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Euphorica: Vacancy, Chapter 2

This story tells you a little more about the intriguing and exotic maid Valarie.

Please read Euphorica: Vacancy, Chapter 1 first.
This is the final chapter of this particular encounter with Valarie. Hope you enjoy!

The moment that I had first seen Valarie, I knew she was going to change my life dramatically. That is why I couldn’t wait for her to return from the concierge’s desk of the hotel. The moment she had left the room I jumped in excitement, it had been a while since I met someone as intriguing as Valarie. I pounced off the bed and replaced the sheets with clean ones I found in a cupboard. For the first time that day – I put on some clothes, figuring Valarie might have fun undressing me for a change. I wore my lacey black bra with a matching g-string under a short skirt and a tight t-shirt. It complimented my porcelain skin and I hoped Valarie would enjoy removing it for the shower. I quickly moved to the bathroom. The bath was still half full, exactly how I had left it when Valarie came in. The water was cold so I emptied it and rinsed it out. With disappointment I saw the TV, which I had muted was now a blue screen – my 12 hours of porn was up. Sighing, I turned to the doubled shower. It was quite large, easily accommodating 4 people. All the walls were glass, with detachable shower heads on three sides. This was going to be fun. I turned the shower on so that it would be ready and steamy for when Valarie came back. The thought sent a tingle through my pussy. Though I was tired, I knew I had to have more of her before I left. Just then I heard a short know at the door. Why would Valarie knock? Surely she wasn’t afraid of walking in on me again; I mean she’s already seen every inch of me! Curiously, I headed for the door and looked through the peephole. Shit. It wasn’t Valarie.
“Ma’am,” The manager said, “I don’t know what’s going on up here but it is well past your checkout and if you don’t leave now, we’ll have to charge you for another night.”
I couldn’t pay another night, my company was paying, if they saw the extra billing they’ll start asking questions.
“Uh ok yes, I understand, I’m just grabbing my things!” I yelled from the other side of the door. I sprinted to the bathroom and almost in tears of regret, turned of the steaming shower that was so alluring.
Grabbing bits and pieces and chucking them into my overnight duffle bag, I was ready to go. I opened the door to leave and was a little taken aback by the manager who was still standing on the other side of the door. He looked angry at first but his expression softened when he looked at my face. Men often looked at me like that, it’s too bad that I cheer for the other team.
“I’m so sorry, I completely overslept, then the maid came in and I was helping her clean up and I just completely lost track of time!” I said working my charm. I wasn’t even lying.
“I understand” he said more lightly and with a smile, “It’s regulations, you know. If it were up to me you’d-“
“- Ok, yes thank you. I’ll just go check out.” I walked away quickly. I needed to find Valarie, I couldn’t waste time flirting with some guy when my goddess a waited somewhere. The search was thrilling. Downstairs I walked to the receptionist to reluctantly check out. I would search for Valarie after, I decided.
“Miss Boccelli is cleaning the pool area. She asked that you stop buy to pick up your watch, which she picked up in your room.” The receptionist informed me. It was a lie, my watch was on my wrist and I immediately hid it behind my back.

