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Falling In Love

Sylvia and I touched and licked each other's pussies making us cry out pleasurably
My name is Katherine Danes and I knew very well I was a lesbian the moment I laid eyes on her: Sylvia Jules. The most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. She wasn't feminine whatsoever. She burped, farted, wore men's clothes and had short cropped brown hair also like a boy. But I knew she was a girl by her big blues eyes and dimple in her left cheek when she smiled. My heart would literally pound whenever I saw her.

I first met Sylvia backstage after her performance as buttons in Cinderella. I kept repeating myself saying how sensational she was and she just gave me a dazzling smile that made my heart melt.

After that first meet, I was hooked. In love with another girl. But how could such a beauty such as Sylvia Jules be interested in me? I had long permed strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, I was tall with huge breasts that I couldn't get control of as I walked.

I went to see Sylvia every night and watched her perform and every time I thought she was brilliant. When her performance was over she'd look at me and wink. I went backstage and knocked on her dressing room door. When I heard her say 'come in' I walked in. I almost tripped over my feet when I saw Sylvia in just sexy lingerie. My heart skipped, my palms became clammy, a throbbing sensation ran down my body and throbbed hard down in my crotch area.

Sylvia sat in front of her dressing room table and turned. She smiled. "Hey, beautiful," she cooed. She stood up after she'd taken all of her make up. "God, its hard work to look good." She noticed I was quiet. "Katherine, are you alright?" she asked in concern.

My eyes rested on her body and the throbby sensation grew and grew until I felt a wet patch between my legs. Oh, shite, I thought. "I better get going?" I said, quickly.

Sylvia stood a few feet away from me and leaned in and kissed me on the lips. She took me by surprise. "You werent expecting that, were you?" she asked. I shook my head. She took me by the hand and led me over to the bed and pushed me back and saw the wet patch when my long blue skirt lifted up on my knickers. She grinned and pulled my skirt up and pulled down my knickers, much to my resistance but I was too horny to do anything. I wanted to be licked, teased by her. Sylvia's tongue touched my clitoris and I cried out.

She pulled off my top and took off my bra, feeling my breasts. She sucked down on my nipples hungrily like a hungry baby wanting its feed on its mother's breast. I gasped as Sylvia pulled off my skirt and we took all of our clothes off and were now lying on the bed side by side. She got on top of me, widened my legs and began sucking my extremely wet pussy, sending me into over drive, sweet ecstasy, bliss.

We each took turns pleasuring one another until it was that time when Sylvia brought out Mr red strapon on. A hard rubber dildo tied to a strap. She clasped it around her waist and teased the lips of my pussy with it, making me moan loudly.

"Do you want it?" she asked, seductively.
I nodded.

"I can't hear you?"

"YES!" I cried out.

Sylvia giggled. "That's my bitch, how much do you want it?"

"A lot," I said.

"Turn over," she ordered. I obeyed. "Stick your bum out."


"Do it," she said. I again obeyed and stuck my bum out. Sylvia slapped my arse hard making me yelp. "Aw, are you alright baby, you've got one fine ass," she slapped it again and then got behind me and thrust the dildo inside me, making me gasp out loud.

I was in heaven. God, I never felt such pure heaven before as she thrust deeper and deeper inside me.

"Do you like it?" she asked.


"Do you want it harder? God, you're so fucking sexy," she grabbed hold of my tits and thrust harder and harder. Sylvia pushed me over onto my back and got in between my legs and leaned forwards over and then back. Don't know what it was but it felt so good. The combination of Sylvia thrusting up and down on me like that and the dildo rubbing against my clitoris was pure magic.

My arms went around her and felt her smooth perfect buttocks riding on top of me.

We climaxed together and then lay side by side breathlessly.

"Wow, babe, you were awesome," Sylvia said.

I grinned. "You weren't too bad yourself," I teased.

"Not too bad? I have you know I'm the best," she said and kissed me and we rolled on top of each other kissing. She looked into my eyes. "I love you, babes."

"I love you too," I said. Kissing her back with more passion than ever before. I was in heaven.

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