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Fateful Meeting, Part 3

Fateful Meeting, Part 3

Kat makes my 38th my best birthday ever!
One week to the day after Kat and I first met in that lingerie shop, it was my thirty-eighth birthday. July 13, 2013. Kat picked me up at my place. We drove to a buffet where you could have just about any dish you wanted, fresh and hot. Fresh and hot, like us.

You pay as you enter and take whatever you want to eat. All top quality cooking.

We each picked out little samples of whatever food looked good to us. We needed energy for sex, but we didn’t want to be too bloated on food to enjoy the sex later.

Kat selected a little reddish-pink cupcake. “A sweet cupcake for my sweet cupcake’s birthday,” she smiled.

She pulled a small red birthday candle out of her purse, lit it on the table candle bowl, and stuck it in the cupcake.

Right on cue, as I blew out the candle, the buffet cashier came by, and she starting singing some goofy made-up birthday song.

“What did you wish for?” the cashier asked.

“I couldn’t wish for anything more than who’s seated across from me at this table,” I smiled.

Kat leaned across the table and whispered hotly “You just wait until I get you alone. I’ll make your every dream come true.”

Kat sat back down, and thanked the cashier for her silly little song. As the cashier walked away, I suddenly felt Kat’s bare foot under my skirt, her toes wriggling against my panties.

I could barely breathe, much less talk, but I managed to ask her “Are you ready to get out of here?”

On the way back to her car, we stopped to kiss. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and moaned “You know where I wish my tongue was right now.”

“Hey,” she grinned. “You’re the birthday girl. No wish of yours can be denied today.”

We got in her car and as she drove, I slipped my hand up her skirt.

“No panties! Oh darling, thank you for that!”

We drove right past the motel where we had made love for the second time, just five days earlier.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“I’ve told you I like taking photos of plants, animals, and scenery out in nature. I want to share that part of my life with you.”

We drove to a beautiful woods. We walked hand in hand, stopping from time to time for her to photograph a colorful; flower, a butterfly, a brightly colored bird, a towering tree.

She showed me the photos in her camera, and they were beautiful. She has a real artist’s eye with her camera.

“I have a surprise for you,” she told me, as we walked on.

Walking through the woods, we rounded a bend and came upon a picturesque little lake in a clearing in the woods. A tiny waterfall at the far end. A beautiful, romantic spot. This was her surprise for me, and it was a nice one indeed.

“The water here is surprisingly warm. I think there’s hot spring deep under the lake or something.”

Kat stripped off her blouse and skirt very quickly, exposing the whole luscious naked body I had already made love to twice that past week. As I stripped too, she ran to the lake and stepped in, swimming in little circles as I approached.

When I swam to her, she put her arms around me and kissed me. “Happy birthday, oh sexy one!” she grinned, as her round, pretty little breasts mashed hard into my own bigger, fuller tits while we stood facing each other in the lake.

All I could manage to say at that point was “Mmmmmm!”

I raised my legs and wrapped them around her waist, right at the water level to support my body. I wriggled and squirmed until I could feel her pussy against my own. And we kissed again, our tongues dancing happily around each other.

“Best…..birthday….ever!” I moaned.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Kat winked.

Reluctantly, we broke our passion, got out of the water, got dressed, and drove off yet again.

Our next stop was the lingerie shop where we first met just one week earlier.

We looked at beautiful outfits and tried a few on for each other.

“You are making me so horny!” I moaned.

“Me? Damn Justine, don’t you know how wet you make me?”

Kat suddenly blurted out “What’s your favorite flavor?”

“That’s easy,” I laughed. “Kat come.”

Kat laughed. “I meant, a fruit flavor."

“Hmm,” I replied. “Peach, I guess.”

“Mine’s strawberry,” she countered.

And with that, Kat picked up two jars off the store shelf. I read the labels. “Peach tingle” and “Strawberry stimulation.” Personal lubricants. Not that we needed them. I was dripping into my panties, and there was a very visible spot on pantiless Kat’s skirt.

But I instantly got even hornier at the thought of a mouthful of "Peach-Flavored Kat Juice." And I could tell Kat was eager to taste the flavor of “Strawberry Justine Come,” right out of my pussy.

And then off to an even more elegant hotel than the first time. This room had champagne chilling in a bucket. Royal Purple drapes. Even a Jacuzzi sunk right into the bedroom floor!

“Happy birthday, darling!” Kat kissed me hard.

We stripped each other slowly, sensuously, erotically. Kissing each new exposed spot on each other’s bodies.

“So, Birthday Girl….which first? Bed or Jacuzzi?”

I tripped her, my foot behind her leg, sending her over backward onto the plush carpet.

“Neither! Right here on the carpet!” And with that, I climbed on the face-up Kat and rubbed my throbbing, desperately horny clit hard against hers.

I rocked on top of her three, maybe four times, and I began to pour girl-come slowly and thickly onto her glorious bush and her gorgeous hard clit. She trembled, feeling my come on her. She arched her back high, and she came hard and fast as her clit ground lustfully against mine.

