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Eve's Awakening

Ruby dreams of the touch of a womans skin.... perhaps dreams DO come true!! :)

Eve. Perfection encapsulated in curves and mounds.  Delicious nipples, cherries hanging provocatively from the vine. Fleshy pink lips, suggestively revealing the tip of a tangible tongue or the nub of a blissful bud...   Gazing in wonder at these images in my husband's Ralph magazine had never before inspired such titillation in my soul. I had enjoyed many happy married years, a wonderful intimate friendship and increasingly satisfying sex life. Why then, all of a sudden, were my thoughts constantly being invaded by these prolific impressions of WOMAN. I had always had a great respect and admiration for the female form, and could not say that I had not gazed appreciatively from time to time at the breasts or backside of a friend. But the reflections were never more than a passing diversion...until now.

My eyes now firmly fixed on a photograph of two incredibly luscious specimens stroking each others thighs and bountiful cleavage, I allowed myself to imagine the delightful sensations of one of these creatures gently sucking on my body in wanton passion...
"Enjoying yourself Rubes?!" My husband's amused voice broke through my reverie, standing above me. I jumped, blushing furiously at being caught out gawking at such a picture. I quickly flipped the page and mumbled something about reading a good article. Paul smirked knowingly and raised his eyebrows.
"Whaaaat?!" My cheeks were burning now, but I could not hide the responsive smile playing on my lips.
"I like that photo too... very much!" He lowered his voice, his eyes dancing with excitement.
"Yeh" I finally conceded "It's pretty erotic really, isn't it?" Silence. The air thick with provocation.
"Would you like to do something like that Ruby?" Paul proposed, disarming my sensibilities with his roguish smile and playful banter, as always.
I stared intently at my feet. "Well... I think I would, but..." The words rolled out in a whispered gush of air, releasing a yearning I didn't even realise I was harbouring. My doubts about my husband's reaction to such an admission clearly showing on my flushed face. Paul's hand instinctively reached down to lift my chin and force me to look into his eyes, still alight with interest.
"Ruby" he asserted slowly and deliberately "What I want... is for you to possess what you desire... I love you!" I rubbed my cheek gently into his hand, amazed at the openness of such a statement and yet totally secure in his good intention for me as his partner. "Thank you" I simply said.

A few weeks had passed since our stimulating conversation, and apart from a few teasing comments from Paul whenever a tv ad with a good looking woman came on, or the occasional mock remark at my surreptitious perving (through dark sunglasses!) at a passing lady's ass or tits, there had been no more discussion on the subject. I knew that Paul was excessively curious to discover if my aspirations were to remain simply that, or perhaps more... But I was determined, for now, to keep my increasing arousal to myself. I was perplexed, to say the least. Would introducing another person into our already fulfilled relationship be a mistake that could sabotage the sacredness of what we shared? If it was, I was certainly not willing to take that risk. But Paul had clearly expressed his consent to such an act and even seemed immensely turned on by the idea. Was this because his expectation was to be an intimate party to this experience of mine? And did that mean just 'watching', or was his presumption to actually be as involved in the events as I would be? If so, would I be able to handle watching my man be seduced and possibly thoroughly fucked, by another beautiful woman? SO many questions!! To jump into such a situation without setting some kind of boundaries seemed reckless and possibly ruinous to me...

Paul and I had planned to go camping the following weekend. We both loved the outdoors. The cosy campfire, the wildlife, the natural terrain - all making us feel so primal and carefree - a shared joy. A few days before our trip, I received a phone call from on old close school friend who I had lost contact with over the years (as she had moved interstate). She was back in town and had tracked me down, hoping for a catch up. I was elated to hear from her, as our bond had been fun and intense, as teenage girls often are! She suggested a visit on the weekend & I explained to her, with more than a little disappointment, that my husband & I had already planned a camping trip for the weekend.
"Camping?!" she exclaimed "Where are you going?"
"Oh, you know, just up to Boulder Valley. It's really secluded as not many people have discovered how lovely that place is yet. We usually have it all to ourselves this time of year" I babbled.
"Well, I don't suppose I could come to?" she practically implored "I mean, I don't want to impose or anything, so do feel free to say no... but I really do adore camping myself and it would be so great to see you and meet your man and everything..."
I hesitated. "Uhhhh..." So many things were rushing through my brain. Would Paul mind? Where would she sleep? What if she had turned into a really annoying bitch and totally screwed up our exclusive escapade?!     "Sure... uhhh,  I'll just go ask Paul and see what he reckons, hang on a tick will you?..." I placed the receiver down gently and went to find Paul. I quickly explained the proposition and, to my surprise, the first thing he said was "Is she hot?"
"Heeeey??!!"... Another different, and much more explicit set of images now assaulted my mind!  I smiled, despite my shock at his words and replied  "Well, since you asked so nicely, she was my best friend in school and yes, she is incredibly good looking actually!" I don't think I had ever seen my husband grin so outrageously. I almost laughed out loud at his candour, but then remembered my friend waiting on the line for an answer, so I simply said "So I'll take that as a YES then, my dear?" My voice dripping with sarcasm, but lighthearted all the while. A smirk and nod from Paul.

