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Experience at the Yoga Class

The heat from my body began to travel to both of my stimulated areas.
"I'm glad you decided to finally come with me to the yoga class. You're going to love it!" Ceenie said energetically as she loaded her briefcase into the trunk of her Altima.

"Well, Ceenie, if it is as great as you make it out to be, it will be a nice way to unwind after work, even though I don't have any workout clothes," I answered as I stuck my briefcase beside hers.

"Trust me, Jenna, after a day in court, it will be well worth it. And don't worry, you won't need any."

Ceenie slammed the trunk shut and we piled in her front seats for the ride to the fitness center where the yoga class was held.

As she turned the ignition to light the engine, The Who's, "Baba O'Reilly," came bursting through the speakers. I could see the track number on the display and knew it was a C.D. Ceenie never struck me as a classic rock lover, but I had to admire her taste in music.

Ceenie did not even bother to turn down the volume as we turned out onto the main highway. She just let it blare the whole way to the fitness center.

I was already relaxed when we arrived. Little did Ceenie know, classic rock was one of the ways I actually unwound after prosecuting felons. And The Who was one of the bands that did it for me, especially "Won't Get Fooled Again." It sure did help that was the last song that played as we pulled into the parking lot. It prepared me for what I was about to walk into.

"Ready?" Ceenie asked as she shut off her car.

"I think so," I answered slowly.

"Great Jenna. Follow me!" Ceenie said as she popped out the driver side door and started to walk the short distance to the door of the class.

I followed in her wake and as she opened the door and we stepped inside, I was shocked. I could not move.

"Hey, Ceenie's here!" A tall slender tanned blonde announced as she ran up to her totally naked. The thick triangular mane between her legs prominently matched what she had up top.

"Yeah, and she brought a friend!" Came another voice from the corner of the room. It was a short-haired brunette, a few inches shorter than the blonde. She was slowly removing her thong to match the blonde's bareness.

"Hey guys! Yeah, I did. I'd like you all to meet Jenna. She works with me at the firm. Jenna, this is Sandy," Ceenie said gesturing to the blonde, "And this is Nicole," doing the same to the brunette who had made her way over.

"It's great to have you here Jenna. We always welcome new recruits!" Sandy said with a smile.

Somehow, I managed to say,"Thanks."

"Well you girls better go get ready! We and the others will be waiting." Nicole said as she started to stretch her bare body, the thin strip of darkness predominately showing on her mound.

As I walked with Ceenie to the room in the back, all the others were standing around in the same state as Sandy and Nicole. Ceenie had brought me to a nude yoga class. Now I know why she said I was not going to need any workout clothes.

"Ceenie you..." I got out of my mouth before she covered it with her hand.

"Didn't tell you it was a nude yoga class? Well, I knew if I had, you would have run the other way, Jenna."

"I...I...haven't seen that many pussies in one room since the showers after one of my college softball games!"

"Don't worry, Jenna. They don't bite. None of them have the vagina dentata curse! Just get naked and get comfortable!" Ceenie said as she started ripping off her clothes.

Ceenie was naked in a matter of seconds. It was the first time I had ever seen her that way. Me, on the other hand, had only unbuttoned the top button of my blouse. It was because of how perfect Ceenie's body was. I was going to be ashamed to show mine.

Ceenie was some kind of perfect. There was no fat on her slender body. Her curves were shapely waves of contoured perfection. Her body was tanned from head to toe. It gave off an auburn glow as she moved. Ceenie's hair fell in waves over her shoulders. When she walked, nothing jiggled except her bare ass slightly. Her breasts were perfectly perky medium mounds with peaked points in the centers. And her pussy, well, it just as exquisite.

Ceenie kept her normally private spot smooth as glass. So smooth, her skin there shined. The line that ran between her legs was the most perfect I had ever seen. It blended with her body to make it flat with the rest of herself. There was no puffiness to it. Ceenie's pussy was also one of those kind one had to literally spread open to find what it was hiding. I had not seen one of those since my college softball playing days. It was a very beautiful sight.

