Eve and Jenny finally meet

By Jennyxxx

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Eve and Jenny finally meet and finally get to enjoy one another
Jenny waited at the arrivals at the airport, waiting to meet Eve. The two of them had become friends online chatting most evenings until Eve had said that she was coming over to England on a business trip, but could come over a week early so they could meet up. Jenny jumped at the chance at getting to know her new friend a little better and suggested that they should hire a car and go and do a bit of sightseeing. So here she was, waiting to meet Eve for the first time. Finally, passengers started to file out from the arrivals lounge. Jenny scanned the arriving passengers until finally she caught sight of Eve, she looked better in the flesh than she did in the photos that they had exchanged. Jenny waved, desperate to catch the attention of Eve. Finally Eve looked in her direction and hurried over to her.

The two women hugged and exchanged the usual pleasantries before they headed to the car-park. The pair of them chatted eagerly together as they made their way to the car. They had arranged to spend a couple of days in Cornwall. Jenny had booked a hotel and they now headed towards it, finally arriving as the day was drawing to a close.

The two women went to check into the hotel only to find that an error had been made, the two single rooms they had booked had been double booked and all that the hotel had to offer was a room with a double bed. They both decide to take it as it was too late to find anywhere more suitable.

The two of them settled into their room, unpacking a few clothes to last them the next couple of days.

“After all the travelling I`ve done, I could sure use the shower first. You don`t mind do you?”

“Help yourself, I`ll grab one after you.”

Eve went through to the en-suite bathroom for her shower. Jenny finished unpacking and waited for Eve to finish in the shower. She heard the shower start and could hear Eve washing herself. Glancing over to the bathroom door, Jenny noticed that it wasn`t closed properly and from where she sat on the edge of her bed she could see Eve in the shower. Jenny quickly averted her eyes, not wanting to pry on Eve. She sat waiting for Eve to finish, she found her gaze wandering back to Eve. This time she didn`t avert her eyes. She watched Eve as she washed herself, watched as she rubbed the lather into her slim body.

Jenny couldn`t believe the effect Eve was having on her, she had never looked at another woman in a sexual way but now she was watching Eve wondering what it would feel like if it where her hands rubbing the lather into her body. The sound of the shower being turned off brought back to her senses. Eve then walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel that only just covered her modesty.

“Your turn.” Eve said as she sat on the bed.

Jenny entered the bathroom and was about to close the door but then feeling a little mischievous she left the door open ajar. She stripped off and entered the shower, enjoying the feeling of the water on her taught skin. She imagined Eve in the shower with her, washing her. Her hands rubbed over her body, she could feel herself becoming a little aroused and then when she glanced at the crack in the door she was sure she noticed Eve watching her. She quickly turned away and withdrew her hand that had been rubbing the ache she was feeling growing between her legs.

Jenny finished her shower and started to dry herself off in the bathroom when there was a knock at the door.

“Oh Jen, could I use the hairdryer after you have finished with it?”

“Sure, I have finished in here now.” Jenny replied, wrapping the towel around herself.

Eve entered the bathroom wearing a silk negligee, catching Jenny by surprise.

“Wow hun, who are you trying to impress?” Jenny said.

“No-one, I don`t usually wear anything to bed, but seeing as we are sharing a bed, I thought I had better wear something.” She laughed.

Jenny left the bathroom and left Eve to finish off getting ready for bed. She put on a pair of pyjamas before slipping between the sheets of the bed. Soon after she heard the light in the bathroom switch off and Eve got into the bed next to her.

“Good night.” Eve said before leaning over and giving Jenny a quick kiss on the forehead and then turning over and settling down to a good night’s sleep.

Jenny lay awake for a little while, she was still trying to get over the feelings she had been having watching Eve in the shower and then again when she wore the negligee. She had never felt this way towards another woman before. She had had a couple of crushes on other women before, but hadn`t most women. According to her female friends, they certainly had. But this time it was different. She finally fell asleep with the image of Eve in the shower.

