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Fantastic Photo Session, Part 1

My girlfriend's provocative pictures lead to much more than mere photography
The photo shoot happened, but I might have taken some artistic license with the rest.

My girlfriend, Natalie, loves to pose for pictures. When she was young she’d always beg her mom to take her to get her picture taken by a “professional” anytime they passed them in the mall. To make things better she also loves to flaunt her body. She’s a gorgeous blue-eyed blonde bombshell. With 34C pert and perfectly round globes on her chest, a tight ass and a firm tummy she’s 5’2” of pure beauty. Lucky for me her love of exposure goes great with her need to be photographed. She’s always sending me racy pictures and taunting me with sensuous poses. She loves to make me wet, take my breath away and ruin my concentration thinking of what I want to do to her. With this in mind, I wasn’t surprised when she asked my opinion about her desire for boudoir photo session. She saw this as the perfect opportunity to get professionally made tantalizing photos for my “use” during deployments. I heartily agreed!

She spent the next week excitedly trying on her lingerie, mixing and matching with different jewelry and of course shopping for a new pair of shoes. She never let me watch, but did recount her efforts. She wanted the suspense to build and the photos to truly be a surprise for me. If she’s willing to go to all this trouble just so I’ll have pictures to enjoy while stuck in the isolation of Afghanistan I’ll gladly abide by her every wish.

On the day of the shoot she woke giddy with anticipation. Nat had a hair appointment and of course she scheduled a complete mani/pedi. She wanted to look her absolute best, plus she knew it was a chance to spoil herself and I’d have no choice but to loosen the purse strings and let her. So, after much preparation she finally arrived at the studio.

Nat is a quiet and shy person, but from the moment she crossed the threshold of the studio she felt comfortable. It was beautifully decorated and lushly furnished, but none of this held a candle to the stunning brunette waiting for her. This was the first time Nat laid eyes on Heather. Heather has legs that go on forever, they are perfect. She’s nearly 6 feet tall, with bright brown eyes and perfectly pouty lips. Her tits are perfectly shaped, though not as large as Natalie’s. She’s very curvy; her hips compliment her legs exquisitely. Did I mention her legs?

Heather’s inviting eyes and bright smile immediately draw Natalie in. Heather is wearing a simple dark green V-neck shirt that shows just enough cleavage to catch your attention and hold your gaze paired with her black yoga pants it is the perfect combination, showing off Heather’s assets without being blatantly sexual. Nat wears an old pair of jeans that fit her nicely and a loose shirt. She hadn’t bothered to put a bra on, figuring she’d be in lingerie before long anyway. Heather previously told her to come in casually dressed and explained she’d be wearing comfortable clothes as well.

“There’s no telling what positions I’ll have to be in to get the best shots,” Heather explained.

Nat was immediately captivated by Heather. But, she was still reluctant to reveal that this session was for another girl. When Heather asked the occasion for the photo shoot Nat coyly replied, “A friend is deploying.” As Heather pressed further she reluctantly reveals the pictures would keep me company on a tour in Afghanistan. A subtle gleam appears in Heather’s eye as a mischievous smile spreads across Heather’s face she says, “I hoped they might be.” The fact that Heather said she “hoped so” made Natalie’s mind spin. Was it possible this stunning photographer might share her Sapphic desires? It wouldn’t take long to find out.

Heather had Nat lay out the three outfits she brought with her, closely examining each piece before finally settling on a pink and black push-up bra, some matching boy-shorts and of course black silk thigh highs. Heather tells Natalie these will probably be the best to start with, so Nat picks up the garments and starts to look for a changing room. The confused look on her face obvious as she turns to ask Heather where she can change, there’s an unmistakably naughty grin on her face. Nat’s heart starts to pound as Heather explains she enjoys photographing every aspect of the session from the start to finish. This includes changing of outfits as well as the various seductively posed pictures.

Heather comments, “Not all girls are comfortable with it, but if you are ok with it I’d love to photograph you stripping and putting on the sexy, skimpy outfits.” As Natalie hesitates Heather explains it usually helps set the mood and make the photos turn out even more seductive and racy. “This really is normal, but I’ll only do it if you’re comfortable.”

A little suspicious and reluctant, but never one to disappoint, Natalie agrees, wanting to make the photos the best possible.

“Great!” Heather exclaims as she directs Nat to the studio and pulls out her camera.

Nat timidly stands under a recessed light, which throws an interesting shadow, hoping to cover herself just a bit. As she does she begins to unfasten her belt, that’s when she hears the fist click of the camera. As she reaches for her jean’s button she hears another click, then another. Heather has started actually taking pictures and Nat’s heart starts to race at the thought. She slips her hands slowly over the top of her jeans, running her fingers over her stomach as she begins to undo her button. Next she slowly slides the zipper down, click, click, click goes Heather’s camera, in rapid secession. Nat then slides her jeans down over her shapely hips, letting them fall past her knees to the floor, bunching around her ankles.