I felt like I was going to stand out, but I finally removed all my clothes and walked out. I felt a little funny as I walked out there totally naked. I wondered if any of the other women saw my lopsided breasts. They were only a cup size different and may not have been that noticeable to them, but I noticed it everyday. That was because I lived with them. My labia on the other hand, were very noticeable. My inner labial lips always puckered out from my outer ones. However, my pussy was much more prominent than many of the ones in the room with me.

At least I was not the only one in the room with an upside down triangle of light colored curls pointing to their own place of enjoyment. I was just the only one with a pair of protruding sexual lips outside of their habitat the most. That made me a little uncomfortable. I did not know why. We were all women with the same parts, but I was just a little uneasy.

"Jenna, over here!" Ceenie yelled and patted the mat beside her. She was already sitting in the lotus position. What little of her pussy was rubbing the mat she sat upon.

I sat beside her with my legs stretched out and closed. It was safe to say that I was embarrassed. At least no one had said anything about my uneven breasts, so that was a good thing.

"Okay, everyone ready?" Nicole, who was obviously the yoga instructor asked. Her nakedness filled the front of the room as she looked around it. Then her eyes set upon me.

"Oh, Jenna, that's not the right position. Do as Ceenie beside you."

I looked at Ceenie and then at Nicole and wanted to get up and run. I knew I should not feel the way I felt, and I knew there had been a chance that some had already seen my personal ruffles, but I found it really hard to assume the sitting position needed.

But Ceenie looked at me and smiled and I had a hard time telling her no. So, against my better judgment, I did. But I knew it was the wrong thing to do. At least to me, I thought it was.

"Oh wow! What a wonderful pair of long ruffled butterfly wings! A protruding set of sexual lips that I bet are most sensitive!" Nicole announced to the class and I turned red.

I sat in the lotus position while blushing wildly. As I finally settled in, Ceenie leaned over and whispered, "I wish I had those. It sure would be nice to know what a true pussy feels like."

"No you don't Ceenie. Really you don't. These things always get in the way of a good time. What you have between your legs is more than substantial and if you don't mind me saying, highly erotic."

"So I've been told. So many times actually, I can't count them using my fingers and toes combined!"

"That should tell you something Ceenie," I said and she smiled. I could tell that she was rather proud of her non-puffy lips. I would have been proud of them as well.

Nicole began the yoga lesson. For a few minutes, me and Ceenie listened as Nicole belted out what everyone was supposed to do. Then Ceenie leaned over to me and took me by surprise.

"Jenna, um, I'd like to ask you something. It's rather personal, but we've been friends for a long time now. I feel I can ask it and you would not find it offensive."

I looked at Ceenie and said, "We've always been able to talk to each other. Go ahead and ask me."

I saw Ceenie turn red, but her mouth flopped open and dropped the words, "Can I touch them, Jenna?"

I was taken aback for a moment. I almost did not believe what I heard. I know I gave Ceenie a look of surprise because she looked at me and said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you."

I thought for a minute, looked at Ceenie and smiled then stretched my legs out with a slight open gate, lied all the way down onto the yoga mat and said, "Go ahead."

Ceenie just sat there and looked at my lengthwise naked body. She was stunned I said yes. She could not move. Ceenie was like a statue. I could not believe I needed to give her a nudge.

I poked her bare back with my finger and said again, "Ceenie, I said you could touch them."

Ceenie reached out with her hand slowly and before she touched my vaginal lips, she paused and looked at me as if to see if I changed my mind.

I shook my head yes and felt her finger whisk over my protruding labia. As soon as Ceenie's fingers tickled my rippled vaginal lips, I breathed in deeply and had no idea the effect it was going to have on me.

Immediately, my pussy dampened itself and before I could stop it, even if I had wanted, my stimulation flowed and busted through the large seams that projected prominently. I so wanted to moan, but held it back. I just could not stop the leakage that sprung forth.