So this is how I found myself, nervously awaiting the arrival of Leandra, a mere few hours before our departure to Boulder Valley. Over the past few days, Paul and I had engaged in a long overdue conference on what on earth we were getting ourselves into. A few considerations were the obvious boundaries that would need to be in place regarding the level of both our involvement, to maintain security and integrity in our own relationship. That was remarkably easy, in fact. The only real question remaining was; was Leandra that kind of woman? Only time would tell...

Early Saturday morning, as she pulled up in the driveway, my anxiety turned quickly to excitement as she jumped out of the car with a squeal and ran to my embrace. It really was wonderful to see each other again. Some people come into your life like a whirlwind and leave in the same manner, but the soul-ties remain, and when you do finally re-unite, it's as if they never left. Indisputably, our friendship was just that. Introductions aside, I discovered Paul, on more than one occasion, sneaking a few appreciative scans of Leandra's still gorgeous body. She had on a tight and low cut red singlet and miniscule white shorts that revealed a skimpy white thong underneath when the sun shone on her backside. I was having trouble concentrating on her mindless chatter myself, preoccupied with visions of our bodies naked and writhing by the firelight... If only she knew what we were thinking!!

The drive in was uneventful, except to say that, the conversation relieved my fears that Leandra might have become a person I would no longer be attracted to. On the contrary, she was exceptionally friendly, confident & intelligent - talking easily about her life and interests, with passion. Paul, sensing my building arousal for Leandra, kept giving me furtive glances and smiles of encouragement as I animatedly lured her into an understanding that we did (indeed!) think she was a fantastic woman, keeping intense eye contact at all times & brazenly resting my hand on her thigh, as if it was the most natural thing in the world for me. It was not though, and the enticement of this secret fresh pleasure was making me so wet and horny, that I kept squirming in my seat, allowing the seam of my pants to rub erotically on my buzzing clit. Arriving at the picturesque campsite that was to be our home for the next three days, we enthusiastically set up the tent and our belongings. Leandra had insisted that she would be happy to sleep under the stars by the fire in her swag, so we were done in no time and feeling ready to explore. Paul insisted on staying behind to "fix up a few things" whilst I suspect by his playful wink, that he was really trying to give me some time alone with Le, to gauge her possible willingness to be 'seduced'.

As we set off, I was feeling a little guilty and debauch at the rampant intent of my mind to fulfil the longings I had been meditating on without resolve for months. Leandra put me at ease though, looping her arm through mine and walking in comfortable silence beside me. The skin on our arms rubbed slightly as we jostled together, causing ripples of pleasure to run through my body. The hair on my arm began to rise and prickle with excitement as I tried not to obsess about wanting to stop right there and kiss her with abandon. As if reading my thoughts (as I was certain I had not voiced my imaginings?!), Leandra squeezed my hand and smirked provocatively at me. I was a little bewildered. Was she flirting with me or was I floating into a delicious dream? She suddenly let go of my arm and skipped off ahead on the path, laughing merrily. My pulse quickened as I tried to decipher what I should do next. But I did not have the time to dwell on it, as Leandra had apparently sighted something of interest just off the track. As I caught up, I stopped short, mesmerised by the captivating site of Leandra's ass in the air, all round and edible, her white thong peeking through the top of her shorts and the cuffs riding right up her lovely crevice. She was bending right over to look at something on the ground... but she sure was taking her sweet time! Not that it bothered me in the slightest! I was totally incapacitated to say or do anything other than STARE. She shuffled her feet a little, making her ass swing back and forth, the motion almost hypnotizing me as time seemed to stand still.

When she sensed my arrival, rather than stand up, Leandra peeped around from the bottom of her long tanned legs and giggled at my gawking face.
"Gosh, you've got it bad girl haven't you?!" she teased. The realisation rapidly descended upon me, that Le was in no way ignorant of my attention to and desire for her. The momentary embarrassment of the situation, however, was overcome by Leandra getting up and closing the gap between us. My mind went blank, as if suspended in a haze, as she sauntered toward me. Our eyes locked on each other, but I was painfully aware of her every move, the swaying of her hips, the slight bounce of her breasts with every step and the absolute stillness of everything else around us, bar the distant sound of running water. Only inches from my face now, she picked up my hands in hers and smiled bewitchingly, her dimples framing her sensuous mouth, her eyes glittering with eagerness. "Isn't this just GREAT!" she murmured.  "Ye..." was all I managed to squeeze out, feeling like a bit of a moron, but unable to get a grip on my raging hormones. A flush burnt up my cheeks as she laughed again, full of mischief and sweetness, and tugged on my arm to continue up the path, now hand in hand. "Come on, I think there's water up here somewhere" she said.

