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Expect the Unexpected

When desire gets involved, Kara's mundane job takes an exciting turn.

Kara was 5'5", with long flowing brown hair and misty grey-blue eyes. She had full pouty lips and a rack that would cause any man or woman to stare. Her trim waist and tight flat tummy were the result of many years of working hard and cleaning the homes of wealthy families. Her round, perky ass couldn't get any more perfect. Spending the days climbing stairs and washing floors on her hands and knees had sure done her good. She was the most popular cleaning woman in the Upper East Side. Only twenty-one and within four years of working for the Iversens she had already helped her gain many reputable clients. They helped her pay her way through college so far and soon she would be finished pre-med and one step closer to being a doctor.

Mrs. Iversen always showed her great appreciation, tipped her often and gave her large bonuses for every Holiday. They trusted her like family, and left her to do most of her cleaning when they weren't around. They let her use their computers to do school work because she didn't have internet at home. Every Tuesday and Friday she would head to the Iversens after class. Today was Friday and she had just completed a midterm that morning. She had been so stressed out all week she couldn't wait to get to the Iversen's and have a quick drink before starting her cleaning. She would work on her thesis for an hour after and then she could leave and go straight to Jimmy's. Jimmy was an idiot, often. He cheated on Kara every chance he got and she was close to breaking up with him, but with the stress of school she needed the sex to keep her sane.

When she got to the house after class she slinked over to the bar and poured a generous amount of gin into a splash of tonic. She sucked half of it back and headed up to do the cleaning. Mrs. Iversen's husband Aleks Iversen always encouraged Kara to drink on the job. She usually said no, but today she couldn't help it. By the time she finished work she had already downed 6 drinks and a shot or 2. Tipsy and relaxed she headed to the upstairs office to work on her thesis. The upstairs office belonged to Aleks and it had a mini bar that was calling her name. She fixed another drink and sat down in the cushy leather desk chair. Hot from the booze and the cleaning she unbuttoned her loose fitting work blouse. It usually hid her large DD's quite well but with a couple buttons undone, her cleavage poured out. She took down her hair and shook it out, "Now that's more like it"...

When she logged in to Mr. Iversen's computer she noticed a private internet tab was open at the bottom. She tried to respect his privacy but her curiosity got the best of her … mind. When she clicked the tab a paused video of a woman rubbing her clit appeared. The woman was so sexy, as she dipped her fingers in her wet pussy.. Kara was aroused immediately. She rubbed her nipples through her shirt as she continued to watch the video. Soon Kara could feel her own juices dripping down her legs.

Mrs. Iversen was on a plane back from Japan and Mr. Iversen was at work until nine, so she decided to reach her hand down her pants and massage her soaked pussy. As the woman in the video reached an orgasm, Kara could feel hers coming too. But suddenly she heard whimpering behind her. When she turned she saw Mrs. Iversen in the doorway. Kara jumped and started apologizing immediately. "Oh my God, Mrs. Iversen. I'm so sorry. I don't know what got into me, I started drink-" and at that moment she locked eyes with Mrs. Iversen and then followed her gaze down in complete shock. Mrs. Iversen had her blouse unbuttoned and her skirt up over her hips. She was seductively running her fingers up and down her sexy shaved pussy.

"Oh Kara, don't be silly. You can call me Felicity, and the only thing you should be sorry about is that you've been covering up those delicious tits for all of these years." As Mrs. Iversen spoke she slowly walked towards Kara, taking off one article of clothing at a time. By the time she reached Kara she was in nothing but panties and socks, her perky C cup breasts calling Kara's name.

Kara's pussy was throbbing and yearning to be touched, considering she had been interrupted in the middle of an amazing orgasm. She tried to hold back and remain professional but now Felicity was removing her top and kissing her breasts. Kara's nipples were so hard all she wanted was for Felicity to take one between her sexy lips. The two began passionately grabbing at each other, kissing and rubbing. They moved over to the day bed by the window and Felicity began to finger Kara. As she pulled her fingers in and out, she flicked her tongue over Kara's swollen clit. She could feel Kara's walls tightening around her fingers so she pulled her fingers out and pulled Kara close, "Oh no you don't... no cumming until Aleks gets home. He'll feel left out if we have too much fun without him."

To be continued...


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