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Emmanuelle: part twelve

Emmanuelle: part twelve

To Russia with love

Ekaterina and Emm stole the show. There was not a woman in the room who did not either envy them or want to sleep with them; Sophie and I were in the latter category, though, truth to tell, no sleep would have been had.

The reception got into full swing. There must have been three dozen people there, and even I recognised some famous faces. Sophie, who was as formidably knowledeable on that, as she appreared to be on everything, pointed out that the man who appeared to be talking with Emm's breasts was our Foreign Secretary, and the woman captivated by Ekaterina was his political advisor. She pointed ot the Russian ambassador, and sundry other worthies. Talk about out of your depth.

Fortunately, Sophie's name meant something to most of the British guests, and, after expressing their delight at meeting her, the conversation drifted onto music, on which I did know something. Most of the Brits, correctly, assumed I was Sophie's significant other, and acted accordingly. Even the Foreign Secretary only goosed my ass twice.

Alcohol and Pixie do not go well together. As my dad used to say, 'one whiff of the barmaid's apron ... .' Not, perhaps the most apposite comment to a lesbian daughter, especially given some of the barmaids I'd known. So I drank orange juice, and watched as the revellers relaxed a little.

At nine, dinner was called. Two dozen of us went in. I found myself between the first secretary of the Russian Embassy, and a prominent journalist. It was fascinating listening to them talking across me about current affairs; I hoped my face did not show my real feelings. It gave me plenty of opportunity to people-spot.

Sophie was chatting animatedly with her dining companions, one of whom was the Home Secretary, the other being a prominent Russian journalist. Emm was chattering away to the Foreign Secretary, who occasionally lifted his eyes from her tits to smile and flirt with her. Ekaterina was holding sway next to him, pulling in people to talk.

The caviare was delightful, and for those who could take the Russian champagne, all the more so. The main course, salmon done three ways, was exquisite. After that, Ekaterina opened the floor to a more general conversation.  The wine flowed freely, the chatter even more so. I had a bet on with myself as to whether the Foreign Secretary would actually put his face between Emm's boobs  before dinner ended. Dessert was some strange Russian icecream with hot chocolate inside. I saved myself for the cheese.

'Don't you agree, Miss Hoffmann?' That was the jounalist. Having not the foggiest idea what he had been boring on about, I did my usual answer in such situations: 

'Well, you put it so interestingly.'

Smiling benignly, he resumed telling us all what he thought of President Trump's latest tweet.

Flatter a man, he will take it in industrial-size quantities - rather like the alcohol being imbibed so lustily.

We retired into the antechamber for yet more booze.

At least I could sit next to a marginally sozzled Sophie. We snuggled up. I finally gave in and had a scotch and water; delicious, but fatal.

Sophie guided me over to say goodnight to Ekaterina, who directed us to Ivana. Any attempt to say goodnight to Emm was blocked.

Ivana guided us into a small parlour with a huge mirror wall. 

'You will stay until told otherwise.'

I gazed at the two Sophies in the room, telling them both what that was telling us. Laughing, they both agreed, adding that I was a cheap night out, with a definite reward for minimal investment. Fuck it, I thought, and cuddled up with both of them.

The mirror wall flickered into life. I was startled into instant sobriety by what it revealed.  Emm was in what seemed to be a bedroom, with Ivana, two Amazons - and the Foreign Secretary.

'And if I press this button,' Ivana said, doing so, and making Emm gasp. The first Amazon lowered Emm's top, revealing her breasts with their swollen nipples. She began sucking on the right breast, the second Amazon obliging with the left one. Ivana undid the fly of the Foreign Secretary's pants, and began to suck his cock. Just when he seemed on the verge, she halted.

He watched as the Amazons stripped Emm. Lying her on the bed, they both stripped. Sophie gasped. Tall and full-breasted, they both looked an erotic treat as one straddled Emm's face, and the other buckled on a strap-on. Ivana handed the controls to the Foreign Secretary, who used them to make Emm buck. Her moans were lost into the cunt she was sucking. The Amazon rode her, grinding her cunt into Emm's face. Without the silicone, her breasts woukd have been bouncing, such was her enthusiasm.

Her partner pushed the girl cock against Emm's glistening lips, parting them to gain full access. She kissed her compatriot's tummy as she thrust deeply into Emm. The Foreign Secretary looked like he might be about to burst a blood vessel - or something else. 