How did this happen? I was thinking. I came here, fully intending on trying to seduce this woman, and now I find that she is not only interested, but clearly wanting this as much as I was! My anticipations for the weekend were now becoming a glorious reality. Rounding a bend in the track, we soon came to a clearing, a perfect small lake shimmering under the mid morning sun. A small rock pool with a lazy trickling waterfall gurgling on the other side of the expanse of water. It really was breathtaking, so we stopped for a moment just to soak up the view. Filled with joy and bursting with adventure, I ran like a crazy woman for the water's edge, shrieking with shock as the cold water overcame me. I dived straight in and from under water, could hear the splashes and muted calls of Leandra as she followed me in. She practically jumped on top of me as I surfaced and we fell into deeper water in a tangle of arms and legs. I took a few ragged breaths as the initial coldness of the water began to subside and turned to Le, who was treading water beside me. "Let's go over to the waterfall" I suggested, and she immediately began moving towards the other side of the lake with me.

The water was much shallower here, with large smooth boulders lining the grotto in front of the baby falls. Our chests were above the waters surface now and Leandra was staring brazenly at my breasts, which had become eminently visible through the fabric of my white bra and cotton top. My nipples, already erect from the cold water, tightened and quivered under her gaze. We moved toward each other swiftly and simultaneously, giving in to the overwhelming craving to touch and to taste. Our arms locked around each other in a desperate embrace, our mouths entwined in tender, fervent kisses. The sensations were electrifying! The coldness of the water a distant memory, as the fire in our bodies burned against one another.  Leandra's tits were grinding into my own, her rigid nipples flicking over mine constantly as we pushed into each other's curves. Her hands, resting on my ass began to squeeze firmly, as I groaned into her mouth to let her know how good it felt. I grasped the bottom of her singlet and pulled it over her head in one swift motion, throwing it behind me on the shore. Her ample breasts jiggled in the red bra, a sight that enticed a gasp of wonderment from my lips. I traced a finger along the cusp of the lace and dragged the material down, exposing her nipple, that indeed did look like a cherry, ready to be devoured. I held her breasts in my hands and lowered my lips to her nipple, taking in a mouthful of warm, soft delight, sucking gently and persistently, eliciting a moan from Leandra "Ooooh Ruby, I want you to eat me up!!". She began to squirm and rock under my touch and brought her hands around to the front of my shorts to hastily undo the buttons. The mounting excitement in my entire being was  palpable, my senses swimming, my pulse racing, my breathing rapid and noisy. Electric currents coursed through my body, landing squarely on my mound, making it throb uncontrollably. She slipped off my shorts and underwear together into the water and put her hands back on my ass cheeks, drawing my pelvis into hers abruptly. Meanwhile I had removed her bra and released her other tit and was busy running circles around her nipples with my hot tongue. She pushed her chest wantonly into my face, wanting more, more, more...

As we were in a shaded area, the coldness of the water began to creep back in, so we moved in silent unison toward the waterfall which was in the sun near a very shallow grotto of small, smooth boulders. Leandra had removed her shorts herself and now stood completely  naked, the water only up to her thighs, glistening in the sunshine like a magnificent water nymph "My God, you are beautiful Le" I exclaimed as she started to remove my top and bra. "Well, you're pretty incredible yourself Rubes" she capitulated, as my complete nakedness fell under her adoring eyes...   A noise echoed over the water from the other side of the lake, interrupting our dreamlike state. We turned our heads to see Paul standing on the shore, looking astounded and probably for the first time in his life, speechless! Leandra did not move, seemingly unfazed by his presence, but looked directly at him and smiled mischievously. I waved from behind Leandra and put my hand up to motion for him to stay put. He either got the message and complied or was simply frozen in place by fascination. Either way, his outpost gave a perfect view of the exhibition Leandra and I were consciously, and erotically consenting to.

Leandra turned back toward me and pulled me into her arms again, her mound thumping into mine and sending jolts of pleasure to every part of my body. I slid my hands down her back and onto her perfect ass, fully aware that Paul was intently watching our every move, and extremely pleased that his part in our mutual fantasy was beginning to be realised. I knew he would have attained an instant hard on at the site of his wife obtaining such exquisite attentions from another sensuous woman. He would be stroking his bulge thru his jeans right now, seeing my hands squeezing Leandra's peachy curves like this. The image put me into overdrive and I was almost exploding from the sensational throbbing coming from between my legs. I turned Leandra gently back around and whispered for her to "Show Paul what lucky Ruby is having for lunch today" I smirked and she giggled, putting her hands on her tits & lifting them up and down for Paul's enjoyment.