It was still dark when Jenny was woken, the bed was shaking a little and she could hear Eve quietly moaning. She was just about to ask if she was okay when she realised what Eve was doing. Turning her head slightly Jenny could just make out Eve in the moonlight that flooded in through the window. The bedclothes were thrown back and she could just make out that Eve`s negligee was up around her waist. Jenny watched as Eve masturbated right next to her. Her fingers rubbing over her clit, she could hear the sound of her fingers slipping in and out of her pussy. It was all Jenny could do not to turn over and finish Eve off herself. She could feel herself becoming extremely aroused and was desperate to slip a hand between her own thighs. But she didn`t want to jeopardise their relationship, so she lay there listening to Eve pleasure herself until she let out a little cry as she came. Jenny lay there wishing that she could roll over and make love to Eve. These thoughts ran through her head, she had images of her and Eve locked in passionate embraces, the two of them savouring each other’s bodies. She imagined what it would be like to go down on another woman; to savour the sweet taste of another woman. She lay there desperate to touch herself, feeling herself becoming damp until finally she drifted off to sleep.

Jenny woke first; she lay there listening to the breathing of Eve beside her. She turned her head to look at Eve. The bedding was thrown to one side and Jenny could see that Eve`s negligee was still up around her waist. She watched the rise and fall of Eve`s chest, her hard nipples straining at the material. Her gaze then moved back down her body to her slightly spread legs. She took in the sight of her neatly trimmed pussy, a small strip of dark hair almost inviting her to follow it down with a finger. She wanted to reach out a hand and gently rub Eve`s slightly swollen lips, to rub a finger along her slit to feel if she was still wet. She turned away, what would Eve think if she woke to find her staring at her mound. It was no good, she had to go and get a shower. She slipped out of bed quietly and tiptoed to the bathroom, this time making sure the door was closed behind her.

Jenny slipped out of her pyjamas and looked at herself in the mirror. She noticed that her nipples were hard and idly she ran a finger over them, making them crinkle up and ache a little at her touch. She looked down at her pussy, her neatly trimmed triangle of hair. Slipping a hand between her legs she could feel the heat from her pussy, she could feel the wetness, her lips slightly swollen. Her finger slipped easily between them and she watched herself in the mirror as she began to stroke herself. She imagined she was watching Eve, that the two of them were mutually masturbating watching each other. Lifting her finger she raised it to her mouth and tasted herself, wondering if Eve tasted as sweet.

Jenny stopped touching herself and went to switch on the shower. Stepping under it she relished the feeling of the hard spray on her skin. She let the water spray down her back, almost massaging her. Then turning around she felt the water cascading over her breasts, stimulating the flesh making her already tender nipples ache to be touched. She raised her hands and started to massage her firm breasts, kneading her flesh beneath her hands. Then her fingers playing over her nipples, rubbing around them before gently pinching them between her fingers, squeezing them and pulling on them. She then let one hand drop over her stomach and pressed it against her mound, using the heel of her hand to press into her. She rubbed her hand up and down for a few seconds before curling her fingers between her legs and then dragging her hand upwards, her fingers slipping through her wet slit. She started to stroke herself, her finger running between her lips slipping through her wetness. Her pace quickened rubbing herself faster and harder. Her other hand moved down and she let the fingers of that hand start to rub around her clit in a circular motion. She started to moan a little as she played with herself. As she continued to rub her clit she lifted the shower head from the wall and brought it down between her spread thighs. She spread her lips and aimed the jet of water at her clit almost cumming instantly the water hit her sensitive nub. She kept her lips spread and managed to rub her clit with her thumb as the water pounded over her sensitive spot. With a final rub of her clit she came, almost collapsing in the shower.

It took her few minutes to gather herself, compose and finish her shower before wrapping a towel around her and exiting the bathroom. As she walked through the door she found Eve sat on the bed waiting to use the bathroom herself.

“Feel better after that?” Eve said

Jenny felt herself turn almost crimson. Did she hear her masturbating in the bathroom or did she just mean the shower.

“Er, yes thanks.” Jenny stammered before moving over to the bed to sit down and finish drying herself.

Jenny dressed and shouted through to Eve that she was going down to breakfast and she would see her down in the dining room.

The two of them enjoyed a light breakfast whilst they decided what they were going to do for the day. They finally decided that seeing as the weather was fine they would take the opportunity to spend the day on the beach relaxing.

After finishing their breakfast, the two of them packed for the beach and headed to a quiet beach.

They walked over the hot sand. The beach had a few families playing in the sand and the two of them continued walking hoping to find a secluded bay for them to slip into their bikinis. After rounding a couple of outcrops of rock they eventually distanced themselves from the noise of the beach. Looking around them they found that they were completely alone and set down there bags. The two of them unpacked their belongings onto the sand and ensuring that they were alone they started to change into their bikinis.

