Euphorica: Vacancy, Chapter 1

By euphorica

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My first story about one of my first and favourite encounters with the beautiful Valarie.

This is how I met the beautiful would be a weekend that I never forgot.

I had been staying in town for a conference one weekend at this quite luxurious hotel that the company paid for. I was meant to be checked out by 10am on that Monday morning, but after a rough night out with the girls, I had over slept. Truthfully, I had little intention of rushing. It was out of season anyway, it’s not like they were low on hotel rooms. I was a paying customer and I had the right to enjoy the room for at least the morning, didn’t I? I had awoken that morning from an erotic dream, a recurring erotic dream. Every time I had this dream I woke up so horny and yet alone in bed and this morning was no exception. I had slept naked like usual and felt no urge to put on any clothes; I liked feeling free, feeling natural. I roamed comfortably around the room and even pulled open the curtains and stood on the veranda, breathing in the fresh air. Quite frankly, I didn’t give a shit if anyone saw me; I liked people looking at me. After a while I reluctantly left the veranda, switched on the T.V and sat on the queen sized bed cross legged. Bored, I flicked through the channels not finding anything too interesting until I remembered I had paid for some particular channels last night that I had access to for 12 hours. Checking my watch I saw I had 3 hours left…perfect. With a sudden urge of excitement and energy I put on one of the adult channels and I was delighted to find a lesbian porno – my favourite. I sat back on my pillow and, still naked, spread my legs and lightly fondled my shaved pussy. It didn’t take me long to start getting wet, as I had been so horny since I woke up. As my juices starting flowing, I slowly pushed two fingers into myself. It was so warm and wet. After a while I brought my fingers out and licked the juice off my fingers while still watching the porno. It tasted almost spicy, but of course I was very familiar with this taste. I rubbed my swollen clit slowly and then faster until I could feel an orgasm building. But after a while, I found it difficult to reach a climax so I decided I needed a little help. I got up and retreated to the bathroom, when a large spa bath waited. Luckily for me, there was a T.V in the bathroom too, so I continued watching my porn which was keeping me horny. I turned on the bath taps and sat in the bath, legs spread toward to tap and as the water streamed down, I let the pressured water fall on my pussy and stimulate my clit. I laid back and with one hand continued to finger myself while the water vibrated my clit, and with the other hand I slowing massaged my C cup tits. It didn’t take long before I had a shaking orgasm and was thrusting towards the flowing water.