“Oh thanks so much, I’m so forgetful!” I laughed. I left my bag at the desk and walked to the pool area of the hotel with a returning excitement. The indoor pool was just as hot as the shower. I walked through the glass door into the pool which smelt heavily of chlorine. I scanned the room for that shock of beautiful dark red hair, but to my crushing disappointment, found no one there. I was just about to turn and leave when I saw her face beckoning me from the little window in the sauna door. I rushed over and met her inside.
“I am so sorry! They told me I could clean the room tomorrow but the pool need urgent attention. I didn’t know how else to let you know where to find me!” She was clearly stressing.
“Hey, it’s ok! It was exciting trying to find you! – So the sauna, huh?” I added cheekily.
She smiled sheepishly, “No one ever come’s in here, plus it has a lock on the door and cover for the window!”
“Excellent” I said and with that I turned on the sauna, fed it water and immediately started undressing Valarie. She had already taken off her heals and stockings for a second time, but I don’t know where had hid them. Once I had taken off her top and I marvelled yet again by her perfect body, she stopped me from going further and stared into my eyes. I was about to ask her why she stopped me when her hand started massaging my stomach. I understood. It was her turn to take control. Her hand softly ran over my stomach and my belly piercing. I was so ticklish but I didn’t dare ruin the moment. She kissed me hard as her hand ventured up my top. I could feel the sweat break on my fore-head…the sauna wasn’t the only thing getting hot. I kissed her back, my hand scratching the top of her head. She hummed with pleasure. By now she was squeezing my tits, a little too hard, but again I didn’t have the heart to stop. She was groping them and pinching my nipples and I must admit, after I adjusted to pain, I was so aroused. I could feel my pussy getting wet and starting to soak my skimp barely there g-string. Valarie pulled my top over my head and in one brisk move, undid my bra. She was so much more confident, and I liked it. Staring at my naked tits, she leaned in and kissed me lightly before she focused her attention and my nipples, which had grown hard. She ever so lightly licked my areola and as my moans grew, she also grew more vigorous, sucking and biting my nipples hard while massaging them with her hands. While in my ecstasy, I reached down and rubbed up her thigh. I was delighted to discover, she hadn’t been wearing any panties. I traced along her slit, feeling it wet once again. Without warning, I shoved three fingers up her tight, warm pussy. She stopped sucking my tits and screamed with surprise and pleasure. I kept penetrating her with one hand, and pushed her face back to my tits with the other. She resumed licking and sucking my tits, until I satisfying felt her body shake again from the penetration of my fingers and my thumb stimulating her clit. She was moaning and cursing so much she could use her mouth on me anymore. I was OK with that. Her fingers clutched into fists and she bit her lip hard and she orgasmed and came all over my hand. She pulled away, literally ripped my skirt off and made me lay down on the top step of the sauna. It was so hot it was hard to tell what was sweat and what was come. When she joined me on the top stair she glanced and me sheepishly.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Well I have never tried this before, but I was thinking maybe – uh – we could, you know…” Her confidence had left her.
“What? What do you want me to do?” I said seductively.
“Um…well this is going to sound stupid but um maybe, err…69?” She said without meeting my eyes.
I didn’t think it was stupid at all. I swapped positions with her so that she was now lying on her back. I laid down on her stomach, with my pussy at her face and hers at mine. We almost instantly started licking at the same time. I felt her warm tongue teasing my clit once again and I copied. I felt my body respond as it started humping against Valarie’s mouth. Her pussy tasted amazing in the heat, steam and sweat of the sauna. I could feel my stomach sticking to hers. I sucked her lips towards me and she continued licking my clit. I heard the deep moan that was so unlike her. Lapping at her juice I decided to surprise her by collecting the juice on my fingers and fingering her arse while still licking her cunt. She gasped in response and I felt her tongue wriggle deep inside me and she orgasmed again. I felt my stomach shudder and I had to break free to let my own string of swear words and screams escape my body. She continued to lick inside me, and spanked my arse a couple of times, remembering that I liked that. Our naked sweating bodies were meshing against each other. I needed to breathe, but the air was so thin because of the steam, I struggled. I couldn’t let it end yet so I returned to her perfect, aroused pink pussy. I spat at it, not that she needed extra juice, and rubbed vigorously with my fingers while catch her clit in my mouth. She seemed to be making out with my pussy now, which felt so good that I left her cunt and sat up, with my pussy still in her face. She continued to kiss it and I had to push my arms against the walls to stop myself from falling over from my shaking orgasms. I was in euphoria. When we broke, she rolled to lie on top of me. She gently kissed my eyelids and teasingly licked my lips. It was hard to think that I had believed she was inexperienced because she definitely knew what felt good.
“Today has been…incredible. My work is usually so boring.” She whispered.
“I do what I can,” I teased, and then I asked my burning question, “Have you…done that with a woman before?”
She looked shy and timid again, “No, that was my first time.”
“With a woman.” I said. It wasn’t a question but it was hard to believe. She was such a good fucker.
“No, uh, my first time ever…”.She whispered embarrassed.
“YOU’RE A VIRGIN??” I exclaimed. I could not believe it!
“Well no, not anymore!” She giggled nervously.
“Wait, how fucking old are you?!” I didn’t mean to sound like a bitch, I was just shocked.
“18! I left school and started working here full time…I’m sorry I should have said something!” She looked like she was almost in tears.
“Don’t be sorry, it’s just a shock; I mean you were so good! It’s hard to believe you’ve never done anything like that before!” I tried consoling her.
She nodded at my words and then smiled brilliantly. To my surprise, she got up and put on her clothes with out any more words. I sat there watching her intently. She was dripping in sweat, her hair was a mess, her make up was running and her cheeks were a deep crimson, yet she dressed in her uniform and walked toward the locked door of the sauna. Before she opened it she turned to me and said, “Well Miss Brown, we hope you had a wonderful stay at the Riviera hotel. I believe you luggage is awaiting pick up at the front desk. Travel safe and we hope to see you soon.” It was so professional and rehearsed, but she winked and left the sauna leaving me utterly gob smacked for the second time that day. I stared after her, not knowing what just happened. I felt confused, even rather annoyed that she would just leave with no explanation. I snapped back into consciousness and pulled on my clothes. As I pulled on my shirt, I saw a bit of paper fall to the ground. Picking it up, I realised what it was and I started laughing hysterically. Written on the piece of paper in lipstick was the words “Valarie Boccelli aka The Maid That Walked In On You And Then Made Vigorous Love To You – Twice,” Followed by her home and cell phone number.
I was still laughing on my way home and I knew that Valarie was going to play a large part in life from now on.

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