"Oh my Jenna! You're getting wet!" Ceenie said with a sort of loud voice. "Sorry, I didn't mean..."

"Ceenie, it's alright."

"I just want to know what it felt like to have labia. I never thought..." Ceenie said and took her hand away.

As Ceenie removed her hand, I felt my hot slippery liquid flow out and drip from my large flaps. That was one thing I did love about having them. I could feel my hot clear core coat them so generously. My wetness always allowed me to lubricate them as I tickled over their sensitive nature.

"Ceenie, I said it's alright. Don't worry. I am sure you get wet also! Now go ahead and feel me again. I was rather enjoying it," I said and turned my head.

"Really Jenna? In front of all these women? What if I make you..."

"Cum, Ceenie?"

"Um, yeah. You are already leaking like a faucet, Jenna!""

"So what if you do? I am pretty sure that every woman in here has cum at least once in there lives. Haven't you Ceenie? I bet that labialess perfect pussy cums a river!"

Ceenie turned red. It was a little ironic how I seemed to turn the tides on this little exercise! Me, being very skeptical at first and now, letting Ceenie feel the folds of skin between my legs and maybe letting her make me cum. What a turnaround!

"It's been known to do so a time or two. Tell you what, if I make you cum, I'll let you make me cum," Ceenie said and blushed.

I did not even answer Ceenie. I just smiled and spread my legs wide. I felt my long damp labia jut out into the air of the room in stimulated fashion. My core leaked out slightly. And Ceenie was getting ready to make it leak more.

Her hand folded carefully over my ruffled flesh. Ceenie's hand was warm and felt natural as it covered my pussy. I moaned a little as she rested it there. With her free hand, she did something I never expected. I should have though. With her move, I knew Ceenie wanted to make me cum. With her free hand now feeling my cup size larger breast and making its nipple rise, there was no doubt that she was going to do so.

The heat from my body began to travel to both of my stimulated areas. I felt the blood rush to both of my prominent areas. As if my personal wings could not get any bigger, they engorged with the hot flow of my blood and puffed out even more. Ceenie felt my labia react and she knew just what to do.

She ran her hand up and down slowly and gently over my pussy. I could feel my swollen lips rub against Ceenie's palm. It felt wonderful.

Then Ceenie parted my elongated labia with her finger. As her finger slid through my plump ruffles, my stimulate generously slathered all over it. I moaned deeply as my inner pinkness was manipulated by her long digit. What Ceenie did next was something I never expected.

She removed her finger from my pussy and brought it up to my nipple. Ceenie's finger glistened and dripped with my personal fluid. She smiled as she coated my nipple with it. I felt my slick self coat my own nipple and as Ceenie circled its erectness, a tinge of fury flushed through my whole being. My pussy became wetter at the same time, and I soaked myself as Ceenie leaned down and started sucking my nipple.

Then she stuck the same finger she had used to collect my natural juices deep inside my pussy. I did not have time to react. I came immediately. My body shook as my orgasm was released in pulses of sexual splendor.

Not only was Ceenie's finger covered with my hot core, but her hand was drenched with my hot sexual rush of orgasmic fluid. My pussy pulsed in contractions that pushed every bit of my luscious goodness out.

I laid there breathing fast as my body felt the waves of pleasure pass over it. Ceenie removed her drenched finger from my chasm and gently stroked over my now gaping fleshy flaps of desire. Her touch made me close my eyes and enjoy her hand softly wafting over my sensitive sexual lips.

Ceenie only touched enough to let the feeling inside me culminate one last time, and then moved where she kissed me gently on the forehead and laid beside me.

I turned and looked at Ceenie with a smile. She looked at me with the same expression and having not forgotten about our agreement, Ceenie widened her long legs and exposed her tender pink slot. The slope of her smooth mound making her non-lipped pussy blend flat with her body was highly sensual. Her perfect line of love was now mine for the taking.

I knew just how I was going to make Ceenie cum. I sure did hope she enjoyed having my tongue taste her.

She would soon find out.
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