As Nat hears the camera snap she thinks she detects an ever so soft sigh. Nat’s mind begins to race, is Heather enjoying this as more than a professional? What did she mean she hoped they were for someone like Britt? Did she mean an Airman or a chick? Slowly, deliberately Nat steps out of her jeans, moving out of the light in her eyes and catching a glimpse of Heather. Are her nipples showing?

Natalie knows the next articles of clothing will reveal what Heather really meant. So, she runs her hands up her thighs, stalling over her mound on the way to the hem of her shirt. Slowly, she twists it in her hands, giving her most seductive stare at the camera, no at the girl behind the camera. She hears three rapid clicks; Heather must have put it in auto mode for that shot. She wants to catch every single aspect of me undressing, Nat thinks. Gently, agonizingly slowly she slides her shirt up towards my favorite of her body. Her perky tits, sit like huge globes on her small chest. She stops sliding her shirt just at the bottom of her breasts. Revealing only that unbearably sexy part, holding her shirt for a second too long. Heather gets off two rapid clicks, then gasps as Nat moves the shirt up revealing areolas just starting to get hard. Nat hears the gasp, winks and moves her shirt down slightly. The game helps bring her nipples to full erection, forming perfect pricks on her shirt as Heather’s camera goes wild trying to capture the moment. Again Nat raises her shirt, hearing the clicks. Now she’s fully in the mood and her exhibitionist streak overcomes her shyness. This is a fun game she decides and in one swift motion her shirt is over her head. Her tits bounce free as she shakes her head making her beautiful blonde hair sway as well. She’s instantly rewarded again with Heather’s click, click, click, click. She’s moving, kneeling, zooming, panning and changing angles.

“That was great,” Heather nearly moans. “Now, let’s get you into your lingerie. After all, that’s what you came here for.”

As Nat turns around to reach for her outfit, she bends over, giving Heather her first opportunity to appreciate my girl’s ass. Click, click, click. Still bending over, Nat reaches for her panties’ waist band. Slowly she slides down her clothing, giving Heather a shot of her slit and ass at the same time. Not satisfied with only this angle, Nat turns and stands, playing with the waist band again, but this time covering her pussy. Her fingers brush her lips, hidden by the panties, but still a photo opportunity. Heather is rapidly clicking her camera. Natalie takes this chance to slide her panties all the way down, revealing a nicely trimmed blonde “V”, pointing directly to her tight pink quim, and the light wisp of hair teasing her admiring photographer. AS she steps out of the last shred of clothing she’s got on she spreads her legs just enough for a perfect shot of the gap between her legs and Heather can clearly focus on her lips ready and waiting. Heather is frantic, nearly breathless as the camera snaps over and over.

Natalie, now completely naked, starts to reach for her outfit when she notices Heather’s nipples are firmly showing through her paper thin shirt. There’s a definite look of desire and conflict on the girl’s face. Now Nat has her answer. Heather is enjoying this and wants more, but feels professionally bound to continue with the job, at least that’s what Nat concludes. “Well, I’ll let her have all of this show she wants,” thinks Natalie.

Again, bending down to pick up her clothes she spreads her legs. Her exposed pussy is clearly visible and Heather doesn’t miss the chance to get as many shots as possible. The rabid clicking eggs Nat on and pushes her over the edge. The moistness that’s been building gradually inside her starts to release. She’s fully wet and soon her twat will be gleaming with her honey. There’s no way I’m putting my clothes back on while I’m this excited Nat decides. So she does the only thing she can think to do, she turns, meets Heather’s bold brown eyes and lets the outfit fall to the floor. As her lace stockings hit the floor she begins to reach for her hard nipple. She pinches it, then starts to squeeze when suddenly she hears Heather speak for the first time in minutes. “No! Not yet!”

Nat freezes, has she misread what’s going on? Is she overstepping? Then Heather makes it clear, “I want you to put on your thigh-highs. Those will go perfectly with your skin’s cream white and bring out your small tight pussy in a way being totally naked never could.” Heather is going to direct this, she’s not offended by the game Natalie has been playing, she wants to guide it, get the most out of it and create true art from the show. Obediently Nat picks up the stockings and pulls up the stool nearby. She sits, stockings in hand, legs together and flashes a smile. Click, click, click.