I lay on top of her, Kat still face up, letting our orgasms continue for quite a while, before finally climbing off. I clasped her hand, pulled her up off the floor, and pulled her to her big comfortable bed, again face up.

I dripped some of the strawberry lubricant onto my hand and made quite a show of rubbing it onto and into my horny pussy in front of her, on my knees, leaning over her.

Kat grinned up at me salaciously, face up beneath me, as she thoroughly rubbed peach lubricant into her pussy.

I laid down, face up, and pulled her onto my face, her pussy facing toward me. “That was a great meal,” I giggled. “Now it’s time for my birthday dessert!”

I kissed her clit, I licked it, reveling in the mixed flavor of sex and peach on the inner walls of her pussy. Then I did as she showed me last week, and gently nibbled my teeth into her pulsating clit.

Her whole luscious naked body shook, from head to toe, as she poured an ocean of come onto my tongue, into my mouth, down my throat, onto my mouth, onto my chin and neck, onto my nose, even a dribble into my eyes.

“Best birthday present – ever!" I moaned happily.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Kat repeated, as she flipped us over. Now she was on her back and I was on top of her.

She pulled me up onto her face, also pussy facing toward her, and she slowly, lovingly ate me better than anyone had ever, ever eaten me before.

When her tongue licked my clit as her curled middle finger massaged my g-spot, I went totally crazy. I pinched her nipples as I rocked hard and fast on top of her beautiful face.

She slid her tongue right onto my g-spot, then she licked outward from my g-spot back put to my achingly horny clit.

Then she gently nibbled her teeth into my clit. I squirmed even harder. She nibbled my clit a little harder and squeezed my ass cheeks.

That did it! I shook all over and moaned loudly as, seated on her face, I just came and came and came all over her lovely face.

We then relaxed naked in the bedroom Jacuzzi, occasionally kissing and French-kissing, even sinking fingers deep into each other beneath the hot, swirling water.

The back to bed. I was on my back with my legs spread open wide, and Kat was kneeling over me. She began kissing around my pussy lips, counting out “One, two, three….”

“Why are you counting?”

“Thirty-eight kisses for the thirty-eight year old birthday girl.”

And she did, Thirty-eight loving, hungry kisses, right on my pussy.

Then she licked my clit, and I started counting aloud. “One….two…”

“Thirty-eight licks on my beloved’s thirty-eight years old clit. Lick! Slurp! Slurp! Mmmmm, yummy!”

I could feel my orgasm about to hit me. Nothing would be able to stop it now. I wrapped my legs around her neck and shoved my feet hard into her bare shoulders.

“Thirty-seven,” Kat counted. “Thirty….”

“Eight!” I yelled as I came even harder than the last time.

Still kneeling over me, Kat sank her teeth slowly into my clit and began to nibble.

“Thirty-eight nibbles for my baby.”

But I trembled into another intense orgasm on fourteen.

Kat just kept right on nibbling on my horny clit.

Right on cue, at the thirty-eighth nibble, my pussy exploded onto her lovely face. I had never come so hard. Ever!

“Mmmmmm!” I moaned. “Happy birthday to me!”

After a pause for us to both catch our breath, I asked “Do you think you could give me thirty-eight orgasms?”

“Do you think your body can come thirty-eight times in one day?” Kat challenged. “My own record is twelve.”

“I don’t know. But it sure would be fun to try.”

“That’s true,” Kat grinned. She pulled every last sexual trick she could think of on me, to get me to as many orgasms as possible.

I loved when she had me face down and she rubbed her pussy all over my naked ass, until she came all over the tight skin of my ass. While she came on my ass, I came face-down on the bed sheet.

I put her on her belly and soon I was coming hard, all over her luscious ass.

Next, we locked legs, scissor to scissor style, and ground clit against clit, I made it to my eighth orgasm of the day. Then I collapsed, my pussy having completely melted into a big puddle of goo, and no sex left in me.

I fell asleep in Kat’s loving arms.

I awoke an hour later, and putting Kat flat on her back, I crawled my face up between her open thighs, and I licked her though three orgasms.

I flipped her over onto her belly, spread her ass cheeks, and ate her pussy right through her sweet, round ass.

She came very hard, and my mouth filled with the flavor of peach and girl-come.

Then Kat fell asleep.

When she woke, we went back in the in-room Jacuzzi. Our tangle of arms, legs, and mouth formed a geometry beyond description.

We both came twice more. Eighteen orgasms between us now.

After we dressed, and as we were driving home, I grinned at Kat and repeated my earlier remark.

“Best – birthday – ever!”

I kissed her softly, sweetly, yet erotically, as we parted company. And I thanked her for the wonderful birthday.

“I can still taste your come on my breath, my darling Justine,” Kat winked, kissing me back with love, lust, and passion. “That’s more than thanks enough.”

Part 4 gets even hotter and steamier. Stay tuned.

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