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Episode One: The Duo is Formed

Two Super Sexed Crusaders Cumming to the Aid of Unsatisfied Women
Meanwhile, Inside the Sapphic Situation Room.
I sat back in the heavy, overstuffed leather desk chair, only half aware of the bank of computer monitors in front of me, my naked body still moist with sweat from the workout I had finished only moments earlier. My only covering, a towel wrapped around my waist, barely protected my ass from sticking to the leather of the chair. My thoughts began to drift to the workout I was looking forward to having with a friend later that evening. But, just as I felt myself surrendering to the growing desire in my deepest recesses, the alarm went off in the lair and I was jarred back to reality... back to the focus and resolve that my particular duties demanded of me.
I cast off the towel and reached for my uniform. The badge, if you wish, of what had become my calling. I dressed quickly... the skin tight latex "catsuit" clinging to my naked body as I prepared for the challenge of this latest emergency. The suit's utility belt filled with all the tricks and tools used by my daring alter-ego; gels, liquids, clips, clamps, ropes, and specialty devices. All charged, loaded and ready for action. But what action lay ahead of me? I only knew that my services were needed. Someone, some sister from another mother needed me and I would do anything in my power to come to her aid. I pulled on my thigh high boots, my gloved hands tugging at the buckles and straps of my gear as I leaped over the door frame and into the seat of my supercharged prowler.
Once buckled in, I hit the ignition and floored the gas pedal. The powerful drive train quaked under the hood, then roared to full strength, accelerating my machine to near break-neck speeds as I raced to the location that the emergency beacon indicated. I blasted through traffic, darting and dodging around any obstacles in my way, slipping in between others as I pushed the envelope of safety in order to get to this sister before it was too late.

In a flash, I was there, slamming on the breaks and plowing my sleek machine to a stop. I surveyed the situation... from the outside, all seemed pretty normal, an average looking home in an otherwise quiet residential neighborhood. But my senses began to tingle and I knew things were, in fact, not right. Then I heard it... the sound that sent chills through me, a woman crying out for help! Her fear and sorrow permeated the very air around me as I scaled the back wall and entered what I ascertained was the master bedroom.
There she was, 40-ish, clad only in a camisole and panties, tanned and toned, sitting on the edge of the king sized bed. It was obvious that she had been crying, her body language showed a woman in pain and under extreme distress. Next to the bed, I saw one of the sources of her sadness, a vibrator laying on the rug.. the end cap off and the batteries spilled out on the floor obviously dead and in need of replacement.
Then I sensed another presence... not weak and weary like this poor soul, but a powerful entity, like a force of nature. But who and where was this creature? There! Half hidden in the shadows, I saw the outline of another figure. And what a figure it was... also clad in a body suit, smaller than me in stature, physically trim and lean like a dancer or gymnast, long blond hair flowing from behind her masked face... her erect nipples straining the fabric of the suit stretched over her small but perfectly pert breasts. Her flat belly a testament to her being in peak condition.

Instinctively I stepped forward towards the woman on the bed, hoping to insinuate myself between her and any danger. At the same moment, the other figure made almost the exact same move! We were practically side by side, standing in front of the woman on the bed when she saw us and cried out, "Who are you and what are you doing in my bedroom?!" I spoke first, "I am called Kat, Don't be afraid, I am here to help you. I am here for you in your time of crisis!" The other woman, stepped in and said, "I am called Elf! And I too, am here to help a sister in need!" Sensing the truth in her words, I knew that this "Elf" was not my enemy but, perhaps, my ally.
The woman on the bed shook her head and began to cry again, "I didn't know who to turn to... I simply cried out to the universe that I was too miserable to go on... that I needed relief and you both came... maybe you both can help me..." she managed to tell us her name was Cindy and shared her story between sobs.

Cindy was married to a workaholic who he had been putting in overtime at his office practically every night for years. Never getting home at a decent hour, and when he did come home, he was too wrapped up in his career, consistently neglecting and ignoring her. Tonight was the worst, it was their anniversary. A romantic evening had been planned and promises of intimacy had been made but, her old man's true nature shown through and he had left to pursue a business opportunity that had "just sprung up". A half-hearted promise of a "Rain check" was her only consolation. Then to add insult to injury, the only vibrator she owned had broken down... it too, failing to give her any pleasure. She was simply frustrated, neglected and at the end of her ability to cope with her situation.

I glanced over at the lithe figure of my new sister-warrior who was clearly feeling the same empathy for this woman that I was. Together, as if we were choreographed to do so, we went to this woman, one on either side and knelt before her, taking her hands and caressing her to show our support and sisterly compassion for her plight. Her head was still bowed down but she relaxed her posture slightly at our touch.

I reached for a pouch on my utility belt and retrieved a brand new 8-inch multi-speed vibrating dildo with a clitoral stimulator and extra long life battery pack. Placing this in her hand, I told her that this was just a small gesture of what joy awaited her this evening. My mysterious cohort had also produced a lovely vibrating dildo, complete with suction-cup base, optional harness and straps that could be used for any number of needs. The Elf and I exchanged smiles and winks... we were becoming a team and it felt right.

