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Ellis the Warrior Girl - Chapter Three

Time for Ellis to meet her new boss...
I should’ve figured out that I was going to have to prove myself to whoever this overlord was. This didn’t hit me, of course, until I went to the lobby of the Inn one dark, dreary evening and noticed that there was a certain…feeling in the air. I couldn’t describe it, but the entire place seemed warmer. Which was good, since it was a very cold place.

It hit me when I noticed Stein practically cowering behind his desk in front of very handsome fellow. It didn't take long to realize he was an incubus.

First, he obviously carried himself with a ridiculous amount of confidence. Sexy, sexy confidence. 

Secondly, he had a tail with a heart-shaped tip swirling around him. 

Thirdly, I was filled with the almost uncontrollable urge to pin him to the floor and do terrible, terrible things to him.

Stein glanced over at me. “Ah, h-here’s the girl you’re looking for! R-right, my lord?”

He choked out, hands wringing the latest sunflower-yellow apron. The incubus man turned to face me, and it was getting harder not to drop to my knees in front of him and… Ahem. Everything about this man was clean-cut. Dark brown hair slicked back and not even messed up by the rain, expertly trimmed goatee, a suit so dark that it seemed to swallow all light around in, and a blood red cape.

“Miss?” he says in a voice so ridiculously sultry and I doubt he’s even trying, but my knees are trembling.

I shakily walk over to him and extend and hand. “Hi, I’m Ellis.” I doubt I can choke out much more.

He takes my hand in a firm grip and shakes it. “Lord Alexander. So, an annoying snake told me you wanted to work for me, hm?” He turns to glare at Stein. “Pardon me, but this is a private conversation.” Stein immediately turns and hurries into the backroom, and I can hear the door lock.

He lets go of my hand and I yearn for it back, any touch giving me goosebumps. “Now that we’re alone…”

Please, please, please say, “I can pin you to the wall and ravish you in peace.”

He tilts his head. “You’re blushing rather heavily. Do you have a fever?”

I shake my head.

“Oh. Good, because you’re going to be in the rain. Since you’re a new recruit, you’ll be doing small jobs for me for the most part,” he says, tail pulling his cape around him to protect him and his amazing outfit. I do the same, barely paying attention to the movement of my hands.

“Anything for you, my lord,” I say, halfway dazed.

He smirks. “Good. Follow me, now.”


There was a marble fountain in the middle of town, old, worn, and the cherub spitting water at the top was missing both wings and an arm.

“I basically run this town, but you know that. Because of that, I try to keep it nice.” He pointed to the rippling water. “There’s a monster in that water. A bubble slime.” He waves a hand, and suddenly a small, pink vial appears in his palm. He knows magic, too, apparently. “This holds more or less an infinite amount of whatever liquid you have...”

“...because it’s a vial of holding,” I chime in.

He nods. “You’ve done your homework.” He says, placing the vial on the side of the fountain.

“Now then. You know how to bait a slime, correct?” He moves behind me, hands on my damp shoulders. “Or are you still a bit too young for that?” He pulls me back, one hand hooking around my waist while the other moves my cape aside on my neck.

“Scars. Obviously bites, for that matter. So, I take it you know that they can sense lust?”

I nod, breathless. Fucking finally.

“Keep quiet. It’s dark and raining, but people are suspicious.” I feel hot breath on my neck. “And I have a tendency to make women scream.” He nibbles lightly on my neck, the hand on my hip hiking up my skirt and rubbing against my panties. I gasp and lean back onto him, already hotfaced and shivering. He smirks, middle finger pressing against my clit while sucking gently on my neck, making me moan softly.

“I said keep quiet,” He growls, his free hand forcing his fingers into my mouth, pressing my tongue down.

The water begins bubbling, and the bubbles float high into the air and pop in the rain.

I give a muffled, “I’m sorry,” and he tugs my already-damp underwear aside, finger trailing against my slit before quickly pressing two fingers inside of me, slowing drawing them out and then thrusting them in again. I have to bite down on his fingers to not make a sound, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He keeps going, palm pressing against my clit and I’m already so close, the water in the fountain looks close to boiling over.

Two mournful blue eyes appear, forming around a gloomy-looking face that’s as transparent as the water. Hair or something comparable to hair forms and trails down some sort of neck, and the face looks curious, but still really depressed.

