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Fantastic Photo Session Part 2

The story continues, Nat has seduced Heather. The cameras capture it all for me...
As Heather steps forward Natalie gets to her knees. The scent of Heather’s arousal is intoxicating. Breathing heavily, Nat kisses her way up Heather’s body. Running her lips between the ample cleavage Heather’s tits provide. The two girls lock in a passionate kiss, their breasts pressed against each other. As they enjoy a tender loving kiss they begin to embrace, drawing their bodies even closer. Heather’s boobs rest on top of Nat’s ample chest and their legs intertwine grinding soaking cunts together. Natalie’s black silk stocking smooth against Heather’s tan legs. The passion is quickly growing.

Before they reach a place where carnal desires take complete control Heather pulls her lushes lips from Nat’s eager mouth. “I’d like to set up some equipment so we can get this on film too. Would you mind? I’ll give it to you so you can share it with Britt?”

Eager to give me such fantastic porn Natalie agrees without hesitation. “Just tell me what to do and where to position myself! I’m all for this. I know Britt will love watching me get another girl off, especially one as beautiful as you,” exclaims Nat.

Without a word Heather whips around, brunette hair twirling. As she goes Natalie admires her fabulous ass and great legs, eager to enjoy her body to the fullest. Heather returns with two video cameras and winks. She places one on a tripod, pointing down. “This will provide a bird’s eye view of our fun.” She says. “And this,” she explains while holding up another, “will provide an eye level shot of all our intimate features.” The second camera is placed on a stand about knee height. The perfect position for catching their legs spread and their hands at work.

Next she puts a digital camera on another tripod at a different angle. This one is set to continually take pictures at random intervals. Heather also places a small, discrete remote on the rug. This will give them the ability to manually take pictures. “I plan to use this throughout when I think we’re giving the camera a good shot. You can use it too if you think something would look particularly hot!” Heather continues, “I’m going to splice this all back together and edit your own personal lesbian session. I love to do special things for our military members when I can and this is going to be awesome for Brittnea. I’m a little ashamed to admit, but it’s also selfish on my part—the thought of another girl masturbating to me on video turns me on more than I could ever imagine.”

Heather’s passion for perfection, her desire to make this a unique experience and her want to make it special for me sets Nat off. Beyond Heather’s desire for a special video I can use to entertain myself, Natalie can sense Heather’s intense desire to sleep with her. She’s once again dripping, revving to fondle Heather and explore every inch of her incredible body.

“Come join me,” Natalie beckons as she slowly kneels, flashing a hungry twat, accented by her thigh-highs, for the camera. Heather giggles and comes to stand over Natalie. She slowly reaches down and begins to fondle Natalie’s swollen breasts. Nat moans and gasps, craving more attention on her tender chest. Unable to resist getting a piece of Heather, Nat leans in and kisses her stomach. As she does, she slides her hands up Heather’s backside, over her ass and the small of her back. Natalie’s hands move around over Heather’s tummy on her way to those perky waiting tits. Heather moans with pleasure and Natalie lightly teases a boob with each hand.

Natalie grabs Heather’s perfect sized bosom and slowly guides her into a kneeling position. The top video camera catches the pleasure on Heather’s face over Nat’s shoulder. Next it records Natalie tracing circles around the base and side of Heather’s boobs. As she expertly works her hands closer to Heather’s large nipples Heather arches her back, showing both cameras her fabulous assets. One camera looks up catching Heather’s feminine profile, the other looks on directly, seeing her nipples growing tighter with each passing second. Nat takes this opportunity to plant her wet lips on Heather’s nipple, kissing just the tip. Then taking a little more in her mouth. As she runs her tongue over and around the nipple Heather lets out a soft purr. Then gradually Nat increases the pressure until she has the nipple between her teeth, pulling it out away from Heather’s tan globe. The pleasure is immediate. Natalie releases the nipple, licking Heather’s engorged areola as she does. On her way to the left tit Nat blows. When Natalie gets to Heather’s left nipple she again repeats the same process. Heather moans, releases her hand from where it had been grabbing Nat’s ass and brings it up to her right breast. Heather’s left hand slides down her stomach and rests over her own perfectly smooth deep brown mound.