From my utility belt, I withdrew an assortment of scented and flavored body oils. My new partner also had more goodies to share, including furry massage mittens, silk cords, and more lotions and creams. We had all the tools needed to give Cindy the pleasure she craved.

We lay Cindy back on her bed and began our individual efforts to relieve her suffering. I was on Cindy's left side and knelt beside her on the bed, brushing the hair away from her neck and face... kissing her features gently and caressing her shoulder and arm. Elf was doing the same on the other side. Using my teeth, I pulled the gloves from my hands... filled my palms with scented oil that I then massaged into Cindy's smooth skin. Elf was untying the laces that held the camisole top closed over Cindy's full breasts. She opened the satiny material to expose more of Cindy's body and started caressing her ample breasts with one of the massage mittens... I moved lower to massage Cindy's tummy, sides and legs.
Cindy who had been crippled and bent with sorrow and hurt, began to relax and come back to life under our touch. She was beginning to make soft cooing sounds as Elf lovingly cupped and cradled her breasts while I oiled and massaged her legs and feet. The touch of my fingers on the soles of Cindy's feet and her reaction lead me to believe that her feet must be one of her more sensitive erogenous zones, so I paid particular attention to them... Massaging her feet and toes, and then kissing and sucking her toes one at a time. As I pampered her feet, Cindy's body language changed even further, her knees had parted and she had placed a hand between her legs and was openly rubbing her mound through the thin fabric of her panties.
I looked up further to see that Elf was kneeling, leaning over Cindy from above. Cindy's was head in Elf's lap and Elf was squeezing both of Cindy's breasts - the nipples erect and glistening with saliva from kisses and licks.
I worked my way up Cindy's legs, kissing the calves and knees before working my way to her inner thighs. As I got to her now quite wet pussy, she had had pulled the sheer fabric of her panties aside and was busy rubbing the swollen pussy lips and hood of her clitoris with the help of Elf, who's hand was on top of Cindy's, guiding her and controlling the tempo and motion of their manipulations.
I took this opportunity to slip out of my catsuit, when I opened the top, my 42-D tits practically burst from the clingy material. I kicked my boots off and wriggled the rest of the second skin down over my thighs and off my legs - I stood, completely naked, a sheen of sweat glistening on my milky white skin in the dim light of the bedroom. I placed a hand on Elf's shoulder and motioned to her that I would take over her pussy stroking duties so she too could get free of her clothing. Elf crawled off the bed and stripped down in a matter of seconds before rejoining me as we continued to pay attention to Cindy's long neglected sexual needs.
This time we lay next to Cindy, one on each side and finished removing the cami and panties, both now soaked with perspiration, oils, and other juices. Again, as if on cue, Elf and I took one of Cindy's nipples in our mouths and began to suck, lick and nibble in earnest.
We also reached for Cindy's open and wet pussy at the same time. Our hands met and we began mutual exploration of the wet and warm recesses of Cindy's womanhood. It took less than a minute for Cindy to have her first orgasm. Her body spasmed as she was consumed by the first wave of pleasure she had felt in a long time.
I raised my lips from Cindy's breast and my eyes met Elf's. We stared into one another's souls and knew that we were destined for much more than a common cause. I kissed Elf's mouth and sparks flew. She returned my kiss, even more passionately and I felt elated, empowered and more alive than I had in ages. We kissed deeply for a long time. until we heard Cindy whisper, "Are you two a couple? Did you girls plan this together, or what?" We realized that we had been so engrossed in our own kiss that we had been ignoring Cindy completely. She was propped up on her elbows, smiling broadly and looking at us with a mixture of curiosity, gratitude and lust. I muttered that we were just pausing before the next level of Cindy's sexual rescue and asked her if she was ready for more?

Cindy's eyes widened and she squealed, "There's more?! Oh, My, God, I can't wait."
I pulled myself together and sat up, reaching for one of the vibrators on the bedside table and began to coat it with some of the flavored lube. "Just lay back and let us take care of you." I instructed. "Elf, would you care to use one of these toys too?" She nodded and I handed her the one I had been prepping, as I reached for the other. "Do you want me to strap this one on or free hand it, Miss Kat?" My heart fluttered in anticipation of the night ahead. "I'll go with your judgment here, Elf... What works best for you?"