I gasped. Sophie's fingers had edged aside my knickers, and I gasped as she entered me. My own hands were fumbling with her dress, which she raised to allow me access. As my fingers plunged into her gooey stickiness, I realised I was in the same state. I wanted to eat her out, but did not want to miss the erotic tableau being played out in the other room. So, noisily, hungrily, we fingered each other greedily - and watched.

With one Amazon grinding her cunt into her, and another fucking her with a massive strap on, there was not much to see of Emm, except a quivering, shaking form underneath those riding her. The Foreign Secretary must have pressed the red button, as suddenly, Emm bucked hard, as did the woman riding her face, who flushed, shouted something in Russian, and came with a shuddering rush. Ivana was bending, presenting herself to the Foreign Secretary, who, assured that Emm had come, was servicing her hard.

My fingers played with Sophie’s wetness, as hers did with mine. We both wanted to get back to our room, but as the door was locked, we had no option other than to watch.

He did not last long in Ivana, and the taller of the two Amazons cleaned him off, while Ivana and the other woman attended to Emm. Her make-up smeared, her face flushed and wet, Emm’s eyes shone as the two women spit-roasted her. She sucked the Amazon’s girl cock hard and deep, as Ivana pounded her from behind, driving into her, deep and with ever increasing frequency. The feeldoe was having its effect on an already aroused Ivana, who, leaning forward to increase the pressure on her clit, came hard.

As she pulled out, the Foreign Secretary, seeing, for the first time, the marking on Emm’s right cheek, exclaimed:

’Fuck, she’s been branded. I want her, now!’

At that very moment, Ekaterina entered. Her six inch heels making her even taller, she wore a figure-hugging latex dress, which left nothing to the imagination. The whip in her hand made her look every inch the dominatrix Emm had hungered for. 

‘She is my lesbian slut, no man has her. You have these three to play with. Do so while I satisfy myself.’

Her tone, and manner, brooked no argument. 

Emm, presented her ass, and Ekaterina flogged it until red lines ran along it in an irregular fashion. Emm came at least once. The same was true of the Foreign Secretary, and Sophie.

The grand finale was Emm eating out Ekaterina, who exploded in her face, and covered her in pee. Emm squirted and peed herself. I came.

When my senses returned, I saw that Ekaterina and Emm were eating each other our, revelling in the taste and the scent of what had just occurred. We heard the lock click.

Naked, Ivana popped her head round the door, catching us both in some disarray.

’You want to join us upstairs? Will be fun. All available except Mistress and her Emm.’

Sophie looked anxiously at me.

’Thanks, but no thanks, I want to give my fiancée the attention she needs.’ I smiled at Sophie, who squeezed my paw.

Ivana shrugged and left us, As we, in turn left, adjusting our dresses, we saw Ekaterina and Emm deeply into each other. They were certainly not ‘available.’

Back in our room, we made deep, passionate love, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

We were awoken by one of the maids.

’If you will put on your robes ladies, Mistress wishes to say goodbye.’

We both looked a sight, but a quick wipe with a cloth, and a quick brush of the hair, rendered us at least presentable.

She took us to the roof exit.

Ekaterina was there, Emm by her side holding her arm. No external leash was necessary. It was plain to see that Emm was Ekaterina’s.

Ekaterina smiled.

’I do hope you enjoyed our show. I think you will find that my dealings with your Government will go more smoothly now.’ She laughed. ‘You have my thanks for Emm, and you will see her again soon. But for now, my homeland calls.’

She kissed Sophie, and patted me on the head.

’You are such a poppet, my little one, you and Sophie make my heart sing, almost as much as my darling here.’

Emm blushed.

’Oh Pixie, promise you will come. I will miss you, but I am so happy, be happy for me.’

I told her I was. Sophie and I kissed her.

We watched as they boarded the helicopter, and stood in the morning breeze as it vanished toward the Shard. They were gone - to Russia with lust, certainly, but also with love.

Sophie took me in her arms.

’You are MY little poppet, and don’t you go forgetting it.’

I looked at her, nodding.

’Jump?’ She said.

I thought she’d never asked. I jumped up, arms round her neck. She caught me. We kissed.






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