  I don’t know how I heard the sound over my moaning and the porno, but in the background I thought I heard something move. Quickly turning off the tap and muting the T.V, I listened more intently. Yes I definitely heard someone. The bath was half full by now but I got out and cautiously walked through the built in wardrobe which led to the bedroom and that is when I saw her. She was stunning, with her olive supple skin and a shock of long deep red hair. I had never seen anything like her. I was sure my mouth was hanging open in awe. The maid hadn’t seen me; she was facing the T.V which was still on the lesbian porn channel in the bedroom. Watching her, I could see her trying to decide whether to leave the T.V on or to turn it off. Finally she gave a quick squeeze to her perfect D cup boobs, sighed and turned the T.V off. It was so cute. She slowly turned and spotted me, standing in the doorway butt naked staring at her. It was then that I noticed her bright green eyes open wide as she realised I was naked. She gave a quick squeak and turned around, but before she did I saw her subtly look my body up and down and that was enough for me.
“Shit! I am so sorry! I’m the maid!” the girl yelled.
“Don’t worry about it, I was just having a bath, I didn’t hear you come in” I said, not moving an inch.
“You know its past check out right? We tried calling but no one answered, so we assumed you had left.” She said nervously, still facing away from me.
“Yeah, sorry about that, as you can see I was watching a – uh – movie and the volume was pretty loud.” I said.
She glanced up at me and was surprised to see I had made no effort in getting dressed. She didn’t turn away in embarrassment this time and she again surveyed my body. I could see she liked what she saw as she was blushing a deep red that almost matched her hair. I definitely liked what I saw, I always kind of had a thing for French maids, and her uniform was not far off from the skimpy costumes. I walked over to her instinctively, but as I did she squeaked again and looked away.
“Well – uh – you can get – uh- back to it, I’ll just stay out of your way” She muttered staring at the floor.
By now I was right behind her and when she again glanced up through her long eyelashes, she was only inches from my face. Her breathing was rapid as I took her hand in mine and slowly leaned in to kiss her luscious lips. At first, she didn’t kiss back, but as I worked my tongue more, she started kissing me passionately. Her free hand reached and gently pulled at my wavy black hair. My whole naked body was pushed against hers and as we were making out, she gently pushed me against the wall. I wrapped one of my legs around her, and I could feel my pussy rubbing against her stocking- covered thigh. I was so wet but I kept rubbing against her leg while my lips broke from our kiss and trailed down her neck and collarbone, until I found the revealed top half of her juicy breast which was squished against mine. I lightly kissed and licked circles on it, it was so soft and warm. Her hand broke from mine and rubbed up the leg that was still wrapped around her, until she found my arse and starting groping and kneading it. I stopped kissing her tit and gasped for air but more so for pleasure. My pussy was still humping and grinding against her leg when I gasped, “Spank me, please!” and she did. I felt the thrill serge through my spine and I knew I had to have her now or I would go insane. I slowed everything down first and unbuttoned her shirt. Looking at her, she smiled but still looked nervous. I wondered whether this was her first time with a girl. But she unhooked her bra and we pushed our boobs together, massaging one another’s. Untangling ourselves, she took off her heals, her stockings and a cute black g-string. I knew this was an invite for me to reach up her skirt and I accepted. I rubbed her thigh and moved my hand up until I found a soft, warm and wet pussy waiting for me. I rubbed her lips with my palm, and she responded with some soft deep moans, contrasting the girlish squeaks she let out earlier. I inserted two fingerings inside her, my palm still rubbing her mound. She wasn’t completely clean shaven; I could feel a vertical line of hair. I pushed my fingers in further, twisting them as they came out, and her rapid breathing fired up again, accompanied by louder and more urgent moans. I pushed her forward until she buckled onto the bed, flat on her back. I walked over and ripped her skirt off. We were both completely naked and I took a moment to look her over. She was perfect, that is all I can say. I sat on top of her mound so that I was straddling her, and started riding her so that our wet pussies were rubbing against each other. I sped up until we both orgasmed with screams of pleasure. Out of breath I heard her gasped, “Fuck, lick me, lick me!” and again that was all I needed. I stopped humping the shit out of her cunt and lay on my stomach, my head right next to her pussy. To my delight, the small amount of hair on her was red – she was a natural red head – with olive skin that contrasted so beautifully with my pale skin. I started licking the mixture of our juices off her pussy lips and traced my tongue up to her clit. I licked and suck her clit hard until I felt her shake and her gasped start again. I stuck my tongue inside her and collected as much juice as I could. She tasted sweet but slightly tangy – I loved it. Her hand was suddenly on my head, forcing my face towards her pussy. I kissed her, and sucked her towards me. She was cumming so much and I greedily licked it all. When she finally caught her breath, I fingered her again, collecting as much cum as I could. I reached over to her and she sucked my fingers, moaning. I felt so hot seeing her lick up her own cum.
“Can I do that to you?” The flushed maid whispered and I grinned as I stretched my legs behind my ears. She sat up and stared at my pussy wide-eyed, which made me again wonder whether she had done this before. She leaned forward and kissed my pussy as I had. I immediately felt my fit body reacted to her touch. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so turned on. She sucked me like I had done to her and I had a sneaking suspicion she was copying exactly what I had done to her. I felt her tongue penetrate me and wriggle inside me.
“Fuuuck me!” I yelled and that was her queue to stick her fingers inside and search for my g-spot. She found it pretty quickly and I climaxed. I felt something shudder from my pussy all the way to my stomach and up my spine. I have never screamed so loudly. She crawled up and laid on top of me. She kissed me passionately – it seemed she was getting more confident – and I faintly tasted the familiar scent of my juice.
“Shit!” She said suddenly looking at the alarm clock, “I’m meant to have tidied up by now, I was mean to be at the desk 10 minutes ago!” she sighed to herself.
As she started to get up, I pulled her back towards me, “Wait! Maybe there was some, um – excessive liquid spillage. Can’t you just call and say you’ll be another 20 minutes or so?” I said.

She smiled at me but said, “I have other rooms to clean.”
“So get someone to cover for you! Come on, I don’t even know your name. Plus, we should probably shower and get all the sweat and cum off of us.” I said persuasively.
“Ok, look I’ll go down and tell them about the…sticky liquid spillage in person, that way someone else is less likely to come up.”
I sighed and she took that as an OK. I was regretful to see her hide her gorgeous body underneath her uniform. She was still flustered and glanced nervously at me, who was still naked with legs open on the bed. I smiled at her, trying to make her feel more at ease. She returned the smile and it was genuine. She headed for the door and when she reached it she turned to me and said cheekily, “I saw you on the veranda while I was putting out the garbage and you were just so beautiful, I had to meet you.”
“Well I’m glad you walked in on me. Come back soon ok? Or else I’ll have to continue without you.” I said flirtatiously. She squeaked at that and giggled.
And as she left she said, “Oh and by the way, my name is Valarie.”

To Be Continued.