Natalie senses the need and the desire building in Heather. Heather’s pussy is soaked and she’s clearly on the verge of losing control. Natalie stops sucking on Heather’s tight pink pricks and gently pushes her on her back. As Heather lies down, there’s clicking from the camera. It’s capturing Heather, legs spread giving herself fully to Nat. So, Nat spreads Heathers legs further, positions her knees and snaps a few shots of the eager, wet slit she is about to pleasure. Then satisfied with shots she returns to teasing the amazing mounds perched on Heather’s chest. The video camera captures Nat’s head moving back and forth on Heather’s chest, her nipples tight and swollen, needing constant attention. The lower camera is positioned to look between Heather’s legs, its point of view captures perhaps the two most beautiful angles of women. Natalie is bent over, tits giggling, nipples poking out erect. Heather has her legs spread, her hand playing with her wet lips, teasing her slit without going in. Her mounds are clearly visible and swollen, teasingly they are occasionally hidden behind Nat’s blonde hair as she bobs up and down delivering affection.

The ecstasy is obvious and engulfing. Heather can hardly stand the torment Nat is putting her breasts through. She reaches around behind Nat and slides her hand over the silky underwear. Nat’s skin is immediately covered with arousal and she shutters with anticipation as Heather gives her tight ass a hard squeeze. Nat squeals in delight. This gives Heather the courage to press her fingers against Nat’s wet, engorged lips. She squeezes them, lightly teasing them and gently pulling on them. Natalie almost loses focus on Heather’s boobs as she steadies herself with her free hand. Her legs are getting weak from the pleasure. After giving Nat a taste of her own medicine Heather slides her hand slowly up and down Natalie’s inner thighs, gently stroking her twat as she goes from one to the other. Heather is enjoying the smooth silk against her finger tips contrasting with Natalie’s rough tongue and the biting of her erect nipples. Again the camera clicks as both girls are drawn deeper in their lust.

As Natalie feels herself losing control she swings her leg over Heather. Straddling the brunette bombshell, Natalie leans down to kiss Heather. Both of their pussies are on full display for the camera. Natalie reaches for the remote, pinning Heathers hands back as she does. She snaps three quick clicks with her ass still in the air, legs spread wide. Then she presses her enormous rack tightly against Heather’s aroused and swollen breasts. Their hearts are thumping wildly and each girl can feel the other’s heart beat on her own tits. Natalie slowly slides down so that she has her whole body pressed against Heather, who is running her legs against Nat’s black lingerie. Their mounds meet, Nat’s soft blonde hair tickling Heather’s smooth pussy as they grind against each other.

The camera from above hums as it catches the two girls sharing another passionate kiss. Nat moves her head, hands still pinning Heather’s hand above her head, and begins to kiss her way down the naked photographer’s cheek. Then she slowly, agonizingly slowly sucks on her neck, moving to her sternum and again kissing between Heather’s cleavage. Natalie is never one to neglect a woman’s breasts and she loves to nuzzle between cleavage. It really turns her on. As Heather begins to coo and wiggle to meet Nat’s lips, Natalie continues holding Heather’s hands with one of her own, but takes the other and places it between Heather’s legs. Heather arches her back, making her tits fall toward her chin. Her quim is dripping and fully exposed to the camera. Natalie hears three rapid clicks. Heather wants to see herself fully aroused, Natalie realizes.

Now that Heather’s nipples are sufficiently re-hardened Nat again begins to slowly decent from the bulbous mounds down Heather’s taught belly, paying special attention to the diamond perched in her belly button. From there she opens her mouth and runs her tongue over Heather’s vulva to her inner thighs. Sucking and kissing between Heather’s legs Natalie makes sure to show the camera exactly what she’s doing. Heather is fully exposed, on display for the cameras and they don’t miss a minute. The cameras capture every kiss, every purr and squirm and each drop of moisture forming on her slit. Nat’s hand finally leaves Heather’s as it gropes to grab a firm breast to squeeze. Nat’s other hand is spreading open Heather’s lips, again pausing so the camera can click its approval.

