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Drugs, Lust, and Sex

I have a little fun with my girl Jess ;D
Drugs, Lust, and Sex

I'd always felt some kind of attraction to Jess, but never enough to act on my feelings; we'd only been friends for a year, and I was already falling into some kind of friendship/ lovesick relationship with her. I'd seen her naked once before, and her body was more beautiful than I could have imagined in even my wildest dreams; her skin was fair and clear of any flaws aside from one little beauty mark that drew your eyes straight to the delicate curve of her soft bottom. She had beautifully curved hips that led up to an almost washboard abdomen; if you followed her figure up, you would find a pair of perky 28 C's. Oh how I wanted to reach out and massage her breasts; if she would have let me, things might have gone farther than just an innocent touch.

It all boiled down to one night not too long ago; Jess had what was left of a quarter bag of weed and a pint of Bacardi/ Vodka mix. I supplied the snacks and the drinks to mix with (neither of us ever drank it straight), and she supplied my high. I put on some music as she lit up a joint that she had brought with her and before I could press play, she was already tapping me on the shoulder to pass it along. It only took the two of us ten minutes to smoke down a perfectly good blunt, but we got down to the end and I had no roach clips; Jess played it cool and pulled her bowl out of her purse and packed the roach in with a bit more weed. We smoked the roach and got an amazing high off of that before packing another bowl and passing around a cup of Bacardi and Mt. Dew; I think we smoked a total of five or six bowls that night, but I knew that I was higher than a kite, and Jess was even higher.

I took a long hit from the pipe and held it for as long as I could, I turned to Jess and pulled her lips to mine; I exhaled the smoke deep into Jessica's lungs. She told me that it was the best shotgun of her life and asked me to do it again; I accepted her request and filled up her lungs again, but this time was different. Instead of pulling away and saying thanks, she slipped her tongue into my mouth and let it explore; I was immediately turned on by this and slipped my tongue into her mouth to show her that it was okay. Jess wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned into me, spreading her legs open just enough that I could see up her skirt. I ran my hands across her sides and around to her perfectly round ass cheeks; I massaged her bottom and she let out a soft moan of pleasure.

I knew she was ready for me to move on, and I knew that I was getting hotter and hotter by the second; I slipped my hands up the back of her shirt and unclasped the silky orange bra that held her perfectly perky breasts. Jess giggled a little and that send a chill flying down my spine; I pulled Jessica's shirt and bra off in one gentle tug, exposing her chest and shoulders. Jessica unwrapped her hands from my neck and reached down to unbutton her skirt; she knew where this was going, and she wanted it bad. Jess stood up long enough for me to slip the skirt down over her thighs and knees, she sat down almost directly after the skirt cleared her toes. I spread Jessica's legs wide and rested her calves on my shoulders; I was going to do her a favor that she would never forget.

I moved my hands from her calves up to her pelvis and started massaging the little sex organ that protruded slightly from the rest of her warm pussy; I rubbed her clit until I was certain that she would come soon, and when she was finally ready, I plunged my tongue deep into her pussy and licked the juices on the inside of her deep canal. I continued licking her as she shuttled towards another orgasm; I wanted her to come hard into my mouth and not stop for anything. I pulled my tongue from inside her pulsing pussy and inserted two fingers into her hole; I curved them around just enough to hit right on her G-Spot. Jess moaned and twisted on the couch as I massaged her G-Spot, getting louder with every moan; she moaned one last time and it turned into a scream of pleasure, she came with every ounce of fluid she had built up.

Jess shook and moaned until her orgasm finished rocketing through her body; shortly after that, she fell asleep in my arms. It was at that moment that I realized what I had just done with one of my best friends; she was going to stay another night, and I was bound determined to do it all over again.

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