I got my answer when this petite dynamo began adjusting and tightening the leg and waist straps of the harness that the vibrator was pushed through. "Help me position Cindy, would you?" I whispered in Cindy's ear that she should get on her hands and knees and let us do all the work. She jumped up, turned over and stuck her ass high in the air. I smeared another handful of lube on the end of the strap-on and on Cindy's already well lubed pussy. Caressing her curves and spreading her pussy lips as Elf stood at the end of the bed, monster vibrating rubber cock in hand, steadying herself for the first thrust. The feaux phallus slipped into Cindy's pussy effortlessly and she began a steady rhythm of fucking that made my own pussy tingle and twitch to watch.
Elf's thrusts had taken Cindy to a new level of pleasure and it showed. Her body was moving and undulating in time with the pounding her pussy was getting. I lay on my back and scooted under Cindy's body to kiss and play with her nipples, bouncing and swaying with each thrust of Elf's strap-on. After a few minutes of this, I slid further under Cindy, until my face was inches away from her dripping pussy and the vibrating dildo that was plunging an and out of her. I kissed Cindy's inner thighs and began to finger her swollen and distended clit... between thrusts, I would raise myself up and flick at her clit with the tip of my tongue.

I reached between Cindy's legs and found Elf's inner thighs, wet with the juices dripping from her own pussy. I ran my hand up and placed a finger between the plastic of the strap-on's harness and the warm flesh of Elf's pussy. The tip of my finger parted her outer lips and slid upwards to her swollen clit... with every thrust, I could feel the base of the dildo smack against her clit and pubic mound. I timed my probes to meet her thrusting and was simultaneously fingering both her and Cindy's clits as they continued their rapid fucking.
Then I got a surprise, I felt a hand on my pussy. It was Cindy and she was stroking and rubbing my pussy lips and pushing the folds back to expose my clitoris. I whispered, "That's OK, Cindy, you don't have to do anything but enjoy your night with us." Her response was to push a finger into my wet pussy and wiggle it around and around. My body reacted to her explorations by flooding my hot pussy with my own sweet secretions. The rush of my juices on her fingers surprised Cindy, "I didn't know women could gush like that!" I managed to blurt out, "I can... when I cum!" Just as I felt my own orgasm sweep over me.
Cindy was too busy getting pumped from behind to say any more at that moment as she was also in the middle of a powerful orgasm of her own. She squealed and screamed and her body convulsed as Elf continued to plunge into her, gripping Cindy's hips with both hands to steady herself through the thrusts. I regained my composure enough to return to my fingering of both ladies above me. Cindy was bucking and twisting as she came. Elf and I were not letting up on our objective.
After several minutes, Cindy screamed something unintelligible and collapsed across me... her body was still convulsing and trembling with her orgasmic bliss. I simply held on to her torso, my head still between her thighs... Hugging her and caressing her back and hips, gently, reassuringly. I looked up and saw Elf standing there, smiling and panting as she removed the strap on. She leaned down and cupped my face in her hands while giving me another kiss that sent an electric shock through my nervous system.

Cindy had rolled off me and mumbled something about needing to catch her breath for a second.
I reached out and found Elf's hands, holding them tight, I pulled her forward, her pussy was now close enough to kiss, so I did. "Climb on, please?" I said through my own heavy breathing. She obliged by climbing onto the bed and squatting over my mouth and extended tongue. As she lowered her drenched pussy to my waiting lips, I kissed her hard and full, making a loud smacking sound. She lowered herself further and I found myself smothered in the scent and taste of this amazing woman's pussy. I licked and sucked and tongued furiously. Elf's reaction was to grind against my mouth harder still and I was loving it.
Then I felt another electric shock to my system, it was Elf's mouth on my own spread pussy. We fell into a rhythm of tongues and lips and fingers... dipping, flicking, caressing, each other. A dance of passion that increased in tempo and force for an instant or perhaps an eternity... all sense of time was lost to the power of our passion. We devoured each other's pussies like they were the only sustinance we would ever need. Eventually we both had reached the climax of our dance and I cried out between her thighs, " I am cumming again, cum with me!" I put all my efforts into my pussy eating and clit sucking, faster and faster until I felt her body stiffen and tasted the sweet nectar of her our gushing orgasm. Her juices poured into and over my mouth, dripping down my cheeks and neck, I was bathed in her cum and drunk on the sensations that overtook my body. Cumming and cumming and cumming some more, for much longer than I had ever imagined possible.
Finally, we three lay in on the bed, kissing and cuddling. It was a lovely, tender experience that I knew would change Cindy's life, for the better. And I also knew that I had found a new partner, sister and kindred spirit. After we presented Cindy with her new toy collection, our phone numbers and the assurance that she need never be alone again, we tucked her in for the night, got dressed and crept out of the house.
As Elf and I walked to our cars, we held hands, practically skipping like schoolgirls. We kissed again, gently. Lingering in the darkness... not wanting to part.

I finally pulled her tight and said, "This night doesn't have to end here..." Elf then began finishing my thoughts aloud as she continued, " we could keep the passion going..." I added, " someplace quiet and secluded..." and in unison we both said, "Your lair or mine?"

Laughing, we raced to our cars and off into the night to explore our new dynamic duet!

What will happen next? Stayed tuned for the next exciting installment... Same Kat Time... Same Kat Channel.
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