As they lay on the sand Eve turned to Jenny. “I saw you watching me last night” she said.

Jenny didn`t know what to say.

“Last night, in bed, I know you were awake, you watched me didn`t you.” Eve continued

Jenny could only nod her head, her mouth had become dry.

“Did it turn you on?”

Again Jenny could only nod.

“And then today whilst you masturbated in the shower, did you think of me. Did you imagine that I was with you in the shower, watching you, touching you?”

“Yes.” Jenny managed to say her voice quivering.

“And are you turned on now? I think you are judging by your nipples.”

Jenny looked down and saw that her hard nipples were prominent, clearly visible poking out of her bikini top. “Yes, yes I am” she stammered.

Eve then slid over to Jenny and whispered in her ear. “Do you want me now, do you want to feel my fingers on your skin? Do you want to feel my gentle kisses on your body? Do you want me to make love to you?”

“Oh Eve, yes I do, please. I want you”

Jenny felt Eve move over to her and kneel between her thighs, her body casting a shadow over her body, the sunlight streaming through her hair. Jenny imagined Eve would kiss her and gently massage her skin, kissing her all over. She was completely taken when Eve slipped her head down between her thighs and kissed her pussy through her bikini bottoms, Eve`s fingers lightly playing over her silken thighs, rubbing her skin moving towards the edge of the fabric of her bikini bottoms. Then she felt Eve`s fingers slipping underneath the fabric and her fingers moving deliciously close to her rapidly dampening slit. Eve continued to kiss Jenny through the fabric, teasing Jenny. Then Jenny felt the fabric being pulled to one side exposing her pussy to the gentle sea breeze and then she felt the warm breath of Eve as she dipped her head forward again and rasped her tongue along her slit.

“Is this what you want Jen? You sure you want this.”

“Oh god yes, I want you now.”

And with that Eve lowered her head down again and licked up and down Jenny`s slit, her tongue pushing between her lips slipping into her wet slit. Licking up and down moving to her hole and then up to her clit. Eve felt Jenny place her hands on her head and forcing her deeper into her pussy, encouraging her to continue licking and teasing her. Eve continued licking and then she ran her tongue up to Jenny`s clit, and ran the tip around her hard clit.

The feeling of Eve licking around her clit had Eve moaning and gasping, she was already close to cumming. She felt eve start to suck on her clit, taking it into her mouth and gently start to bite her. This increased the pleasure she was feeling. She started to moan louder now “Yes Eve, yes Eve.”

This encouraged Eve even further and she ran a finger along Jenny`s slit, lubricating it with her juice and then pushed it inside Jenny, pushing it deep inside her. A second finger followed and she started thrusting them in and out as she continued to nibble Jenny`s clit.

“Yes, I`m going to cum, oh god yessss, yessssssssss.”

Jenny pulled Eve hard into her mound, whilst raising her hips grinding herself against Eve`s face. She could feel her pussy start to spasm as her orgasm started to flood through her.

Eve felt Jenny tense a little and then she heard her moan before she felt Jenny`s pussy start to spasm on her fingers. She started to pound her fingers harder and deeper inside her. She sucked and bite her clit, wanting her to cum. She wanted to taste her sweet juice. She felt Jenny force her mound onto her face and then she felt her cum, her juice spreading along her slit, covering her face. Eve continued to bite at Jenny`s clit her fingers still buried deep inside her.

Jenny felt her first orgasm flood through her body, the release was amazing. But Eve continued to suck and bite her, her fingers still moving in and out of her wet hole. She could feel another orgasm build. Her head was thrown back her legs spread wide and her knees were bent. She pushed herself up of the sand with her feet trying to force her pussy onto Eve. She screamed as she came, harder this time. Her sweet cum squirting a little making Eve start to lap at her pussy, as if drinking her sweet juice.

Eve felt Jenny force herself harder onto her face and then she felt her cum again, but this time she could taste her juice a lot more, she moved down to Jenny`s pussy and lapped for all she was worth, not wanting to waste a single drop of her delicious cream. Another spasm and Eve felt a little more of Jenny`s girly juice squirt into her mouth.