“There you are…” he murmurs, and just when I’m on the edge, he pushes me into the water and I splash into the slime girl.

I flounder around for a few minutes in the obviously not water, finally sitting up and glaring holes at him.

“Right. Capture her for me, will you?” He turns to leave, looking over his shoulder.

“I’ll stop by the inn later to pick her up. Have fun!”

I sigh, and stare at the girl who has suddenly appeared next to me. She’s formed an entire, turquoise-ey, slightly melting body, hourglass-shaped and her sorta-hair trailing down her back. Also, huge breasts. Like, D-cup, I swear.

Bubbles continue to rise up from her, and she smiles gently. “I… Can finish you off?” She asks, voice like the water running down the fountain.

“No, no. Mood’s gone,” I murmur, grabbing the vial and uncorking it. “Just get in here and AH!”

If you’re wondering, “AH!” is the sound one makes when suddenly pinned by a rather powerful slime girl.

“You’ll like it! I swear!” The hands clenching my wrists melt into the shallow water before reforming into tight restraints. I could break out of them easily, but, eh, I got nothing else better to do. Tentacles form out of her back, and I realize I could be here for a while. She doesn’t waste time, quickly pressing a tentacle inside of me and another down my throat.

I am going to drag you away from the story for a second to tell you this: NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, SWALLOW SLIME FROM A SLIMEGIRL. It’s a powerful aphrodisiac and you will get addicted to it. It will fuck you up completely. Anyway...

She pulls my soaking dress up, revealing my admittedly modest chest and gets to work, two tentacles working on each of my nipples, pinching them and pressing them down and twisting them. One of them stops and retracts into her again, and her head leans down and licks at my free breast, proceeding to bite and suck at the skin. The tentacle pulls out of my mouth, letting me moan. The other tentacle still inside of me twists and changes shapes, from corkscrews to super-ribbed and settling on the original smooth feeling, twisting up and hitting just the right spot before finally, finally it throws me over the edge into blissful climax, pleasure pulsing through me and lightning flashing before my eyes.

As in, literal lightning. The sky lights up and the ground rumbles, and I really need to get inside. She lets out a choked moan and melts, and I assume that’s what a slime girl looks like when she has an orgasm. She reforms on top of me, head resting on my chest and bubbles floating lazily into the dangerous-looking sky.

“Okay, dear…” I hold up the vial and put it in front of her face. “In you go.”

She complies, melting into the vial without a word, but I still put the cork on it as soon as I’m positive she’s in there. I readjust my dress and climb out of the fountain, walking back to the hotel.


A knock comes to my hotel room after I’ve dried myself off and thrown on an old nightgown. When I say old, I mean 'This thing used to fit me when I was 12 but I’ve just gotten taller so it doesn’t matter' kind of old. Reading a book I stole from Stein, I am in no mood to walk.

“THE DOOR’S OPEN!” I yell, and Lord Alexander just glides over to my bed and suddenly he’s pinning me to it. Goddamn, that’s smooth.

“Good job. Not a visible scratch.” His hands roam all over my body, squeezing and groping every exposed piece of skin. I bite my lip and keep quiet as his eyes stare into mine. Dark red, creepy as hell eyes.

“But, just to make sure…” Ever so slowly, he drags the gown up and above my breasts and keeps on running his hands over me.

“Perfect. Flawless, even,” he says, picking up the pink vial ‘o slimegirl from the nightstand next to the bed and examining it. I sit up and, blushing, pull my nightgown back down. Still doesn’t do much, it barely goes past my thighs.

“So. Uh…” My fingers tug at the frays at the end of my measly pajamas. “What are you going to do with her?”

He stands back up, turning the vial around so he can see every angle in the light. “Now, you don’t need to know that, do you?” He places the tiny vial in his pocket and begins to leave, looking at me from over his shoulder again. “I’ll be here tomorrow night. Wear something more…” His eyes scan me again. “Appropriate. This one will require more roughhousing. Get some rest.” He shuts the door gently behind him and I flop down on the bed.

Now I’m tired, wet, and horny. I exit my room and head to the stairwell, getting to the lobby, and dragging Stein back up. I am pretty convinced he can solve at least two of my three problems...



NOTE: Ellis is continued on another site as Lush rules mean I can't publish the rest here, send me a private message if you want the link to Ellis 4 onwards!!

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