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Ellie's First Real Lesbian Experience

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Ellie gets her first real taste of another woman.
Please refer to my previous story(s), VegasAdventure Part 1-2, for a description of myself and Ellie.

When we returned from Vegas, Ellie and I went back to our normal lives, but we could not help but relive the events of the trip and discuss what was next for us. Since we are each married to other people, our chances to make these things come true only come around so often. We love to take advantage of them when we can. The more we discussed what happened and what we liked and wanted more of, it became clear that Ellie desperately wanted to explore being with another woman. While the experience in Vegas was rather short overall, it was enough to ignite a fire that needed to be flamed.

Wanting to help her with this fantasy, I spent the next couple months researching local swinging sites and clubs and finally found one that seemed promising. It had listings of couples, singles, gay and straight and after talking with several people, I just had a more comfortable feeling with them. I came across a posting by a woman, Deb, who was looking to join another woman or a couple in some fun. By her description, she seemed to be a great candidate. I asked to meet her for a drink to discuss what I was hoping to put together and also to see what kind of woman she was.

About a week later we met for a drink and I was not disappointed. She was very honest in her posting. She was on the plump side, with large breasts and red hair. Very attractive and from the way she carried herself, very confident as well. I found her very attractive and I was pretty sure Ellie would too. Deb had explained that she had been with couples and just women and really enjoyed the experience, especially if the other woman was new to it. I told her I would contact her as soon as I could make the arrangements.

About 2 weeks later, the time was right. My wife was going away for a weekend and Ellie had arranged a “girl’s night” with her husband. Ellie knew I had something planned but did not know what. She thought this might be another one of our standard sex filled romps. She was right, but if all went well, I would be watching this time around. Ellie and I made our way to the hotel and got checked in. We decided to get cleaned up and head down for some drinks. As we drank and talked, I noticed Deb had made her way to the bar as planned. Both she and Ellie were looking very hot. I was wondering if I would be able to just watch later. Time would tell.

After a few more drinks, I convinced Ellie it was time to head back upstairs for some fun. As we walked through the bar to the elevator, I slipped a room key to Deb and as planned, she was to give me about 30 minutes. When we got back to the room, Ellie attacked me, clawing at my neck and kissing me deeply and passionately. I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but held off. I told her to go into the bathroom and put on something sexy. She did as she was told and while she was in there, I had laid out some of the surprises I had for her. I had packed some light restraints, scarves really, and a blindfold. I put on some music and lit a few candles. When she came out, I could hardly contain myself. As I have said before, Ellie has huge natural tits and they were on full display in one of the sexiest nighties I had ever seen. She had on no panties which left her shaved pussy very visible. To this day I don’t know how I didn’t just abandon the plan and just take her for myself.

I guessed we had about 10 minutes left before Deb got there, so I began kissing her and leading her to the bed. I kissed, bit, sucked and licked her lips, neck, chest and tits. As I did, I was slowly using the scarves to tie her to the bed, her arms and legs spread open, I put a pillow under her ass to give just a little lift. I turned the music on and I slipped the blindfold on. I began kissing and licking her again, this time slipping a finger in her drenched pussy. I pushed and fingered her, causing her to squirm and whimper. As I did this, Deb slipped in the door, hidden by the music and Ellie’s moans. Deb seemed very pleased with what she saw and as I continued to kiss and lick, Deb undressed. WOW was all I could whisper. She had on a corset that pushed her tits up, nearly under her chin and a lace, see through pantie that showed just a tuft of red hair on an otherwise smooth pussy. Her ass was firm and sat perfectly. Between her and Ellie me, I was in heaven. Ellie was breathing harder and I leaned in and asked if she would like me to lick her sweet pussy before I shared another surprise with her. She was practically begging when she answered “YES”

It was at this time Deb got involved. I kissed and licked my way down, then backed off and told Ellie I was getting undressed. Deb took my spot and took a few seconds to look Ellie over and take in the situation. She leaned in and kissed and sucked a nipple and Ellie jumped. I wasn’t sure if she knew it wasn’t me or just wasn’t expecting it. Deb licked her way down her stomach and inhaled her scent as she hovered above her pussy. She licked the outside of her pussy and her thighs. Ellie responded like she always does…panting and whimpering. It really excited me to see her be pleasured, whether by me or someone else. Deb continuing licking, probing her insides with her tongue, darting it in and out. She was starting to focus on her clit. As much as Ellie was enjoying this, I was too. Deb’s ass was pointed right at me. I wanted to dive into her, but kept my control. Deb decided to spice things up and after diving into Ellie’s pussy, came up and kissed her. It was then that Ellie knew something was different. She squirmed and tried to free a hand to remove the blindfold. She asked me what was going on and I tried to play dumb, but I knew she was on to me. With that, I removed the blindfold and Ellie took in the woman before her. I briefly introduced them and explained that Deb was here to help explore her fantasy. Ellie was not upset and in fact looked excited about what was ahead.

Deb simply said “Shall we get back to the fun stuff?” and slid back down Ellie’s body, diving into her pussy. Ellie was pushing her pussy into Deb’s face, trying to draw her tongue further inside. I could tell Ellie desperately wanted to be freed. For now, that was not part of the plan. Deb continued to suck her clit and lick her pussy until finally Ellie cried out in orgasm. She was panting and writhing on the bed. I asked Ellie if she would like to be a good host and return the favor. She smiled and said she would love to. Deb slipped off her panties and from the looks of them and her pussy, she was soaked. I refused to untie Ellie, so Deb slid up and placed her pussy and ass over Ellie’s face in a 69. She lowered herself down, and Ellie was straining her neck and head to meet her Deb’s pussy. Ellie licked and lapped, sucking up her juices. Deb pushed down more, forcing Ellie’s tongue further into her pussy and began moving around, grinding her pussy into Ellie’s face. Ellie matched her and attacked her pussy, enjoying every inch of this woman. As Ellie licked and sucked, Deb began playing with her own tits, pinching, twisting and rubbing her nipples. The combination was too much and after a few minutes she pushed down, cumming all over Ellie’s face. For a second, I hoped Ellie could breathe, but as Deb rose up, I could see Ellie’s face covered in pussy juice and a smile.

I finally decided that Ellie could be untied and freed her from her bonds. I told her I had another surprise for her and reached into my bag pulling out a 12” double-headed dildo. Both women seemed to light up at the sight of it. I handed it to Deb and she took it from there. She leaned in and once again began kissing Ellie. This time, with free hands, Ellie reached out, and began touching Deb. She caressed and fondled her tits and leaned in to lick and suck them as Deb had done to her. Ellie alternated between licking, sucking and kissing. Finally Deb broke away took the head of the dildo into her mouth, swallowing as much as she could. Once she had it covered in spit, she slid the head into Ellie, pushing lightly as it entered her. Ellie loved it, moaning as it entered her, deeper and deeper. Deb lay down in front of Ellie and slid the other end into herself. Both women pushed toward the other until their pussies were grinding into each other. They each were grinding, pumping back and forth, forcing the dildo to thrash around inside of them, fucking them each deeply. This was amazing for me to watch. Two hot BBW, pussies pressed into each other, lost in the heat of the moment. Their only concern at this point was fucking each other harder and harder. They bucked and fucked until first Deb, and then Ellie cried out as the orgasms took over their bodies.

Both woman lay there, chests heaving, panting and pussies still twisted together. As they gathered their breath and their senses, they broke apart and Ellie kissed Deb and told her how much she enjoyed their night and hoped they could play together again. Ellie even joked that maybe next time, they might let me join. I can hardly wait.

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