Finally Jenny collapsed back onto the sand, drained. Eve moved from between her spread thighs and jenny could see her face slick with her juice, the sun making her juice glisten on Eve`s lips as she ran her tongue over them. Eve flopped sown beside Jenny and smiled at her before leaning over and kissing her, a small peck on the lips first. Then a hard kiss before finally a full on deep kiss. Jenny could taste herself on Eve`s lips, she could taste her sweet juice.

Finally the two of them lay back on the sand; Jenny adjusted her bikini bottoms, coving herself up. She was amazed at how wet her thighs were and how damp her bikini bottoms were, she was sure that if anyone walked by they would be able to see how wet she was, but to be honest she didn`t really care.

They lay there for a few minutes not saying a word before Eve broke the silence. “So what about me, you have got me so worked up now I need some relief.”

Jenny sat up and looked at Eve. “I don`t know, I`ve never, you know, done it with a woman.”

“Neither have I” Eve whispered back.

“Why don`t we just sit by the rocks over there and have some of the wine and just chat.”

Jenny agreed and the two of them moved over to the rocks. They poured themselves some of the wine and Eve draped a towel over her legs and waist. As they sat there drinking some wine idly chatting Jenny felt Eve take her hand and slip it underneath the towel. Eve`s fingers touched jenny`s warm skin, slipping over her smooth thigh.

Eve turned to jenny and whispered to her “I want you fingers Jen, I want your fingers inside me. I want you to feel how wet you have made me. Touch my throbbing clit. Pinch it between your fingers. I want you to spread my lips and slip two fingers inside me. I want you to make me cum on your fingers.”

As Eve continued telling Jenny what to do Jenny found herself begin to explore Eve. Her fingers smoothed over Jenny`s thighs, enjoying the feeling of touching her smooth skin. As Eve continued to tell her what she wanted jenny slipped a couple of fingers under the fabric and moved them further under. Her fingers felt her wispy hairs of her neatly trimmed pussy. She followed the thin strip of hair down and felt the heat of Eve`s mound. Eve slipped her fingers lower, sliding them down her slit and then curling her fingers slightly she dragged them back up. Jenny felt Eve`s pussy lips spread and she could feel how wet she already was. Her fingers moved up to her clit and she started to rub it slowly.

“I like that darling, can you feel how wet you have made me. I want your fingers in me, fuck me, I want you to fuck me with your fingers.”

The crudeness of Eve started to turn Jenny on even more, she wanted to please Eve. She pushed her fingers back down Eve`s slit, forcing them along to her wet opening.”

“That`s it, push your fingers in me, fuck my pussy, I want your fingers deep inside me. Fuck me hard.”

Jenny pushed her fingers against Eve`s soaking hole, they slipped easily into her. She pushed them deeper inside encouraged by the gentle moaning that Eve was making. She then withdrew her fingers until the tips of her fingers were resting against her entrance before thrusting them hard and deep inside Eve.

“Yes darling, like that, I like it like that.”

Jenny continued to thrust her fingers in and out of Eve, the more she thrust her fingers in and out, the wetter Eve became. She could hear the slurping as her fingers pounded in and out of Eve`s dripping hole.

As Jenny fingered Eve, Eve slipped one of her hands beneath the towel and moved it inside her bikini bottoms. Her fingers quickly moving to her clit and she started to rub herself. Her fingers rubbing in circles around her clit and then she started to move her fingers quicker. She turned to Jenny “I want another finger, fuck my tight pussy with three fingers, push them deep inside me, I want to cum on your fingers.”

Eve quickly slipped a third finger inside and continued to thrust her fingers in and out. She stared into Eve`s eyes, the two women gazing longingly at one another until Eve screwed her eyes up.

“Yes Jen, Yes. Like that. I`m going to cum, going to cum. Nowwwwwww”

Jenny felt Eve almost squeeze her fingers that were buried deep inside her. The contractions pulsing on her fingers, she could feel Eve`s wetness start to seep out of her and soak her wrist. Eve withdrew her hand from beneath the towel and brought her fingers up to her mouth. She sucked on one finger and then offered her other fingers to Jenny. Jenny eagerly sucked Eve`s fingers savouring her delicate taste. She then withdrew her own hand from Eve`s legs, they were slick with Eve`s womanly juice and she lifted them to her nose. She savoured the sweet scent before licking her fingers clean.

“Shall we go back to the hotel to freshen up?” Jenny said

“As long as this time we can share the shower” Eve replied.