Eva So Wet

By Carmyn

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The next morning, I was up early. I started taking my Christmas decorations down quietly so I wouldn't disturb the hungover sleeping beauty in my bed. It was around noon when I was done. I was trying to find anything to do, anything to distract me from going into my room and joining Eva in my bed. So I decided to take a shower. I reeked of alcohol and sweat from last night's party.

I was so accustomed to living alone that I didn't think to lock the bathroom door. I had the shower on, letting the water heat up as I undressed. I was about to remove my thong when the door swung open. My hands flew to shield my bare c cups.

"I'm in here!" I exclaimed.

"I have to use it; I can't wait," Eva explained as she entered. She was still wearing her dress from last night, which was partially unzipped. She pulled her dress up to her waist and her panties fell to her ankles. I jumped into the shower to give her her privacy. With the shower door fogged up from the steam, I couldn't see her nor could she see me. But I desperately wanted to see her ever so badly.

I turned around when I felt a drift. Eva had poked her head in. She was laughing.

"You know you hopped in the shower with your underwear on, right? I thought I was the one drunk!"

One of the things to love about Eva--her beauty and her humor. I was ever so in love already. I was biting on my bottom lip as I stood soaking wet before her wandering brown eyes. I didn't want her to leave, but I couldn't force myself to ask her to stay.

Eva closed the shower door as she joined me. "Will you unzip me now?" she inquired as the water soaked her in her shiny metallic dress.

My trembling hands gradually pulled her zipper down. The moment it was done, her dress fell to her ankles. She turned around. She grabbed my face and insert her tongue in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her wet body into mine. She gyrated against my lower half. She wasn't intoxicated anymore, so no guilt trip. It was about to be on. I couldn't resist this tempting beauty any longer, especially with her erect nipples on mine and her lips engulfing my tongue.

"Hmmmm." We found ourselves moaning in unison as we caressed our wet bodies against each other's. The wet friction caused audible sex sounds, setting the perfect scene. I humped on her right leg while she did the same to mine. Our tongues were buried in each others mouths; our hands roamed our wet backs. She broke the kiss and pinned me facing the wall. Waves of electricity shot up my spine as her lips gradually journeyed down it. She stopped at the small of my back. She slapped both of my cheeks then squeezed them firmly before slapping them again. Then she ran her tongue between my cheeks before drawing circles around my asshole. While she orally entertained my ass, her fingers kept my womanhood in bliss. Her index finger caressed my swollen clitoris as her middle finger tickled my inner walls. Eva had me ever so wet.

I damn near lost my balance when her lips made kissing sounds as she started to eat my dripping pussy. I reached behind me and grabbed a handful of her tangled hair. I pushed her face deeper. She feasted more aggressively.

"Fuck yeah! Yeah! Ohh fuck yeah, Eva! Make me cum, baby!"

"You better cum! Cum hard! All over my face, you slut!" she instructed in between licks.

That was another turn on for me. As sweet and innocent as Eva Sing looked, she was a naughty girl. I'm pretty sure she could make me squirt all over her pretty face by her just talking dirty to me. She was a Carmyn replica in a strikingly gorgeous Asian body.

I involuntarily clentched up. This signaled my climax was near. Eva accelerated her actions to the fullest. Eva had a talented tongue that made accomplishing her agenda a breeze. I was oozing my liquid honey in a matter of minutes. Mixed with the lukewarm tap water, Eva proceeded to lick me down. As one of her fingers played with my ass again, she suckled on my thighs.

This made my pussy walls contract fiercely and my stomach spasmed. This girl had me climaxing ever so hard. I slid down to the shower floor. I pulled her waist towards me. It was my turn...

 From her pierced navel, I ran my tongue over her pubic area, which was perfectly waxed, and traced her v-shaped outline. She trembled. Eva dug her nails into my shoulders when I lapped on her sweet flesh. I clutched her small firm ass tighter when her legs began to quiver.

"Ohh baby..." she moaned in her angelic singsong voice. "Oh Carmyn, baby. Shit. Hmmmm..."

I started to multitask. I was eating her pussy, fingering her ass with one hand, and squeezing it with my other. The streaming water was now turning cold. It caused Eva to shiver uncontrollably when it touched her soft skin. Just like me, she was releasing her juices in a matter of minutes before joining me on the small floor. We turned the water off.

Ever so close, naked and wet, we were at it again. Somehow we managed to perform a 69 in the cubicle-side shower, bellowing and cumming in unison. Then we just laid there, exhausted and cold. It was uncomfortable, but lovely at the same time. Because here I had Eva's pretty cunt hoovering over my lips with her face laying between my legs.

As soon as we gained the energy to make it to my bed, I was going to make more love to her, with a few toys and body oils, to her ever so passionately...