said, "lets us think that I am also a traveling executive and I am out of town frequently". 

 Dorothy agreed and said that maybe a way we could at least see each other was for me to join the same exercise club she went to and we could see each other there and when we were alone in our houses we could masturbate thinking of each other. With that she began eating my pussy. And once again I began getting wet and on the way to another orgasm. Dorothy is an expert when it comes to eating pussy. We did that for a some time..

Something we also did that night was that I gave Dorothy a DP with my dildoes. We began on a 69. She was on top and I was on the bottom. I took one dildo and penetrated Dorothy’s pussy (Oh, a note : Dorothy had expressed that she in fact likes anal penetration and that with good lube she takes a fair sized dildo in her asshole) Once her pussy is fucked then I began applying lubrication to her back door hole and trying to stretch it some. Then once that was done, I fucked her in the ass and she became crazy with all her sexuality with that DP. I thought she was going to bite my clitoris off. Had to tell her to go easy with the clit. I moved those dildoes in and out of her two holes and she was cum – ing real quick and hard. Oh yeah, she had a major squirt. The first time I had seen that. I told Dorothy that she had to get me to that point, I wanted to squirt like her.

Then we changed positions. She let me go on top and she went on the lower position. I felt the one dildo in my pussy and then Dorothy applying lubrication to my back door hole. I had given Dorothy a smaller dildo than the one I used on her. I felt that dildo pushing my sphincter and felt when it split the opening. Initially it was somewhat painful but as she moved the dildo in/out it became more pleasurable. And I cum with a bang and a squirt. OH yes, you get more pleasure once your three holes are being fucked.

We did that for a while and eventually it was time for Dorothy to leave. She had work tomorrow and I had kids tomorrow.

We made plans to go to Dorothy’s exercise place so that she would sponsor me in joining. And I found out that Dorothy was a substitute aerobics instructor some times. That is why she has such gorgeous body. Dorothy is strong, not overly muscled but she is firm. Nothing hanging. No excess skin anywhere and no soft anything, except her pussy lips. Those are very tender and delicious . . . . .

Note to readers : I will continue next with the gym and our next encounter on Ray’s next trip. Dorothy and I had more conversations on the phone to talk about the arrangement I was trying to set up with her. I had fallen for her but I also owe Ray certain fidelity. As long as Ray is not in town, Dorothy and I are free to give our love life free reign. If any reader wishes to give me some positive comments at this juncture in my articles, please feel free to PM me directly. As a woman I am very happy having discovered this woman to woman relationship. I see women now in a different way. Sometimes I do get piqued by one or another woman and I come home and masturbate with that woman in mind.. . . Positive comments PLEASE!!

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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