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I was tired and in dire need of sleep and a bed.

Sue Rusing

After a long day at work, I finally arrived home and got inside my apartment. Exhausted, drained of any semblance of energy and completely enervated, I navigated my way to the bedroom. I shucked my clothes in a pile on the floor, turned on the lamp and set my alarm.

Turning on the shower, I entered the steamy chamber and took a hot relaxing shower. The water cascaded on my tired muscles draining the tension from them. I did not tarry or play just the soothing shower and then nocturnal bliss in my bed. I longed for the much needed slumber.

I climbed into my bed. Slipping between the cool, cranberry colored, stain sheets; I awaited the pacifying magic of golden slumber to wash over my fragile body. I entered a dream sleep as my body rested between the sheets. I sprawled and my hand brushed up against what I thought was the soft supple skin of another person. I knew that to be impossible. The only person who had a key to the apartment was, my lover, Samantha and she was in another state.

My hand moved cautiously upward and I felt a leather band around the person’s neck. I recognized from the feel of the band that it was a dog collar. A collar that was a duplicate to the one Samantha wore on her neck, a gift from me. I peeked at the face, and sure enough there, lying next to me was my lover. She must have returned early, I was elated, but did not want to disturb her rest. I could not resist the lurid temptation of at least touching her soft skin.

I brushed the hair from her angelic face and kissed her cheek ever so lightly so not to wake her. Samantha was wearing a small black string bra and a black G-string thong and both barely covered her feminine charms. Her breasts, a 32b, were overflowing the miniscule fabric of the bra. Her nipples strained against the silky fabric and a pronounced bump was visible in the center of each cup of the bra. I brushed my hand over her tits and fondled them. Her nipples became very hard and the areolas were swollen to the touch.

I was amazed at the curvaceous body of my lover was in my bed, instead of miles away. Tingling with fervent exhilaration, my hand shook as I placed it over Samantha’s covered sex. Her sex, warm to the touch, moisture collecting beneath the black fabric of her G-string panties was evident to the touch. Her odoriferous fragrance was unmistakably “Eau de Samantha” that emanated from her apex of love.

The room was illuminated only by the moonshine that streamed in through the window; which waltzed on Samantha’s dreamy face. I gazed into her glacier blue eyes that sparkled brightly in the mutedly lit room. Her full seductive lips were pressed together, adorned with a coat of ruby red lip gloss. Her lips seemed to whisper, barely audible, “kiss me!” I cradled her face and started to lower my lips to hers. Then she clasped my head with her soft, gentle hands, guided me to her warm lips and we engaged in long passionate kiss. It was a long sensuous kiss that was titillating; the kind that stirs your soul. My heart beat faster, and my nipples ached and grew rigid. My vagina was damp - no, wet - no it was saturated.

After the kiss, I embraced my lovely Samantha, and removed her bra which freed “the girls” to play. Cupping her tender boobs in my hands I kissed her stiff perky nipples and then nibbled on each one. Samantha emitted a low moan as she ran her fingers through my damp locks of hair. Lapping Samantha’s saucy breasts, with the puffy nipples, her body quivered at the touch of my tongue. My nipples grazed her taunt tummy and swelled as if begging to be touched.

Samantha hugged me and raked her nails across my back causing my shoulders to recoil in response to the unexpected touch. Then she grasped my tits and squeezed them as she mashed them to my body. Samantha knew that rough play with my breasts was a huge turn on for me. Samantha knew all my erogenous buttons and was pushing them one by one, which left my body covered in goose bumps.

Without the slightest hesitation I grabbed her Black G-string thong and ripped it from her body and tossed it on the floor. My dripping pussy straddled her cum covered thigh and as I slid down her slender leg so my face was nestled in the sweet folds of her pungent, pussy. I slipped off her leg and lay between Samantha’s creamy thighs. Sam wrapped her gorgeous legs around my torso, crossed and locked her ankles and held me close to her body. I licked and suckled on her elongated pussy lips with elation. Her respirations were shallow and quick. Samantha’s cunt was tight and her “PC” muscles grasped my tongue as I lapped her steamy love chamber. The inside of her vagina was slick with her sweet delectable cum. With my finger I flicked her clitoris coaxing it from its protective hood.

Samantha fucked my face with her with her feverish wet twat. I shrieked as Samantha unloaded a hot load of cum, which I eagerly consumed. Slurping and accepting her offering, I cleaned her honey-pot of all her nectar. After cleaning her snatch with my tongue; I laid next to Samantha with my legs spread.

My pussy was loaded with cum as I had already experienced a powerful climax. My nipple slipped into Samantha’s hungry mouth and she bit them hard, so hard I winced. Simultaneously she implanted two fingers into my horny pussy and finger banged me. Her thumb agitated my clit as she tormented my pussy with her fingers. Samantha had pushed most of my buttons; all that remained was for Samantha to play with my rosebud.

Samantha sucked some cum into her mouth, rolled me over and spread the cheeks of my ass wide. Hovering above my asshole, she trickled the cum in her mouth onto my rosebud and ensconced it. Next she licked the crack of my ass and circumscribed my rectum with her finger. As Samantha’s finger prodded my backdoor I felt cum ooze down the walls of my rectum.

She removed her finger and picked up my shiny, black vibrator from the nightstand. She popped the vibrator into her saturated pussy. Samantha fucked herself with the 8 inch vibrator which was 3 inches in girth. The slimy black vibe slid in and out of her sodden pussy and buzzed loudly as she pumped frantically. She removed the vibe from her pussy and placed the head of the cum covered vibe against the opening of my asshole. Feeling the vibrations, hearing the loud buzzing; I anticipated Samantha shoving the vibrator deep into my ass. I waited for the moment of the exquisite twinge of pain I always felt when my asshole was pegged.

It never came. Where was my treat? What was Samantha waiting for? Why did she not fill my ass with that buzzing vibrator? She knew it would give make an extreme orgasm. I arched my ass with the hope she would shove it in. All that I could perceive was that frigging, buzzing sound.

I open my eyes and looked for my lover. Samantha was gone, but I could still hear that infernal buzzing. My bed was empty; a wet spot, the remnants of our passionate lovemaking was all that remained. Two of my fingers were lodged deep in my cunt; my thighs and pussy were coated with the warm sticky love juices. My nipples ached and my other hand was on my breast and my asshole was tight. And yet, I stilled heard that damn buzzing.

My eyes searched for the shiny black vibrator and it was standing on the nightstand, encompassed by Samantha’s collar. The vibrator was pristine and was not buzzing; I realized that the buzzing came from the clock radio that sat next to the vibrator. It was this buzzing that woke me from my deep sleep.

The phone rang and I groggily answered it. It was Samantha and I was confused.

“Baby I miss you so much. I will be back in your arms tonight. I so hated being separated from you this week.” Samantha said with a longing in her voice.

I went to the bathroom to wash my face and clear my head. I felt something catch on my toes and I looked down to see what it was. Resting on my foot was a cum stained, black G-string thong that I ripped from Samantha’s body. Hmmm…

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