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She gently pressed her soft lips to mine as her hand tickled my neck. She ran her hand down my neck and over my breast, stopping to play with the barbell in my nipple. She tugged lightly and I moaned. She gives a quiet evil laugh and continues to explore me. Her hand then travels farther south as she discovers my wet pussy. A finger gently flicks my clit and I moan again. She grasps my clit between her thumb and finger and pulls lightly as my back arches.

"Flip over." She says.

I oblige and quickly flip over onto my stomach. Her hands roam down my back, over my ass, and down to my soaked pussy. She slowly trails her fingers along the outside of my pussy as I squirm, trying to get her to put them inside of me.

"Ah ah ah", she says. "You can wait a little longer."

She flicks my clit again and I spread my legs even further. One hand caresses my ass as the other floats over my ready cunt. I moan again and say.


She slowly works a finger into my hole and I moan louder, her middle finger gently kneading my clit as her finger moves in and out of me. She then inserts another finger. Her other hand smacks my ass and I yelp at the surprise and moan at the pleasure. I do not even realize that I have moved my knees up and am on all fours as she finger fucks me from behind. Just then, I feel her thumb rub up against my asshole. My pussy clenches at this strange feeling but I do not say anything. I start moving my ass back and forth to meet her fingers that are moving faster and deeper. I feel her thumb moving in circles around my asshole and although I have never experienced this before, I love the feeling.

She inserts yet another finger and my breath quickens as I move to meet her, wanting her fingers deeper inside of me as much as I want her to massage my asshole. I feel my muscles inside clenching and I yell as my first orgasm comes. This just entices me more and I start moving even quicker. Just then, her thumb, slick with my juices, accidentally pops into my asshole as I experience my second orgasm. My body shudders and she pulls her thumb out.

"I'm sorry." She says.

"Don't be." I say, "Do it again!"

She willingly obliges and puts her thumb back in. She rams her fingers deep inside both holes as I strive to meet them wanting them faster, deeper, and harder. I can feel her fingers moving in little circles inside of me and I feel a strange sensation. It feels like a charge running throughout my entire body and meeting in my pussy. My back arches as she pumps faster and then pulls out as I gush all over her hand. My body flops on the bed as my body continues to shake, still feeling that charge running through me.

She asks. "Did you like that?"

I moan and say, "We have GOT to do that again."

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