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Emmanuelle: part nine

Emmanuelle: part nine

Into the Oligarch’s lair

I had never spent half a concert watching a friend eat another woman. Did the whole come to more than the sum of the parts, or did each detract from the other? After Ekaterina had orgasmed for the third time, Emm was allowed to take her seat next to her new Mistress. I kept a wary eye on Ivana, who clearly had an itch she wanted me to scratch.

As the audience rose in acclamation. I swiftly explained to Ekaterina that I had a post-concert party to attend, with my girlfriend. She seemed cool. 'Just be finished by two when my helicopter flies back to London. You and your girl can have a lift.’

That was, I later learned, typical of her. An imperiousness combined with an instinct to help, was one of her distinguishing characteristics. Ivana took my phone and typed in the number I would need. I looked at Emm, her make-up smeared by her earlier activities, smelling strongly of Oligarch, but smiling blissfully.

'Please come, tiny tits.’

She was only that direct when aroused. I could see that Ekaterina was all she had desired. I kissed her. I could taste Ekaterina, who smiled.

I dashed back to the studio, where Sophie was packing her things.

'All okay, darling? You look flustered.’

She kissed me.

’You taste of cunt. What have you been up to, you little tart?’

Protesting my innocence, I explained what had happened.

’Fuck, Pixie, I leave you for an hour and you end up shagging some Oligarch.’

When I protested that was not fair, she laughed, hugged me, called me her little tartlet, and dragged me off the the party.

As the series had been a huge success, everyone, even the Maestro, was in high good humour. We toasted him, the Ensemble, and the crew. He thanked Sophie for her incisive comments, and then, to my surprise, proposed a toast to her and myself, ' The happy couple.’

The second violinist, whom I had noticed lingering close to Sophie, looked pissed off, and I could see her muttering to her neighbour. There are times when being able to lip-read is not a good thing, and this was one, as I caught the words:

'Fucking midget, what does she see in her?’

Well, I let Sophie reply, and cuddled up with her. 

About one, with the party beginning to die down, I asked Sophie if she fancied flying back; she did.

I phoned the number. Ivana said a car would collect us at one forty-five.

It took me no time to pack; I never would get to sleep in that bed.

I settled the bill. The Receptionist smiled, 'The Chambermaid says to thank you for being her easiest guest.’

At that moment, with me blushing, Sophie hove into view, and as her bill was settled by the BBC, she was ready in a jiffy.

'I saw that blush. What happened, did you leave your dildo behind?’

Laughing, I made her giggle when I told her about the bed I had never slept in.

A tall uniformed Chauffeuse strode into the Reception area.

'Miss Poppet?’

I nodded, Sophie giggled again.

'Come with me.’

We did.

We held hands in the back of the Merc. 

After about ten minutes we were at a private helipad.

Our bags were ferried to the helicopter. Inside were Ivana, Emm and Ekaterina. I introduced Sophie, who seemed to go down well; I gripped her hand tightly. She smiled, and squeezed back, reassuringly.

The flight was smooth, and relatively short. Within the hour we landed on the roof of a tall tower block. Our bags were ferried off, and we were shown into a luxurious suite.

Ekaterina held the floor.

'You will all sleep. But first a ceremony. Ivana, the instrument.’

Ivana brought a rod and a container.

'Emm, all fours, panties down, ass up.’

Ekaterina and Ivana had never seen Emm’s peach-like bum, and were duly impressed. Emm was in a trance, her eyes shining. She lowered her silk panties, bent as instructed, and her ass looked perfect.

’This we shall not have.’

Ekaterina was pointing at the ‘A’ branded on Emm’s right cheek. Taking the container, she withdrew from it a glowing branding iron.

Sophie gripped my hand, as I did hers.

Ivana’s eyes were wide with lust.

Emm’s head was on the floor, her haunches raised.

As Ekaterina applied the brand, Emm winced, tears came, but so did an immense orgasm. When Emm came like that, she squirted, and to her delight, Ivana was ordered to clean her up. Her tongue explored Emm’s asshole, and lapped up all her juices. Emm shuddered.

As Ivana backed away we saw, on Emm’s ass, an ‘S’ where the ‘A’ had been.

'She is marked as slave, or slut. Panties up baby,’

Emm pulled them up, then crawled to Ekaterina, purring.

'Thank you, Mistress.’

Ekaterina smiled.

'You are with me tonight.’

She ordered Ivana to show us to our suite.

It was equipped with all we could want. But we wanted only each other.

Exhausted, we stripped and cuddled up in bed.

'Fuck, Pixie, that was hot, make me cum.’

Always willing to oblige, I dived between her thighs, and began to pleasure her.

Her cunt was already aroused. I nibbled along each swollen lip, licking the sensitive spot between thigh and lip, before tonguing her wet hole. Sliding my tongue through her petals to penetration, my nose rubbed against her clit. I lapped at her, long and slow. I felt her hands on my hair, as she pushed me into her cunt. I knew her urgency. I pushed her clit back, then sucked it, sliding three fingers into her wetness. As I tapped that special spot, my teeth grazed her swollen clit. I felt her tense. My fingers were gripped by her cunt. She soaked my face as she came.

She pulled me up.

'You know just what I need. Do you need, baby?'

'I need just you, and sleep.’

She drew me to her. We slept.


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