No sooner than Heather’s hands are freed does she reach down and grab her unoccupied breast, as her other slides down her body, searching for her twat. She finds her lips wet and begins to rub her finger along the top where her lips come together. Trying to pleasure her swollen clit. Nat lets her do this for a second, then moves her hand away. Nat rotates around to Heather’s side and places Heather’s hand firmly on her own neglected breast, squeezing her nipple so Heather knows what she wants. Then Natalie turns her attention back to Heather’s waiting pussy.

Nat licks up the pink slit and then starts to suck the spot where Heather had been playing. She pulls the clit into her mouth and gives it a gentle pull, then when she hears Heather’s gasp, a nibble. That makes Heather clamp down hard with her hands. One squeezes her own breast, while the other massages Natalie’s. Heather’s hand no longer has just Natalie’s nipple but is pull both enormous tits together.

The recording equipment snaps a few more clicks, before Nat uses her thumb and index finger to part Heather’s eager hole. Natalie uses the remote to capture this pose, before driving her tongue deep into Heather’s pussy. There is a squeal of pleasure and Heather’s hand leaves Natalie’s boobs in reaction. She finds Nat’s stocking covered leg and follows it up to her honey pot. Heather reaches under Natalie’s legs and cups the waiting cunt. The top camera catches Heather’s activities as she slowly slides her middle finger into Nat’s already cum soaked twat.

Natalie spreads her legs further and lowers her hips, in an effort to drive Heather’s finger deeper. She’s humming and cooing as she again clamps down on the horny brunette. Nat can’t stand the pleasure, her pussy already anticipating the coming orgasm, and she begins to rock her hips. The swaying makes her tits bounce back and forth, slapping against Heather’s plump jugs. As Heather’s desire for fulfillment grows she slides another finger into my blonde’s tight pussy. Natalie can hardly stand the pleasure, her tongue deep in pussy she withdraws and clamps firmly down on Heather’s clit. Natalie releases Heather’s nipple and reaches between her own legs and starts to play with her own clit as Heather continues to fuck her from below.

The camera is gobbling up every second of this passionate Sapphic love fest. Heather has one hand firmly squeezing her hard nipple and the other diving in an out of a gorgeous blonde. She’s in pure bliss. Natalie continues sucking on this new lover’s clit, while she slides her own fingers deeper into the lesbian’s hungry twat. Natalie loves to pleasure her own clit, so she’s grinding her own vagina to the same rhythm she’s using on Heather.

The two girls can hardly stand the intense bliss much longer. They have clearly found what the other enjoys, gradually losing their control and letting their most animalistic passions take over. As they continue to please the other’s vagina the tension builds, each girl has cum dripping from their slits. Their orgasms begin to grow. First, they roll in as long hard throws of joy, then the waves slow and the pleasure comes less intensely. Each woman continues playing with the other’s pussy as they thrash and moan together. Ecstasy clearly visible in their expressions. As the orgasms slow Natalie collapses on top of Heather. They again intertwine their legs, rubbing their aching and soaking twats together and pressing their boobs together. Gently, Heather brings her lips up to meet Nat’s. The two lock in one final passionate kiss. Both close their eyes and lie unmoving, panting trying to catch their breath after such powerful orgasms.

When they have regained enough strength to get to their knees both girls sit up. They put their arms around the other’s waist, cupping the other’s ass, and stare directly into the camera. As the lean forward and take a bow their tits gleam in the light. Both still have erect nipples and the cum still drips from their swollen lips. Their thighs glisten with love and their eyes sparkle. As they again face the camera providing a frontal shot of their full bosoms they each blow me a kiss. Natalie winks and then turns to softly kiss Heather’s cheek as the video fades to black.

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