Facing Leandra, I dropped slowly to my knees kissing her face, her breasts, her stomach and her mound delicately until my face was directly in front of her pussy. My hand on her thigh, I pushed gently and she opened her legs wider for me, licking her own fingers to wet her nipples and rub them with abandon. I buried my face into her scant pubic hair, her sweet scent intoxicating my mind, my hands drifted down to her smooth lips and spread them, revealing a pink, swollen rosebud and already incredibly moist pussy. She was stunning in every way and I reeled at my good fortune to have such a divine creature to begin this journey with . My tongue slowly trailed the length of each of her engorged lips, the sensation compelling Leandra to cry out audibly. Knowing that Paul could hear her pleasure was thrilling. I sucked longingly on her cit, feeling her writhe and shudder under my touch. I started to tun my tongue in downwards, constant strokes over her nub and down to her wet, open hole - mimicking the action that Paul performed on myself, knowing the amazingly gratifying peaks of bliss it had always given me. Leandra seemed to be experiencing the very same thing as she suddenly took hold of my hair, driving her mound closer into my face, grinding and exclaiming "Ruby, Paul has his pants down and his cock out and he's giving it a damn good thrashing!" I just HAD to look. And what an exceptional vision it was! His eyes boring into us, earnestly absorbing every detail. His huge cock in both hands, getting the royal treatment. I could just make out the lustful features of his face as he briskly pumped his rigid dick. Again, Paul's craving infused my own with fervour. I eagerly continued my assault on Le's clit, mounting the pressure to the rhythm of her grinding and moaning. She kept hold of my hair, tugging it quite hard at times, her legs almost buckling at the emerging tremors flowing through them. As I felt her responsiveness increase, I now slipped my finger into her warm, juicy hole, sliding it up and down, alternatively sucking and licking at her hot, engorged rosebud. I shoved in another finger and pumped in and out rigorously, her sweet juices running down all over my hand, flicking her clit mildly with the tip of my tongue & evoking a loud shout from Le "Ruby, oh ruby! You're making me so HOT!". She was jerking and fucking my three fingers now like it would save her life, my tongue maintaining the frenzy upon her luscious quivering bud.

Another noise from the other side of the lake... Paul, unable to contain his own excitement at hearing Leandra's shouts had himself called out something that sounded like "Ohhhh fuuuuck!" mixed with a whimper and a groan. But I couldn't look up, so utterly enthralled by Leandra's blatant dereliction that I was compelled to move my free hand immediately to my own inflamed and throbbing pussy, thrusting my fingers into my saturated cavern and drawing out the extreme wetness to rub wildly into my clit. I kept this rotation going whilst attending to Le. She was tensing up, her pumping slowed and deepened and I responded by doing the same. I glanced up at her face and saw her throw back her head and close her eyes, pinching her own nipples tightly and pulling them out. Suddenly, the walls of her pussy collapsed around my fingers and squeezed as she let out and almighty roar and a gush of hot creamy juice engulfed my entire hand, her body shaking in throes of spent desire. The squeezing on my fingers also brought me to the brink. Still on my knees, I removed my fingers from Leandra's pussy and shoved them into my own, my other fingers dancing furiously on my clit. My eyes closed, a sweeping wave of climax hit me like a freight train, transporting me into a dreamlike state. I heard myself groaning loudly and shuddering and felt vaguely conscious of Leandra squatting in front of me, smiling & gazing with fascination as my face contorted and shivered with the immense orgasm. A flood of cum released me and I bent over to contain the spasms from making me fall face first into the water.

Gradually I came to my senses and found Leandra a few feet away, sitting on a boulder and smirking sweetly at me. I grinned back and turned around to see Paul laying on his back on the opposite shore, his pants still down around his ankles, but his cock now conspicuously invisible. Great! He has obviously cum too!! We lazily collected our clothes, dressed and swam back across to Paul, who had finally managed to pull up his pants and try to look respectable. ha ha! There were truly no word to really express what had just transpired, so Paul just shook his head and said "WOW" as we emerged from the water and walked toward him. I put my hand in his and kissed him slowly and tenderly, relishing the hardness of his mouth and familiarity of his presence. Then I turned to Leandra and took her hand also. We all walked back to camp in relative silence, simply exchanging happy grins, each of us lost in our own minds affectionate memories. I was satiated and utterly relaxed, yet still curious to know what it felt like to have a woman's soft  lips on my OWN pussy. With any luck, Leandra would kindly oblige to return the favour this evening... and I was feeling pretty damn lucky.


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