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Emmanuelle: Part Ten

Emmanuelle: Part Ten

Schlyukha: to Russia with lust.

Waking early, as she always did, Sophie sweetly brought me back to consciousness with a coffee and smoked salmon blini.

'These are courtesy of Ekaterina. You missed a treat, Pixie.'

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I looked across at her, her blue eyes lively and teasing.

'No doubt this came courtesy of another Amazonian unnatural blonde. How unlike my own darling honey blonde.'

I ruffled her hair. My, she was so lovely. I could not quite believe that this beautiful and talented woman wanted a flat-chested midget like me, but was not going to question my luck.

'You were looking, tease.' She protested, laughing.

'No, I have just worked out Ekaterina's style.'

'Which explains her wanting Emm,' Sophie added.

'In part, but there is something more there.'

As I could not explain what I meant, we squeezed hands and ate our snack.

We had expected to have spent Saturday travelling back to London, but thanks to Ekaterina's generosity, we were already in town, and so free for the day.

'Oh, and our clothes are being cleaned,' Sophie told me, 'but there are outfits for us in the wardrobe. Do you want to shower, precious? I have, and will get ready while you do.'

The warm water felt good, and the power shower seemed to cleanse me to the core. There were oils to anoint myself with, when dry, and loving the feel, I rubbed them into my body. Brushing out my hair, I thought that I was not too bad-looking after all. Love has a wonderful effect.

When I came out in my silk robe, I beheld a vision of loveliness. The mid-thigh, red silk dress fitted Sophie as though she had been measured for it. Tight enough around the bust to support and enhance her natural gifts, it slipped away to her hips, over which it cascaded, before falling elegantly to mid-thigh.

'I see you like. You are allowed to close your mouth.' She giggled. 'Let's see what you got. Oh, and as you will find out later, the bra and knickers are equally perfect.'

'Can't I just unwrap you now?' I pleaded. I could have stared at her all day.

She had laid out for me the cutest yellow dress, with sweetheart knickers and no bra. There were flat pumps and knee socks. It was clear how Ekaterina was casting me. The dress buttoned up the front, which emphasised my lack of chest, and had a plain white collar. The pleats in the skirt made it comfortable to wear. I loved the knickers and socks. I stood up and gave a twirl when dressed.

'Oh, my Pixiebum, you are just the cutest girl there ever was.'

I blushed and gave her a tippy toes kiss.

'Pix, does anyone know we are here?'

'No, why do you ask, darling?'

'Well it's just here we are in the lair of a predatory Russian lesbian, and no one would spot we were missing until Monday, by which time we might be anywhere.'

She sounded worried, and put like that, I could see why. We could all end up in a Moscow whore-house and no one would be any the wiser in the UK.

'I think it is Emm she wants, my love. What say we go for brunch and find out our fate?'

She agreed that was a plan. I squeezed her paw tightly, trying to reassure her, while still feeling uncertain myself.

It was hand in hand we walked into an elegantly furnished breakfast room, all aluminium and white wood. Ekaterina was holding court, a magnificent red dress caressing her form. Next to her was Ivana, her leather dress fitting her like a glove, and then, on her right, Emm.

Emm looked serene. Her blonde hair was perfectly coiffed, tumbling to her shoulders. The silk dress shimmered on her, cut deep and low, it emphasised her generous endowment without being tarty. She wore dangling earrings with the letter 'E' on them. Her diamond-studded collar was on show, and her makeup exquisite. Whatever Ekaterina had paid for her, she looked worth every rouble. But the way she looked at Ekaterina was priceless; she was in love.

'My dears, do join us. I hope you like your outfits, they are yours to take when you leave.'

If her gracious greeting had not put us at ease, the mention of being allowed to leave did.

I gave her a peck on the cheek and kissed Emm.

'Hi, Pix, Sophie. I am so glad you came. I am so happy. I am going to Russia tomorrow with Mistress.'

Her eyes shone.

'But your job, Emm?'

Ekaterina laughed her low, sensual laugh.

'As I bought the company, there will be no problem with that. You two have an invitation to come for the summer break in August. You will find you have booked the holiday, and I will have you flown to my Crimean estate. That is arranged then?'

How she had done it, we never did discover, but we found she had, indeed, booked our holiday for both of us.

We both agreed that would be nice.

Brunch was the most perfect orange juice I had ever tasted, along with an eggs Benedict to die for. The coffee was Turkish, thick, sweet, and with the kick of a mule.

Ekaterina explained there was going to be a grand party that evening, one at which the social and political elite of the capital would be there; we were invited. There would be, we were assured, suitable attire, and we were welcome to stay for a lazy Sunday. All the while she spoke, Ekaterina was toying with Emm's breasts, to the clear pleasure of the latter.

'She is my schlyukha, that is my slut.'

Even the way she said the word, sent tingles to parts of my anatomy. Ivana's eyes were on Sophie. It was not hard to see what she wanted, with her Mistress preoccupied with Emm. I felt my hand being squeezed, reassuringly. I turned and smiled at my lover.

'Oh do not worry, little one,' Ekaterina cooed, patting my head, she knows she is allowed to fuck only where I let the little bitch fuck. Is that not so schlyukha?' 

Ivana nodded, nervously.

'Always, Mistress.'

'You are such a lying bitch, but you are my bitch. Now, go make sure all is in order. Ladies,' she said, turning from the blushing Ivana, 'avail yourselves of my beauticians and sauna. Just relax. The evening will be fun. But I need my own method of relaxing.'

She kissed Emm, deeply, passionately on the lips. Emm responded with equal passion.

'You are so much more than a schlyukha to me, darling Emm.'

We tiptoed out.

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