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Fateful Meeting, Part 1

Fateful Meeting, Part 1

A chance meeting in a lingerie store changes two lives for the better
My name is Justine C.

I will never forget that Thursday. Independence Day. Fourth of July, 2013. My boyfriend and I snuggled, sharing a blanket, watching the fireworks show. Then back to my place, pop a champagne cork, sip from each other's glass. So romantic. Then to bed.

And absolutely no fireworks. For either of us.

So that next Saturday, July sixth, I went to this really nice lingerie shop and start picking out hot outfits for me to wear, guaranteed to bring fireworks from my man, and a spectacular grand finale, too (I hoped).

So I’m checking myself out in the store mirror, in a totally cute micro-miniskirt, red stocking, red garters, and matching red bra. And I notice this cute, older but hot, brunette woman checking me out. Now, I have never had any sexual interest in women. But her eyes on me were very flattering to me.

I’m five feet ten inches tall, with very long and shapely legs, like a dancer’s legs but much sexier. My ancestry is French and Irish (I have a French first and last name). The Irish side of me gives a slightly reddish tinge to my brown hair, including my bush. The red lingerie goes very well with the red tinge in my hair.

So this hot brunette with the nerdy glasses walks right up to me in the lingerie store, both of us in bra and panties, and she says, “When was the last time you wrapped those amazing legs around a woman’s neck?” Just like that! How bold. I had to admire her for that.

I told her I wasn't a lesbian.

She surprised me by saying, “Neither am I.”

She told me she had never been attracted to a woman before, but she just couldn't shake the image of my long legs wrapped around her neck.

We got talking. She told me about her husband, who tried to be a tyrant to her, so she mostly ignored his tirades and didn't let him bully her. And she told me about the boyfriend she has on the side, just to get her sexual needs taken care of.

I told her about my boyfriend.

We discussed how we were both buying lingerie to please our men.

The more we talked, the better her idea sounded, of my legs around her neck. The sexual chemistry between us was instant, and intense. Yes, damn it, I admit it; standing there in her underwear, she was making me as horny as I obviously was making her. I had never felt that way toward a woman before

We paid for our purchases, and we walked together to the store parking lot. I asked her if she would come over to my place to continue our conversation. But I think we both knew we would be using our tongues for a lot more than talking.

I unlocked my front door and invited her in. I no sooner closed the door behind us, than I invited her upstairs to my bedroom. Hand in hand, we raced together up the stairs and down the hall to my bed. There, we kissed with a hunger that would not be denied, as we started to strip each other.

We had barely known each other an hour, and here I was naked on my bed, flat on my back, my ankles locked around this beautiful naked woman’ neck, my thighs clamped around her ears, as her tongue plunged very deeply into me, and I trembled and moaned and thoroughly soaked her face. Three times!

“My turn!” I giggled, flipping her on her back and diving into her beautiful brown-black bush, much thicker than my own red-brown bush.

I gave her three orgasms, just like she had given me. Then we turned ourselves to a sixty-nine, coming together twice more.

She climbed on me. We locked legs like two intertwined pairs of scissors, and she ground her clit hard against mine. I ground back hard against her, and we both had the most intense shared orgasm of that whole afternoon.

Calming down slowly, we kissed and hugged.

“My name is Justine,” I smiled.

“I’m Kathy,” she smiled back.

“Pleased to meet you!” we said in unison, giggling like two naughty school girls, although I was thirty-eight and she was fifty-three at the time.

Kathy (her friends call her Kat) and I (Justine, but Kat has started calling me Justy, and I like that!) have been lovers for thirteen months now.

I hardly ever see my old boyfriend any more now, and we don’t sleep together at all now. That is not to say I don’t still get, and don’t still thoroughly enjoy, a nice hard cock from time to time (about twice a month). Just not with Mister No Fireworks any more.

It’s complicated, being Kathy’s first and only female lover, when she also has both a husband and a boyfriend. But the arrangement works well for us. Well, maybe not for her husband, who doesn't know about any of this. But for Kathy, me, and her boyfriend Dave, it’s all working perfectly.

If you had told me a year and a half ago, that I would be in love with a woman and having beautifully hot sex with her three times a week, and having threesomes (two women and a man) twice a month, I would not have believed you. That’s not me. That’s just not me.

But now it is me. It’s very much me.

I’ll tell you all more in Part Two.
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