“Good, now spread you legs and put them on one at a time.” As Nat leans forward to put the stockings on her tits bounce and jiggle, slapping together then showing cleavage. The opportunity is too good. Click, click, click. Nat leans all the way forward, crushing her breast against her legs, making them swell and bulge like the giant pleasure mounds they are. Next she pulls the sheer black leggings over her knees. As she does she crosses her legs so her vagina shows beneath her toned legs, then she spreads them revealing her soaked cunt, all while Heather’s camera continues to capture every vivid detail.

Satisfied with Nat’s new attire, Heather gives her a slight nod, signaling to let the show really begin. Nat’s hand instantly goes to her chest. She grabs a hand full of her tits and squeezes, moaning as she does. Her eyes close and a meek coo leaves her lips. She slowly massages her plump mounds as she licks her left fingers, then gently wets her waiting nipple. Almost immediately goose-bumps form all over her breasts and her tight pink nipples swell even more. Gently, she pulls and squeezes, first her left, then right nipple. The camera is snapping in quick bursts, pushing Nat’s arousal further with each click. Natalie is quickly reaching the point of no return. She doesn’t care if this shoot never involves posed shots in all the meticulously picked lingerie she’s brought, all she wants is to orgasm. She wants to cum for this gorgeous photographer.

Releasing her nipples Natalie begins to slowly slide her hands down her body, feeling every inch of her taught stomach and her perfect mound. Her hands stop over pussy and hold as she applies pressure to her vulva with the palms of her hands. Then she gives the camera a seductive looks and slides her middle finger between her wet, eager lips. As her other hand slides back up to cup and squeeze both her areolas together she slips her finger over her hungry slit. Teasing herself, wetting her finger in preparation. Rocking forward on the stool her legs spread wider. Click. Nat rubs her slit. Click. She pushes her middle finger past her hungry opening. Click. A little deeper now. Click, click. Pushed by the camera in goes her index finger, deeper still searching for the right spot. Click, click, click.

Suddenly, “Squeeze your nipples again, with your hand still playing in your pussy,” Heather gasps. Natalie obeys, again tugging her erect nipple then pulling the other. They stay pointed and stretching. The dark pink standing tall and distinct from her cream tits.

Knowing she’s going to need more leverage Nat gets off the stool and lies on the plush white fur rug, directly under the lights. Slowly, she reclines, knees in the air legs spread wide. Click, click, click. Heather’s breathing is speeding up and getting shallow as Nat again slides her fingers in her twat. She’s increasing the pressure and speed, massaging her clit with tight quick circles. Her other hand tightly holding first one boob and then the other or pinching a nipple until it’s again rigid. As she loses herself in self-pleasure Natalie faintly registers the clicks have slowed. They are not coming as often, but she’s too caught in her own ecstasy to notice. Deeper she pushes her fingers, keeping her palm flat against her vulva. Pressing down and ensuring she hits just the spot. Quickening the pace she feels her quim get wetter, knowing she on the verge of a fabulous orgasm. Natalie expertly continues to play with herself, never forgetting to keep her nipples happy and perky for the camera. The tension builds as her pleasure grows, getting closer to satisfaction. The clicks have completely stopped now. Natalie opens her eyes and sees Heather has her shirt off. Her hands are no longer full with the camera, but her bulbous breasts. Heather is cupping one in each hand, eyes locked on Nat’s show, biting her lower lip in an effort to remain silent. Natalie moans and closes her eyes with a wicked smile.

The waves build and crash, one after another. Natalie rocks with pleasure, her moans loud and excited. Her hand is covered in her own sweet nectar as her orgasm continues. She moans, gasps and thrashes against her hand. She’s out of breath and panting as she slowly comes down from the peak of pleasure. Her body is glowing with the light sweat of her labor and her hand shines with her cum. She glistens and gleams like only a woman can after a fabulous orgasm.

As her breathing slows and the pleasure finally recedes Natalie looks up at her photographer, with her patented naughty grin she asks, “Did you get any good shots?”

Heather lets out a small sigh and replies, “I think your girlfriend will enjoy the pictures I took for her.”

“I think she probably will. I don’t think I’m going to get around to putting my lingerie on any time soon so we can get to the teasingly clothed shots though.” There’s a slight pregnant pause. Then Natalie stuns Heather, “would you like to join me?” Heather is silent a moment, processing what Natalie has just asked. So Nat elaborates further, “It’s only fair, I just had one of the best orgasms of my life and I’d love to help you do the same.”

Almost instantly Heather reaches for the waist band of her snug black yoga pants, quickly sliding them down her gorgeous legs. Without hesitation Heathers moves to join Natalie on the plush rug. As she steps forward, Natalie realizes Heather isn’t wearing any underwear, her sweet pussy brims with honey, ready to overflow with the help of Nat’s expert hands.

More to cum…

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